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Clayton Mattice obituary

Clayton Mattice
July 1927

Blenheim Cor.
     The early death of Clayton Mattice seemed to cast a gloom over the whole community. Just budding into manhood which, from what had preceded it, all expected would be a noble one, he is suddenly taken from our midst, following the father so recently departed. Even our young people who had planned to attend places of amusement, laid aside their plans in due respect to their loved comrade.
     May we from this sad lesson learn how short is life and that its termination may be unexpected.
     After the father's demise the sons took up his work with zeal and determination seldom equaled by those so young, and were successful.
     On the 12th, of last February Clayton passed his twentieth anniversary. How little he thought he would be called home ere reaching his majority!
     he leaves a widowed mother, two brothers, Milan and Luther and a sister Helen and many other relatives and friends who will ever remember him. A large number attended the last rites.

Clayton Mattice
July 10, 1927

From Blenheim Cor.
     Clayton Mattice, youngest son of Mrs. Laura Mattice of this town, died on Monday, June 27th, at the Albany Hospital after an operation for appendicitis. He was 20 years of age. The young man had been ailing for about a week previous to his death and Dr. Rifenburgh was called and upon examination he found the case a serious one and immediately conveyed the patient to Albany hospital with the result as above stated. Everything was done in the line of medical skill but peritonites had developed and the end came Monday, June 27th. Deceased was the youngest son of a family of five, the father, the late Floyd S. Mattice, having preceded him to the realm above only 19 months ago, and thus once again this home is overshadowed by a pall of sorrow and again this mother, sister and two brothers are bowed down with grief and their hearts are torn with anguish as they bravely endeavor to bear their heavy burden so suddenly thrust upon them. Clayton Mattice, always cheerful, smiling, loving in his daily intercourse with all associates, ever ready to lend a helping hand, always with a kind word, possessing a personality which endeared him to all acquaintances, has left this earthly home and many mourning loved ones and dear friends behind, but his career while on earth, although a short one, was a beautiful one for others to emulate who care for a place in that home on high; that house not built with hands "eternal in the heavens." Funeral services were held on Wednesday, June 29th, at the Blenheim M. E. Church, Rev. Max Truby officiating. He paid a forceful, beautiful and most fitting tribute to the sterling and noble character of our beloved Clayton Mattice, who through the instrumentality of a Divine Providence has left this world and now lives in that other world where spiritual environment reigns supreme. And now we will leave the departed in God's hands and with all sincerity and faith call down God's blessing upon this bereaved and stricken family and may peace reign within their hearts and teach them that God doeth all things well. Beautiful flowers and a large concourse of friends were most powerful tributes to the memory of this most sterling and exemplary young man. he was laid to rest in Riverview cemetery.

Loving Words For The Departed
July 7, 1927

     In the passing of Clayton Mattice at the Albany Hospital on June 27th an exemplary young man was taken from the community.
     His short life was spent here where everyone knew and loved him for his unselfish character and high principles.
     His sonny disposition and winning ways made him stand out here as an inspiration to others.
     He was faithful in all things, never wavering in his fidelity to his mother and other members of his family also in his high regard for right labor.
     To his family, his death coming so soon after that of his father Floyd S. Mattice is almost heart breaking, for to them he was all things. A faithful and loving son and brother.
     To his mother he was the ideal son, and to the brothers and sisters a brother ready to sacrifice even life for them.
     May his memory be an inspiration for higher things of life to those who remain.

                                                                Laura Z. Mattice and family
                                                            by Luther Zelie

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