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Edith Bell obituary

Edith Bell
March 1888

     The beauty of a spotless and pure life was never more grandly exemplified than in the case of Miss Edith Bell, whose funeral obsequies were conducted in the Christian Church at Huntersland, on Sunday last. In the morning of life, but 18 years of age, her "sun went down," but a glorious sunset it was. Bright, intelligent, pure, she had lived not for self, but her ambition went out in noble desire to bless and elevate those about her, and when her young life ebbed away, the halo of a Christian's death tinted the sombre clouds that hovered o'er the sorrowing ones, clearing the mists away, and whispering of the resurrection and life made possible in the suffering and death of that Redeemer whose precepts she had so faithfully followed from the days of her childhood.
     Fully developed in those qualities which command universal respect and love, her death is deeply mourned. She bore the marks of purity, truth, gentleness, tenderness and devotion to friends, and that sweetness of character coming from communion with a loving Saviour. Vice found no home in her heart, and her pastor said to the editor of this paper who attended her funeral, "Edith was a Christian jewel ; always seeking how to help along the church and her pastor ; never lowering the standard," no cards, no dance to help drag down the cause of Christ, and put the Master to open shame. The large audience were all mourners, and her death leaves a deep impression for good in that community.
     How desolate is the home to-day, consecrated by her many offices of filial affection and love. But how rich and beautiful is the legacy she has left to her beloved parents—a Christian young womanhood, untainted, and radiant with truth and integrity. She attained the highest success in life—a consecrated, Christian character, which alone, and only is immortal. To all the word is spoken, softer and more clearly, which proclaims immortality—
     "The clouds that gather 'round the setting sun
     Do take a sober coloring from an eye
     That hath kept watch o'er man's immortality :
     Another race is run, and other palms are won.

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