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Catharine (Patrie) Phelps obituary
Nov. 6, 1808 - Jan. 25, 1907

submitted by Joe Landrin
surnames: Fanning, Phelps, Patrie

Catharine Phelps
January 25, 1907

Catharine Patrie, the subject of our sketch, was born in Conesville November 6, 1808. December 5th, 1832, she was united in marriage to Rolla Phelps, by whom she had ten children - five boys and five girls - two of them dying in infancy, the remaining eight grew to manhood and womanhood.

She died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Benjamin Fanning, on January 25, 1907, leaving four sons and one daughter to mourn her loss; her husband having died October 4, 1892.

As was remarked at her funeral she had lived to see all but four presidents elected and the telegraph, telephone and railroad put in operation. While yet a young girl she experienced religion in the church from which she was buried and which at that time stood near her residence, but did not until later in life become a member of the Reformed church. She was always found on the Sabbath in the church which she loved until the infirmities of age prevented her attendance. She lived the life of a true Christian, always having a kind kind word for everyone, and during her 98 years of life was never known to give anyone an unkind word.

Let us all try and emulate her example that we too may be sure of the reward of the Master. The immediate cause of her death was cerebral hemmorhage (appoplexy) which occurred on the 20th and terminated on the 25th.

Her father, Conradt Patrie, was one of the first settlers of Conesville. He bought a farm of the Indians and afterwards of the state. The farm was covered with pine timber and with his axe he made a clearing by day nights would sleep with his rifle to guard his family from any attack by the Indians. It was on the farm that Catharine Phelps was born, married and always lived, with the exception of the last four weeks of her life. This was the longest she had ever been away from home.

Although feeble in body her mind was good to the last and her memory was better than many persons much younger. She truly was a remarkable old lady, a kind and indulgent mother and a person without an enemy. May we all so shape our lives that when the Master shall say well done good and faithful servants, we may gain that Haven of rest where we will meet that good old mother.

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