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ADAMS, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 37.
ALKINBURG, John, (Carlisle,) farmer.
ALMY, Alfred B., (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
ALPAUGH, Benjamin, (Argusville,) hop raser, dairyman and farmer 175.
ALPAUGH, David, (Carlisle,) carpenter.
ALPAUGH, Philip, (Grovenor's Corners,) saw mill and farmer.
ANDERSON, Lewis, (Charleston Four Corners, Montgomery Co.,) farmer.
ANDRUS & CARTER, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Moses B. Andrus and John B. Carter,) merchants.
ANDRUS, Moses B., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Andrus & Carter.)
ANGLE, David, (Carlisle,) farmer 37.
ANGLE, John H., (Carlisle,) merchant, farmer 11/2 and (with Peter A.,) 121/2.
ANGLE, Peter A., (Carlisle,) town clerk and (with John H.,) farmer 121/2.
BAKER, Erl Rev, (Grovenor's Corners,) pastor M. E. Church.
BASSETT, Henry C., (Sloansville,) farmer 18.
BECKER, Chas. G., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 50.
BECKER, Charles W., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of W. Decker, 150.
BECKER, Geo. W., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases of P. B., 10.
BECKER, John J., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 190.
BECKER, Josiah, (Carlisle,) farmer 91.
BECKER, Philip B., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 97.
BECKER, William, (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 150.
BELLINGER, Douw F., (Carlisle,) farmer 91.
BELLINGER, Harvey, (Carlisle,) farmer 35.
BELLINGER, Wm. H., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of Jacob Moke, 2.
BENSON, Abram, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
BENSON, Milton, (Carlisle,) carpenter and owns 2.
BER :H, Wm. D., (Sharon) hop raiser and farmer155.
BETT, Thomas, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 1.
BLANCHER, Wm., (Carlisle,) carpenter and joiner.
BORST, Henry, (Carlisle,) teacher inspector of elections and owns 5.
BORST, John, (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter and owns 4.
BORST, Philip, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases 10.
BORST, Thomas N., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 97.
BOUGHTON, James, (Carlisle,) farmer 11/2.
BOWDISH, Asa, (Sloansville,) farmer 60.
BOWERS, John, (Argusville,) farmer.
BRADLEY, John F., (Carlisle,) carpenter and joiner, and owns 2.
BRADLEY, Newman, (Carlisle.)
BRADT, Andrew, (Groenor's Corners,) farmer 160.
BRADT, J. W., (Carlisle Center,) merchant and farmer 1.
BRAND, John C., (Sloansville,) farmer.
BRANDENSTENE, Jacob, (Sharon,) farmer 25.
BRATE, Wm., (Grovenor's Corners) farmer leases 100.
BRISTOL, Levi, (Carlisle,) farmer.
BROWN, Abram A., (Carlisle,) dairyman and farmer 95.
BROWN, Austin, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
BROWN, C. S. Jr., (Carlisle,) farmer.
BROWN, D. S. (Carlisle,) farmer 218.
BROWN, Harrison, (Carlisle,) farmer.
BROWN, Henry H., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer120.
BROWN, Jacob, (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer 120.
BROWN, Jacob H., (Carlisle,) farmer 54.
BROWN, John, (Carlisle,) farmer.
BROWN, John E., (Carlisle,) speculator and farmer, owns 24.
BROWN, John J., (Carlisle,) (with Abram B. Karker,) hop raiser and farmer 1211/2.
BROWN, John T., (Carlisle,) farmer leases 186.
BROWN, Joseph, (Carlisle,) farmer 2.
BROWN, Peter, (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 521/2.
BROWN, Severenus, (Carlisle,) farmer 186.
BROWN, S. Jr., (Cobleskill,) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 158.
BROWN, S. W., (Carlisle,) farmer.
BROWN, Wm. S., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 93.
BROWN, W. S.,, (Carlisle,) (with Joseph Folie,) owns saw mill and 11.
BRUMLEY, John (Sloansville,) farmer.
BURCH, Adam, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 51/2.
BURCH, Henry, (Sloansville,) farmer 17.
BURCH, James R., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases 96.
BURCH, Jeremiah, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 96.
BURBANS, Daniel, (Carlisle Center,) shoe maker, justice of the peace and owns 9.
BURBANS, Geo. B., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 7.
BURBANS, Geo. & Co., (Carlisle Center,) (Martin Burbans,) harness makers.
BURBANS, John, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 100.
BURBANS, Martin, (Carlisle Center,) (George Burbans & Co.)
BURNS, Jacob, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
BURNSTYNE, Abram, (Carlisle,) farmer leases 141.
CALKINS, Alex., (Grovenor's Corners,) tailor.
CAMPBELL, Geo., (Sloansville,) farmer.
CARRY, Mary Ann Mrs., (Sloansville,) (with heirs,) farmer 250.
CARRY, Wm. J., (Sloansville,) farmer 163.
CARR, Joseph E., (Sloansville,) farmer 93.
CARR, Lydia Mrs., (Sloansville,) (with heirs,) farmer 112.
CARR, M. S., (Sloansville,) farmer leases 112.
CARTER, John B., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Andrus & Carter,) post master.
CASS, Nelson, (Carlisle,) farmer.
CASS, Perry, (Carlisle,) farmer.
CASS, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 180.
CHAMBERS, Charles, (Carlisle,) farmer.
CHAMBERS, Henry, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
CHAMBERS, Mary Mrs., (Sloansville,) farmer 45.
CHAMBERS, Richard, (Charleston Four Corners, Montgomery Co.,) farmer 78 and leases of A. Dean, 100.
CHAMBERS, Richard L., (Sloansville,) farmer.
CHISLETT, Wm., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases.
CLARK, Wm. H., (Carlisle,) farmer.
CLEMENS, Edwin, (Carlisle,) shoemaker, farmer 1 and leases 11/2.
CLEMENT, John S., (Argusville,) retired erchant and farmer.
CLEMENTIS, Eliza Miss, (Argusville,) dressmaker.
COLCLOUGH, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 95.
COLLINS, Gilbert, (Carlisle,) shoemaker.
COLLINS, Samuel S., (Argusville,) glove, mitten and robe manuf., and fur tanner.
CONRAD, Adam, (Argusville,) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 321.
CONRAD, Peter H., (Argusville,) farmer.
CONRAD, Philip, (Argusville,) farmer.
COONS, David H., (Sloansville,) farmer leases 3.
COPP, John, (Argusville,) blacksmith.
CRAIG, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 150.
CRAMER, Frederick B., (Carlisle,) farmer.
CRAMER, Richard, (Carlisle,) farmer 81.
CRAMER, Susan Mrs., (Carlisle,) owns 50.
CROCKER, Beriah, (Sloansville,) retired farmer.
CROCKER, G. C., (Sloansville,) farmer.
CROCKER, George, (Sloansville,) farmer 86.
CROCKER, Lewis G., (Sloansville,) farmer 81.
CROSBY, Peter W., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of S. Crosby, 108.
CROSBY, Seth, (Carlisle,) farmer 108.
CUCK, Abram, (Lawyerville,) retired farmer.
DAVENPORT, Orville O., (Sloansville,) farmer leases 150.
DAVENPORT, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer.
DEWEY, Edward, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 83.
DEWEY, Geo., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 40.
DEY, Benjamin, (Argusville,) (Schermerhorn & Dey.)
DIBBLE, Firman, (Sloansville,) farmer 50.
DIBBLE, Harrison, (Sloansville,) farmer 80.
DILLENBACK, Joseph, (Carlisle Center,) (Dillenback & Son.)
DILLENBACK & SON, (Carlisle Center,) (Joseph and Warner,) farmers 100.
DILLENBACK, Warner, (Carlisle Center,) (Dillenback & Son.)
DINGMAN, John W., (Sharon,) farmer.
DINGMAN, Michael, (Carlisle,) farmer.
DOTY, Anderson, (Sloansville,) farmer 95.
DOTY, William J., (Sloansville,) farmer.
DOW, George L., (Carlisle,) farmer 7, leases of P. Ostrander, 35, and of S. Ottman, 7.
DRISTLE, John H., (Lawyersville,) carpenter and school teacher, owns 1.
DUSENBURY, G. V. B., (Carlisle,) overseer of the poor, hop raiser and farmer 32.
DWELLY, G. B., (Carlisle,) iron founder and owns 3.
ENSIGN, Frederick, (Carlisle,) iron moulder.
ESTES, George D., (Sloansville,) farmer 126.
FAILLING, Alvin, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
FERO, Isaac, (Carlisle,) blacksmith and owns 5.
FICHTER, Esther Miss, (Carlisle,) farmer 150.
FLAGLER, Daniel D., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 100.
FOLLE, Joseph, (Carlisle,) carpenter and (with W. S. Brown,) owns saw mill and 11.
FONK, Philip, (Carlisle Center,) carpenter and owns 6.
FOX, Benjamin F., (Carlisle,) farmer 361/2.
FOX, Frank C., (Carlisle,) hotel prop., justice of the peace, hop raiser and owns 26.
FOX, George H., (Carlisle,) farmer 75.
FOX, James, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
FOX, John, (Carlisle,) retired hotel prop.
FREDERIC, Peter, (Sharon,) dairyman and farmer leases of R. W. Brown, 228.
FREEMAN, Caroline Mrs., (Sloansville,) farmer 30.
FRENCH, James W., (Argusville,) farmer.
FRENCH, Nancy, (Argusville,) (with heirs,) owns 10.
FRENCH, Peter, (Argusville,) painter.
FUNK, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer.
GARDINIER, James D., (Sloansville,) farmer 112.
GARDNER, George, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Gardner & Son.)
GARDNER, Jonathan E., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Gardner & Son.)
GARDNER & SON, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Jonathan E. and Geo.,) farmers 25.
GIDLEY, Edward B., (Carlisle,) mason and farmer 1.
GORDON, Alvin I., (Argusville,) farmer 178.
GORDON, Daniel, (Carlisle,) farmer 110.
GORDON, Isaac H., (Carlisle,) farmer 95.
GORDON, John, (Argusville,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
GORDON, John A., (Argusville,) dairyman and farmer 110.
GORDON, John H., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 2.
GORDON, John P., (Sloansville,) farmer 104.
GORDON, Joseph, (Carlisle Center,) retired farmer 1.
GORDON, Josiah, (Carlisle,) farmer 76.
GORDON, Mary J. Miss, (Argusville,) teacher.
GORDON, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer leases o Wm. Craig, 140.
GORDON, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
GORDON, Richmond P., (Carlisle,) farmer.
GORDON, Robert, (Carlisle,) retired farmer.
GORDON, Sarah Mrs., (Carlisle Center,) (with heirs,) farmer 7.
GRANTIER, A. L., (Argusville,) speculator and farmer 115.
GRANTIER, Elizabeth F. Mrs., (Argusville,) tailoress.
GRANTIER, Henry B., (Carlisle,) farmer leases 211/2.
GREEN, Abner, (Charleston Four Corners, Montgomery Co.,) farmer.
GRIFFITH, Orrin M., (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer 75.
GROVENOR, Amasa, (Grovenor's Corners,) town collector and farmer 93.
GROVENOR BROS., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Chas. and Judson,) farmer 150.
GROVENOR, Calvin, (Carlisle,) farmer 5.
GROVENOR, Chas., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Grovenor Bros.)
GROVENOR, Chauncy, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 133.
GROVENOR, Geo., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 150.
GROVENOR, Geo. Jr., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 80.
GROVENOR, Judson, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Grovenor Bros.)
GROVENOR, Nelson, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer leases of G. Grovenor, 150.
GROVENOR, Niram, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 150.
GROVENOR, Washington I., (Grovenor's Corners,) teacher.
GUFFIN, A. S., (Carlisle,) teacher.
GUFFIN BROS., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Elijah and Newell,) farmers 213.
GUFFIN, Cyrus, (Grovenor's Corners,) attorney and counselor at law.
GUFFIN, Elijah, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Guffin Bros.)
GUFFIN, Jonathan, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 220.
GUFFIN, Newell, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Guffin Bros.,) music teacher.
GUNN, Lydia Mrs., (Carlisle,) dressmaker and tailoress.
GURNSEY, David, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
HALLENBECK, C. M. Mrs., (Carlisle,) resident.
HALLENBECK, Gilbert, (Carlisle,) farmer.
HANSEN, Nicholas, (Carlisle,) millwright and owns 57.
HAYES, Wm. E., (Grovenor's Corners,) farme 50.
HEMSTREET, G. W., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of Peter, 125.
HEMSTREET, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer 125.
HERRICK, John, (Carlisle,) farmer 11.
HERRICK, J. S., (Argusville,) physician, owns 6.
HICKS, Abram, (Sloansville,) farmer 29.
HICKS, Chas., (Sloansville,) farmer.
HICKS, Joseph, (Sloansville,) farmer 41.
HIGGINS, John W., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 34 and leases of W. E. Hay, 50.
HIGGINS, Thomas, (Carlisle,) farmer 941/2.
HILLER, Richard, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 105.
HILSINGER, Adam, (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer.
HILSINGER, Edwin, (Carlisle,) farmer.
HILSINGER, Jacob E., (Carlisle,) farmer 28.
HILSINGER, John P., (Sharon,) farmer.
HILSINGER, Wm., (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer 130.
HODGE, Orville, (Argusville,) (Hodge & Ramsey,) postmaster and farmer 30.
HODGE & RAMSEY, (Argusville,) (Orville Hodge and ---- Ramsey,) general merchants.
HOLLAND, John, (Carlisle,) farmer 10.
HOUSE, J. C. Mrs., (Argusville,) milliner and dress maker.
HOUSE, Peter D., (Argusville,) liquor agent.
HOWARD, Ezra, (Carlisle Center,) mason.
HOYT, Alvin, (Carlisle,) carpenter, hop raiser and farmer 121/2.
HUESTED, J. T., (Argusville,) carpenter.
HULSAVER, John, (Argusville,) hop raiser and farmer 138.
HUMMEL, Jesse, (Carlisle,) farmer.
HURST, Wm. H., (Sloansville,) farmer 65.
HUTTON, George, (Argusville,) farmer 150.
HYNEY, Josiah, (Argusville,) farmer 70.
HYNEY, Norman, (Argusville,) farmer.
HYNEY, Seth, (Argusville,) farmer.
HYNEY, Stephen, (Argusville,) hop raiser and farmer 131.
JOHNSON, Chas., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 40.
KARKER, Abram B., (Carlisle,) (with John J. Brown,) hop raiser and farmer 1211/2.
KARKER, David, (Lawyersville,) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 142.
KARKER, Franklin M., (Lawyersville,) farmer.
KARKER, J. H., (Carlisle,) hop raiser, farmer 21/2 and leases of P. Brown, 50.
KARKER, John P., (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
KARKER, Joseph, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
KARKER, Philip P., (Carlisle,) farmer leases 125.
KARKER, Sifroit R., (Carlisle,) teacher.
KARKER, Solomon, (Lawyersville,) shoemaker, hop raiser and farmer 5.
KARKER, Solomon D., (Lawyersville,) farmer.
KILTS, Benjamin, (Sharon,) farmer 100.
KILTS, Jacob L., (Sharon,) farmer.
KILTS, James W., (Sloansville,) farmer leases of J. Dudley, 30.
KILTS, John, (Sharon,) farmer.
KILTS, Wm., (Sharon,) farmer 100.
KLING, Abraham, (Carlisle,) tanner and currier, and owns 2.
KLING, Abram C., (Carlisle,) teamster and speculator.
KLING, Mary A. Mrs., (Argusville,) (with heirs,) farmer 100.
KLING, Stephen, (Argusville,) farmer leases 100.
KNISKERN, Abram A., (Carlisle,) commissioner of highways and farmer 106.
KNISKERN, Andrew, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 93.
KNISKERN, David, (Carlisle,) farmer.
KNISKERN, Edwin A., (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
KNISKERN, George, (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
KNISKERN, Jacob H., (Carlisle,) farmer 146.
KNISKERN, Jacob L., (Carlisle,) hop raiser, farmer 10 and leases 160.
KNISKERN, James, (Carlisle,) farmer.
KNISKERN, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer 160.
LANE, H. Mrs., (Argusville,) owns 2.
LANE, Louisa Miss, (Argusville,) tailoress.
LARKIN BROS., (Sloansville,) (William and Walter,) farmers lease of P. G., 140.
LARKIN, David, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer owns 172 and occupies 53.
LARKIN, Henry W., (Grovenor's Corners,) retired farmer.
LARKIN, John G., (Sloansville,) farmer 60.
LARKIN, Walter, (Sloansville,) (Larkin Bros.)
LARKIN, W. H., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 116.
LARKIN, Wm., (Sloansville,) (Larkin Bros.)
LAWYER, A. H., (Carlisle,) assessor, hop raiser and farmer 95.
LAWYER, Monroe, (Carlisle,) farmer.
LAWYER, Sostthenes, (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 139.
LETTIS, Oscar, (Argusville,) farmer.
LITTELL, Wm., (Sloansville,) farmer 4.
LITTLE, John C., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 1483/4.
LORD, James M., (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter and owns 2.
LORD, John L., (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter and owns 11.
LOUCKS, Amenzo, (Grovenor's Corners,) teacher.
LOUCKS, Andrew, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 90.
LOUCKS, Peter, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 96.
LYCKER, Henry C., (Argusville,) dairyman and farmer 241.
MALICK, Hannah Mrs., (Argusville,) resident.
MALONY, John, (Carlisle,) produce dealer and owns 5.
MARBLE, George, (Carlisle Center,) farmer leases 75.
McDONALD, Ira, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 52.
McMASTER & O'CONNELL, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Theodore McMaster and Jeremiah O'Donnell,) blacksmiths.
McMASTER, Theodore, (Grovenor's Corners,) (McMaster and O'Donnell,) Farmer 1.
McMILLEN, James, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 100.
McNEAR, Jacob M., (Carlisle,) tin peddler.
McNEIL, Alex., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 105.
McNEIL, Julia A. Mrs., (Sloansville,) owns 75.
McNEIL, Menzo, (Sloansville,) farmer leases of Mrs. McNeil, 75.
McNEILL, Merritt, (Carlisle,) farmer 112.
MERENESS, Levi, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
MERENESS, Norman, (Carlisle,) painter.
MESSENGER, Wm., (Grovenor's Corners,) teacher.
MICKEL, Adam, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
MICKEL, Adam H., (Carlisle,) carpenter and owns 12.
MICKEL, Catharine, (Lawyersville,) (with heirs,) farmer 82.
MILLER, Adam, (Carlisle,) farmer 3.
MOAK, Henry I., (Sharon,) retired farmer 2.
MONTAYNE, Edward D., (Carlisle,) owns saw mill and farmer 167.
MONTAYNE, George J., (Carlisle,) farmer.
MOORE, J. V., (Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer leases of Mrs. A. C. Ryan, 50.
MORRIS, David H., (Carlisle,) farmer 2.
MOSHER, Chancy B., (Carlisle,) farmer 85.
MOWERS, B. M., (Carlisle,) farmer 14.
MUNK, Sally A. Mrs., (Carlisle,) owns 50.
MYERS, Abram, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Myers Bros.)
MYERS BROS., (Grovenor's Corners,) (Abram and Peter,) farmers 27.
MYERS, John W., (Carlisle,) blacksmith.
MYERS, Peter, (Grovenor's Corners,) (Myers Bros.)
MYERS, Tobias, (Grovenor's Corners,) shoemaker and owns 1.
O'BRINE, Luther, (Sloansville,) farmer.
O'CONNELL, Jeremiah, (Grovenor's Corners,) (McMaster & O'Connell.)
O'HARA, Edward, (Sloansville,) farmer.
OILMAN, Abram, (Carlisle,) farmer.
OSTERHONT, George G., (Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer leases of A. Osterhont, 96.
OSTERHONT, Irving, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
OSTERHONT, Jacob A., (Lawyersville,) hop raiser and farmer 235.
OSTERHONT, James, (Lawyersville,) hop raiser and farmer 135.
OSTRANDER, Addison, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
OSTARNDER, Melvin, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
OSTRANDER, Michael, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 118.
OSTRANDER, Peter, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 243.
OSTRANDER, Wellington, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
OTTMAN, Abram, (Carlisle,) farmer 40.
OTTMAN, David, (Carlisle,) farmer.
OTTMAN, G. G., (Carlisle,) constable.
OTTMAN, Henry I., (Carlisle,) farmer 185.
OTTMAN, Jacob A., (Argusville,) carpenter and joiner, and owns 1.
OTTMAN, James, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
OTTMAN, Peter W., (Carlisle,) farmer.
OTTMAN, Stephen, (Carlisle,) farmer 209.
PATRIE, John J., (Carlisle,) farmer 142.
PATRIE, Wm. H., (Carlisle,) farmer.
PETTEYS, Richard, (Sloansville,) farmer 120.
PHELPS, Milton, (Carlisle,) farmer 75.
PHILLIPS, John, (Carlisle,) farmer 125.
PITCHER, Aaron, (Argusville,) farmer.
PLATNER, Wm. E., (Cobleskill,) farmer leases of S. Brown, 11/4.
POTTER, Edward L., (Sloansville,) farmer 145.
PRELL, Mathias, (Lawyersville,) farmer 71.
PROSSER, Benjamin R., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
PROSSER, Charles J., (Carlisle,) farmer.
PRUYN, Abram P., (Argusville,) (with Henry,) hotel prop.
PRUYN, Henry, (Argusville,) hotel prop. and owns 12.
QUICK, John, (Carlisle,) farmer.
RACE, John, (Sharon,) farmer 22.
RACE, Peter, (Sharon,) farmer 22.
RAMSEY, ---, (Argusville,) (Hodge & Ramsey.)
RELYEA, Andrew, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 222.
RELYEA, Francis, (Carlisle,) farmer.
RELYEA, Geo. A., (Carlisle,) farmer leases of Thos. A. Skinner, 110.
RELYEA, John H., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 70.
RELYEA, Peter D., (Sloansville,) carpenter and farmer 31/2.
RELYEA, Richard, (Sloansville,) carpenter.
RELYEA, Samuel, (Carlisle,) farmer.
RELYEA, Simon, (Grovenor's Corners,) undertaker.
RICE, Stephen, (Carlisle,) carpenter.
RIDGE, James, (Lawyersville,) farmer 11.
ROBERTS, Charles D., (Carlisle,) farmer 40.
ROBERTS, Jesse, (Carlisle,) farmer 105.
ROBERTS, Thomas, (Carlisle,) farmer leases of J. Roberts, 105.
ROBERTS, William, (Carlisle,) farmer.
ROBINS, Elisha, (Carlisle,) farmer.
ROBINSON, David, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
ROBINSON, John, (Carlisle,) farmer leases 11/2.
ROBINSON, John W., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
ROCKFELLER, George, (Grovenor's Corners,) blacksmith.
ROCKFELLER, Hiram, (Carlisle,) farmer 100.
ROCKWELL, E. N., (Sloansville,) farmer 100.
ROCKWELL, Wm. S., (Sloansville,) farmer.
ROSCOE, John M., (Carlisle,) supervisor, justice of the peace and farmer 90.
ROSCOE, R. J., (Carlisle,) physician, notary public, civil engineer and owns 2.
ROSCOE, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 75.
ROSE, Schuyler, (Carlisle,) farmer 10.
ROWE, John H., (Carlisle,) carriage maker.
RUGGLES, Josephine Miss, (Argusville,) dressmaker.
RUNKLE, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer 167.
RUSSELL, James B., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 150.
RUSSELL, Wm. H., (Sloansville,) mason and owns 5.
RYAN, Anna C. Mrs., (Cobleskill,) (with heirs,) farmer 50.
SAFFORD, Albert, (Carlisle Center,) farmer leases 1.
SAFFORD, Andrew, (Grovenor's Corners,) butcher and farmer 2.
SAFFORD, Joseph, (Carlisle,) farmer 526.
SAFFORD, Josiah, (Carlisle,) farmer leases of Joseph, 372.
SAFFORD, Uriah, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 1.
SALISBURY, H. K., (Argusville,) teacher.
SANFORD, Geo. P., (Carlisle Center,) carpenter and owns 21/2.
SCHERMERHORN & DEY, (Argusville,) (John H. Schermerhorn and Benjamin Dey,) grist and saw mills, and own 5.
SCHERMERHORN., John H., (Argusville,) (Schermerhorn & Dey.)
SCOTT, Isaac F., (Grovenor's Corners,) physician.
SEELY, Michael, (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
SEVERSON, Geo. H., (Grovenor's Corners,) ahow maker and farmer 1.
SHAFER, Henry, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
SHANK, John, (Carlsile,) hop raiser, owns saw mill and farmer 148.
SHANK, Joseph H., (Carlisle,) farmer leases 95.
SHAUL, George, (Carlisle,) farmer 501/2.
SHAVER, Sophia Mrs., (Argusville,) resident.
SLINGERLAND, Tompkins, (Carlisle,) shoe maker and owns 21/2.
SMITH, Asa, (Carlisle,) farmer 1941/2.
SMITH, Clark, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
SMITH, Ezra, (Carlisle,) farmer.
SMITH, John H., (Argusville,) carpenter.
SNYDER, Abram, (Carlisle Center,) (Snyder Bros.)
SNYDER, Benjamin, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 92.
SNYDER, Benjamin Y., (Carlisle Center,) carpenter and farmer 2.
SNYDER BROS., (Carlisle Center,) (Abram and Emmett,) farmers lease 92.
SNYDER, Emmett, (Carlisle Center,) (Snyder Bros.)
SNYDER, Geo. B., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
SNYDER, Geo. H., (Carlisle Center,) carriage maker and owns 3.
SNYDER, John W., (Carlisle,) carpenter and owns 11/2.
SPENCER, John S., (Sloansville,) teacher and farmer leases of J. Lawton, 50.
SPORE, James H., (Carlisle,) shoemaker and farmer 151/2.
SPORE, L. Julius, (Carlisle,) farmer.
SPRONG, Alfred, (Carlisle,) farmer 1.
STALEY, Henry J., (Carlisle,) assessor and farmer 61.
STALEY, John C., (Carlisle,) farmer 25 and leases 95.
STALEY, Oliver, (Carlisle,) farmer 95.
STAM, John H., (Argusville,) farmer.
STILES, Ezra, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
STILES, John B., (Carlisle Center,) farmer leases 105.
STILES, Levi, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
STILES, Robert H., (Sloansville,) farmer.
SWARTHOUT, James, (Argusville,) shoemaker and justice of the peace.
SWEATMAN, Daniel C., (Argusville,) carriage maker and owns 6.
SWEET, Ezra, (Grovenor's Corners,) stock dealer and farmer 1.
SWEET, John, (Sloansville,) farmer 135.
SWEET, John S., (Sloansville,) speculator and owns 7.
SWEET, Nelson, (Grovenor's Corners,) speculator and farmer 35.
SWEETMAN, Henry, (Carlisle,) assessor and farmer 80.
TAYLOR, Luther S., (Argusville,) dairyman and farmer leases of H. C. Lycker, 160.
TEEPLE, Edward, (Sloansville,) carpenter and joiner, and owns 1.
TEEPLE, Jacob H., (Sloansville,) saw mill and farmer 12.
TERBUSH, E. R., (Carlisle,) mason and farmer.
TETER, Leman, (Carlisle,) farmer.
THRALL, Wm., (Carlisle,) patent right agent and owns 1.
TILLAPAUGH, George, (Carlisle,) farmer.
TILLAPAUGH, Henry, (Carlisle Center,) farmer.
TILLAPAUGH, Jacob, (Carlisle,) farmer 275.
TILLAPAUGH, John, (Carlisle,) farmer 7.
TILLAPAUGH, Stephen Amenzo, (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
TILLAPAUGH, Wm., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 220.
TURBUSH, Francis E., (Carlisle,) farmer.
ULLMAN, Charles A., (Carlisle,) farmer 361/2.
ULLMAN, Jeremiah, (Carlisle,) farmer.
ULLMAN, Peter, (Carlisle,) farmer 50.
UNDERHILL, Darius, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 4.
UNDERHILL, Irving, (Grovenor's Corners,) hay presser.
UTMAN, Peter C., (Carlisle,) cooper, owns 1.
VAN ALSTYNE, John L., (Argusville,) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 145.
VAN ALSTYNE, Lyman W., (Argusville,) farmer leases 145.
VANDERWERKEN, Amos, (Carlisle,) plough maker.
VANDERWERKEN, Geo. G., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 95.
VAN KIRK, Gertrude Mrs., (Carlisle,) owns 2.
VAN VALKENBURG, John J., (Carlisle,) hop raiser and farmer 72.
VAN WORMER, Isaac, (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer 1.
VAN ZANDT, Sally Mrs., (Carlisle Center,) (with heirs,) farmer 11/2.
WAKEMAN, Horace, (Lawyersville,) farmer 111.
WAKEMAN, Seth B., (Lawyersville,) farmer leases 111.
WALBY, Wm., (Carlisle,) farmer 90.
WALBY, Wm. A., (Carlisle,) farmer.
WASHBURN, Ellen Mrs., (Carlisle,) farmer leases 96.
WEAVER, Benjamin F., (Argusville,) blacksmith, owns 2.
WEAVER, Charles H., (Argusville,) blacksmith.
WELSH, Thos., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 2.
WESSEL, Silas R., (Carlisle,) hotel prop. and owns 4.
WING, Alexander H., (Lawyersville,) farmer 21/2.
YOUNG, Andrew, (Lawyersville,) (with Demosthenes,) farmer 98.
YOUNG, Andrew J., (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter and joiner.
YOUNG, Benj., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 142.
YOUNG, Bostwick K., (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter.
YOUNG, Charles, (Sloansville,) farmer.
YOUNG, Demosthenes, (Lawyersville,) (with Andrew,) farmer 98.
YOUNG, Dinah Mrs., (Carlisle Center,) with heirs,) farmer 50.
YOUNG, Gideon, (Grovenor's Corners,) insurance agent.
YOUNG, G. S., (Sloansville,) carpenter.
YOUNG, Ira, (Carlisle Center,) farmer 211.
YOUNG, Jacob, (Sloansville,) farmer 65.
YOUNG, Jacob H., (Lawyersville,) farmer.
YOUNG, John H., (Carlisle Center,) farmer leases 214.
YOUNG, Nelson S., (Grovenor's Corners,) carpenter.
YOUNG, Nicholas, (Lawyersville,) farmer 105.
YOUNG, Richard, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
YOUNG, Robert W., (Lawyersville,) carpenter and farmer.
YOUNG, Samuel J., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 100.
YOUNG, Silas K., (Grovenor's Corners,) farmer.
YOUNG, Thomas, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
YOUNG, Wm. S., (Carlisle Center,) farmer 103.
YOUNGS, Conrad, (Argusville,) farmer.
ZELIE, Davis, (Sharon,) blacksmith, constable, hop raiser and farmer 34.
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