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Submitted by Kathy Manning

     I've come into possession of an old family bible that has the above mentioned names in it. I have sent messages to people with trees on with the name Tunis Baxter in them to see if they're interested in receiving the bible. This bible was in a house in West Leyden, Lewis County, NY that was being torn down and was "rescued" by a friend of mine who didn't want to see it destroyed and thought maybe I would know how to get this to a family member who would treasure it.
     Some of the other names in the bible are: James Stanbro; Mrs. Patria; Lawrence H. Baxter; John M. Strobeck; George Stanbro; one of the inscriptions in the bible says, "This book belongs to Elizabeth G. Vrooman (maybe Sharon) 1850 (then) Stanbro; Clara Stanbro dau of George L Stanbro; there are many Baxter, Stanbro and Vrooman births and deaths listed; Marriage certificate for Charles Stanbro and Ella Parce and a note stating Ella F Parce Stanbro died 4 Nov 1883. There is more information in this bible.
     I've found reference to Sharon, NY in it as well as Maitland, Ontario. I'm looking for a good home for this bible as I, myself research genealogy and would love for someone to have kept this information for our family. If you know of anyone who may be interested in this bible, please have them contact me. I know how important this information is to someone.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kathy Manning

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This Book Belongs to Elizabeth G Vrooman

Handwritten vitals:

Martin Vrooman and Charlotte E Baxter was married Oct the 18 1849

Philip H Wales was married to Almira J Vrooman in the year of our Lord 1878 Feb the 27

Charles R Stanbro was married to Clara Vrooman in the year of our Lord 1884 Dec the 9th

George Lamont Stanbro was married to Wave Hinckley Ainsworth in the year of our Lord 1911 Dec 24

Charlotte E Baxter was born September the 30 1831

Martin Vrooman was born March the 17 1829

Margaret E Vrooman was born August the 25 1852

Almira Jane Vrooman was born May the 28 1854

Charlie Vrooman was born August the 29 1861

Clara Vrooman was born May the 12 1867

Lottie Mabel Wales was born June the 2nd 1881

George L Stanbro was born Sept the 26th 1889

Richard Linn Stanbro was taken

Hellen Ruth Stanbro was born May the 8 1892

Clara Jone Stanbro was born Dec 31st 1912

Norma Wave Stanbro was born March 20 1915

James Stanbro was born March 27 1917

Ida Alta Stanbro was born Sept 10 1919

George Ray Stanbro was born June 7 1922

John Henry Stanbro was born February 22 1923 died June 19 1925

Richard Lynn Stanbro was born September 21 1929

Margaret Baxter wife of Tunis Baxter died March 16th 1838

Tunis Baxter died May the 2nd 1889 age 97 years

Margaret Elizabeth Vrooman died April 24th 1853

Charlie Vrooman died May 11th 1869

Charlotte E Vrooman died December 10th 1898

Martin Vrooman died March 22 1907

Almira J Wales died July 22nd 1912

James Stanbro died March 27th 1917

Clara Jone Stanbro died Nov 18, 1921

John Henry Stanbro died June 19 1920

Wave Ainsworth Stanbro died Oct 11, 1929

Clara Vrooman Stanbro age 65 died April 7 Thursday 8 12 A.M. 1932

Dr James Stanbro died April 4 1879. age 52 years

Mrs Helen Stanbro wife of

Philip H Wales buried March 18th 1939

Mabel Wales Bush passed away

Ella F Parce Stanbro died November 4 1883
Blessed are the pure in heart for
They shall see God

John N Baxter Departed this life 10th of Feb 1844 Michigan Detroit

Mrs Charlotte E. Vrooman Sharon Schoharie NY

Clippings and Certificates in the Bible:

Fightened to Death
Tuesday forenoon Miss Jane Strobeck, in a carriage with relative, went to Cobleskill Fair. In going over the railroad crossing on South Grand street Miss Strobeck became frightened, and when she alightened, a little further down the street, she was in great distress. She was caughing and spitting blood. Miss Strobeck was assisted to the residence of A. M. Empie, where she almost immediately expired. Deceased was a daughter of John Strobeck late of Seward, deceased. She was a portly lady, weighing nearly 250 pounds. The attending physician announced that death resulted from ruptured blood vessel. The funeral services were solemnized yesterday at 9 a.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanbro Mourn Death of Son
The little four months old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Stanbro of Academy street died Friday evening after a brief illness. Besides his parents he is survived by two sisters, Alta and Norma, and a brother Roy.
The funeral was held Monday, Rev. A. Christensen speaking words of comfort to the bereaved family. There was a large number of beautiful floral tributes banked about the little white casket, among them a handsome piece from the Lewis County Condensed Milk Company. Four boys acted as bearers: Lowell Powers, Earl Parsons, Robert Rheinhuber, Rodger Jones.

PATRIA – Near Carlisle villafe, Aug 24th, Mrs. Patria at an advanced age.

STROBECK – At the rtesidence of John M. Strobeck, Seward, Aug. 6, 1890, of old age, Lana Ottman, relict of the late John Strobeck, aged 86 years.

L. H. Baxter
Lawrence H. Baxter, died at his home in the town of Sharon, Saturday of last week. Last Spring Deceased was carrying a pail of lye, when he fell and in consequence threw a portion of the liquid in his face. As a result, the sight of both eyes was destroyed. The eyes “ran out” and he suffered untold agonizing pains. He was a prosperous farmer, an upright citizen, a kind husband and an indulgent father. L. W. Baxter, Esq., of this village, is a son.
Deceased was 76 years of age, and he survived his wife eight years. The funeral services were solemnized Monday, Rev. Worden officiating, assisted by Rev. Phelps. Five children survive him.

In Loving Remembrance of Tunis Baxter
Died May 3 1889
Age, 97 Years

A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved isstilled;
A place in our home
Which never can be filled.

God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon His love had given,
And though the body moulders here,
The soul is safe in Heaven.

Beaver Meadow
April 8 1878

Dr. James Stanbro died suddenly at his residence, a short distance from this place, on the 4th inst. He leaves a wife, son and a host of friends to mourn his sad death. Mr. S. was a worthy member of Canasawacia Lodge, I. O. O. F. No. 205, Norwich.

This Certifies
That Mr Charles R Stanbro and Miss Ella F Parce were united in
Holy Matrimony
At North Pitcher on the Twelth day of March A.D. 1881 according to the Law of God, and of the State of New York
By me Samuel Miller
Minister of the Gospel

The funeral of the late Maria Lemon, wife of William Lemon, will take place on Monday the 4th inst., at 3 p.m. from the residence of John Dumbrille, to St. James’ Church cemetery.
Maitland, July 2nd, 1881

The funeral of the late Mrs. Dumbrille, relict of the late Richard Dumbrille, will take place on Wednesday, 21st June, at 3 o’clock p.m., from the residence of her Son-in-law, John Dumbrille, to St. James’ Church, Maitland.
Maitland, June 19th, 1882.

Clara Jone Stanbro
Clara Jone Stanbro, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George L. Stanbro, died at her father’s home on Midland street on Friday, November 18, aged eight years. She had been sick for about a month with a form of grip which was followed by a shock.
Funeral services were held at her home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. C. A. Winters officiating. Burial was made in Riverview cemetery.

Card of Thanks
We wish to extend our thanks to the empoyees of the W. R. C. Home, the Independent Hose Company, Baptist church, the friends and relatives for the beautiful flowers and all who assisted in any way during the time of the loss and bereavement of our dear daughter and granddaughter.
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Stanbro and family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stanbro and family

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