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AKELEY, John S.,  (Eminence,) eclectic physician and surgeon.
ALLEN, John W.,  (North Blenheim,) farmer 150.
ATCHINSON, Ichabod W.,  (North Blenheim,) farmer 113.
BADGLEY, Ambrose, (North Blenheim,) farmer 190.
BADGLEY, Hannah, (North Blenheim,) farmer 13 1/2.
BADGLEY, Stephen G., (North Blenheim,) farmer 220.
BAILEY, David L., (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
BALDWIN, Aaron, (North Blenheim,) sawmill, assessor, and farmer 300.
BALDWIN, James R., (North Blenheim,) farmer 190.
BALDWIN, James W., (North Blenheim,) farmer leases of James R. Baldwin, 190.
BANKS, David W., (North Blenheim,) farmer leases of Napoleon Berry, 100.
BARTON, Wm., (North Blenheim,) farmer leases from Catherine Cole, 28.
BECKER, Frederick, (North Blenheim,) constable and mason.
BELLER, John, (Eminence,) farmer 112 1/2.
BENJAMIN, Henry, (North Blenheim,) farmer 160.
BERRY, Margaret Mrs., (North Blenheim,) farmer 35.
BREZEE, Henry H., (North Blenheim,) farmer 76.
BUCKINGHAM, Garry, (North Blenheim,) (Vrooman & Buckingham.)
BUCKINGHAM, George E., (North Blenheim,) carpenter and cabinet maker.
BUCKINGHAM, Tracy, (North Blenheim,) chair and bedstead maker.
BURNETT, Erksine D., (Eminence,) farmer 85.
BURNETT, James, (Eminence,) farmer 112.
BURNETT, Spencer, (Eminence,) farmer 62.
BURNETT, Wesley A.,  (Eminence,) farmer 112.
CASE, Calvin, (North Blenheim,) farmer 40.
CHADDERDON, Adaline Mrs., (North Blenheim,) farmer 40.
CHAMPLIN, Geo. H., (Jefferson,) farmer 95.
CHAMPLIN, Giles S., (North Blenheim,) farmer 333.
CHAMPLIN, J. Perry, (North Blenheim,) justice of the peace and farmer 137 1/2.
CHAMPLIN, William P., (Minekill Falls,) farmer 14.
CLARK, Benjamin, (North Blenheim,) farmer.
CLARK, John A., (North Blenheim,) farmer 230.
CLARK, Stephen, (North Blenheim,) farmer 170.
COLE, Benjamin, (North Blenheim,) farmer 102 1/2.
CORNELL, Daniel, (Eminence,) farmer 110.
CORNELL, Jesse M., (Eminence,) farmer 200.
CURTISS, Orin B., (Eminence,) farmer 50.
DECKER, George W., (North Blenheim,) blacksmith.
DECKER, James W., (North Blenheim,) farmer 67.
DECKER, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
DECKER, John H., (North Blenheim,) farmer 56.
DELANEY, James, (North Blenheim,) farmer 110.
DELANEY, Jeremiah, (Jefferson,) (with Michael,) farmer 213 1/2.
DELANEY, Michael, (Jefferson,) (with Jeremiah,) farmer 213 1/2.
DESILVA, Ira, (North Blenheim,) resident.
DIBBLE, James R., (Eminence,) saw mill and farmer 15.
DUDLEY, Wm., J., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 2.
ELLERSON, Lewis, (North Blenheim,) wagon maker.
EMPIRE HOUSE, (North Blenheim,) Thos. H. James, prop.
ENGLISH, John D., (North Blenheim,) farmer 62 1/2 and leases 32.
FELTER, Freeman S., (Eminence,) farmer 210.
FENNIN, William, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 100.
FERGUSON, Aurey, (North Blenheim,) farmer 24.
FERGUSON, Lorenzo, (North Blenheim,) farmer 50.
FINCH, William, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases 30.
FINK, George, (North Blenheim,) gate keeper, Blenheim Bridge.
FINK, Joseph M., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 15.
FINK, William, (North Blenheim,) retired farmer.
FULLINGTON, Ephriam, (West Fulton,) farmer 112.
GIBBLAN, William, (North Blenheim,) farmer 75.
GRANBY, Wm. M., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 450.
GRANT, John B., (North Blenheim,) attorney and counselor at law, and notary public.
GRAY, Talman, (Eminence,) farmer 58.
GRIFFIN, J.H., (North Blenheim,) life insurance agent and justice of the peace.
HAGER, Daniel, (North Blenheim,) farmer 250.
HAGER, Dewitt C., (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.
HAGER, Frederick, (North Blenheim,) (with Martin V.B. and Maurice G.,) farmer 150.
HAGER, John, (North Blenheim,) (Sweet & Hager.)
HAGER, Martin V.B., (North Blenheim,) deputy sheriff, loan commissioner and (with Frederick and Maurice G.,) farmer 150.
HAGER, Maurice G., (North Blenheim,) (with Frederick and Martin V.B.,) farmer 150.
HAM, David, (North Blenheim,) farmer 224.
HANNAY, Isaac, (North Blenheim,) farmer 225.
HANNAY, Jacob, (Eminence,) farmer 112.
HANNEY, Ambrose, (Eminence,) farmer 100.
HARRIS, George W., (North Blenheim,) farmer leases from Albert Loucks, 160.
HAVENS, Jeremiah D., M.D., (Eminence,) allo. Physician and surgeon.
HAVERLY BROS., (North Blenheim,) (Ira and Seneca,) grist mill, two sawmills and farmers 172 1/2.
HAVERLY BROS.& CO., (North Blenheim,) (Ira and Seneca Haverly and Martin L. Woolford,) 150 acres timber land.
HAVERLY, Ira, (North Blenheim,) (Haverly Bros.,) (Haverly Bros. & Co.)
HAVERLY, Seneca, (North Blenheim,) (Haverly Bros.,) (Haverly Bros. & Co.)
HELLICOS, Frederick, (North Blenheim,) farmer 20.
HELLICOS James, (North Blenheim,) farmer 8.
HENNESS, Elias, (North Blenheim,) farmer 20.
HENNIS, Jacob, (Eminence,) farmer 110.
HITCHCOCK, Stephen T., (North Blenheim,) farmer leases 375.
HOLLENBECK, Hiram, (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
HOLLENBECK, Marcius, (North Blenheim,) farmer 50.
HUBERT, Moses, (North Blenheim,) wagon maker.
INGRAHAM, Erastus J., (North Blenheim,) blacksmith.
INGRAHAM, Leander H., (North Blenheim,) harness maker.
JAMES, Thomas H., (North Blenheim,) prop. Of Empire House.
JUDD, Peter M., (Eminence,) farmer 56.
JUMP, Foster, (North Blenheim,) shingle maker.
JUMP, William, (North Blenheim,) farmer 75.
KENYON, Hezekiah, (North Blenheim,) farmer 300.
KENYON, Maxon, (North Blenheim,) cigar maker and farmer.43
KEYSER, Barney, (North Blenheim,) (with Jacob,) farmer 200.
KEYSER, Henry, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases 170.
KEYSER, Jacob, (North Blenheim,) (with Barney,) farmer 200.
KEYSER, James M., (North Blenheim,) farmer 61.
KINGSLEY, David, (North Blenheim,) farmer 45.
KINGSLEY, Edwin, (North Blenheim,) supervisor and farmer 80.
KLING, Nicholas H., (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.
KNICKERBOCKER, Thomas H., (North Blenheim,) farmer 135.
KNISKERN BROS., (North Blenheim,) (Rufus and Hamilton,) farmers 120.
KNISKERN, Hamilton, (North Blenehim,) (Kniskern Bros.,) cooper and farmer 3 1/2.
KNISKERN, Hiram, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases from Jacob Shafer, 125.
KNISKERN, Rufus, (North Blenheim,) (Kniskern Bros.)
KNISKERN, Wm., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 190.
LLOYD, William H., (North Blenheim,) millwright and carpenter.
LOUCKS, Abram, (North Blenheim,) bark peeler.
LOUCKS, Alfred, (North Blenheim,) resident.
LOUCKS, Dennis C., (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
LOYD, John B., (North Blenheim,) millwright and carpenter.
MANN, Jackson, (North Blenheim,) cooper.
MARTIN, Alvin C., (South Jefferson,) dealer in pumps etc.
MARTIN, Freegift P., (North Blenheim,) shoemaker, justice of the peace and farmer 40.
MARTIN, John R., (North Blenheim,) farmer 370.
MARTIN, Wm. A., (North Blenheim,) town clerk and blacksmith.
MATTICE, Abram, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 100.
MATTICE, Christian S., (North Blenheim,) farmer 75.
MATTICE, Christopher, (Minekill Falls,) postmaster and farmer 200.
MATTICE, George, (North Blenheim,) prop. Of Blenheim House.
MATTICE, Harmon S., (Minekill Falls,) farmer 140.
MATTICE, John, (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.
MATTICE, John H., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 75.
MATTICE, Martin, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 100.
MATTICE, Mervin, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 46.
MATTICE, Peter V., (Minekill Falls,) farmer 124.
MAYHAM, James, (Jefferson,) farmer 106.
MCKEY, Samuel, (North Blenheim,) farmer 200.
MCLAWRY, Alexander, (North Blenheim,) carriage and sleigh painting.
MOREHOUSE, C.J., (North Blenheim,) resident.
MOREHOUSE, Lorenzo, (North Blenheim,) carpenter.
MOREHOUSE, Munson, (North Blenheim,) resident.
MUCKEY, Jeremiah, (North Blenheim,) farmer.
MUCKEY, John, (Eminence) farmer leases of Hiram Boyington.
NELSON, Stephen, (North Blenheim,) farmer 200.
OAKLEY, William C., (Eminence,) farmer 67.
PARSLOW, Alonzo, (North Blenheim,) general merchant and postmaster.
PARSLOW, Henry, (North Blenheim,) resident.
PAYNE, Albertus, (Eminence,) farmer 56.
PEASLEE, Isaac, (North Blenehim,) farmer 300.
PEASLEE, Joseph C., (Jefferson,) farmer 270.
PEASLEE, Nathan S., (North Blenheim,) farmer 200.
PEASLEE, Thomas S., (North Blenheim,) dairyman and farmer 290.
PERRY, John, (North Blenheim,) farmer 60 1/4.
PERRY, Stephen L., (North Bleneheim,) cooper and farmer 5 1/2.
PERRY, Volney D., (North Blenheim,) farmer 157.
PIERCE, Alexis, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases of Mrs. Betsey Pierce, 230.
PIERCE, John B., (North Blenheim,) commissioner of highways and farmer 17.
PINDAR, Daniel W., (Eminence,) farmer 27.
PITCHER, Joseph L., (Eminence,) farmer 112.
PLOSS, Austin, (Eminence,) farmer 56.
PLOSS, Henry E., (Eminence,) farmer 60.
PLOSS, Henry W., (Eminence,) 110.
PLOSS, Henry W., (Eminence,) farmer 60.
PORN, James K., (North Blenheim,) farmer 7.
RAYNOR, Calvin, (Jefferson,) farmer 56.
REED, Elliot D., (North Blenheim,) farmer 112 1/2.
REED, John H., (North Blenheim,) carpenter and farmer 64.
RICHMOND, Melvin, (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.
ROE, Avery, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases 150.
ROSEKRANS, Thomas H., (North Blenheim,) shoemaker and farmer leases of William SITZER, 250.
SHADDUCK, WM., H., (North Blenheim,) farm laborer.
SHAFER, Edmund, (North Blenheim,) carpenter.
SHAFER, George H., (North Blenheim,) sawmill and farmer 200.
SHAFER, Harrison, (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
SHAFER, Huldah, Mrs., (North Blenheim,) farmer 12.
SHAFER, Jacob L., (North Blenheim,) farmer 300.
SHAFER, Joseph, (North Blenheim,) farmer 170.
SHAFER, Lana A., Mrs., (North Blenheim,) farmer 1.
SHAFER, Wellington, (North Blenheim,) farmer 265.
SHAVER, Alexander, (North Blenheim,) speculator.
SHAVER, George W., (North Blenheim,) cooper and farmer 169.
SHAVER, Richard L., (North Blenheim,) farmer 98.
SHELMANDINE, Eli B., (North Blenheim,) farmer 112 1/2.
SHEW, Jacob, (North Blenheim,) farmer.
SHROH, Davalt, (North Blenheim,) farmer 112.
SHROH, Henry, (North Blenheim,) farmer 52 1/2.
SHROH, Valentine, (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
SIMMONS, Peleg, (North Blenheim,) farmer 67.
SNYDER, Peter, (North Blenheim,) groceries, leather etc.
SNYDER, William H., (North Blenheim,) farmer 306.
SOUER, George, (North Blenheim,) cabinet maker, undertaker and farmer 110.
SPRING, Edmund, (North Blenheim,) farmer 93.
SPRING, Olney J., (North Blenheim,) farmer 366.
STANNARD, Cleophas A., (North Blenheim,) sash and blind manuf., and carpenter.
STEVENS, Asa, (North Blenheim,) farmer leases from Wm. N. Granby, 175.
STEWART, Charles A., (Jefferson,) farmer 160.
STYLES, William, (North Blenheim,) farmer 50.
SWEET, Charles, (North Blenheim,) merchant tailor.
SWEET & HAGER, (North Blenheim,) (Silas Sweet and John Hager,) general merchants and dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, drugs, paints, oil & c.
SWEET, Silas, (North Blenheim,) (Sweet & Hager.)
TAYLOR, Wm. W. Rev., (North Blenheim,) M.E. clergyman.
THOMAS, Hiram, (North Blenheim,) farmer 135.
TURK, William, (Minekill Falls,) farmer leases 100.
VAN DEUSEN, Lorenzo, (Eminence,) farmer 50.
VELEY, Eliza A. Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 113.
VELEY, Robert, (Eminence,) farmer 57.
VORCE, Sol, (North Blenheim,) cooper.
VROMAN, John B., (Minekill Falls,) farmer 242.
VROMAN, Josiah H., M.D., (North Blenheim,) allo. Physician.
VROOMAN & BUCKINGHAM, (North Blenheim,) (Byron O. Vrooman and Garry Buckingham,) carriage and sleigh making.
VROOMAN, Byron O., (North Blenheim,) (Vrooman & Buckingham.)
WARNER, Hiram, (Eminence,) farmer 117.
WEAVER, Valentine, (North Blenheim,) farmer 72.
WEST, Frank, (North Blenheim,) miller.
WEST, James, (North Blenheim,) farmer 150.
WHITE, Daniel, (North Blenheim,) shoemaker and farmer 1.
WIDOMEN, David, (Eminence,) carpenter and blacksmith.
WIDOMEN, Edward, (Eminence,) carriage ironer
WIDOMEN, Mahlon, (Eminence,) wagon maker and carriage painter.
WILLIAMS, David, (North Blenheim,) cooper.
WILSON, Avery, (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.
WILSON, Steward, (North Blenheim,) farmer 94.
WINNE, Cornelius, (Eminence,) farmer 160.
WINNE, Francis, (North Blenheim,) farmer 213.
WINNE, John C., (North Blenheim,) farmer 213.
WINNE, Jonathan, (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
WINNEY, Stephen B., (North Blenheim,) farmer 200.
WOOD, John, (South Jefferson,) farmer 200.
WOOD, William, (Eminence,) justice of the peace, drover and farmer 83.
WOODS, David H., (Eminence,) farmer 45.
WOOLFORD, Martin L., (North Blenheim,) (Haverly Bros. & Co.)
YANSON, Garrett, (North Blenheim,) farmer 50.
YOUNGS, John M., (North Blenheim,) farmer 35.
ZEH, Nancy Mrs., (North Blenheim,) farmer 100.

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