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David Bassler obituary

contributed by Anne LaMont

Middleburgh News
September 21, 1893

     David Bassler, who was found dead in his bed Wednesday, Sep. 13th, was a native of this town having been born at Huntersland, N. Y., March 16, 1822. His parents, Henry and Mary Saddlemyer Bassler, moved from Knox, Albany county, N. Y., in the spring of 1820 and purchased the farm now owned by Sylvester Bassler. One daughter, the late Mrs. Benjamin Albro, was born before the young couple left Knox. David was the second child and during the succeeding seventeen years seven brothers and sisters followed. When he was about eighteen his father died, and being the oldest son, was required to go ahead with the work upon the farm. It was fortunate for the fatherless children that they had a mother with such remarkable traits of character. She was indeed a most remarkable woman - possessed of keen preception, excellent business qualities, and more than ordinary executive ability. She managed her business and her family in a way that was truly wonderful. She was possessed of a strong vigorous constitution and lived to be 89 years old, dying in July 1886.
     October 1847 David Bassler married Zorilda Augusta Tibbets, daughter of Harvey Tibbets. For about two years after marriage he was engaged in the mercantile trade with James D. Vroman as partner. Selling out his interest in the store, he purchased of Peter Delamater a farm, two miles northeast of the village of Huntersland, joining the Bassler homestead and for ten years labored industriously as a farmer. We next find him back in Huntersland once more engaged in trade having bought out his father-in-law, who in a small way had been carrying on the village store. At this time the store was in a room of the dwelling house now owned by Wm. B. Alverson. About 1860 he bought and improved the store property owned by Adam Snyder and son. Here he remained until 1867 when he sold out to Morgan Turner and moved to Middleburgh. At the time he was running the store, in addition he carried on farming, run a shoe shop employing from one to three workmen, and a flax mill, a saw mill, and some of the time run a wagon making and blacksmith shop.
     His first year in Middleburgh was occupied in fitting up and improving the home now owned by Peter Wormer. In the fall of 1869 he bought the store now occupied by W. E. Bassler & Co. Luther Vroman, now of Schoharie, was the occupant at that time. October 1st of that same year he bought out Mr. Vroman and with his son as clerk once more began the mercantile business. Two years later his son became a partner.
     In 1875, having become interested in the glove enterprise which had recently been started in our midst, and where, by the way, so many of out townsmen sank considerable money, he sold his interest in the store to John H. Cornell. Being of a business turn of mind he, however, found something to do. With buying and selling stone, farming and milling etc. his time was well employed. He served the village corporation twice as street commissioner and was twice elected collector of taxes. In addition to a son and two daughters, two brothers, Amaziah at Rensselaerville and Sylvester at Huntersland, and three sisters, Mrs. Amanda Macomber, Mrs. Eliza Ann Cook, of Huntersland, and Mrs. Lucy Smith at Rensselaerville, and a large circle of relations and friends were present at his burial which took place from the residence of Peter Wormer Friday, at eleven o'clock, Rev. C. W. Pitcher officiated, assisted by Rev. Chas. Edwards.
     Mr. Bassler was a man universally respected by old and young. He was naturally social and of a genial nature and had a pleasant word for all. Rich and poor alike were treated with gentlemanly courtesy. He held an open hand for all in want and distress. He was always in perfect health and his sudden death was a shock to the community. he will be missed, but most by his children who regarded him as the kindest and most sympathetic of fathers for whom they always had the deepest love.

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