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A Short History
Town of Conesville

by Beatrice Mattice,
Town Historian

Conesville is a lovely area in the southeast corner of Schoharie County, bordering Greene and Albany Counties, and was first settled in 1764 as Dies's Manor. The Township was formed in 1836 from the Town of Broome and the Town of Durham, Greene County. The hamlets of Conesville, Manorkill and West Conesville are within the town. This is one of the most rural areas in New York State - we have no post office, no school and no industries.

The town has one of the oldest buildings in the county, the Richtmyer Tavern built in 1789. The Susquehanna Turnpike, established in 1801, passed through here and was one of the major roads leading to the West.

The Town of Conesville has the highest elevations in the county. The county line between Schoharie and Greene follows the peaks of the high mountains where the Catskills begin, and our highest elevation is 3,450 feet. The Long Path North hiking trail follows along the ridges of these mountains, then to the Schoharie Reservoir and on north.

The 1990 population was 684 for the entire township which covers approximately 22,746 acres of land (according to Beers' Atlas of 1866). 100 years ago the population was double what it is now. The thin soil of the hill farms became unproductive and many families moved to Nebraska in the late 1800s. Nearly everyone made their living by dairy farming up until about 30 years ago; today we have only three working farms and the majority of people commute outside the area for work. Many families from the metropolitan areas are buying building lots from the subdivided old farms, and once again the hills of Conesville are dotted with small homes and the population is on the rise.

"They Walked These Hills Before Me" is the history of the Town of Conesville and available at the Stone Bridge Bookshop, located in my home; a specialized shop of  "books of our hills", vintage photographs, and genealogical research.

I have been Conesville Town Historian since 1972 and have research folders on 257 local family names. May I help you find some branches of your family tree? Come and visit Conesville - where trout abound in the streams, deer are plentiful in the hills, and children grow strong and tall.

Beatrice Mattice, Town Historian
RD1 Box 265
Gilboa, New York 12076

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