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Peter I Young(s) Family Bible

Submitted by LeRoy Youngs

Attached is information from my GGG Grandfather, Peter I. Young(s) Bible. He and his family lived in Schoharie County until about 1820, when all or most of the family moved to Cortland Co. NY. If anyone has information about Peter's origins it would be greatly appreciated. Some of the children were baptised in the Dutch Reformed Churches in Middleburgh and Lawyersville. The "s" was added to "Young" at some point - was Young in baptismal records in Schoharie.

The Bible was printed and published be W.E. Norman in 1817.

A record of marriages

Petter I. Youngs and Catherine Brofs was married the 11 of March 1798.
Peter I. Youngs and Eva Wavle was married March 10,1845

A record of deaths

Jedediah Youngs died August the 11 1809 Aged 2 years, 3 mo, 10 day
Katharine Youngs died May the 27 1844. aged 69 years 2months 27
Sarah Pendleton died May the 22 1842. Aged 37..11..24 days
Abram Youngs died March the 12th 1885. Aged 84 years 3 mo 12 days
Jedediah Youngs died Jan the 2nd 1891 - Aged76 years 3 mos & 23 days

A record of births

Petter I. Youngs was born October the 18 day 1771
Catherine Brofs his wife was born March the 2 1775
My son Jacob Youngs was born December the 24th 1798
My son Abraham Youngs was born November the 31st 1800 ( other records show the 30th)
My daughter Carlana Youngs was born August the 3rd 1802
My daughter Sarah Youngs was born May the 29th 1804
My son Jedediah Youngs was born May the 1st 1807
My son John B Youngs was born July the 2nd 1809
My son Cornelius Youngs was born August the 31 1811
My son Jedidiah Youngs was born September the 9 1814
My daughter Sophia Youngs was born March the 27th 1817

Source: LeRoy Youngs

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