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EXPLANATION (as in the original).

The Towns are alphabetically arranged at the end of the line, under the business classifications. The post office address of each individual or firm follows immediately after the name. Where no post office is given after the name, it signifies that the name of the post office and town is the same. The names of farmers are omitted from this list, as they can be readily found in the general list, by noting the figures at the end of the lines, which indicate the number of acres owned or leased.

EXPLANATION (MODIFIED FOR THE ON-LINE VERSION): Listings are alphabetically arranged by towns, under the business classifications. The post office address of each individual or firm follows immediately after the name. The post office name is followed by the town name. If only one location name is given, it signifies that the name of the post office and town is the same. The names of farmers are omitted from this list, as they can readily be found in the general list, by noting the figures at the end of the lines, which indicate the number of acres owned or leased by each.

Academies Etc.

DEAN COLLEGE, Rev. D. M. Smith, principal and proprietor, Warnerville,
SCHOHARIE ACADEMY, Oren C. Sikes, principal, Schoharie.
NEW YORK CONFERENCE SEMINARY AND COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE, Rev. Solomon Sias, principal, Charlotteville, Summit.

Agents, Claim.

STEVENS, Mark W., Sloansville, Esperance.

Agents, Express.

OSTERHOUT, John L., Cobleskill.
STANTON, John L., (A. M. U.,) Middleburgh.
HARROWAY, James, Richmondville.
BORST, Joseph, Schoharie.
JENKINS, D. W., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
VROMAN, Lucian, Schoharie.
HUTT, Wm., (D. & H. Canal Co.,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.

Agents, Insurance.

GRIFFIN, J. H., (life,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
WIGHTMAN, Elias A., Livingstonville, Broome.
YOUNG, Gideon, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
FRANCE, D. Dewitt, (fire,) Cobleskill.
STILSON, Lansing, Cobleskill.
TOWNSEND, John M., (fire, life and accidental,) Cobleskill.
KINGSLEY, Benoni A., Conesville.
THOMAS, A. Sindey, West Conesville, Conesville.
FREDENBURG, Chas., Gilboa.
SHALER, Geo. C., Gilboa.
WILCOX, M. S., Jefferson.
DANFORTH, Geo. L., Middleburgh.
BERTHWICK, C. F., Warnerville, Richmondville.
CLEVELAND, F. H., (general,) Richmondville.
LEWIS, J. D., (life,) Richmondville.
MANN, Peter S., (fire and life,) Warnerville, Richmondville.
KRUM, Wm. B., Schoharie.
DEFANDORF, Levi M., (Merchants Life,) Hyndsville, Seward.
HARPER, James W., (Home Fire,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.
BARTON, Wm. B., (life) Gallupville, Wright.

Agents, Patent.

THRALL, Wm., Carlisle.
TALBOT, John G., Sloansville, Esperance.
DONNELLEY, James E., Central Bridge, Schoharie.

Agents, Railroad.

DANA, Harley T., Cobleskill.
DANTE, Wm. E., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill.
STANTON, John L., Middleburgh.
DUNNING, J. A., Richmondville.
BORST, Joseph, (freight,) Schoharie.
JENKINS, D. W., (ticket,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
VROMAN, Lucian, (supt., freight and express, Schoharie Valley R. R.,) Schoharie.
JOHNSON, Henry E., Hyndsville, Seward.
ROWLEY, Hiram S., (Delaware & Hudson Canal Co.,) Seward.

Agents, Real Estate.

CONOVER, Joel, Cobleskill.
MALET, Isaac C., Sharon Springs, Sharon.

Agents, Sewing Machines.

CLARK, Cyrus, (Grover & Baker,) Gilboa.
BLODGETT, Hiram A., (Elias Howe,) Middleburgh.
ROSEKRANS, Albert G., (Singer,) Middleburgh.
LEWIS, J. D., Richmondville.
BRUCE, Elbert O., (Wheeler & Wilson,) Hyndsville, Seward.
DOWNS, Richard C., (Elias Howe,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.

Agricultural Implements.

KELSEY, Christopher P., (grain cradles,) Livingstonville, Broome.
VANDERWERKEN, Amos, (ploughs,) Carlisle.
BOUCK, Christian S., (grain cradles,) Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
EMPIRE AGRICULTURAL WORKS, Minard Harder, prop., Cobleskill.
GALE, J. & SONS, (horse and hand rakes,) Barnerville, Cobleskill.
NETHAWAY, Clinton, (agent for Meadow King Mower,) Cobleskill.
WOOLSON, Roswell, (ploughs,) Esperance.
WALDRON & SISSON, (platform churn powers,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
BUTTS, Norris, (grain cradles,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
CAMPBELL, Stephen K., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
ELDREDGE, Monroe, (Climax Plow,) Seward.
WALRAD, Robert G., (Buckeye Mowers and Reapers,) Seward.
WARNER, Harman, (plows and cultivators,) Seward.
WETHERWAX, Geo., (Buckeye Mowers and Reapers,) Lawyersville, Seward.


BEST, Geo., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
KRUM, Wm. B., Schoharie.

Ax Handle Manuf.

SOWLES, Orin, South Gilboa, Gilboa.

Bakers and Confectioners.

HECKEL, Paul, Cobleskill.
MANN, Chas. E., Richmondville.
MANN, Isaac, Richmondville.


First National Bank of Cobleskill, Cobleskill.
Schoharie County National Bank, Schoharie.


LEE, Wm. H., Cobleskill.
HELP, Ernest, Middleburgh.
WALDROF, M. B., Richmondville.
SCOTT, Darius B., Schoharie.
ANDERSON, Isaac L., Sharon Springs, Sharon.

Basket Maker.

MARSHALL, Anthony Mrs., Sharon Springs, Sharon.

Bee Hives.

WEST, Aaron, Broome Center, Gilboa.

Bent Felloes.

GALE, J. & SONS, Barnerville, Cobleskill.

Billiard Rooms. (See Saloons and Restaurants.)


DECKER, Geo. W., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
INGRAHAM, Erastus J., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
MARTIN, Wm. A., North Blenheim, Belnheim.
WIDOMEN, David, Eminence, Blenheim.
WIDOMEN, Edward, (carriage ironing,) Eminence, Blenheim.
BATES, Resolved, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome.
BOUCK, Hamilton, Livingstonville, Broome.
HAZELTON & LEONARD, Franklinton, Broome.
KLINE, John, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome.
RUSSELL, Timothy P., Franklinton, Broome.
SMITH, Benjamin, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome.
SORNBORGER, Alex, Franklinton, Broome.
SORNBORGER, Seymour, Franklinton, Broome.
STEWART, Wm. H., Livingstonville, Broome.
COPP, John, Argusville, Carlisle.
FERO, Isaac, Carlisle.
MC MASTER & O'CONNELL, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
MYERS, John W., Carlisle.
ROCKFELLER, Geo., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
WEAVER, Benj. F., Argusville, Carlisle.
WEAVER, Chas. H., Argusville, Carslisle.
ZELIE, David, Sharon, Carlisle.
BOORN, Gardner, Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
BROWN, David M., Cobleskill.
CARPENTER, Geo. H., (carriage ironer,) Cobleskill.
CORNELL, Michael, Lawyersville, Cobleskill.
HARRISON, Mathew, Barnerville, Cobleskill.
HARRISON, Wm. East Cobleskill, Cobleskill.
KROMER, Curtis, Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
PURCELL, Edmond, Cobleskill.
BROWN, Albert, West Conesville, Conesville.
CASE, Geo., Conesville.
COLE, Luman, Conesville.
CRANE, Erwin B., Manorkill, Conesville.
FULLER, Hezekiah, Manorkill, Conesville.
SCHEMERHORN, Peter S., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville.
SCOVILL, Elijah, Manorkill, Conesville.
SNYDER, Jeremiah J., Conesville.
BRUMLEY, Edwin R., Esperance.
DWELLEY, John H., Sloansville, Esperance.
DWELLEY, Oscar, Sloansville, Esperance.
PETRE, Albert, Central Bridge, Esperance.
SHERWOOD, Samuel, Esperance.
SINGERLAND, Chas. A., Sloansville, Esperance.
SLINGERLAND, S. S., Sloansville, Esperance.
VAN WIE, Geo. Esperance.
WRIGHT, Sylvester, Esperance.
BOUCK, Jeremiah, Breakabeen, Fulton.
BURGET, Chas. S., Fultonham, Fulton.
BURGET, Wm. B., Breakabeen, Fulton.
DEARSTINE, Andrew, Breakabeen, Fulton.
FEECK, Jacob J., Fultonham, Fulton.
FINEGAN, Michael, West Fulton, Fulton.
FOLAND, Martin L., Breakabeen, Fulton.
GETTER, David, Fultonham, Fulton.
KLING, Martin L., Breakabeen, Fulton.
SMITH, Abram, West Fulton, Fulton.
SMITH, Chas., West Fulton, Fulton.
TURK, Cooper, West Fulton, Fulton.
FACE, Wm. H., Broome Center, Gilboa.
GRANT, Wm., Gilboa.
MC HENCH, Williard, Broome Center, Gilboa.
ROE, Jenck P., Broome Center, Gilboa.
STRYKER, Chas. H., Gilboa.
VAN WIE, Henry, Broome Center, Gilboa.
VAN WIE, Lorenzo, Broome Center, Gilboa.
CORNELL, John W., Eminence, Jefferson.
GALLT, James, Jefferson.
PHINCLE, Levi G., Jefferson.
PROPER, Anson, Jefferson.
SCROM, Peter, Jefferson.
STANLEY, Wilber E., Jefferson.
STANLEY, Wm. R., Jefferson.
WARNER, Adin, Charlotteville, Jefferson.
BOUCK, Thos. W., Middleburgh.
BOYCE, James I., Middleburgh.
EFFNER, Thos., Middleburgh.
EFNER, Thompson, Middleburgh.
LAWYER, Andrew, Middleburgh.
SHUFELT, Edwin, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
SMITH, Hiram, Middleburgh.
SNYDER, Adam, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
SNYDER, Adam Jr., Huntersland, Middleburgh.
BIRCK, John C., Richmondville.
CLUTE, E. W., West Fulton, Richmondville.
HILSINGER, Wm., Richmondville.
HORNBECK, Nicholas I., Richmondville.
LEVALLEY, Francis C., Warnerville, Richmondville.
OCKEMPAW, Wm., Richmondville.
RUSSELL, Stephen, Richmondville.
SMITH, Asa B., West Richmondville, Richmondville.
CRAMER, George P., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
CRAMER, Harlow W., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
NOXON, Jacob M., Schoharie.
SPAULDING, Wm., Schoharie.
SPAULDING, Wm. Jr., Schoharie.
UNDERHILL, Benj., Howe's Cave, Schoharie.
WHITE, David C., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
WILBUR, T. J., Schoharie.
WOODCOCK, Geo. H., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
BROWNELL, James F., Hyndsville, Seward.
CALKINS, Henry, Seward.
CALKINS, Luther, Seward.
DAVENPORT, Levi W., Sharon, Seward.
HYNDS, James, Hyndsville, Seward.
KILTS, Calvin, Hyndsville, Seward.
MARCLEY, John C., Seward.
ROWLEY, Nelson G., Seward.
SMITH, Andrew, Seward.
COOK, Peter R., Ames, Montgomery Co., Sharon.
DE LANEY, Edward, Leesville, Sharon.
HARPER & SALISBURY, Sharon Springs, Sharon.
HOUGHTAILLING, Isaac, Sharon Center, Sharon.
KISSKER, Steven, Sharon Center, Sharon.
MIERS, Henry, Argusville, Sharon.
MONROE, John D., Sharon Springs, Sharon.
PARMELE, John L., Sharon Springs, Sharon.
PROCKTER, Luke, Seward, Sharon.
PURSALL, Thos., Sharon.
RELYEA, David H., Sharon.
VAN WIE, Geo., Sharon.
COOK, James D., Charlotteville, Summit.
DYKEMAN, Martin, Summit.
HARD, Harmon, Charlotteville, Summit.
SAWYER & RUDD, Summit.
COOK, David H., (carriage ironing,) Shutter's Corners, Wright.
GAIGE, Joel S., (carriage ironing,) Gallupville, Wright.
LASHER, Jeremiah, Gallupville, Wright.
PACKARD, Samuel S., Gallupville, Summit.
SNYDER, Peter L., Gallupville, Summit.
SPATEHOLTS, John W., (carriage ironing,) Gallupville, Summit.

Boarding Houses. (See Hotels and Boarding Houses.)

Books and Stationery. (See also News Rooms.)

BLODGETT, Hiram A., Middleburgh.

Boots and Shoes (See also General Merchants.)

MARTIN, Freegift P., (custom,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
ROSEKRANS, Thos. H., (custom,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
WHITE, Daniel, (custom,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
BREZEE, Chas., (custom,) Livingstonville, Broome.
CLEVELAND, John C., (custom,) Franklinton, Broome.
GRAHAM, Andrew, (custom,) Franklinton, Broome.
MATTICE, John H., (custom,) Livingstonville, Broome.
RICHTMYER, John W., (custom,) Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome.
THORINGTON, Jacob H., (custom,) Livingstonville, Broome.
BURHANS, Daniel, (custom,) Carlisle Center, Carlisle.
CLEMENS, Edwin, (custom,) Carlisle.
COLLINS, Gilbert, (custom,) Carlisle.
KARKER, Solomon, (custom,) Lawyersville, Carlisle.
MYERS, Tobias, (custom,) Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
SEVERSON, Geo. H., (custom,) Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
SLINGERLAND, Thompkins, (custom,) Carlisle.
SPORE, James H., (custom,) Carlisle.
SWARTHOUT, James, (custom,) Argusville, Carlisle
BITTNER, Leo, (custom,) Cobleskill.
BRANDENSTEIN, Christopher, (custom,) Cobleskill.
BROWN, Peter W., (custom,) Barnerville, Cobleskill.
DIEFENDORF, Jacob H., Cobleskill.
DIEFENDORF, Judson, Cobleskill.
KING, John, (custom,) Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
MARTIN, Frederick, (custom,) Lawyersville, Cobleskill.
THATCHER, Sanford J., Cobleskill.
WILLSEY, Isaac L., (custom,) E. Cobleskill, Cobleskill.
BROWN, Wellington, (custom,) Manorkill, Conesville.
LAMPHERE, John, (custom,) Conesville.
RICHMOND, Almeron M., (custom,) West Conesville, Conesville.
RICHMOND, Stephen B., West Conesville, Conesville.
VOSBURGH, John H., West Conesville, Conesville.
CLARK, Walter A., (custom,) Sloansville, Esperance.
CLARK, Wm., (custom,) Sloansville, Esperance.
HEAD, Elnathan, (custom,) Esperance.
OLLINGER, John, (custom,) Esperance.
BARNARD, Daniel, (custom,) Middleburgh, Fulton.
BEST, Chas. S., (custom,) Fultonham, Fulton.
BEST, Wm., (custom,) Fultonham, Fulton.
BICE, Ezra D., (custom,) Fultonham, Fulton.
DUDLEY, Addison, (custom,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
DUDLEY, Daniel L., (custom,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
HAGER, Daniel J., (custom,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
HANES, Peter, (custom,) Fultonham, Fulton.
INGRAHAM, Eli, (custom,) West Fulton, Fulton.
INGRAM, Russel, (custom,) West Fulton, Fulton.
MOREY, Stephen A., (custom,) West Fulton, Fulton.
PRESTON, Isaac, (custom,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
REESE, John, (custom,) West Fulton, Fulton.
VAN VORIS, Geo., (custom,) West Fulton, Fulton.
WENTWORTH, Erastus, (custom,) Mineral Springs, Fulton.
WENTWORTH, Sherman, (custom,) Fultonham, Fulton.
BUCKBEE, John W., (custom,) Gilboa.
MORRISON, James K., (custom,) South Jefferson, Gilboa.
SPENCER, Marcus D., Gilboa.
WHITE, Wm. H., Broome Center, Gilboa.
DIBBLE, Riley, (custom,) Jefferson.
DYKEMAN, Michael, (custom,) Jefferson.
HUBBARD, James H., (custom,) Jefferson.
REYNOLDS, Benj., (custom,) Jefferson.
SHELMADINE, Isaac & Son, (custom,) Jefferson.
VAN BEUREN, Geo. H., (custom,) Charlotteville, Jefferson.
WAGONER, Levi, (custom,) Jefferson.
WILTSIE, Geo., (custom,) Summit, Jefferson.
BLODGETT, John C., (custom,) Middleburgh.
CRIPPEN, Orville, (custom,) Huntersland, Middleburgh.
HALL, James R., (custom,) Huntersland, Middleburgh.
HESS & LEROY, Middleburgh.
MARCELUS, H. M., Middleburgh.
RIVENBURGH, John, (custom,) Middleburgh.
TURNER, Morgan, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
WHITE, Chas. A., Middleburgh.
BARKMAN, Andrew, (custom,) Cobleskill, Richmondville.
BRIGGS, Richard, (custom,) Cobleskill, Richmondville.
KYSER, Jacob, Warnerville, Richmondville.
OTTMAN, David, (custom,) Warnerville, Richmondville.
ROCKFELLER, Geo., (custom,) West Richmondville, Richmondville.
SMITH, J. C. & CO., Richmondville.
BADGLEY, Geo. B., Schoharie.
BASSLER, Herman, (custom,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
HESS, Albenes, (custom,) Schoharie.
KNISKERN, Chas., (custom,) Schoharie.
KROMER, Lambert, (custom,) Schoharie.
MARSH, Jacob, Schoharie.
NETHAWAY, Harvey, (custom,) Schoharie.
ROARICK, Abram, (custom,) Schoharie.
ROARICK, David D., (custom,) Schoharie.
STANDHARDT, F. A., (Custom,) Howe's Cave, Schoharie.
WEAVER, Christian C., (custom,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
YOUNG, Moses, (custom,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
CHASE, Harvey H., Seward.
CHASE, Menzo W., (custom,) Seward.
HOFFMAN, Nicholas, (custom,) Seward.
LETTS, Orlando, (custom,) Richmondville, Seward.
MOAK, David A., (custom,) Hyndsville, Seward.
RINDFIELD, Augustus, (custom,) Hyndsville, Seward.
SMITH, Abram, (custom,) Hyndsville, Seward.
SOMMER, Jacob A., (custom,) Sharon, Seward.
SOUTHWORTH, Nathaniel, (custom,) Hyndsville, Seward.
ANGLE, Peter J., (custom,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.
GRAY, George, (custom,) Sharon Center, Sharon.
HANSON, Peter, (custom,) Argusville, Sharon.
HOFFMAN, Jacob H., (custom,) Sharon.
PARIS, Christian, (custom,) Argusville, Sharon.
PARIS, Geo., (custom,) Argusville, Sharon.
SAMSON, H., (custom,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.
STICHT, Martin, Sharon Springs, Sharon.
VAN VORT, Adams, (custom,) Sharon.
WORMUTH, Joseph, (custom,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.
COOK, George D., (custom,) Charlotteville, Summit.
SPAULDING, Sidney C., (custom,) Summit.
WHARTON, James K., (custom,) Summit.
BARTON, Wm. B., (custom,) Gallupville, Wright.
DECKER, John, Gallupville, Wright.
KEYSER, Christian, (custom,) Shutter's Corners.
MERRYHEW, Altamont, Gallupville, Wright.
SNYDER, Jacob M., Gallupville, Wright.

Brass Founders. (See Iron and Brass Founders and Machinists.)


LOSY, John, Hyndsville, Seward.

Brick Manufacturers.


Broom Handles.

GALE, J & SONS, Barnerville, Cobleskill.

Broom Makers.

STIENMITS, Aaron, Central Bridge, Esperance.
HAYNES, Peter S., Middleburgh, Fulton.
MATTICE, Henry W., Middleburgh, Fulton.
HAYS, David, Middleburgh.
KINNEY, John, Middleburgh.
MATTICE, Joseph, Middleburgh.
DIETZ, Wm. L., Schoharie.

Builders. (See Carpenters and Builders, Masons and Builders.)

Butchers. (See Meat Markets and Butchers.)

Carding Mills.

RILEY, Azariah B., Barnerville, Cobleskill.
BREWSTER, Allen, Gallupville, Wright.

Carpenters and Builders. (See also Masons and Builders.)

BUCKINGHAM, Geo. E., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
LLOYD, Wm. H., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
LOYD, John B., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
MOREHOUSE, Lorenzo, North Blenheim, Blenheim.
REED, John H., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
SHAFER, Edmund, North Blenheim, Blenheim.
STANNARD, Cleophas A., North Blenheim, Blenheim.
WIDOMEN, David, Eminence, Blenheim.
HUSE, Josiah M., Livingstonville, Broome.
RICHMAN, Joseph H., Broome Center, Broome.
RICHMOND, Joseph H., Livingstonville, Broome.
RUSSELL, Ira, Franklinton, Broome.
THORNE, Samuel, Livingstonville, Broome.
WIGHTMAN, ELIAS A., Livingstonville, Broome.
WOOD, Hamilton, Livingstonville, Broome.
WRIGHT, Hiram H., Livingstonville, Broome.
BENSON, Milton, Carlisle.
BLANCHER, Wm., Carlisle.
BORST, John, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
BRADLEY, John F., Carlisle.
DRISTLE, John H., Lawyersville, Carlisle.
FOLIC, Joseph, Carlisle.
FOWK, Philip, Carlisle Center, Carlisle.
HOYT, Alvin, Carlisle.
HUESTED, J. T., Argusville, Carlisle.
LORD, James M., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
LORD, John L., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
MICKEL, Adam H., Carlisle.
OTTMAN, Jacob A., Argusville, Carlisle.
RELYEA, Peter D., Sloansville, Carlisle.
RELYEA, Richard, Sloansville, Carlisle.
SANFORD, Geo. P., Carlisle Center, Carlisle.
SMITH, John H., Argusville, Carlisle.
SNYDER, Benj. Y., Carlisle Center, Carlisle.
SNYDER, John W., Carlisle.
TEEPLE, Edward, Sloansville, Carlisle.
YOUNG, Andrew J., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
YOUNG, Bostwick K., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
YOUNG, G. S., Sloansville, Carlisle.
YOUNG, Nelson S., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
YOUNG, Robert W., Lawyersville, Carlisle.
BLAIR, Robert S., Cobleskill.
BURCHARD, Almanza, Cobleskill.
DOW, Daniel J., Lawyersville, Cobleskill.
GLAZIER, David, Lawyersville, Cobleskill.
HILLER, Walter C., Cobleskill.
KING, Hiram, Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
LETTS, John, Cobleskill.
MOORE, Chas. M., Cobleskill.
MOORE, David, Cobleskill.
RICKARD, Geo., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill.
RICKARD, Ira, Howe's Cave, Cobleskill.
STILES, Lawrence, Grovenor's Corners, Cobleskill.
TATOR, Peter J., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
VAN VALKENBURGH, John, Cobleskill.
WOLFORD, Dow, Branerville, Cobleskill.
YOUNG, David D., Barnerville, Cobleskill.
BARTHOLOMEW, Loren W., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville.
BARTHOLOMEW, Solomon J., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville.
BASSETT, Daniel, West Conesville, Conesville.
BLOODGOOD, Geo. H., Conesville.
BRAINARD, Zechariah, Manorkill, Conesville.
CORNELL, John T., West Conesville, Conesville.
GOODFELLOW, Isaac B., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville.
HITCHCOCK, Stephen J., Conesville.
HOWARD, James, Manorkill, Conesville.
HUBBARD, Orin, Manorkill, Conesville.
HULBURT, Reuben A., Manorkill, Conesville.
MORSE, John A., West Conesville, Conesville.
PARKS, Amazon, Conesville.
PHELPS, Orson, Manorkill, Conesville.
PHELPS, Rolla, Conesville.
PHELPS, Wallace, Manorkill, Conesville.
SHOEMAKER, Abram, Conesville.
SHOEMAKER, Wideman F., Conesville.
YOUNG, Nathan M., Manorkill, Conesville.
ALBRIGHT, Wilson, Sloansville, Esperance.
BROWN, Henry, Central Bridge, Esperance.
CLEVELAND, G., Esperance.
COONS, Wm. J., Central Bridge, Esperance.
DAVENPORT, J. A., Sloansville, Esperance.
FULLER, T. E., Sloansville, Esperance.
GORDON, Peter C., Sloansville, Esperance.
HOGAN, Isaac, Jr., Central Bridge, Esperance.
JONES, Hiram, Esperance.
LOWNSBERRY, Chas., Sloansville, Esperance.
MAN, Jacob N., Central Bridge, Esperance.
REED, James H., Esperance.
ROCKWELL, Wm. A., Esperance.
SCOTT, Isaac V., Sloansville, Esperance.
VUNK, Daniel, Sloansville, Esperance.
WAGER, P. B., Central Bridge, Esperance.
WERELEY, Wesley, Sloansville, Esperance.
ABRAM, Wm. N., West Fulton, Fulton.
BECKER, Dennis, Breakabeen, Fulton.
BURGET, Peter, Fultonham, Fulton.
COLLINS, Jacob, Franklinton, Fulton.
COOK, Truman L., Eminence, Fulton.
CORNELL, John W. Eminence, Fulton.
DENEY, Horace, Eminence, Fulton.
FOLAND, Jonas, Breakabeen, Fulton.
FOLAND, Martin L., Breakabeen, Fulton.
HAM, Alonzo, Breakabeen, Fulton.
HANES, Chas. H., Fultonham, Fulton.
HANES, Jacob H., Fultonham, Fulton.
HILLSINGER, Abram, West Fulton, Fulton.
HOLMES, Mansfield, Fultonham, Fulton.
KING, Abram J., West Fulton, Fulton.
RONEY, Geo. W., Fultonham, Fulton.
SHAFER, Sylvester, Mineral Springs, Fulton.
SMITH, Ezra, Mineral Springs, Fulton.
SPURBECK, David, Fultonham, Fulton.
VAN VORRIS, J. Platt, Fultonham, Fulton.
VROMAN, David J., Middleburgh, Fulton.
WAGONER, Henry, West Fulton, Fulton.
WAYMAN, Geo., West Fulton, Fulton.
WELDMAN, Ralph, Fultonham, Fulton.
BAKER, Alvin L., Gilboa.
BAKER, Isaac, Gilboa.
BECKER, Winfield H., South Gilboa, Gilboa.
BETTS, Hiram P., Gilboa.
CONROW, Robert W., South Gilboa, Gilboa.
COONLEY, Daniel H., Broome Center, Gilboa.
DECKER, David, Broome Center, Gilboa.
DECKER, Jacob, South Jefferson, Gilboa.
FOLNSBEE, Thaddeus, South Gilboa, Gilboa.
GARRETT, Michael T., Gilboa.
GRIFFIN, Horace A., Gilboa.
HITCHCOCK, Darius, Gilboa.
HOAGLAND, James, Gilboa.
HINGSLEY, Chancellor S., Gilboa.
LAWRENCE, Horace D., Stamford, Delaware Co., Gilboa.
LAWRENCE, John W., Stamford, Delaware Co., Gilboa.
MAHAM, Loranzo, South Gilboa, Gilboa.
PALMER, Gilbert, Gilboa.
ROBINSON, Chas. H., Gilboa.
SAFFORD, Moses, Broome Center, Gilboa.
SHAFER, Peter, Broome Center, Gilboa.
SMITH, Job, Broome Center, Gilboa.
VROMAN, Cornelius S., South Jefferson, Gilboa.
WEST, Aaron, Broome Center, Gilboa.
BOGARDUS, Peter H., Jefferson.
DYKEMAN, Peter, Jefferson.
EVENS, Adin j., Charlotteville, Jefferson.
LINES, Marcus, Jefferson.
ROBINSON, Wm. J., South Jefferson, Jefferson.
THOMAS, Daniel R., Jefferson.
TRUAX, Edward, Charlotteville, Jefferson.
WILDER, Austin J., Jefferson.
YOUNG, Edward, Jefferson.
ALGER, Jacob, Middleburgh.
BOUCK, Alex., Middleburgh.
BREWER, Richard, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
CROSBY, Hiram, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
DEXTER, Hedstrom, Middleburgh.
HALLENBECK, Samuel W., Middleburgh.
KENNEDY, Wm., Middleburgh.
POSSON, Lewis W., Huntersland, Middleburgh.
RICKARD, James, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
RICKART, John W., Huntersland, Middleburgh.
ROCKEFELLER, Geo., Middleburgh.
SHELDON, Carr, Middleburgh.
VROMAN, Abram L., Middleburgh.
WELDMAN, Joseph, Middleburgh.
WEST, Jeremiah, Middleburgh.
WOOD, Allen, Middleburgh.
ALEMORE, Amos, Richmondville.
ALLEN, Chester, Warnerville, Richmondville.
ATKINS, J. E., Richmondville.
BURCHARD, Lorenzo D., Warnerville, Richmondville.
CHASE, Edward A., Richmondville.
CHASE, Jacob M., Richmondville.
CHASE, Steward S., Richmondville.
DECKER, James S., Richmondville.
GLAZIER, Abram M., Richmondville.
GREEN, Zacheus, West Richmondville, Richmondville.
GROOSBECK, J. H., Warnerville, Richmondville.
HOGARBOME, R. A., Richmondville.
HUGHES, Elisha, Richmondville.
HYNDS, Sandford, Richmondville.
MANN, Marcus, Richmondville.
PERRY, Henry N., Richmondville.
SHAFER, Jerome, Warnerville, Richmondville.
SHAFER, John R., Warnerville, Richmondville.
SNYDER, Wm., Warnerville, Richmondville.
THAYER, Geo., Richmondville.
WALDORF, Reuben N., Warnerville, Richmondville.
WALDORF, Robert G., Richmondville.
WELLER, Adam, Richmondville.
ZEH, David, Richmondville.
BOWLES, Wm., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
ECKERSON, Henry, Schoharie.
HERREN, Chas., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
HOGEN, Patt., Central Bridge, Schoharie.
HUNT, Mansfield, Central Bridge, Schoharie.
KINNEY, R., Schoharie.
LAMORAU, Chas., Schoharie.
MCDONALD, Elon, Central Bridge, Schoharie.
WOOLFORD, Henry H., East Cobleskill, Schoharie.
WOOLFORD, Jacob W., Schoharie.
BELLINGER, Isaac, Hyndsville, Seward.
BELLINGER, Jehiel, Hyndsville, Seward.
BELLINGER, Jeremiah, Sharon, Seward.
BELLINGER, John M., Sharon, Seward.
BROWN, John, Hyndsville, Seward.
CROCKER, Philander T., Hyndsville, Seward.
CROMMIE, Norman, Seward.
DAVENPORT, Jacob, Sharon, Seward.
DEVENPECK, Alonzo, Seward.
FREDERICK, Cyrus M., Sharon, Seward.
HINES, Alonzo R., Hyndsville, Seward.
HUNGERFORD, Daniel H., Sharon, Seward.
HYNDS, Albert, Hyndsville, Seward.
HYNDS, Joseph M., Hyndsville, Seward.
KILTS, Peter, Sharon, Seward.
KNEESKERN, Wm. H., Seward.
KROMER, Wm. H., Sharon, Seward.
LETTS, Martin, Seward.
MARKLE, Geo. M., Seward.
MERRENESS, Uriah, Seward.
MORGAN, Harvey, Hyndsville, Seward.
POGUE, Robert, Seward.
ROWLEY, Edwin, Seward.
SOMMERS, Jacob A., Sharon, Seward.
STEVENS, Daniel D., Hyndsville, Seward.
STEVER, David, West Richmondville, Seward.
STRAIL, Isaac A., Seward.
VANSYKE, Sylvanus G., Seward.
WELLER, Robert, Hyndsville, Seward.
WRIGHT, D. L., Hyndsville, Seward.
CHRISTMAN, Jacob, Argusville, Sharon.
DARROW, Russell, Sharon.
DEVENPORT, Cyrus, Sharon.
HANER, Abram, Leesville, Sharon.
HOFFMAN, Lawrence, Sharon Springs, Sharon.
LEAKE, John W., Sharon Center, Sharon.
LIVINGSTON, John, Sharon Center, Sharon.
MARENESS, James, Sharon Center, Sharon.
MERENESS, Steven J., Sharon Center, Sharon.
MILLER, Peter, Sharon Springs, Sharon.
MOAK, John, H., Sharon Springs, Sharon.
ROBINSON, Wm., Sharon Center, Sharon.
SHAFER, John, Sharon Springs, Sharon.
TEHERS, John, Argusville, Sharon.
WHITBECK, Jacob, Jr., Sharon Springs, Sharon.
WILSON, Nelson, Sharon Center, Sharon.
ALBERT, John, Charlotteville, Summit.
BOUGHTON, Wm. T., Summit.
CROPSER, Henry, Summit.
HERRON, Henry, Summit.
HICKS, Henry, Summit.
JOHNSON, Alfred W., Charlotteville, Summit.
RIFENBARK, Hiram, Summit.
TRUAX, Sylvester, Charlotteville, Summit.
BOLLES, Ada, Gallupville, Wright.
BRADLEY, Elias B., Central Bridge, Wright.
DEUEL, Morgan L., Gallupville, Wright.
FELLERS, Andrew, Gallupville, Wright.
MCDONALD, Benj., Gallupville, Wright.
MILLER, Jacob H., Shutter's Corners, Wright.
REINHART, Anthony, Gallupville, Wright.
WOLFORD, Elisha, Gallupville, Wright.

Carpet Weaver.

JONES, Emeline Mrs., Fultonham, Fulton.

Carriage, Wagon and Sleigh Manufacturers.

ELLERSON, Lewis, (wagons,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
HUBERT, Moses, (wagons,) North Blenheim, Blenheim.
VROOMAN & BUCKINGHAM, North Blenheim, Blenheim.
WIDOMEN, Mahlon, (wagons,) Eminence, Blenheim.
BRUZEE, Rensselaer, (wagons,) Franklinton, Broome.
DENISON, Edward, Livingstonville, Broome.
RUSSELL, Philip, (wagons,) Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome.
ROWE, John H., Carlisle.
SNYDER, Geo. H., Carlisle Center, Carlisle.
SWEATMAN, Daniel C., Argusville, Carlisle.
BOUCK, Christian S., (wagons,) Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
FEECK, John, Cobl;eskill.
FEECK & SON, Cobleskill.
FERO, David I., East Cobleskill, Cobleskill.
GIBBS, Anson B., (wagons,) Mineral Springs, Cobleskill.
KENNEDY & JUMP, Cobleskill.
PEESO, Francis, (wagons,) Cobleskill.
RIGHTMYER, Philip, (wagons,) Cobleskill.
CASE, Geo., Conesville.
CRANE, Erwin B., (wagons,) Manorkill, Conesville.
HUBBARD, Dana, (wagons,) Conesville.
PHELPS, Wallace, (wagons,) Manorkill, Conesville.
SNYDER, Jeremiah J., (wagons,) Conesville.
BRADLEY, Elias, Central Bridge, Esperance.
DWELLY, Edwin, Sloansville, Esperance.
DWELLY, John H., Sloansville, Esperance.
PHELPS, Lemuel, Central Bridge, Esperance.
QUACKENBUSH, John, Esperance.
QUICK, Dewit C., Sloansville, Esperance.
SIMPKINS, A. B., (wagons and sleighs,) Esperance.
CORNELL, John W., (wagons,) Eminence, Fulton.
HUSSONG, Leopold, Breakabeen, Fulton.
PHANEUFF, Frank, West Fulton, Fulton.
RONEY, Geo. W., (wagons,) Fultonham, Fulton.
RONEY, John M., (wagons,) Fultonham, Fulton.
SHUFELT, Geo. H., Breakabeen, Fulton.
TRAVIS, Gilbert, Breakabeen, Fulton.
TURK, Cooper, (wagons,) West Fulton, Fulton.
VAUGHN, Isaac, (wagons,) Breakabeen, Fulton.
WAYMAN, Geo., (wagons and sleighs,) West Fulton, Fulton.
WEIDMAN, Ralph, (wagons,) Fultonham, Fulton.
ELLIS, James P., Gilboa.
TIBBITS, James M., (wagons,) Broome Center, Gilboa.
CORNELL, John W., (wagons,) Eminence, Jefferson.
DISBROW, Beardsley B., (wagons,) North Harpersfield, Delaware Co., Jefferson.
MANN & Co., (wagons and sleighs,) Jefferson.
DICKINSON, Jacob, Huntersland, Middleburgh.
SHELDON, Chas., (wagons,) Middleburgh.
SMITH, Amos M., Middleburgh.
CRANS, Henry, (wagons,) Warnerville, Richmondville.
MASTERS, Henry, (wagons,) Richmondville.
PALMATIER, Silas, Richmondville.
CLEMONS, H. H., (wagons and sleighs,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
RICKARD, Elias A., (wagons,) Schoharie.
WOODCOCK, Geo. H., (wagons,) Central Bridge, Schoharie.
BELLINGER, Henry, (wagons and sleighs,) Hyndsville, Seward.
BROWN, Peter M., (wagons and sleighs,) Hyndsville, Seward.
CALKINS, Henry B., (wagons and sleighs,) Hyndsville, Seward.
CALKINS, James Q., (wagons and sleighs,) Hyndsville, Seward.
HARDY, Moses F., (wagons and sleighs,) Seward.
FRAATS, Peter R., (wagons,) Seward, Sharon.
HURST, John, (wagons,) Leesville, Sharon.
JACKSON, George, (wagons,) Sharon Springs, Sharon.
WACHSLER, Mathias, (wagons,) Argusville, Sharon.
DINGMAN, Walter, (wagons,) Summit
JUMP, A. P., Summit.
SMITH, Henry, (wagons,) Charlotteville, Summit.
BRADLEY, Elias B., (wagons,) Central Bridge, Wright.
DOMINIC, John J., Gallupville, Wright.

Carriage Trimmers.

BORST, James N., Cobleskill.
BORST, Silas W., Cobleskill.
FRISBIE, David K., Gilboa.
BORST, Geo. E., Middleburgh.
MUNN, J. L., Richmondville.
HARRISON, John H., Central Bridge, Wright.
WOOD, Edwin D., Gallupville, Wright.

Cattle and Horse Dealers.

WOOD, Wm., Eminence, Blenheim.
SWEET, Ezra, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle.
VANDRESSER, I. W. & H., Cobleskill.
KINGSLEY, Benoni A., Conesville.
SCOVILL, Clinton, Manorkill, Conesville.
THORP, Douglass B., Manorkill, Conesville.
VANDYKE, Geo., Conesville.
MANN, Josiah, (horses,) Fultonham, Fulton.
MYERS, Wm., Summit, Fulton.
SCHEAFFER, Hendrick, Middleburgh, Fulton.
STRYKER, Oliver, Gilboa.
BAIRD, Elam C., Jefferson.
BURNET, Geo. H., Jefferson.
SMITH, Wm., Richmondville.
SEXTON, Chester, Hyndsville, Seward.
STROBECK, Hiram, Lawyersville, Seward.
TICE, Levi, Seward.
GRANTEAR, Gilbert R., Sharon Center, Sharon.
HUGHTAILING, Jacob, (horses,) Argusville, Sharon.

Cement. (See Lime, Plaster and Cement.)

Cheese Box Manufacturer.

GARDINIER, Martin I., Argusville, Sharon.

Cheese Manufacturers.

MERRIL, Wm., Seward.

China, Crockery and Glassware. (See also General Merchants.)

DOW & WESTFALL, Cobleskill.
HARDER & HESS, Cobleskill.
LOWNSBERY, W. G. & CO., Middleburgh.
SMITH, Bradley S., Schoharie.
SMITH, Jesse W., Schoharie.

Churn Dealer.

SHAFER, Isaac G., Cobleskill.

Cider Mills.

SCUTT, Henry, Jr., Middleburgh.
BABCOCK, Robert Q., Richmondville.
HOFFMAN, Barnabas, Seward.
HOFFMAN, Martin, Seward.
BOUGHTON, Harry V., Charlotteville, Summit

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

ROSCOE, R. J., Carlisle
SWART, Peter, Cobleskill
MANN, John H., Middleburgh, Fulton
BECKER, Bartholomew, Middleburgh
MANN, Isaac, Richmondville
SNYDER, R. L., Richmondville
SHAFER, John F., Schoharie
MALET, Isaac B., Sharon Springs, Sharon

Claim Agents. (See Agents Claim.)


TAYLOR, Wm. W., (M.E.,) North Blenheim
COWEN, John, (M.E.,) Franklinton, Broome
BAKER, Eri (M.E.,) Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
EARL, Wm., (M.E.,) Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
HAMLIN, John G., (Christian,) Cobleskill
KLING, Marcus, (Luthern,) Lawyersville, Cobleskill
LUDEN, A. P., (Zion Lutheran,) Cobleskill
PHILIPS, P., (St. Paul's,) Cobleskill
ROBINSON, R. H., (M.E.,) Cobleskill
VAN WOERT, J. J., (Reformed,) Lawyersville, Cobleskill
GORSE, John W., (M.E.,) Manorkill, Conesville
SEELEY, A.H. Rev., (Presb.,) Esperance
PORTER, Ira S., (St. Mathew's Evangelical Luthern,) Breakabeen, Fulton
MORE, Wm. S., (Reformed,) Gilboa
FERO, Wm. D., (M.E.,) Jefferson
JONES, G.G., (Epis.,) Middleburgh
ROE, Stanford W., (Reformed,) Middleburgh
SPRECHER, C. Spencer, (Lutheran,) Middleburgh
WOOD, James B., (M.E.,) Middleburgh
HECK, J. H., (St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran,) Schoharie
LINTNER, Geo., D. D., (retired Lutheran,) Schoharie
MOTT, O., (M.E.,) Schoharie
TYLER, Zachariah, (M.E. Zion,) Schoharie
POWERS, Ingraham, (Baptist,) Seward
SANDS, Wm. J., (M.E.,) Hyndsville, Seward
DIEFENDORF, C., (Lutheran,) Leesville, Sharon
JEWETT, E., Leesville, Sharon
ALLEN, Riley M., (Christian,) Charlotteville, Summit
MARTIN, Geo. W., (M.E.,) Eminence, Summit
WOOLWORTH, Geo., (M.E.,) Summit
KELLER, Henry, (Lutheran,) Gallupville, Wright
VEDDER, Edwin, (Reformed,) Gallupville, Wright
WRIGHT, Henry, (M.E.,) Gallupville, Wright

Clothes Dryers.

BOORN, L.G., Richmondville
CAMFIELD, S. P., Richmondville

Clothiers and Tailors.

SWEET, Chas., North Blenheim, Blenheim
CALKINS, Alex., (Custom,) Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
GRANTIER, Elizabeth F. Mrs., (Custom,) Argusville, Carlisle
GUNN, Lydia Mrs., (Custom,) Carlisle
LANE, Louisa Mrs., (Custom,) Argusville, Carlisle
COHN, Morris, (ready made,) Cobleskill
DIEFENDORF, Jacob H., (ready made,) Cobleskill
EWINGS, John., (Custom,) Cobleskill
FRANCE, Frederick A., (ready made,) Cobleskill
BARTLEY, Loretta Mrs., (Custom,) Cobleskill
RICHMOND, A.W. Mrs., (Custom,) West Conesville, Conesville
WALKER, John., West Conesville, Conesville
BEARDSLEY, G.F., (Custom,) Esperance
CLARK, Sarah A. Miss., (Custom,) Sloansville, Esperance
CLEMENS, Mary C. Mrs., (Custom,) Sloansville, Esperance
CROMWELL, Phebe J. Mrs., (Custom,) Esperance
HEMPSTED, Nelson, (Custom,) Esperance
LAWYER, Henrietta Miss, (Custom,) Central Bridge, Esperance
BURGET, Wm. B., (Custom,) Breakabeen, Fulton
CORNELL, Maria, (Custom,) Eminence, Fulton
ELLARSON, Geo. W., Gilboa
FRASER, Jesse, (Custom,) Gilboa
SIMONS, Chauncey W., (Custom,) South Gilboa, Gilboa
CORNELL, Maria Mrs., (Custom,) Eminence, Jefferson
HAMMOND, Daniel F., (Custom,) Jefferson
MCMINN, Chas. T., Jefferson
DUNN, M. & Son, Middleburgh
TRAVER, Rebecca Miss, (Custom,) Huntersland, Middleburgh
WHITE, Chas. A., Middleburgh
LAWYER, John R., Richmondville
LIVINGSTON, H., (Custom,) Richmondville
STRAUSE, Samuel, Richmondville
BROWN, Albert & Son, Schoharie
FARLEY, John, Schoharie
MIERS & BORST, Schoharie
SHMELTZ, Henry, Central Bridge, Schoharie
DOWNS, Richard C., Sharon Springs, Sharon
HOAL, John B., Sharon Springs, Sharon
EVANS, Platt R., (Custom,) Summit
GRIGGS, Elizabeth Miss, (Custom,) Summit

Clover Mills.

CASPER, Geo., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
PATRICK, Silas, Barnerville, Cobleskill
DUNCKEL, Josiah, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Coal Dealers.

VAN WAGENEN, Jacob F., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
DELA VERGNE, John, Esperance
FERRIS, P.W. & Son, Schoharie
FRANCE, Gilbert G., (Delaware & Hudson Canal Co.,) Seward
HYNDS, David, (agent Delaware & Hudson Canal Co.,) Hyndsville, Seward

Confectionery and Toys. (See also Bakers and Confectioners.)

BUCKBEE, John W., Gilboa


DUDLEY, Wm. J., North Blenheim, Blenheim
FINK, Joseph M., North Blenheim, Blenheim
GRANDY, Wm. M., North Blenheim, Blenheim
KNISKERN, Hamilton, North Blenheim, Blenheim
KNISKERN, Wm., North Blenheim, Blenheim
MANN, Jackson, North Blenheim, Blenheim
MATTICE, John H., North Blenheim, Blenheim
PERRY, Stephen L., North Blenheim, Blenheim
SHAVER, Geo.W., North Blenheim, Blenheim
VORCE, Sol, North Blenheim, Blenheim
WILLIAMS, David, North Blenheim, Blenheim
UTMAN, Peter C., Carlisle
HOOS, Peter, Barnerville, Cobleskill
WRIGHT, John, Cobleskill, Cobleskill
HULBERT, Seymour E., West Conesville, Conesville
SANFORD, Sylvester, Conesville
SMALL, Wm., West Conesville, Conesville
VOSBURGH, John H., West Conesville, Conesville
ARNER, Daniel, Central Bridge, Esperance
BURGET, Chas. S., Fultonham, Fulton
BURGET, Geo. W., Fultonham, Fulton
BURGET, Peter, Fultonham, Fulton
CHASE, Joseph, West Fulton, Fulton
DEARSTYNE, David O., West Fulton, Fulton
DUDLEY, Geo. S., North Blenheim, Fulton
FOLLCK, John H., Mineral Springs, Fulton
HAM, Alonzo, Breakabeen, Fulton
HAM, Valentine, Breakabeen, Fulton
HANES, Chas. H., Fultonham, Fulton
HOFFMAN, Henry, Breakabeen, Fulton
KEYSER, Peter W., Breakabeen, Fulton
KING, Philip, Mineral Springs, Fulton
KNESKERN, Harrison, Breakabeen, Fulton
MYER, Chas., Summit, Fulton
PORTER, Asbury G., Breakabeen, Fulton
SCHROM, Walter, Fultonham, Fulton
SPURBECK, David, Fultonham, Fulton
TELLER, Wm. E., Fultonham, Fulton
WATSON, Chas., Fultonham, Fulton
WEIDMAN, Ralph, Fultonham, Fulton
COONLEY Daniel H., Broome Center, Gilboa
MCKILLIP, John, Moresville, Delaware Co.
RIFENBURG, Jacob, Delaware Co.
SANFORD, V.A., Delaware Co.
BARRETT, Ornando, Jefferson
BRADY, Peter, South Jefferson, Jefferson
MERRILL, Eber C., Jefferson
MOXLEY, Amos, Jefferson
MOXLEY, Horace, Jefferson
MOXLEY, Joseph, Jefferson
ODELL, Benj. S., North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.
PHINCLE, Levi G., Delaware Co.
STEVENS, Wm., Delaware Co.
WELTON, Ezra, Charlotteville, Delaware Co.
WHITE, Alfred S., Delaware Co.
FOLICK, S., Middleburgh
GALLUP, J. & E., Middleburgh
GOLDEN, Alvin, Huntersland, Middleburgh
VAN ALLEN, John, West Richmondville, Richmondville
VAN ALSTYNE, Fayette E., Richmondville
WALDORF, Robert G., Richmondville
KAGEN, Michael, Schoharie
BROOCKER, Russell, Hyndsville, Seward
DIEFENDORF, Sylvester, Seward
KARKER, Chas., Sharon, Seward
KARKER, HARMON'S, Cobleskill, Seward
LOSY, Martin, Hyndsville, Seward
LUDINGTON, John, Hyndsville, Seward
HANER, Abram, Leesville, Sharon
BOUGHTON, Harvey, Summit
BOUGHTON, Miles H., Summit
BOUGHTON, Wm. T., Summit
MEED, Michael, Summit
ODELL, Daniel, Summit
ODELL, Isaac L., Summit
ODELL, Wm. S., Charlotteville, Summit
TINKELPAUGH, Alex., Summit
GALLUP, James, Gallupville, Wright
MCLEAN, Archibald & Son, Shutter's Corners

Cotton Mills.

MORSS, Reed & Co., Gilboa

Crockery. (See China, Crockery and Glass Ware, also General Merchants.)


FOX, Luther T., Cobleskill
FRANCE, Joseph A., Cobleskill
BROWN, Paul, Esperance
LEAKE, L. A., Esperance
CLARK, A. W. Dn., Jefferson
WOOD, A. A., Jefferson
SNYDER, Hadley, Middleburgh
LEWIS, J. D., Richmondville
KNOWER, Daniel, Schoharie
NELLIS, Jacob, Schoharie
NELLIS, Theodore W., Schoharie
DOMINIC, Earl F., Gallupville, Wright

Doors, Sash and Blinds.

STANNARD, Cleophas A., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BREZEE, Abram, Franklinton, Broome
MC HENCH & Co., Cobleskill
STEWART, Robert, Fultonham, Fulton
SALLSBURY, Joshua, Richmondville

Dress and Cloak Makers.

THORINGTON, Jerusha Mrs., Livingstonville, Broome
CLEMENTS, Eliza Miss, Argusville, Carlisle
GUNN, Lydia Mrs., Carlisle
HOUSE, J. C. Mrs., Argusville, Carlisle
RUGGLES, Josphine Miss, Argusville, Carlisle
RICHMOND, A. W., Mrs., West Conesville, Conesville
CHILSON, ____ Mrs., (seamstress,) Esperance
DEYO, M. E. Mrs., Esperance
ROCKWELL, Ursula Miss, Esperance
WILLSEY, Cynthia Mrs., Sloansville, Esperance
WOOLSON, Emma W., Miss, Esperance
PHANEUFF, Delia Ann Mrs., West Fulton, Esperance
BROWN, Waldron E., Gilboa
HITCHCOCK, Eunice P., Gilboa
HAMMOND, Nancy Miss, Jefferson
BECKER, Julia A. Miss, Middleburgh
BOYCE, Almira Miss, Middleburgh
GORSE, Sarina Mrs., Middleburgh
TRAVER, Rebecca Miss, Huntersland, Middleburgh
VROOMAN, Libbie Miss, Middleburgh
BRESZER Sisters, Richmondville
DANBY, C. E. Mrs., Schoharie
GARDNER, Emma Miss, Schoharie
FOX, Augusta Mrs., Sharon Springs, Sharon
POSSON, Catharine Miss, Gallupville, Wright


DILLENBACK, Jonas, Cobleskill
DOW & WESTFALL, Cobleskill
HARDER & HESS, Cobleskill
BRIGGS, G. B., Esperance
HAZARD, James M., Gilboa
HUBBELL, Hiram P., Jefferson
BADGLEY, Jerome B., Middleburgh
DINGS, Truman, Huntersland, Middleburgh
WITBECK, J. H., Richmondville
THROOP & Son, Schoharie
LA MONT, Wm., Charlotteville, Summit
NEER, Geo. G., Charlotteville, Summit

Dry Goods. (See also General Merchants.)

COHN, Morris, Cobleskill
DIEFENDORF, Jacob H., Cobleskill
FRANCE, Frederick A., Cobleskill
STRAUSS, Samuel, Richmondville
BADGLEY, Geo. B., Schoharie
MIERS & BORST, Schoharie
HOAL, John B., Sharon Springs, Sharon

Eating Houses. (See Saloons and Restaurants.)

Express Agents. (See Agents, Express.)

Fish and Oyster Dealers.

MARTIN, Peter, Schoharie

Flax Mills.

CHASE, Manley S., Warnerville, Richmondville
WARNER, M. & J., Warnerville, Richmondville
MORGAN, Harvey, Hyndsville, Seward

Flour, Feed and Grain. (See also Flouring Mills, Produce Dealers and General Merchants.)

BURHANS & SHAFER, (grain,) Cobleskill
TODD, Robert F., (Thos. Dornet, agent) Cobleskill
BRUMLEY, A., Esperance
BECKER, Hamilton, Middleburgh
DEXTER, James, Middleburgh
HYDE, Ralph, Middleburgh
MALLERY & BEEKER, Middleburgh
ROCKEFELLER, Geo., Middleburgh
MANN, Egbert, Richmondville
PLANK, Thaddeus, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Flouring Mills. (See also Flour, Feed and Grain.)

HAVERLY Bros., (grist,) North Blenheim, Blenheim
BENJAMIN, Roswell, (grist,) Livingstonville, Broome
BORST, Wm., (grist,) Livingstonville, Broome
WILSEY, Reuben, (grist,) Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.
SCHERMERHORN & DEY, (grist,) Argusville, Carlisle
ECKERSON, Wm. N., (grist,) Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
OTTMAN & Bro., (grist,)Cobleskill
QUACKENBUSH Bros., (grist,) Barnerville, Cobleskill
BROWN, Artemas & Son, (grist,) West Conesville, Conesville
LAYMAN, Peter M., (grist,) Manorkill, Conesville
HANES & ISHAM, (grist,) Esperance
MC MASTER H., (feed,) Sloansville, Esperance
BAKER, Wm., (grist,) Fultonham, Fulton
KLING, Christopher, (grist,) West Fulton, Fulton
ZEH, Jacob W., (grist,) Breakabeen, Fulton
MAYHAM, Benj. S., (grist,) Stamford, Delaware Co., Gilboa
REED, Luman, (grist,) Gilboa
ROBBINS, Geo. J., (grist,) Jefferson
BORST, Milton, (grist,) Middleburgh
HUNTERSLAND Custom and Flouring Mill, David DINGS, prop., Huntersland,
SCHOHARIE Custom and Flouring Mills, James W. DAVIS, prop., Schoharie,
BECKER, Adam, (grist,) Central Bridge, Schoharie
BECKER, Francis, (grist,) Central Bridge, Schoharie
STEPHENS, Samuel B., (grist,) Schoharie
HYNDSVILLE Flour and Feed Mill, John C. MC CHESNEY, prop. Hyndsville, Seward
SEWARD Grist Mill, Henry A. WARRNER, prop. Seward
ELDRIDGE, James P., (grist,) Sharon Springs, Sharon
ENGELL, Moses, (grist,) Sharon Springs, Sharon
CROWE, Chas., (grist,) Summit
BOUCK, Cornelius J., (grist,) Shutter's Corners, Wright
ZEH, Alfred, (grist,) Gallupville, Wright

Furniture Dealers.

BUCKINGHAM, Geo. E., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BUCKINGHAM, Tracy, (chairs and bedsteads,) North Blenheim, Blenheim
SOUER, Geo., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BORST, Josiah, Cobleskill
FARQUHER, Wm., Cobleskill
GALE, J. & Sons, (chairs,) Barnerville, Cobleskill
MC HENCH & Co., (bedsteads,) Cobleskill
RICKARD, Elias, Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
BRUMLEY, Edward H., Sloansville, Esperance
HAPPE & CARR, Esperance
BURGET, Wm. B., Breakabeen, Fulton
RONEY, George W., Fultonham, Fulton
POTTER, Wm. C., (chairs,) Gilboa
STREET, Warren P., Gilboa
HUBBELL, Chas. B. & Co., Jefferson
ELLSWORTH, Jos., Huntersland, Middleburgh
SHAW, Wm., (chairs,) Huntersland, Middleburgh
SOUER, John, Middleburgh
SHOEMAKER, Jacob, Richmondville
CASE, David E., Schoharie
FARQUHER, Arthur H., Schoharie
BROWN, David, Hyndsville, Seward
BROWNELL, Washington Irving, (spring bed bottoms,) Hyndsville, Seward
LOYD, Henry B., Hyndsville, Seward
POWERS, Zenas C., Seward, Sharon
SHAUL, Irving, Leesville, Sharon
BARNER, Geo., Charlotteville, Summit
SCHARG, Frederick, Summit
SPENCER, David G., Charlotteville, Summit
BAKER, Lyman, Gallupville, Wright
GIBBS, Lucius, Gallupville, Wright

Furs. (See Hats, Caps and Furs.)

General Merchants. (Who keep a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.)

PARSLOW, Alonzo, North Blenheim, Blenheim
SWEET & HAGER, North Blenheim, Blenheim
LOSEE, Myron A., Livingstonville, Broome
RUST & SITZER, Franklinton, Broome
SMITH, Hiram L., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome
ANDRUS & CARTER, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
ANGLE, John H., Carlisle
BRADT, J. W., Carlisle Center, Carlisle
HODGE & RAMSEY, Argusville, Carlisle
ROWE, Hiram, Barnerville, Cobleskill
SNYDER, Menzo, East Cobleskill
VAN WAGENEN, Jacob F., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
CORNELL, John T., West Conesville, Conesville
HUMPHREY & BURHANS, Manorkill, Conesville
MILLER, Daniel H., Conesville
SELLICK, Lydia E., West Conesville, Conesville
BECKER, Wm. H., Esperance
CRANDAL, James H., Sloansville, Esperance
SCHUYLER & GALLUP, Sloansville, Esperance
TEEPLE, S. C., Sloansville, Esperance
WRIGHT Bros., Esperance
FELLOWS, M. B., West Fulton, Fulton
FOSTER, Thos. G., Fultonham, Fulton
PARTRIDGE & ROSCRANS, West Fulton, Fulton
SCHERMERHORN, Geo., West Fulton, Fulton
SHAFER, Friend W., Breakabeen, Fulton
SPENCER, Niram, West Fulton, Fulton
WATSON, Chas., Fultonham, Fulton
ZEH, John J. & Co., Breakabeen, Fulton
HAGADORN, F. & A., Broome Center, Gilboa
KINGSLEY, Henry, Gilboa
MAYHAN, John S., South Gilboa, Gilboa
REED, Luman, Gilboa
AVERY, Beriah H., Jefferson
AVERY, Hezekiah, Jefferson
HUBBARD, J. D., Jefferson
JONES & TAYLOR, Jefferson
TWITCHELL, Ira & Son, Jefferson
BASSIER, David, Middleburgh
BORST, Wm. B., Middleburgh
CROPPEN, Orville, Huntersland, Middleburgh
DODGE & FRANCE, Middleburgh
EARLS & FRISBIE, Middleburgh
HOAG, M. R., Middleburgh
NEVILLE, J. & Co., Middleburgh
TURNER, Morgan, Huntersland, Middleburgh
CHASE, Manley S., Warnerville, Richmondville
FRASLER, H. & Co., Richmondville
LAMONTE & LOVELAND, Richmondville
LEWIS, Leonard C., Richmondville
MANN, Sylvester, Warnerville, Richmondville
VAUGHN, Hermon W., Warnerville, Richmondville
BENEDICT, Hiram, Schoharie
CLARK & SHANNON, Schoharie
HALLENBECK, Wm., Central Bridge, Schoharie
MEAD, John H., Central Bridge, Schoharie
MOWERS, Jacob, Howe's Cave, Schoharie
ROWE, John J., Central Bridge, Schoharie
STEVER, John, Central Bridge, Schoharie
TAYLOR, Joseph W., Schoharie
GRIGGS, Clark B. & Son, Seward
HILTON, Philip P., Hyndsville, Seward
WALRAD, Robert G., Seward
WILBER, James H., Hyndsville, Seward
ANTHONY, James M., Sharon Center, Sharon
BEEKMAN, Gertrude L., Sharon Springs, Sharon
BROWN, Robert W., Sharon
ELGEN, Frederick, Sharon Springs, Sharon
RAMSEY, Seth, Argusville, Sharon
SWIFT, Washington, Sharon Springs, Sharon
VOSBURGH, John S., Sharon
BURROWS, James L., Eminence, Summit
JUMP, Joseph B., Charlotteville, Summit
LAKE, Samuel J., Summit
LAPE, S., Charlotteville, Summit
LEHMEN, Isaac, Summit
BAKER, Daniel C., Gallupville, Wright
COONS, John H., Shutter's Corners, Wright
HUNTING & WEIDMAN, Gallupville, Wright
MERSELIS & KELSCH, Gallupville, Wright
PLANK, J. & Son, Gallupville, Wright

Gents' Furnishing Goods. (See also General Merchants.)

BOYCE, J. H. & Son, Schoharie
BRIGGS, John M., Schoharie

Glass Ware. (See China, Crockery and Glass Ware.)

Glove Manufs.

COLLINS, Samuel S., Argusville, Carlisle
FOSTER, Thos. G., Fultonham, Fulton

Grain Dealers. (See Flour, Feed and Grain.)

Groceries and Provisions. (See also General Merchants.)

SNYDER, Peter, North Blenheim, Blenheim
BENN & WEST, Livingstonville, Broome
BURHANS & SHAFER, Cobleskill
DOW & WESTFALL, Cobleskill
HARDER & HESS, Cobleskill
LAWYER, James W., Cobleskill
WILLSEY, Henry I., East Cobleskill, Cobleskill
ROOT, John M., Esperance
VAN VECHTEN, James, Esperance
WHITE, Wm. H., Broome Center, Gilboa
BURNETT, Thos., Eminence, Jefferson
HUBBELL, Hiram P., Jefferson
BADGLEY, Jerome B., Middleburgh
BECKER, Hamilton, Middleburgh
BISHOP, Amberson, Middleburgh
DINGS, David, Huntersland, Middleburgh
EARLS, Wm., Middleburgh
HESS & LEROY, Middleburgh
MALLERY & BECKER, Middleburgh
WILSON, James, Middleburgh
FOX, Thos. B., Richmondville
SMITH, Asa B., West Richmondville, Richmondville
WALDORF, M. B., Richmondville
FERRIS, P. W. & Son, Schoharie
LASELL, C. C., Schoharie
SMITH, Bradley S., Schoharie
SMITH, Jesse W., Schoharie
SOUTHWORTH, Nathan'l, Hyndsville, Seward
LAND, E. E. & Co., Sharon Springs, Sharon
NEER, Geo. G., Charlotteville, Summit


CASE, Geo., Conesville
SHEARS, Jacob, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Hardware, Stoves and Tinware. (See Also General Merchants.)

LETTS, Lorenzo D., (stoves and tinware,) Cobleskill
SHAVER, Chas. H., Cobleskill
MCKEE, A. H., Sloansville, Esperance
TUBBS & SHARP, Esperance
BURGET, Wm. B., (tinware,) Breakabeen, Fulton
ZEH, John J., (tinware,) Fulton
CARRINGTON, J. B., Jefferson
LOWNSBERY, W. G. & Co., Middleburgh
BECKER, Peter W., Richmondville
HYNDS, Sandford, (tinware,) Richmondville
SMITH, D. H., Richmondville
FISHER, Albert L., Central Bridge, Schoharie
THROOP & Son, Schoharie
WILSEY, Joseph, Schoharie
HOAL & KLINKHART, Sharon Springs, Sharon
SALISBURY, Warren F., (tinware,) Argusville, Sharon
TABER, Chas. P., (tinware,) Charlotteville, Summit
CAMPBELL, James, (tinware,) Gallupville, Wright
ZIMMER, Peter F., Gallupville, Wright

Harness, Trunks Etc.

INGRAHAM, Leander H., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BURHANS, Geo. & Co., Carlisle Center, Carlisle
BORST, Jeremiah, Cobleskill
MC CARTY, Geo., Esperance
SHOUT, J. M., Sloansville, Esperance
SHOUT, Schuyler, Sloansville, Esperance
WENTWORTH, Erastus, Mineral Springs, Fulton
FRISBIE, David K., Gilboa
HUBBARD, James H., Jefferson
BORST, Geo. E., Middleburgh
FRISBIE, G. N., Middleburgh
BURNESON, James N., Richmondville
MANN, J. L., Richmondville
RIDER, Silas W., Richmondville
WINTERS, Wm. A., Richmondville
BORST, Peter S. & Co., Central Bridge, Schoharie
FERRIS, Walter, Schoharie
SWEET, John, Schoharie
SHAFER, David, Hyndsville, Seward
BREWSTER, John G., Sharon Springs, Sharon
CROCKER, Chas. H., Sharon
WORMUTH, Jerome, Seward, Sharon
WORMUTH, Wm., Sharon Springs, Sharon
HILDRETH, Chas. E., Charlotteville, Summit
HARRISON, John H., Central Bridge, Wright
HINMIN, Chas. A., Gallupville, Wright

Hats, Caps and Furs. (See also General Merchants.)

DECKER, Isaac, (custom,) Conesville
WHITE, Chas. A., Middleburgh
BOYCE, J. H. & Son, Middleburgh

Hides and Skins. (See Leather and Findings.)

Horse Dealers. (See Cattle and Horse Dealers.)

Hotels and Boarding Houses.

BLENHEIM HOUSE, George MATTICE, prop., North Blenheim, Blenheim
EMPIRE HOUSE, Thos. H. JAMES, prop., North Blenheim, Blenheim
LIVINGSTON HOUSE, Wm. BREEZE, prop., Livingstonville, Broome
FOX, Frank C., Carlisle
PRUYU, Abram P., Argusville, Carlisle
PRUYU, Henry, Argusville, Carlisle
WESSEL, Silas R., Carlisle
HOWE'S CAVE HOUSE, Dolphus S. ELDREDGE, prop., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL, James HOLMES, prop., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
NATIONAL HOTEL, A. C. SMITH, prop., Cobleskill
UNITED STATES HOTEL, Jarvis SWITT, prop., Cobleskill
VAN PATTEN, A., Cobleskill
CONESVILLE HOUSE, Angeline C. LAYMAN, prop., Conesville
EAGLE HOUSE, Jacob S. DOSCKSTADER, prop., Sloansville, Esperance
MC INTOSH, Hiram, Sloansville, Esperance
PHOENIX HOUSE, John O. MONTANYE, prop., Esperance
UNION HOUSE, D. L. FETHERS, prop., Esperance
BURGET, Caty Mrs., Breakabeen, Fulton
BURGET, Chas. S., Fultonham, Fulton
PATTERSON HOUSE, Ephraim PATTERSON, prop., Breakabeen, Fulton
WEST FULTON HOUSE, James CLARK, prop., West Fulton, Fulton
BROOME CENTER HOTEL, Wm. D. HALL, prop., Broome Center, Gilboa
GILBOA HOTEL, Chas. H. STRYKER, prop., Gilboa
JEFFERSON HOTEL, Addison CANNIFF, prop., Jefferson
ATCHINSON HOUSE, E. D. ATCHINSON, prop., Middleburgh
BULL'S HEAD HOTEL, Lawrence PERSONS, prop., Middleburgh
COOK, F. M., (summer boarding,) Middleburgh
DINGS, David, (temperance,) Huntersland, Middleburgh
FREEMYER HOUSE, Abraham J. FREEMYER, prop., Middleburgh
AMERICAN HOTEL, Vanness G. VANTYLE, prop., Warnerville, Richmondville
EMPIRE HOUSE, H. M. SHELDON, prop., Richmondville
RAILROAD HOTEL, Chas. POTTER, prop., Richmondville
VAUGHN, Hermon W., Warnerville, Richmondville
WESTOVER HOUSE, Peter SNYDER, prop., Richmondville
BENNETT, Nathan, Central Bridge, Schoharie
HALLENBECK, Wm., Central Bridge, Schoharie
MANSION HOUSE, James HORTON, prop., Schoharie
PARROTT HOUSE, SIDNEY and PARROTT, props., Schoharie
RICH, Chas., Central Bridge, Schoharie
SCHOHARIE HOTEL, Francisco WOOD, prop., Schoharie
VEDDER, Simon S., Central Bridge, Schoharie
BAKER, Cyrus, Hyndsville, Seward
HYNDSVILLE HOTEL, Peter HYNDS, prop., Hyndsville, Seward
RICH, Geo., Hyndsville, Seward
SEWARD HOTEL, Geo. B. PASSAGE, prop., Seward
SEWARD VALLEY HOTEL, Isaac LANE, prop., Seward
AMERICAN HOTEL, D. WOOD, prop., Sharon Springs, Sharon
CONGRESS HALL, H. J. BANGS, prop., Sharon Springs, Sharon
FEATHERS HOTEL, Chas. B. FEATHERS, prop., Sharon Springs, Sharon
FERO, Wm. I., Sharon Center, Sharon
FRITCHER, Peter J., (boarding house,) Sharon Springs, Sharon
LARUE, N. M., (boarding house,) Sharon Springs, Sharon
MANSION HOUSE, HUBBS & MERENESS, props., Sharon Springs, Sharon
MC NEIL, Henry, Sharon
PARK HOUSE, Jacob FLICK, prop., Sharon Springs, Sharon
PAVILION HOTEL, John H. GARDNER, prop., Sharon Springs, Sharon
PRUIN, Henry & Son, Argusville, Sharon
SHARON CENTER HOTEL, John W. LEAKE, prop., Sharon Center, Sharon
SHAUL, Solomon, Sharon Springs, Sharon
CHARLOTTEVILLE HOTEL, Geo. KEYSER, prop., Charlotteville, Summit
SUMMIT HOUSE, James ROBINSON, prop., Summit
UNION HOUSE, Robert RIDER, prop., Summit
LATHAM Henry C., Gallupville, Wright
SHUTTER'S CORNERS HOTEL, Solomon BRUMGHIM, prop., Shutter's Corners, Wright

Hubs and Spokes.

DURAND, Treat, Schoharie

Insurance Agents. (See Agents, Insurance.)

Iron Founders and Machinists.

DWELLY, G. B., Carlisle
ROOT, Orlando, Esperance
WOOLSON, Roswell, Esperance
WALDRON & SISSON, Breakabeen, Fulton
ELLIS, James P., Gilboa
DIKEMAN, Silas W., Charlotteville, Jefferson
GILBERT & CHASE, Middleburgh
TOMPKINS, N. & W., Middleburgh
BRADLEY, James H., Richmondville
CHARY, Augustus, Cobleskill, Richmondville
WOOD, Darius, Richmondville
WOOD, H., Richmondville
KROMER, Harrison, Sharon, Seward
WARNER, Harman, Seward
BENSON, Steven H., Argusville, Sharon
FOX, Geo. W., Sharon
BOUGHTON, Harry V., Charlotteville, Summit

Jewelers. (See Watches and Jewelry.)

Justices of the Peace.

CHAMPLIN, J. Perry, North Blenheim, Blenheim
GRIFFIN, J. H., N. Blenheim, Blenheim
MARTIN, Freegift P., North Blenheim, Blenheim
WOOD, Wm., Eminence, Blenheim
BURHANS, Daniel, Carlisle Center, Carlisle
FOX, Frank C., Carlisle
ROSCOE, John M., Carlisle
SWARTHOUT, James, Argusville, Carlisle
BARNER, Wm. M., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
LAWYER, T., Cobleskill
SWART, Peter, Cobleskill
DEWELL, Cyrus W., Conesville
RICHMOND, Stephen B., West Conesville, Conesville
RICHTMYER, Abraham F., Manorkill, Conesville
WINANS, Peter, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville
ISHAM, Alfred H., Esperance
MC MASTER, J. B., Sloansville, Esperance
MOSHER, D. Z., Sloansville, Esperance
HANES, Peter, Fultonham, Fulton
ROSSMAN, Geo., West Fulton, Fulton
SPICKERMAN, Orson, West Fulton, Fulton
ZEH, John J., Breakabeen, Fulton
BALDWIN, Andrew G., Gilboa
CROWELL, Cheney A., South Jefferson, Gilboa
GRIFFIN, Horace A., Gilboa
WALLACE, Geo. A., Gilboa
CARRINGTON, J. B., Jefferson
GIBBS, C. A., Stamford, Delaware Co., Jefferson
TRUAX, Isaac, Charlotteville, Jefferson
BARKMAN, Daniel, Huntersland, Middleburgh
GERNSEY, Montraville, Middleburgh
HUMPHREY, Philip, Middleburgh
SCUTT, Henry, Middleburgh
DOX, Gilbert M., Richmondville
MANN, Peter S., Warnerville, Richmondville
PALMER, James, West Richmondville, Richmondville
ZEH, Thos. H. Jr., Richmondville
ENDERS, Jacob, Central Bridge, Schoharie
HASKINS, Smith W., Central Bridge, Schoharie
MANN, Jacob G., Schoharie
SHAFER, John F., Schoharie
DIEFENDORF, Sylvester, Seward
HYNDS, Gilbert G., Hyndsville, Seward
LOUCKS, Henry, Sharon, Seward
DOCKSTADER, Adam, Sharon Center, Sharon
KLING, Gideon, Seward, Sharon
PARSONS, Augustus, Sharon Center, Sharon
BEARD, Jacob L., Eminence, Summit
FERGUSON, G. H., Summit
JUMP, A. P., Summit
RIDER, David L., Charlotteville, Summit
DOMINIC, John J., Gallupville, Wright
MILLER, Daniel E., Shutter's Corners, Wright


GRANT, John B., North Blenheim, Blenheim
MATTICE, John H., Livingstonville, Broome
GUFFIN, Cyrus, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
HOLMES, Chas., Cobleskill
LAMONT, Wm. C., Cobleskill
PINDER, J. S., Cobleskill
VAN SCHAICK, John, Cobleskill
YOUNG, W. H., Cobleskill
DONALDSON, J. M., Esperance
HAZELTON, John F., Esperance
BALDWIN, Wm. B., Gilboa
JACKSON, John L., Gilboa
WILCOX, M. S., Jefferson
DANFORTH, Elliot, Middleburgh
DANFORTH, P. S. & G. L., Middleburgh
ENGLE & ALBRO, Middleburgh
SANFORD & THORNE, Middleburgh
COOK, Henry C., Richmondville
CROSS, Philip W., Richmondville
DYER, Geo. W., Richmondville
SNYDER, E. L., Richmondville
BREWSTER, Ralph, Richmondville
GALLUP, Almerin, Schoharie
GEBHARD, Edward, Schoharie
HINMAN Bros., Schoharie
MAYHAM & KRUM, Schoharie
ROWLEY & BAILEY, Schoharie
BAKER, Albert, Sharon Springs, Sharon
JACKSON & COONS, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Leather and Findings. (See also Tanners and Curriers.)

SNYDER, Peter, North Blenheim, Blenheim
THATCHER, Sanford J., Cobleskill
ROCKEFELLER, Wm., (hides and pelts,) Richmondville

Lime Plaster and Cement.

HOWE'S CAVE LIME & CEMENT Co., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
SWART, Peter, Cobleskill
DAVIS, James W., Schoharie, Middleburgh
BECKER, David S., Schoharie
SMITH, Lorenzo, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Liquor Dealers.

NETHAWAY, Clinton, Cobleskill
FERRIS, P. W. & Son, Schoharie

Livery, Exchange and Boarding Stables.

COOK, F. M., Middleburgh
PITCHER, J. W., Richmondville

Lumber Dealers. (See also Saw Mills.)

OVERPAUGH, John H., Cobleskill
HOLLIDAY, Henry, Fultonham, Fulton
BULL, Nelson F., Gilboa
GRIFFIN, John B., Stamford, Delaware Co., Jefferson
CARTER, Hiram P., East Cobleskill, Middleburgh
EARLS, Wm., Middleburgh
TOMPKINS & TRAVERS, Richmondville
JOSLIN, D. R., Richmondville
WATERBURY, James S. & Sons, Schoharie
MULTER, Joseph, Charloteville, Summit

Machinists. (See Iron Founders and Machinists.)

Marble Works.

BLUM, Frederick, Cobleskill
VAN WIE, Benj., Cobleskill
BROWN, H. R. & Z. J., Middleburgh
BROWN, H. R. & Z. J., Schoharie
DEFANDORF, Levi M., Hyndsville, Seward

Masons and Builders. (See also Carpenters and Builders.)

BECKER, Frederick, North Blenheim, Blenheim
STEADMAN, Henry, Livingstonville, Broome
STEADMAN, Samuel, Livingstonville, Broome
GIDLEY, Edward B., Carlisle
HOWARD, Ezra, Carlisle Center, Carlisle
RUSSELL, Wm. H., Sloansville, Carlisle
TERBUSH, E. R., Carlisle
MURPHY, Peter, Cobleskill
TURK, Paul, Cobleskill
WALKER, James, Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
GORDON, George, Manorkill, Conesville
BRIGGS, Henry, Sloansville, Esperance
COLE, Hiram, Esperance
HARE, James, Esperance
HERRICK, Jonathan, Esperance
MC CARTY, James, Esperance
NEWTON, David F., Grovenor's Corners, Esperance
PHILIPS, Newton, Esperance
TANOR, Terrance, Central Bridge, Esperance
WESTFALL, Henry B., Sloansville, Esperance
WESTWALL, Wm., Sloansville, Esperance
JONES, Alanson, Fultonham, Fulton
VAN VORRIS, J. Platt, Fultonham, Fulton
BALEY, Thomas, Gilboa
COONLEY, Daniel H., Broome Center, Gilboa
BARRETT, Ambrose, Jefferson
EVENS, Adin J., Charlotteville, Middleburgh
EDWARDS, Thomas, Middleburgh
PETERSON, Jacob, Middeburgh
BENJAMIN, Henry (stone,) Richmondville
BENJAMIN, Hiram, (stone,) Richmondville
DELAMARTYR, S. M. K., (stone,) Cobleskill, Richmondville
GURLEY, John B., Warnerville, Richmondville
HICKS, Reuben W., Richmondville
MATTICE, Geo. P., Warnerville, Richmondville
PULLEN, Moses W., Richmondville
BARNETT, Chas. M., Schoharie
BARNETT, Simon A., Schoharie
DELTZ, Peter D., Schoharie
ENDERS, Peter W., Schoharie
HUNT, Hiram, Central Bridge, Schoharie
PANGBURN, Lucius, Schoharie
ABRAMS, Geo. B., Seward
HALENBECK, Abram, (stone,) Hyndsville, Seward
LAWYER, Jacob, Hyndsville, Seward
WESTGUBER, Abram, Hyndsville, Seward
LEHMAN, Hiram, Sharon Center, Sharon
SHEARS, Henry, Argusville, Sharon
SNYDER, Henry, Sharon Springs, Sharon
STOTT, Robert, Sharon Springs, Sharon
ALLEN, David D., Summit
CLOW, John, West Berne, Albany Co., Wright

Meat Markets and Butchers.

SAFFORD, Andrew, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
CORNWELL, Robert, Cobleskill
HILTS, David, Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
SARLINGAR, Sanford G., Cobleskill
ESTES, Francis H., Esperance
MONTAYNE, Edward S., Esperance
WILBUR, Nathaniel B., Central Bridge, Middleburgh
LAPE, Myron, Middleburgh
LONG, Harris, Middleburgh
STARR, John A., Middleburgh
WETSEL & SHAFER, Richmondville
BORST, Martin B., E. Cobleskill, Schoharie
SCHAEFFER Bros., Schoharie
SPAWN, Zina, Schoharie
STEVER, John, Schoharie
BIVENS, John J., Seward
CHAMBERLAIN, Edward, Seward
LINGARD, Edward, Sharon Springs, Sharon
VALKENBURGH, Wm. M., Sharon Springs, Sharon
FINCH & Co., Charlotteville, Summit
HILL, Hiram, Gallupville, Wright
SCHRAFER, Geo., West Berne, Albany Co., Wright

Milliners and Millinery Goods. (See also General Merchants.)

THORINGTON, Jerusha Mrs., Livingstonville, Broome
HOUSE, J. C. Mrs., Argusville, Carlisle
GALE, Annie Miss, Cobleskill
GALE, Roger H., Cobleskill
LIPE, Lavina Miss, Cobleskill
SMITH, A. Mrs., Cobleskill
BEST, Mary Miss, Sloansville, Esperance
BRIGGS, Ruth A. Miss, Sloansville, Esperance
EATON, H. R. Miss, Esperance
HERRICK, Clara Mrs., Esperance
SHAFER, F. W. Mrs., Breakabeen, Fulton
VAUGHN, Sarah M., Breakabeen, Fulton
BROWN, Waldron E., Gilboa
HITCHCOCK, Eunice P., Gilboa
SIMONSON, Roxana, South Gilboa, Gilboa
HAMMOND, Nancy Miss, Jefferson
LAMB, Wm. J. Mrs., Jefferson
LINES, Roxanna Miss, Jefferson
BECKER, Julia A. Miss, Middleburgh
DEXTER, Joanna Mrs., Middleburgh
GORSE, Sarina Mrs., Middleburgh
SHUFELT, Maryette, Huntersland, Middleburgh
SNYDER, Hannah Mrs., Middleburgh
TRAVERS, Martha C. Mrs., Middleburgh
BRESZER Sisters, Richmondville
SHUFELT, Wm. W., Schoharie
ZIMMER, Lovina Miss, Central Bridge, Schoharie
FOX, Augusta Mrs., Sharon Springs, Sharon
BAUM, Elizabeth Mrs., Summit
TRIPP, Susan Miss, Gallupville, Wright


LLOYD, Wm. H., North Blenheim, Blenheim
LOYD, John B., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BREZEE, Amos, Franklinton, Broome
HANSON, Nicholas, Carlisle
CARY, John S., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
HERRON, Alex, Barnerville, Cobleskill
BASSETT, Daniel, West Conesville, Conesville
BROWN, Artemus, West Conesville, Conesville
ROOT, Wm. P., Esperance
RONEY, Geo. W., Fultonham, Fulton
HITCHCOCK, Darlus, Gilboa
OLENDORF, Alfred M., Richmondville
WARNER, Peter S., Central Bridge, Schoharie
KROMER, Wm. H., Sharon, Seward
HILL, Daniel B., Gallupville, Wright

Music Teachers.

GUFFIN, Newell, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
GATES, Abram, (vocal,) Breakabeen, Fulton
SWEET, Alice Miss, Huntersland, Middleburgh
EMPIE, John G., (vocal,) Hyndsville, Seward
WENDELL, Henry, Hyndsville, Seward

News Dealers. (See also Books and Stationery.)

STRYKER, Warren P., Gilboa

Notaries Public.

GRANT, John B., North Blenheim, Blenheim
ROSCOE, R. J., Carlisle
HOWE, Hiram, Barnerville, Cobleskill
HITCHCOCK, Stephen J., Conesville
WATSON, Chas., Fultonham, Fulton
KINGSLEY, Henry, Gilboa
MAYHAN, John S., South Gilboa, Gilboa
THORNE, Wm. E., Middleburgh
LAWYER, Peter, Richmondville
MANN, Isaac, Richmondville
BREWSTER, Ralph, Schoharie
GEBHARD, John Jr., Schoharie


MC LAWRY, Alex, (carriage and sleigh,) North Blenheim, Blenheim
WIDOMEN, Mahlon, (carriage,) Eminence, Blenheim
FRENCH, Peter, Argusville, Carlisle
MERENESS, Norman, Carlisle
BENDER, Jay B., (house and sign,) Cobleskill
BROWNELL, Cornelius B., (house,) Cobleskill
BROWNELL, Frank, Cobleskill
CALKINS, Selba, (carriage,) Cobleskill
FEEK, Chas., (carriage,)
CURLEY, Peter W., (house,) Warnerville, Cobleskill
MAXWELL, H. H., Cobleskill
VAN VALKENBURG, Marcus B., (house,) Cobleskill
VAN VALKENBURGH, Chas.S., (house,) Cobleskill
PHELPS, Lemuel, Central Bridge, Esperance
RIGGS, John C., Esperance
SHOUT, Schuyler B., Sloansville, Esperance
TOWER, John Jr., Esperance
CORNELL, John W., Eminence, Fulton
SWEET, Philo B., Eminence, Fulton
HILDRETH, Luman, (house,) Gilboa
POTTER, Wm. C., (carriage and house,) Gilboa
ROBINSON, Chas. H., Gilboa
ROBINSON, Emory S., Gilboa
CORNELL, G. W., Middleburgh
CORNWELL, Erskine, (house,) Middleburgh
EFFNER, Joseph J., (carriage and sign,) Middleburgh
EFNER, Elijah, (house,) Middleburgh
COLE, Harmon, Richmondville
MANN, Daniel G., Richmondville
MASTERS, Henry, Richmondville
ROCK, Wm., Warnerville, Richmondville
SHAVER, David H., Warnerville, Richmondville
GARDNER, John J., Schoharie
MELICK, Philip J., (house and carriage,) Schoharie
SAFER, Chas., Schoharie
BROWN, Peter M., (house,) Hyndsville, Seward
BROWNELL, Benj. Franklin, Hyndsville, Seward
BROWNELL, Cornelius B., Hyndsville, Seward
HYNDS, Anson J., Hyndsville, Seward
SOUTHWORTH, Harlem, Hyndsville, Seward
WARNER, Abram H., Hyndsville, Seward
WARNER, Harman, Seward
WENDELL, Henry, (fresco and graining,) Hyndsville, Seward
CROCKER, Chas. H., Sharon
POWERS, Zenas C., Seward, Sharon
WHITBECK, Mathias, Sharon Springs, Sharon
BOUGHTON, Seymour Jr., (carriage,) Charlotteville, Summit
FERGUSON, G. H., Summit
FERGUSON, Thos. H., Summit
VAN HOSEN, Levi Y., Charlotteville, Summit
GIBBS, Amasa, Gallupville, Wright
WALDEN, Sylvanus G., (West Berne, Albany Co.,)

Paints and Oils. (See also Druggists and General Merchants.)


Paper Hangings, Window Shades Etc. (See also General Merchants.)

BADGLEY, Geo. B., Schoharie

Paper Manufacturers.

MILLER, James, Esperance
SCRIBNER, John M., (straw wrapping,) Middleburgh
SNYDER, E. L., Richmondville
WESTOVER & FOSTER, Richmondville

Patent Agents. (See also Agents, Patent.)

Patent Hop Yards.

BETTS, Samuel, Lawyersville, Seward


BELLINGER, Geo. W., Cobleskill
CADY, Edward, Cobleskill
BROWN, Albert N., Manorkill, Conesville
DAVENPORT, J. A., Sloansville, Esperance
SATTERLEE A., Richmondville
TAYLOR, I. A., Argusville, Sharon

Physicians and Surgeons.

AKELEY, John S., (eclectic,) Eminence, Blenheim
HAVENS, Jeremiah D., (allo.,) Eminence, Blenheim
VROMAN, Josiah H., (allo.,) North Blenheim, Blenheim
JACKSON, Geo., (allo.,) Livingstonville, Broome
SEBOLT, Franklin, (allo.,) Livingstonville, Broome
HERRICK, J. S., Argusville, Carlisle
ROSCOE, R. J., Carlisle
SCOTT, Isaac F., Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
ALLEN, Peter A., Lawyersville, Cobleskill
CROSS, Lemuel, (allo.,) Cobleskill
FRASIER, David, (allo.,) Cobleskill
LANGLEY, Nancy J. Mrs., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
LAWYER, Augustus F., (retired,) Cobleskill
WERNER, Philip P., Barnerville, Cobleskill
BENHAM, John T., West Conesville, Conesville
FANNING, Benj., Conesville
SANFORD, Sylvester, (herb,) Conesville
BOYCE, D. R., Sloansville, Esperance
HARIS, L. M., Esperance
KELLY, John, Esperance
LEONARD, L. I., Esperance
NORWOOD, David, Esperance
SHERBURNE, Henry, Esperance
TEEPLE, Geo. M., Sloansville, Esperance
LAWYER, Valentine M., Fultonham, Fulton
PATRICK, Jesse, West Fulton, Fulton
ROSSMAN, John, West Fulton, Fulton
SHAFER, Friend W., Breakabeen, Fulton
COONS, Rufus, Breakabeen, Gilboa
CORNELL, John, South Jefferson, Gilboa
DECKER, David, Broome Center, Gilboa
LEONARD, Duncan M., Broome Center, Gilboa
ZEH, Philip J., Gilboa
HAVENS, R. G., Jefferson
WOOD, A. A., Jefferson
DANFORTH, Volney, Middleburgh
GALE, Roger, Huntersland, Middleburgh
LAWYER, James, Middleburgh
WELLS, H. D., Middleburgh
WELLS, Linus S., Middleburgh
WHEELER, John D., Middleburgh
BOISS, E. W., Warnerville, Richmondville
CHASE, Jared, Warnerville, Richmondville
VAN ALSTYNE, John L., Richmondville
VAN ALSTYNE, Sylvester M., Richmondville
KILMER Bros., Schoharie
LAYMAN, Wm. S., Schoharie
LEAKE, Thos. W., Central Bridge, Schoharie
MAXWELL, John L., (homeo.) Schoharie
NELLIS, Jacob, Schoharie
SWART, John I., Schoharie
SWART, Peter S., (allo.) Schoharie
BRUCE, Elbert O., Hyndsville, Seward
DICKINSON, Chas., Seward
ELDREDGE, Robert, Sharon, Seward
MARCLEY, Frederick, Hyndsville, Seward
MYER, Henry A., Seward
DOCKSTATOR, Jacob A., Sharon Springs, Sharon
FONDA, S. F., Sharon Springs, Sharon
GREEN, John, Sharon Springs, Sharon
HUMPHREY, D. L., Sharon Springs, Sharon
PRAMER, John, (retired,) Sharon
SNYDER, J. D., Leesville, Sharon
HAVENS, Chas. W., Summit
LAMONT, Wm., Charlotteville, Summit
SIMMONS, Geo., Charlotteville, Summit
SPAULDING, David L., Summit
FITCH, John H., Gallupville, Wright
HOTALING, John, Gallupville, Wright
ZEH, Ira, Gallupville, Wright

Planing Mills.

CASPER, Geo., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
WOOLSON, Roswell, Esperance
ROBINSON, Emory S., Gilboa
MANN & Co., Jefferson
ROCKEFELLER, Geo., Middleburgh
MASTERS, Henry, Richmondville
DURAND, Treat, Schoharie

Plaster Mills. (See Lime, Plaster and Cement.)

Poultry Dealers.

HITCHMAN, C. & D. A., Schoharie

Printing Offices.

COBLESKILL INDEX, Wm. H. WEEKS, publisher, Cobleskill
CLARK, A. W. Dr., (job,) Jefferson
MIDDLEBURGH GAZETTE, O. B. IRELAND, publisher, Middleburgh
SCHOHARIE CO. DEMOCRAT, J. J. & J. L. MULTER, publishers, Richmondville

Produce Dealers.

MALONY, John, Carlisle
WORMER, John Jr., (butter and hops,) Breakabeen, Fulton
DEXTER, James, (hay and straw,) Middleburgh
GRIGGS, Cyrenius L., Richmondville
HARROWAY, James, Richmondville
BAILEY, Chas., Richmondville
DUNCKEL, Wm. J., (hops,) Hyndsville, Seward
FAKE, Henry L., Hyndsville, Seward
MC NEILL, Henry, (hops,) Sharon
BROWN, James H., Summit

Pump Dealers.

MARTIN, Alvin C., South Jefferson, Blenheim
SHAFER, David, Hyndsville, Seward

Real Estate. (See Agents, Real Estate.)

Robe Manuf.

COLLINS, Samuel S., Argusville, Carlisle

Saloons and Restaurants.

BRANDENSTEIN, Christopher, Cobleskill
DWELLY & OSTERHOUT, (billards,) Cobleskill
PURCELL, Edmond, Cobleskill
PURCELL, Richard, Cobleskill
WESTFALL, Abram, Esperance
STRYKER, Warren P., (billards, ice cream and lunch,) Gilboa
DEWEY, J. M., (billards,) Jefferson
BORST, James C., (billards,) Middleburgh
PIERSON, Oscar, (billards,) Middleburgh
SNYDER, Albert, (oysters,) Middleburgh
GILE, Warren, Richmondville
CHAMBERLIN, Geo., (ice cream,) Schoharie
HEALY, Geo. D., (billards and restaurant,) Schoharie
MARTIN, Peter, Schoharie
WAGONER, Wm. H., (billards and restaurant,) Schoharie
ELGEN, Frederick, Sharon Springs, Sharon
ELDREDGE, Ward, Sharon Springs, Sharon
HOAG, James N., Sharon Springs, Sharon
LIEBER, Leander, Sharon Springs, Sharon
STICHT, John, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Saw Mills. (See also Lumber Dealers.)

BALDWIN, Aaron, North Blenheim, Blenheim
DIBBLE, James R., Eminence, Blenheim
HAVERLY Bros., North Blenheim, Blenheim
SHAFER, Geo. H., North Blenheim, Blenheim
BENJAMIN, Melvin, Livingstonville, Broome
BENJAMIN, Roswell, Livingstonville, Broome
BENJAMIN & SORNBORGER, Livingstonville, Broome
CARPENTER, David, Franklinton, Broome
CHURCH, Lucius H., Livingstonville, Broome
SCUTT, Geo., Broome Center, Broome
SCUTT & TRAVER, Livingstonville, Broome
WILSEY Reuben, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome
ALPAUGH, Philip, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
BROWN, W. S., Carlisle
FOLIC, Joseph, Carlisle
MONTAYNE, Edward D., Carlisle
SCHERMERHORN & DEY, Argusville, Carlisle
SHANK, John, Carlisle
TEEPLE, Jacob H., Sloansville, Carlisle
BECKER, Harmon, Cobleskill
BECKER, James, Cobleskill
CASPER, Geo., Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
ISDALE, Sanford, Cobleskill
LAWYER, David & Peter, Cobleskill
PATRICK, Silas, Barnerville, Cobleskill
SHAFER, Geo. H., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
SHAFER & HILTS, Cobleskill
SHAFER, Jacob G., Mineral Springs, Cobleskill
VAN WAGENEN, James, Cobleskill
WAKEMAN Bros., Lawyersville, Cobleskill
CASE, Elisha, Conesville
HAWYER, James, Conesville
HITCHCOCK, Stephen J., Conesville
LAYMAN, Peter M., Manorkill, Conesville
SHOEMAKER, Abram & WIDEMAN, Conesville
WADE, Beri, Manorkill, Conesville
MC MASTER, H. S., Sloansville, Esperance
MILLER, James, Esperance
BAKER, Wm., Fultonham, Fulton
BERGH, Albert & Washington, Breakabeen, Fulton
DENEY, Horace, Eminence, Fulton
FINCH, John, Fultonham, Fulton
HEMSTREET, Adam, West Fulton, Fulton
HOLIDAY, Henry, Fultonham, Fulton
JACKSON, Andrew, West Fultonham, Fulton
KEYSER, Jacob, Breakabeen, Fulton
KLING, John N., Fultonham, Fulton
LAMONT, Stuart, West Fulton, Fulton
MICKLE, Henry J., Summit, Fulton
NEER, Alonzo, West Fulton, Fulton
SCHERMERHORN, Geo., West Fulton, Fulton
SHULTIS, John J., Breakabeen, Fulton
STEWART, Richard, Fultonham, Fulton
WALDRON & SISSON, Breakabeen, Fulton
DE SILVA, Hiram, Gilboa
MAYHAM, Benj. S., Stamford, Delaware Co., Gilboa
MC CLAURY, Lawson, South Jefferson, Gilboa
PHELPS, Chester, Gilboa
ROBINSON, Emory S., Gilboa
WOOD, Henry, South Jefferson, Gilboa
BOGARDUS, Peter H., Jefferson
BRADLEY, J. & W., Charlotteville, Jefferson
MANN & Co., Jefferson
MATTICE, Levi, Jefferson
PICKETT, A. & J., Jefferson
ROBBINS, Geo. J., Jefferson
ALGER, Jesse H., Middleburgh
BISHOP, Amberson, Middleburgh
DAVIS, James W., Schoharie, Middleburgh
HAVELY, Daniel, West Berne, Albany Co., Middleburgh
HILSLEY, John Jacob, Gallupville, Middleburgh
ROCKEFELLER, Geo., Middleburgh
SCUTT, Henry Jr., Middleburgh
SIMKINS, John and George, Middleburgh
WEIDMAN, Jacob, Middleburgh
WORMER, Peter, Middleburgh
WORRICK, Samuel, Huntersland, Middleburgh
DOX, David, Richmondville
MANN, Peter H., Richmondville
RADLIFF, Alonzo, Cobleskill, Richmondville
BECKER, Abram, Central Bridge, Cobleskill
BECKER, Francis, Central Bridge, Cobleskill
DURAND, Treat, Cobleskill
STEPHENS, Samuel B., Cobleskill
WATERBURY, James S. & Sons, Cobleskill
ABRAMS, George B., Seward
ESMAY, Moses P., Seward
HANES, Jacob, Seward
HOFFMAN, Barnabas, Seward
LETTS, Martin, Seward
MC CHESNEY, John C., Hyndsville, Seward
MERRENESS, Uriah, Seward
SHUMWAY, Ebenezer, West Richmondville, Seward
STRAIL, John, Seward
WHYLAND, Leonard, Hyndsville, Seward
YOUNG, Adam, Hyndsville, Seward
DUNCKEL, Josiah, Sharon Springs, Sharon
GARDINIER, Martin I., Argusville, Sharon
HOUGHTALING, David, Sharon Springs, Sharon
MONTANYE, Geo. S., Argusville, Sharon
PLANK, Thaddeus, Sharon Springs, Sharon
BARGER, Johnson, Summit
BOUGHTON, Harry V., Charlotteville, Summit
CROPSER, Henry, Summit
MEED, Michael, Summit
WITBECK, Lorenzo, Richmondville, Summit
MATTICE, James, Gallupville, Wright
ZEH, Elias, Gallupville, Wright

Seed Dealers.

ROCKEFELLER, Peter, (clover and timothy,) Howe's Cave, Schoharie

Sewing Machines. (See Agents, Sewing Machines.)

Shirt Makers.

BRIGGS, John M., Schoharie

Shingle Manufs.

JUMP, Foster, North Blenheim, Blenheim
BENJAMIN, Melvin, Livingstonville, Broome
WILSEY, Reuben, Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Broome
JOHNSON, Wm. W., Charlotteville, Jefferson
TRUAX, Chas., Charlotteville, Jefferson

Shoemakers. (See Boots and Shoes.)

Small Beer Manufacturers.

GAGE & Son, (soda water and sarsaparilla.) Esperance
WESTFALL, Abram, (soda water,) Esperance

Stage Proprietors.

ATCHINSON, E. D., (Middleburgh and Oak Hill,) Middleburgh
HITCHMAN, Willard, Sharon Springs, Sharon
BECKER, Alvah, (Gallupville and Schoharie,) Gallupville, Wright

Stone Dealers.

HOWE'S CAVE LIME & CEMENT CO., (building, curb, bases, monuments &tc.,) Howe's Cave, Cobleskill
DECKER, Aaron, Huntersland, Middleburgh
DEXTER, James, (flag,) Middleburgh
SCOTT, Wells & Co., (blue stone,) Middleburgh
SCRIBNER, John M., Middleburgh
WEST, Oscar, Middleburgh
BARNETT, Simon A., Schoharie
BECKER, David S., Schoharie
FREUST, Philip, Sharon Springs, Sharon

Stoves. (See Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.)

Tanners and Curriers. (See also Leather and Findings.)

COLLINS, Samuel S., (fur,) Argusville, Carlisle
KLING, Abraham, Carlisle
MILLER, John B., Breakabeen, Fulton
LAYMAN, Peter E., Gilboa
ANDREWS, LORING & Co., Middleburgh
BLODGETT, John C., (upper leather,) Middleburgh
BROWNELL, E. & Son, Shutter's Corners, Schoharie
KILFOYLE, Thos., Lawyersville, Seward
WORMUTH, Geo., Seward
CROUNSE, John, Argusville, Sharon
PARIS, Geo., Argusville, Sharon
WORMUTH, Jerome, Seward, Sharon
HARTWELL, Farrend, Charlotteville, Summit
LAMPSON, Matthew, Gallupville, Wright

Telegraph Operators.

BROWN, John J. M., Cobleskill
DUNNING, W. H., Richmondville
JENKINS, D. W., Central Bridge, Schoharie
KNAPP, Fred. A., Central Bridge, Schoharie
SHAFER, Austin, Schoharie
HAMPRERCHT, Albert, (D. & H. Canal Co.,) Sharon Springs, Sharon
MALLET, Roswell, Sharon Springs, Sharon
MALLET, Wm. M., Sharon Springs, Sharon

Tinsmiths. (See Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.)

Tobacco and Cigars.

KENYON, Maxson, North Blenheim, Blenheim
PAUL, Alex., Richmondville
GROESBECK, Richard, Schoharie
WIDMANN, Geo., Schoharie

Toys. (See Confectionery and Toys.)

Trunks. (See Harness and Trunks.)

Turners. (See Wood Turners.)


SOUER, Geo., North Blenheim, Blenheim
COUCHMAN, Hiram, Livingstonville, Broome
RELYEA, Simon, Grovenor's Corners, Carlisle
BORST, Abram B., Cobleskill
BORST, Josiah, Cobleskill
FARQUHER, Wm., Cobleskill
HAPPE & CARR, Esperance
SHUFELT, Geo. H., Breakabeen, Fulton
STREET, Warren P., Gilboa
HUBBELL, Chas. B. & Co., Jefferson
ELLSWORTH, Joseph, Huntersland, Middleburgh
SOUER, John, Middleburgh
SHOEMAKER, Jacob, Richmondville
CASE, David E., Schoharie
BELLINGER, Henry, Hyndsville, Seward
LOYD, Henry B., Hyndsville, Seward
BECKER, John M., Sharon Springs, Sharon
DINGMAN, Walter, Summit
SPENCER, David G., Charlotteville, Summit
BAKER, Lyman, Gallupville, Wright

Veterinary Surgeons.

WILBUR, Clark, Manorkill, Conesville
HAGADORN, Levi, Broome Center, Gilboa
SPICKERMAN, Abraham, Middleburgh
ROWLEY, Nelson G., Seward

Washing Machines.

MOORE, Jonas V., Cobleskill

Watches and Jewelry.

SHAFER & Son, Cobleskill
HILDRETH, Geo. H., Gilboa
RAUSHELBACK, Chas. F., Gilboa
CASE, C. A., Middleburgh
STEVENSON, Henry J., Middleburgh
SHAFER, T. L., Richmondville
NELLIS, Jacob, Schoharie
SHERLOCK, James B., Schoharie
HANES, Wilson, Seward
HUNTING & WELDMAN, Gallupville, Wright

Wood Turners.

BARTHOLOMEW, Loren W., Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., Conesville
BOUCK, Alex., Middleburgh
MANN, Geo. H., Richmondville
MASTERS, Henry, Richmondville
WEBBER, Henry, Warnerville, Richmondville
STEPHENS, Samuel B., Schoharie

Wooden Ware Dealers. (See also General Merchants.)


Woolen Mills.

BRADLEY, Milo N., Richmondville
LAMONT, Wm., Charlotteville, Summit

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