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ABBOTT, Asa, (Cobleskill,) farmer 56.
ALLEN, Peter A., (Lawyersville,) physician.
ANGLE, Jacob, (Cobleskill,) sheriff and farmer.
ANGLE, Marcus, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
ANGLE, Wm., (Lawyersville,) farmer 200.
BARNER & BRO. (Cobleskill,) (Martin L. And Chester,) farmer 115.
BARNER, Chester, (Cobleskill,) (Barner & Bro.)
BARNER, David H., (Mineral Springs,) commissioner of highways and farmer 150.
BARNER, Martin L., (Cobleskill,) (Barner & Bro.)
BARNER, Wm. M., (Mineral Springs,) justice of the peace, farmer 125 and, in Middleburgh, 26.
BAUMES, John, (Carlisle,) farmer 1171/2.
BEAVER, John, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 135.
BECKER, Chas. T., (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
BECKER, Harmon, (Cobleskill,) saw mill and farmer 184.
BECKER, James, (Cobleskill,) saw mill and farmer 160.
BECKER, P. I., (Cobleskill,) (Becker & Schermerhorn.)
BECKER & SCHERMERHORN, (Cobleskill,) (P. I. Becker and F. D. Schermerhorn,) provisions, crockery, glassware &c.
BELLINGER, Geo. W., (Cobleskill,) photographer.
BELLINGER, Wm., (Cobleskill,) foreman in Empire Agricultural Works.
BENDER, Jay B., (Cobleskill,) first-class house and sign painter, grainer and paper hanger.
BENSON, Almon, (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
BERGH, Chas., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 57.
BICE, Abram, (Cobleskill,) farmer leases of S. Burton, 150.
BICE, John E., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 50.
BICE, Levi, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 53.
BIRCHARD, Joseph, (Mineral Springs,) farmer.
BITTNER, Leo, (Cobleskill,) custom boot and shoe maker.
BLAIR, Robert S., (Cobleskill,) carpenter and builder.
BLODGETT & DWELLY, (Cobleskill,) (James S. Blodgett and Pierce Dwelly,) props. Blodgett House.
BLODGETT, James S., (Cobleskill,) (Blodgett & Dwelly.)
BLUM, Frederick, (Cobleskill,) marble works.
BOORN, Gardner, (Mineral Springs,) blacksmith.
BORST, Abram B., (Cobleskill,) undertaker.
BORST, David, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 100.
BORST, James B., (East Cobleskill,) farmer.
BORST, James N., (Cobleskill,) carriage trimmer.
BORST, Jeremiah, (Cobleskill,) harness, trunks &c.
BORST, Josiah, (Cobleskill,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
BORST, Marcus, (Lawyersville,) retired farmer 110.
BORST, Rebecca Mrs., (East Cobleskill,) (with heirs,) farmer 33.
BORST, Silas W., (Cobleskill,) carriage trimmer.
BOUCK, Christian S., (Mineral Springs,) grain cradle manuf. and wagon maker.
BOUCK, Tobias, (Cobleskill,) farmer 150.
BOYCE, Sidney, (Lawyersville,) farmer 22.
BRADT, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 117.
BRANDENSTEIN, Christopher, (Cobleskill,) saloon keeper and shoemaker.
BRONK, Wm. H., (Warnerville,) farmer 73.
BROWN, David M., (Cobleskill,) blacksmith.
BROWN, John J. M., (Cobleskill,) telegraph operator.
BROWN, Peter W., (Barnerville,) shoemaker.
BROWNELL, Cornelius B., (Cobleskill,) house painter, decorator and grainer.
BROWNELL, Frank, (Cobleskill,) painter.
BURCHARD, Almanza, (Cobleskill,) carpenter.
BURHAUS, Joseph C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 1.
BURHAUS, Mathew, (Cobleskill,) (Burhaus & Shafer,) post master.
BURHAUS & SHAFER, (Cobleskill,) (Mathew Burhaus and Geo. A. Shafer,) dealers in groceries and provisions, and grain buyers.
BURNER, J. J., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 110.
BURTON, Wm. C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 140.
CADY, Edward, (Cobleskill,) photographer, Conover Block, up stairs, Main.
CALKINS, Selba, (Cobleskill,) carriage painter.
CARPENTER, Geo. H., (Cobleskill,) carriage ironer.
CARY, John S., (Howe's Cave,) mechanical engineer, practical millwright and farmer 26.
CASPER BROS., (East Cobleskill,) (John and Peter,) farmer 200.
CASPER, George, (Howe's Cave,) clover, saw and planing mills, and farmer 30.
CASPER, John, (East Cobleskill,) (Casper Bros.) R. R. commissioner.
CASPER, Peter, (East Cobleskill,) (Casper Bros.)
CHAMBERS, David, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
CHESEBRO, Jameson, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 204 and leases 65.
CLEVELAND, Hiram, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 99.
COBLESKILL, Index, (Cobleskill,) Wm. H. Weeks, prop.
COBURN, Chas., (Cobleskill,) farmer.
COBURN, Peter, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
COBURN, Sarah J. Mrs., (Cobleskill,) (with heirs,) farmer 130.
COHN, Morris, (Cobleskill,) dry goods and clothing.
COLE, Peter, (Lawyersville,) farmer 151/2.
COLLINS BROS., (Barnerville,) (James M. And Martin L.,) farmers 100.
COLLINS, James M., (Barnerville,) (Collins Bros.)
COLLINS, Martin L., (Barnerville,) (Collins Bros.)
CONN, Wm., (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
CONNELL, Michael, (Lawyersville,) blacksmith.
CONOVER, Joel, (Cobleskill,) speculator and real estate dealer.
COOK, Jary, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases 50.
COONS, Jacob, (Mineral Springs,) farmer.
CORNWELL, Robert, (Cobleskill,) meat market.
COURTER, Chas., (Cobleskill,) prest. First National Bank of Cobleskill.
COURTER, Stanton, (Cobleskill,) cashier First National Bank of Cobleskill.
CROSS, James, (Barnerville,) farmer 81.
CROSS, Lemuel, (Cobleskill,) allo. physcician and surgeon.
DANA, Gilbert W., (Lawyersville,) town assessor and farmer 132.
DANA, Harley T., (Cobleskill,) station agent.
DANTE, Wm. E., (Howe's Cave,) station agent.
DEMONT, John, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
DEYO, M. A. Mrs., (Mineral Springs,) (with heirs,) farmer 206.
DIBBLE, Archibald, (Cobleskill,) farmer 192.
DICKINSON, John J., (Cobleskill,) town clerk and clerk of Surrogate Court.
DIEFENDORF, Jacob H., (Cobleskill,) dry goods, ready made clothing, boots, shoes &c.
DIEFENDORF, Judson, (Cobleskill,) boots and shoes.
DIEFENDORF, Peter, (Lawyersville,) farmer 70.
DIEFENDORF, Rensselaer, (Lawyersville,) farmer 40.
DILLENBACK, Jonas, (Cobleskill,) drugs and medicines, paints and oils.
DORNET, Thos., (Cobleskill,) agent for Robert F. Todd, flour and feed.
DOW, Daniel J., (Lawyersville,) carpenter and joiner.
DOW, D. J., (Cobleskill,) (Dow & Westfall.)
DOW & WESTFALL, (Cobleskill,) (D. J. Dow and D. D. C. Westfall,) groceries, crockery, drugs and medicines.
DUMOND, John Jr., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 80.
DWELLY & OSTERHOUT, (Cobleskill,) (Pierce Dwelly and Chauncy Osterhout,) billiard saloon.
DWELLY, Pierce, (Cobleskill,) (Dwelly & Osterhout,) (Blodgett & Dwelly.)
EARL, Wm. Rev., (Mineral Springs,) pastor M. E. Church.
ECKERSON, Daniel, (Cobleskill,) farmer leases 140.
ECKERSON, Wm. N., (Howe's Cave,) grist mill.
EGLESTON, John, (Mineral Springs,) constable.
ELDREDGE, Dolphus S., (Howe's Cave,) prop. Howe's Cave House.
EMPIRE AGRICULTURAL WORKS, (Cobleskill,) Minard Harder, prop., manuf. horse powers, combined threshers and cleaners, threshers, separators, fanning mills, wood saws, seed sowers and planters, &c.
ESMAY, A. H., (Cobleskill,) clerk with J. H. Diefendorf.
EWINGS, John, (Cobleskill,) tailor.
FANNING, Edward, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 70.
FARQUHER, Wm., (Cobleskill,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
FEECK, Chas., (Cobleskill,) carriage painter.
FEECK, John, (Cobleskill,) (Feeck & Son.)
FEECK, Peter, (Cobleskill,) (Feeck & Son.)
FEECK & SON, (Cobleskill,) (John and Peter,) carriage makers.
FERO, David I., (East Cobleskill,) carriage maker.
FINGUE, Wm., (Warnerville,) farmer 129.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COBLESKILL, (Cobleskill,) Chas. Courter, prest.; J. R. Herrick, vice-prest.; Stanton Courter, cashier.
FOWLAND, Henry, (Warnerville,) farmer 150.
FOX, Luther T., (Cobleskill,) dentist.
FRANCE BROS., (Mineral Springs,) (Francis and Lester,) farmers 85.
FRANCE BROS., (Mineral Springs,) (Marvin R. and Luther,) farmers lease 111.
FRANCE, D. DeWitt, (Cobleskill,) fire insurance agent.
FANCE, Francis, (Mineral Springs,) (France Bros.)
FRANCE, Frederick A., (Cobleskill,) dry goods and clothing.
FRANCE, Freeman, (Barnerville,) farmer 113.
FRANCE, Harriet Mrs., (Cobleskill,) (with heirs,) farmer 80.
FRANCE, Harvey, (Mineral Springs,) mechanic and farmer 6.
FRANCE, Joseph A., (Cobleskill,) dentist.
FRANCE, Lester, (Mineral Springs,) (France Bros.)
FRANCE, Luther, (Mineral Springs,) (France Bros.)
FRANCE, Marvin R., (Mineral Springs,) (France Bros.)
FRANCE, P. Mrs., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 111.
FRANCE, Wm. N., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 125.
FRASIER, David, (Cobleskill,) allo. physician and surgeon, coroner and fruit grower 13.
FULLER, Barnabas M., (Cobleskill,) farmer 110.
FULLER, James E., (Cobleskill,) (with B. M.,) farmer.
FUNK, Geo., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of J. Becker, 50.
GALE, Annie Miss, (Cobleskill,) miliner.
GALE, Gilbert, (Barnerville,) (J. Gale & Sons.)
GALE, J. & Sons, (Barnerville,) (Gilbert and Riley,) manuf. horse rakes, hand rakes, bent felloes, chairs, broom handles &c.
GALE, Riley, (Barnerville,) (J. Gale & Sons.)
GALE, Roger H., (Cobleskill,) millinery.
GALVIN, John, (Warnerville,) farmer 60.
GATES, Adelbert, (Barnerville,) school teacher.
GATES, Ambrose, (Barnerville,) school teacher.
GERNSEY, Chester, (Barnerville,) farmer 113.
GEURNSEY, L. Mrs., (East Cobleskill,) resident.
GIBBS, Anson B., (Mineral Springs,) post master and wagon maker.
GLAZIER, David, (Lawyersville,) carpenter.
GORDON, Abram, (Barnerville,) handy man.
GUERNSEY, Geo. W., (East Cobleskill,) teacher and farmer 120.
GUFFIN, Mary Mrs., (Carlisle,) (with heirs,) farmer 124.
GURLEY, Peter W., (Warnerville,) house painter.
GURNSEY, Nelson Mrs., (Barnerville,) (with heirs,) farmer 112.
HADSELL, Wm., (Cobleskill,) farmer leases 107.
HAGER, Geo. H., (Cobleskill,) farmer 95.
HALE, Wm., (Mineral Springs,) millwright and farmer 11.
HALLENBAKE, Charles, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
HAMILTON, Andrew, (Cobleskill,) farmer 251/2.
HAMILTON, Chas., (Cobleskill,) (Murphy & Hamilton.)
HAMLIN, John G., Rev., (Cobleskill,) pastor Christian Church.
HARDER, Alonzo W., (Cobleskill,) (Harder & Hess.)
HARDER & HESS, (Cobleskill,) (Alonzo W. Harder and Louis Hess,) groceries, crockery, glassware, drugs and medicines.
HARDER, Minard, (Cobleskill,) prop. Empire Agricultural Works, manuf. horse powers, combined threshers and cleaners, threshers, separators, fanning mills, wood saws, seed sowers and planters, &c.
HARRISON, Mathew, (Barnerville,) blacksmith.
HARRISON, Wm., (East Cobleskill,) blacksmith.
HAWES, Wm., (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
HAYES, James, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 94.
HAYES, James H., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 7.
HAYS, Alex., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 72.
HAYS, John, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 97.
HAYS, Thos., (Howe's Cave,) farmer.
HAYS, Wm., (Howe's Cave,) retired.
HEAD, John, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 70.
HECKEL, Paul, (Cobleskill,) baker and confectioner.
HERRICK, J. R., (Cobleskill,) vice-president First National Bank of Cobleskill.
HERRON, Alex., (Barnerville,) millwright.
HESS, Louis, (Cobleskill,) (Harder & Hess.)
HILL, John K., (Lawyerville,) farmer 30.
HILLER, Walter C., (Cobleskill,) carpenter.
HILTS BROS., (Mineral Springs,) (Christian and Henry,) farmers 116.
HILTS, C., Mrs., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 6.
HILTS, Christian, (Mineral Springs,) (Hilts Bros.)
HILTS, David, (Mineral Springs,) butcher.
HILTS, Geo., (Cobleskill,) farmer 77.
HILTS, Gideon, (Cobleskill,) (Shafer & Hilts.)
HILTS, Henry, (Mineral Springs,) (Hilts Bros.)
HILTS, Jacob H., (Cobleskill,) farmer 39.
HOGAN, Joshua, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
HOGAN, Marvin, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 2 and leases 40.
HOGAN, Thos. C., (Carlisle,) retired farmer.
HOGAN, ---- Miss, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 40.
HOLMES, Chas., (Cobleskill,) attorney and counselor at law, solicitor in bankruptcy and county judge and surrogate.
HOLMES, James, (Mineral Springs,) prop. Mineral Springs Hotel.
HOOS, Peter, (Barnerville,) cooper.
HOOS, Wm., (Cobleskill,) farmer.
HOWE'S CAVE HOUSE (Howe's Cave,) Dolphus S. Eldredge, prop.
HUTTON BROS., (Cobleskill,) (Wm. and Jacob H.,) farmers 108.
HUTTON, Daniel, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 250.
HUTTON, Jacob H., (Cobleskill,) (Hutton Bros.)
HUTTON, Wm., (Cobleskill,) (Hutton Bros.)
INGALLS, Lewis, (Howe's Cave,) foreman stone cutting department Howe's Cave Lime & Cement Co.
ISDALE, Sanford, (Cobleskill,) saw mill and farmer 50.
JACKSON, John A., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 133.
JUMP, A. P., (Cobleskill,) (Kennedy & Jump.)
KARKER, Peter, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
KARKER, Wm. O., (Cobleskill,) farmer 5.
KENNEDY, Josiah, (Cobleskill,) (Kennedy & Jump.)
KENNEDY & JUMP, (Cobleskill,) (Josiah Kennedy and A. P. Jump,) carriage makers.
KERKER, Adam V., (Cobleskill,) farmer 114.
KILMER, Augustus, (Barnerville,) farmer 110.
KILMER, John Jr., (Howe's Cave,) retired farmer.
KING, Frederick, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 6.
KING, Hiram, (Mineral Springs,) carpenter.
KING, Isaac R., (Mineral Springs,) farmer leases 95.
KING, John, (Mineral Springs,) shoemaker.
KING, Madison, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 130.
KLING, Jacob C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 11/2.
KLING, Marcus Rev., (Lawyersville,) pastor Lutheran Church.
KROMER, Curtis, (Mineral Springs,) blacksmith and farmer 20.
KROMER, Joseph, (Barnerville,) farmer 106.
KROMER, Joseph, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 2.
KURR, John, (Cobleskill,) farmer 86.
LAMONT, Wm. C., (Cobleskill,) attorney and counselor at law.
LANGLEY, Nancy J. Mrs., (Mineral Springs,) physician.
LARKIN, David C., (Cobleskill,) farmer.
LARKIN, David K., (Cobleskill,) farmer 84.
LARKIN, John, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
LARKIN, Solomon, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
LAUDER, David A., (Cobleskill,) farmer leases 107.
LAWYER, Augustus, (Cobleskill,) farmer 130 and, in town of Seward, 116.
LAWYER, Augustus F., (Cobleskill,) retired physician.
LAWYER, David, (Cobleskill,) farmer and (with Peter,) prop. saw mill.
LAWYER, James W., (Cobleskill,) groceries and provisions.
LAWYER, Peter, (Cobleskill,) commissioner of highways, prop. saw mill and farmer.
LAWYER, S. B., (Mineral Springs,) overseer of the poor and farmer 107.
LAWYER, T., (Cobleskill,) justice of the peace.
LEE, Wm. H., (Cobleskill,) hair dresser.
LETTS, John, (Cobleskill,) carpenter.
LETTS, Lorenzo D., (Cobleskill,) stoves and tinware.
LINSTER, James, (Cobleskill,) farmer 80.
LIPE, Lavina Miss, (Cobleskill,) milliner.
LUDEN, A. P. Rev., (Cobleskill,) pastor Zion Lutheran Church.
MARTIN, Frederick, (Lawyersville,) shoemaker.
MAXWELL, Wm. H., (Cobleskill,) painter.
McHENCH, Alex., (Cobleskill,) (McHench & Co.)
McHENCH & CO., (Cobleskill,) (Alex. and Wm. H. McHench,) manufs. sash, blinds, doors and bedsteads.
McHENCH, Wm. H., (Cobleskill,) (McHench & Co.)
MOORE, Chas. M., (Cobleskill,) carpenter.
MOORE, David, (Cobleskill,) carpenter.
MOORE, Jonas V., (Cobleskill,) manuf. washing machines, Shutt's Corners.
MOWERS, Peter, (Barnerville,) farmer 10.
MURPHY & HAMILTON, (Cobleskill,) (John Murphy and Chas. Hamilton,) hardware, tinware &c.
MURPHY, John, (Cobleskill,) (Murphy & Hamilton.)
MURPHY, Peter, (Cobleskill,) mason.
MYERS, Alonzo, (Barnerville,) farmer.
MYERS, Peter, (Barnerville,) farmer 100.
MYERS, Hamilton, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 50.
NETHAWAY, Clinton, (Cobleskill,) liquor dealer, agent for the Meadow King Mower and farmer 104.
NETHAWAY, Geo. P., (Mineral Springs,) farmer leases of C. Nethaway, 104.
NOBLES, Miles, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 86.
OSTERHOUT, Chauncy, (Cobleskill,) (Dwelly & Osterhout.)
OSTERHOUT, Esther Mrs., (Cobleskill,) (with heirs,) farmer 84.
OSTERHOUT, John L., (Cobleskill,) express agent.
OTTMAN, Barney, (Lawyersville,) farmer 100.
OTTMAN, & BRO., (Cobleskill,) (John H. and Millard C.,) custom grist mill.
OTTMAN, John H., (Cobleskill,) (Ottman & Bro.)
OTTMAN, Millard C., (Cobleskill,) (Ottman & Bro.)
OVERPAUGH, John H., (Cobleskill,) lumber manuf. and dealer.
OWEN, Theodore, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 50.
PARMELEE, Geo., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 461/2.
PATRICK, Silas, (Barnerville,) saw and clover mills, and farmer 10.
PEESO, Francis, (Cobleskill,) wagon maker.
PHILLIPS, P. Rev., (Cobleskill,) pastor St. Paul's Church.
PIERCE, Carlisle, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 50.
PINDER, J. S., (Cobleskill,) attorney at law, office in brick block.
PRELL, John, (Cobleskill,) pedler.
PURCELL, Edmond, (Cobleskill,) blacksmith and saloon keeper.
PURCELL, Richard, (Cobleskill,) saloon.
QUACKENBUSH, Atwood B., (Barnerville,) (Quackenbush Bros.) farmer 130.
QUACKENBUSH BROS., (Barnerville,) (Atwood B. and Frederick,) custom grist mill.
QUACKENBUSH, Frederick, (Cobleskill,) farmer 50.
QUACKENBUSH, Frederick, (Barnerville,) (Quackenbush Bros.)
RECKMYER, David C., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 100.
RHEIN, Chas., (Cobleskill,) farmer 59.
RICHTMYER, Abram, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 134.
RICHTMYER, Catharine Mrs., (Grovenor's Corners.)
RICHTMYER, Christian C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 1101/2.
RICHTMYER, Christian W., (Cobleskill,) farmer 961/2.
RICHTMYER, Jacob, (Cobleskill,) farmer 50 and leases 95.
RICHTMYER, Jeremiah, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 126.
RICHTMYER, Josiah, (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
RICHTMYER, Philip, (Cobleskill,) wagon maker and farmer 30.
RICHTMYER, Wm. C., (Cobleskill,) retired farmer 95.
RICHTMYER, Wm. M., (Cobleskill,) commissioner of highways and farmer 110.
RICKARD, Conrad, (Howe's Cave,) farmer.
RICKARD, Elias, (Howe's Cave,) cabinet maker.
RICKARD, Geo., (Howe's Cave,) carpenter.
RICKARD, Ira, (Howe's Cave,) carpenter and builder.
RICKARD, Samuel, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 120.
RICKMYER, Alex., (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
RILEY, Azariah B., (Barnerville,) post master, carding and cloth dressing, and farmer 65.
ROBERTS, Asaph, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
ROBINSON, Harman, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 250.
ROBINSON, R. H. Rev., (Cobleskill,) pastor M. E. Church.
ROCKEFELLER, Henry E., (Cobleskill,) (Rockefeller & Son.)
ROCKEFELLER, Morgan L., (Cobleskill,) (Rockefeller & Son.)
ROCKEFELLER & SON, (Cobleskill,) (Henry E. and Morgan L.) farmers 135.
ROCKFELLER, Jacob H., (Barnerville,) speculator and farmer 120.
ROCKFELLER, Schuyler A., (Cobleskill,) student at law.
ROSE, Anson, (Cobleskill,) milk dealer and farmer 100.
ROSE, Eli, (Howe's Cave,) secretary and chief manager of the Howe's Cave Lime and Cement Co., manuf. of lime, cement, building stone, curb stone, bases, monuments, water table platforms &c.
ROWE, Hiram, (Barnerville,) merchant, notary public and asst. post master.
RYDER, Chas. (Barnerville,) supervisor and farmer 150.
SAGENDORFF, Benjamin, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 44.
SAGENDORFF, Harmon, (Barnerville,) farmer 120.
SANFORD, Daniel S., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 25.
SARINGAR, Sanford G., (Cobleskill,) butcher.
SCHERMERHORN, F. D., (Cobleskill,) (Becker & Schermerhorn.)
SCOTT, Jacob H., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 190.
SHAFER, Daniel G., (Cobleskill,) (Shafer & Hilts.)
SHAFER, David G., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 50.
SHAFER, Geo. A., (Cobleskill,) (Burhans & Shafer.)
SHAFER, Geo. H., (Mineral Springs,) saw mill and farmer 100.
SHAFER, Henry J., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 174.
SHAFER & HILTS, (Cobleskill,) (Daniel G. Shafer and Gideon Hilts,) saw mill and farmers 161.
SHAFER, Isaac G., (Cobleskill,) patent churn dealer and farmer 32.
SHAFER, Jacob G., (Mineral Springs,) saw mill and farmer 75.
SHAFER, Madison L., (Cobleskill,) farmer 403/4.
SHAFER, Nelson, (Cobleskill,) (Shafer & Son.)
SHAFER, Peter J., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 115.
SHAFER & SON, (Cobleskill,) (Wm. and Nelson,) jewelers.
SHAFER, Wm., (Cobleskill,) (Shafer & Son.)
SHAFER, Wm. M., (Mineral Springs,) farmer.
SHANK, David, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 65.
SHANK, Peter P., (Barnerville,) (Wetsel & Shank.)
SHANK, Sebastian, (Cobleskill,) retired farmer.
SHAVER, Chas. H., (Cobleskill,) hardware, tinware, stoves, paints, oils &c.
SHENLON, Rebecca, Mrs., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 2.
SHULTES, John H., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 38.
SHUTTS, Abram, (Lawyersville,) farmer 25.
SHUTTS, Henry, (Cobleskill,) retired.
SITERLY, Lansing, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 100.
SLINGERLAND, I & J., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 114.
SMITH, A. Mrs., (Cobleskill,) milliner.
SMITH, A. C., (Cobleskill,) prop. Smith's National Hotel, livery attached.
SNYDER, Adam, (Lawyersville,) mechanic and farmer 11.
SNYDER, Menzo, (East Cobleskill,) merchant and mail carrier.
SON, Thos., (Cobleskill,) retired farmer.
STILES, Lawrence, (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter and farmer 20.
STILSON, Abel G., (Cobleskill,) turner and foreman for Murphy & Hamilton.
STILSON, Lansing, (Cobleskill,) insurance agent.
SWART, Martin L., (Howe's Cave,) farmer.
SWART, Peter, (Cobleskill,) justice of the peace, civil engineer and surveyor, prop. lime works and farmer 52.
SWART, Shaver, (Howe's Cave,) farmer.
SWART, Tunis, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 106 and, in Middleburgh, 40.
SWIFT, Jarvis, (Cobleskill,) proprietor United States Hotel.
TATOR, Hiram, (Barnerville,) farmer.
TATOR, John H., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 380.
TATOR, Peter, (Barnerville,) farmer 120.
TATOR, Peter J., (Mineral Springs,) carpenter and farmer 25.
THATCHER, Sanford J., (Cobleskill,) boots, shoes, leather and findings.
TILAPAUGH, Daniel, (Barnerville,) farmer 160.
TILPAUGH, E., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 130.
TINGUE, Peter, (Cobleskill,) farmer 170.
TINKLER, Daniel, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 11/2.
TODD, Robert F., (Cobleskill,) flour and feed, Thos. Dornet, agent.
TOWNSEND, John M., (Cobleskill,) fire, life and accident insurance agent.
TURK, Paul, (Cobleskill,) mason and farmer 91/2.
UNITED STATES HOTEL, (Cobleskill,) Jarvis Swift, prop.
VAN DRESER, Henry N., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 166.
VAN DRESER, John I., (Cobleskill,) retired farmer.
VAN DRESER, J. W. & H., (Cobleskill,) dairymen, daelers in thorough-bred stock and farmers 200.
VAN PATTEN, A., (Cobleskill,) hotel and livery.
VAN SCHAICK, John, (Cobleskill,) lawyer.
VAN VALKENBURG, Marcus B., (Cobleskill,) house painter.
VAN VALKENBURGH, Chas. B., (Cobleskill,) house painter.
VAN VALKENBURGH, Hiram, (Mineral Springs,) farmer leases 80.
VAN VALKENBURGH, John, (Cobleskill,) carpenter and joiner.
VAN VORIS, John, (Cobleskill,) carpenter and joiner.
VAN WAGANEN, Jared, (Lawyersville,) farmer 280.
VAN WAGENEN, Jacob F., (Howe's Cave,) merchant, post master and coal agent.
VAN WAGENEN, James, (Cobleskill,) sawmill and farmer 25.
VAN WIE, Benj., (Cobleskill,) marble works.
VAN WOERT, J. H. Rev., (Lawyersville,) pastor Reformed Church.
VANDERPOOL, Peter, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 65.
VROMAN, Thos., (Cobleskill,) gardener, grape grower and farmer 30.
WAKEMAN, Alonzo, (Lawyersville,) (Wakeman Bros.,) post master.
WAKEMAN BROS., (Lawyersville,) (Alonzo and Horatio,) props. saw mill and farmers.
WAKEMAN, Horatio, (Lawyersville,) (Wakeman Bros.)
WALKER, Calvin, (Barnerville,) farmer 50.
WALKER, Geo. C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
WALKER, James, (Howe's Cave,) mason and farmer 101/2.
WALKER, John J., (Cobleskill,) farmer 80.
WARNER, James A., (Warnerville,) farmer 100.
WEBSTER, Alex. M., (Cobleskill,) farmer 42.
WEEKS, Wm. H., (Cobleskill,) publisher of Index.
WERNER, Philip P., (Barnerville,) physician and surgeon, and farmer 110.
WESTFALL, D. D. C., (Cobleskill,) (Dow & Westfall.)
WETSEL, Jacob, (Barnerville,) (Wetsel & Shank.)
WETSEL & SHANK, (Barnerville,) (Jacob Wetsel and Peter P. Shank,) farmers 212.
WIETING, Augustus F., (Cobleskill,) farmer 140.
WIETING, John C., (Cobleskill,) farmer 140.
WILBER, James H., (Cobleskill,) clerk with F. A. France.
WILLIAMS, Marvin, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 100.
WILLSEY, Henry I., (East Cobleskill,) grocer.
WILLSEY, Isaac L., (East Cobleskill,) shoemaker.
WINTERS, Jefferson, (Barnerville,) farmer leases 130.
WOLFORD, Dow, (Barnerville,) carpenter and farmer 100.
WORTH, Herman, (Carlisle,) farmer leases 124.
WRIGHT, John, (Cobleskill,) cooper.
YOUNG, David D., (Barnerville,) carpenter and joiner.
YOUNG, John G., (Cobleskill,) retired farmer 8.
YOUNG, W. H., (Cobleskill,) lawyer.

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