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Family Bible of Edward Thomas Clegg

Information from a Clegg family bible owned by Sandra Kaser, whose line goes via Edith A. Clegg (Scutt). The information seems to have been added over the years, as it is in different hands and different inks.  Sometimes it's hard to read, so I've had to guess on a few names (indicated with ?).

Transcribed by Owen Kaser, November 1999.


Edward Tho. Clegg, b 18 Jan 1826, Maidstone, Kent, England
Adelia T. Fish b 28 Mar 1834 in Groton, Conn.
Charles Edward Clegg b. 27 Mar 1854 in Groton, Conn.  
Edith A. Clegg b. 1 Oct 1855 in Groton, Conn. 
Joseph Clegg b. 28 Jul 1857 in Brooklyn, NY 
Mary T. Clegg b. 22 Aug 1859 in N. Blenheim, Schoharie, NY 
Edward Tho. Clegg b 5 May 1863 in N. Harpersfield, Delaware, NY 
Willard Henry Clegg b. 2 May 1865 in N. Harpersfield, NY 
Bessie(?) Myrtle Clegg b. 2 May 1868 in Harpersfield, NY 
Rutherford H. Clegg b. 12 July 1876 in Harpersfield, NY 
--apparently added later-:
  Nettie Clegg, b. 1862  N. Blenheim

Edward Th. Clegg m. Adelia Tem. Fish    2 July 1852
Edward Tho. Clegg m. Catherine van Buren(?)   16 June 1862

Adelia T. Clegg d 8 Mar 1862 in N. Blenheim
Charles Edward Clegg d 22 May 1866 in N. Harpersfield
(the next entries were recorded together, sometime
between 1910 and 1935)
Edward T. Clegg d 1910, Sailors Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY
Nettie Clegg Stewart(?) d. 1889 at North Hurley(?), NY.
Edith A. Scutt d. 9 Jun 1914 at Harpersfield, NY
Ford H. Clegg died at Kingston Hospital
Jamie(??) Clegg  d. 24 Aug 1913 at Jefferson, NY.
(the next entry is written in different ink)
Joseph D Clegg d. 27 Jan 1935 at Jefferson NY

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