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Daniel Larkin Fethers obituary

submitted by Harriet Geywits

Daniel Larkin Fethers

(Not Dated - believe to be in 1892)

At the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fethers in the pretty village of East Springfield on Monday last, the death summons came very suddenly to Daniel Larkin Fethers, a guest at the home of his son at that time. Deceased who had passed the 82nd milestone, had retained his health and faculties to a remarkable degree, keeping abreast of the times with all the enthusiasm and interest of a man who was in the prime of life. Death was due, we are informed to the inevitable infirmities and weakness which must accompany old age.

Mr. Fethers was for many years one of the best and most popular hotel men in this section of New York State. He began his work in that line at Esperance, during the Civil War. After a time he went from there to Rockville, Town of Sharon, where he built the Fethers Hotel, using in its construction timbers from the old seminary building at Carlisle. There his genial nature and good business qualifications developed the perfect host, winning as patrons of the famous old hostelry, many of the nations celebrities, who returned to Sharon Springs year after year to enjoy the hospitalities of the old hotel which seemed always to gather its guests into the atmosphere of a great home. The destruction of the Fethers hotel by fire a few years ago, wiped out an ever interesting feature in the list of Sharon Springs' business and social centers. Mr. Fethers who was a prominent Republican, served his town as postmaster for three complete terms. No man in the county probably had a wider circle of acquaintances among whom were a great number of warm and sincere friends.

Deceased married Libbie Watson, who was the daughter of a well-known Cobleskillian, years ago. She was a sister of Dr. M. A. Watson who will be remembered by older readers and of Annie Watson who became the wife of one John Eldredge. Members of the Watson family at one time kept a general store on Main street, opposite the Holmes place.

Mr. Fethers was a prominent Mason, a life member of St. George Lodge f. & A.M. of Schenectady and one of its oldest members. He is survived by two children, Edward L. Fethers of East Springfield and Mrs. William Eigen of Sharon Springs.

Funeral services were held today from the home of his daughter in Sharon Springs.

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