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Emmet Petchtle death notice

Emmet Petchtle Killed
September 4, 1916

    The residents of our village were startled at about 3 o’clock on Monday afternoon when it was announced that Emmet Petchtle had been killed on the railroad switch at the depot within a few feet of his coal elevator. A gondola car of coal had been unloaded, the elevator and the engine furnishing the power were running. It is supposed that Mr. Petchtle stepped out on the track to sweep some loose coal from the track into the elevator and while engaged in this operation, and because of the noise of the elevator, did not see the approaching switch train being backed up the switch and which ran him down. It is said that an eye witness saw him throw up his hand but the next instant the wheels passed over his body from shoulder to shoulder and cutting off both arms, also bruising him somewhat about the head.
     Mr. Petchtle was a son of the late James Petchtle and his wife, Eunice Porter. He was born in the town of Broome nearly 57 years ago. While still in his teens he moved to Middleburgh with his parents. He married Miss Ora Dexter, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Dexter, of this village, in 1881. For a time Mr. Petchtle was employed on the Erie Canal but in 1890 entered the coal, fertilizer and builders supplies business at the depot which he has continued to the present.
     Mr. Petchtle was interested in all civic affairs. He was one of the charter members of Steamer Company No. 1 and was an active member for many years. The fire bell never rang but what he responded, his team usually hauling the steamer to the fire. He was the faithful and efficient Village President from March, 1914, to March, 1916. He was a regular attendant and trustee of the M. E. Church of this village. He was a member of Middleburgh Lodge No. 663, F. & A. M., and La Bastile Lodge No. 494, I. O. O. F., also the Business Men’s Association of Middleburgh.
     The accident of Monday in which Mr. Petchtle lost his life was the third in which he had been a participant. He was severely injured at Schenectady in 1905, and about a year ago Mr. and Mrs. Petchtle narrowly escaped with their lives on the same switch where Mr. Petchtle was killed.
     Mr. Petchtle is survived by a wife, one sister, Mrs. Lucinda Hoteling, of this village, and one brother, Mr. Manley S. Petchtle, of Brooklyn. The funeral services will be under Masonic auspices at the M. E. Church Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, rev. A. D. Parker officiating. Interment in the family plot in the Middleburgh Cemetery.
     Mr. Petchtle was a genial, generous hearted individual. A man who served his friends without expectation of reward. He was a large contributor to every good cause. His demise is a distinct loss to the business life of our community.

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