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Submitted by Cynthia Miles Lewis

At an estate sale in Burnt Hills, NY, there were two pages of a family bible that were from Schoharie County. Rather than see this valuable information end up in the trash bin, I purchased them. The transcript for these pages as shown here, along with transcripts from 3 other bibles that I rescued a couple weeks earlier, will be given to the NYS Library in Albany, New York.

                                             Cynthia Miles Lewis, August, 1997

Transcript of William H. Hotaling Bible Pages

2 pages, torn from bible, 8 1/2"X11 1/2"

page 1

(graphic above) - William H. Hotaling and Emma H. Planck

pages 2 & 3

1st five names have information written across the two pages
note: scroll to read complete data


William H. Hotaling        Hensonville       Aug 11 1861    Dec 21 1881              [page 3] Aug 15 1931 6 A.M. funeral Tues 18 at house [at side] 915 Lakewood Ave Schenectady N.Y.

Emma H. Hotaling           Gilboa            May 13 186(1?)                          [page 3] June 2 1933 12:05 A.M. funeral

Evangelius L. Hotaling     Hensonville       Sept 7 1882                             [page 3] Dec 6 1940 funeral Dec 10 1940 at 2:00 P.M.

Walter J. Hotaling         Hensonville       July 11 1887                            [page 3] Tuesday Aug 9th 9:05 P.M. Funeral Friday Aug 12th 2 P.M. Home

Marshall Arnold Bradt                        March 12 1875                                     died Feb 25 1936 about 4 P.M. Funeral Friday 28 1936 at 915 Lakewood Ave, Schenectady, N.Y.

Marjorie Hotaling Bradt                      May 27 1919   154 Division St., Schenectady, N.Y.

Papa's Sister     Libbie Hotaling died Aug 2 1878 age 16 years

Papa's half sisters     Satie Hafe[rman] died March 3 1886 age 15 years
                        Etta Hafe[erman] Steele March 5 1888 age

Bottom of page 3

Peter Houghtaling   {My Grandfather Era}
Age 38 years
Enlisted at Ancram, January 12, 1864 Mustered
in as private, Co. M, January 12 1864
to serve 3 years; Wounded, date
not stated; died of disease April 2 1865
at Campbell Hospital Washington D.C.

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