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Family Bible of Joseph and Laura Johnson

This bible is located in the Pratt’s Museum in Greene County, Prattsville, N.Y. I have copied all writing from this bible. This family was born and lived in Jefferson, Schoharie Co. NY until 1841 and then moved to the Lexington, Greene Co. NY area. 

This book is the property of Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Johnson of Lexington, NY. Given to Ernest Barnum, from his uncle, Ahire Truesdell.

NOTE: This family moved to Westkill, Greene Co, NY. in 1841. Check the following site for more information on this family,

Richard Nesbitt, July 13, 2000


Joseph Johnson was born May the 1, 1809
Laura Rachel Johnson was born May the 29, 1811
Sindarilla was born March the 13, 1831
Daniel Nichols Johnson was born July the 30, 1832
Fanny Maria Johnson was born Sept the 24, 1834
James Spicer Johnson was born Sept 14, 1837
Brayton Allen Johnson was born Dec 3, 1939
Sally Ann Johnson was born Dec the 12, 1841
Mary Melissa Johnson was born Sept the 25, 1843
Laura Emeline was born Sept the 24, 1847
Jacob Alonzo Johnson was born July 6, 1849
Alice Ophelia Johnson was born Oct the 29, 1851


Daniel Johnson died March the 10, 1834  11 days old
Laura R. Johnson died April 20th, 1892  age 81 years 10 months 22 days
Brayton A. Johnson died Dec 31, 1894  age 55 years 28 days
Cindarilla Deyoe died Jan 5, 1899  aged 67 years 9 months 23 days


Josepj Johnson was married Dec 31, 1829
Emma Johnson was married Mar 25th, 1873
Alice Johnson was married Nov 17th, 1874
Brayton Johnson was married Mar 30th, 1876
Cindarilla Johnson was married March the 3, 1853
Mary Melisa Johnson was married September 8th, 1868
Lowell W. Johnson was married September 20th, 1868
Jacob Alonzo Johnson was married February 8th, 1870
Fannie M Johnson was married January 4th, 1870

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