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Dibble Family Bible

Submitted by Ann Palmer

Dibble Family Bible

The following is a transcription of pages torn from an unknown Bible. The dates range from 1845 to 1905. It is believed to have belonged to Rev. L. A. Dibble and he was probably the person who entered the information. Born in Summit, Schoharie Co., Rev. Dibble, served the Methodist Church for 45 years and ended by serving 5 years in Richmondville. By comparing ink and handwriting, all entries prior to 1875 are written by the same hand and pen. Thereafter, ink differences indicate that the entries were probably entered close to the actual time of the event. The pages are privately owned by John E. Palmer III, great-grandson of Rev. Dibble.

Submitted by Ann Palmer, December 2007

Births                                                      Births 
[side one]                                                  [side two]
George Dibble July 23. 1808                                 L A Dibble Summit Scho Co N.Y. Apr 27. 1845
Jane Haywood Apr 3. 1816                                    F A Carr Mentz Cayuga Co N.Y. Sep 13. 45
Susan Almira Dibble Aug 14. 1838                            Mabel C Dibble Aug 8. 1872
Electa Ann Dibble Nov 21. 1839                                   Jay Essex Co N.Y.
Hiram Becker Sept 4. 1835                                   Howard G. Dibble Oct 31. 1874
Thos Haywood Dibble Jun 27. 1841                                 Ellenburgh Clinton Co NY.
Milo Bissell Dibble July 9. 1843                            Evelyn J Dibble July 5. 1877
Emily Moore                                                      Saranac Clinton Co N. Y.
Lorenzo Alburtus Dibble Apr 27. 45                          Julia B. Dibble Aug 9. 1879
Frances Ann Carr Sept 13. 1845                                   Bristol Addison Co Vt
Chas W. Dibble Feb 18. 1848                                 Agnes Sophia Dibble Jan 5. 1881
A. Celia Havens May 16. 1838                                     Benson Rutland Co Vt
Norman S Dibble Apr 23. 1850                                Lawrence Lorenzo Jan 31. 1885
Seymour S. Dibble Aug 15. 1837                                   Shelberne Chittenden Co Vt
Sally A Dauley May 16. 1856                                 Margaret Esther Dibble July 10. 1890
Harriet Eliza Dibble May 8. 1854                                 West Troy, Albany Co., N.Y.
Amanda Dibble March 25. 1856
Emma Jane Dibble Apr 15. 1858
Baptisms                                                    Marriages
Mabel C Dibble By A Witherspoon DD                          George Dibble & Jane Haywood Oct 22.1837
     Jay Essex Co N.Y. March 9. 1873                        E A Dibble & H. Becker Jan 1. 1862
Howard G Dibble By Thos A Griffin PE                        L. A. Dibble & F A Carr March 27. 71
     Ellenburgh N. Y. June 20. 1875                         M. B. Dibble & Emily Moore 1872
Evelyn J Dibble By M B Mead PE                              S.S. Dibble & Sally A. Dauley Jan 1. 1874
     Bristol Vt May 19. 1878                                C. W. Dibble & Celia Havens Jan 20. 1875
Julia B Dibble By J J Noe P.E.                              Emma J Dibble & W L Havens Sep 26/78
     Benson Vt June 19. 1881                                Harriet E Dibble & W C Kirker Dec. 22. 1880
Agnes Sophia Dibble By J J Noe PE                           M.C. Dibble & J.W. Van Vrankin Dec. 26.
     Benson Vt June 14. 1881                                                    [year omitted on last entry]
Lawrence Lorenzo Dibble By J W Bennett PE
     Shelburne Vt Aug 9. 1885
Margaret Esther by Wm Griffin DD
     West Troy N. Y. Apr 10. 1892

Susan Almira Dibble Sept 12. 1842
Thos H Dibble Sept. 27. 1842
Norman S Dibble Aug 28. 1850
Amanda Dibble Aug 7. 1857
George Dibble Nov 1. 1875
Agnes Sophia Dibble Sept 3. 1881
Benson Vt (Cerebral Congestion)
Julia B. Dibble Sept 7. 1882
Benson Vt (Diptheria)
Chas W. Dibble July 31. 1891
Jane Haywood Dibble Feb. 14. 1905

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