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Empie Family Bible

Submitted by Barry Schinnerer, December 23, 2003
These were copied out of a bible that was in an auction house in Schoharie and sold.


Willard A Empie of Sharon NY married

Marie Louise Schrader of Saratoga NY

11/23/1881 in Saratoga NY


Abraham A Empie 1/30/1823 -

( born in New Rheinbeck Schoharie ) Father

Marie Borst 3/24/1828 Mother

Willard Empie 5/6/1858

Marie Louise Empie 6/20/1858

Adella D Empie 4/19/1884

Frances M Empie 7/14/1886

Olive W Empie 7/25/1892

Olga N Empie 8/6/1893


Abraham Empie died 2/9/1898

Marie Empie died 8/3/1885

Willard A Empie died 9/1/1937

Adella D Empie died 6/25/1908

Olive Empie died 7/25/1892

Olga Empie died 10/14/1918

Marie Louise Schrader Empie died 4/6/1920

Frances Empie Mereness died 11/17/1945


Marie Louise Empie 4/1/1882 by Mr Stover

Adella Empie 1/3/1885 by Mr Hemperly

Frances Empie 4/1/1887 by Mr Hemperly

Olga Empie 10/12/1896

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