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History of Schoharie County by William E. Roscoe



During the unparalleled prosperity of the Nation the fearful hydra-headed demon of civil war chilled the country's heart-blood and made the year 1861 ever memorable upon the pages of history. Over the Southern fields that once reared such noble, patriotic sons as Washington, Marion, the Pinkneys and Randolphs, the torch of hatred was lit, and, emblazoned upon the ramparts of the Nation's outposts, where the infernal pencilings of disunion. Though from the rostrum of the political schemer and even the pulpit of reverend divines both North and South came the threatenings of war, devastation and death, yet the people - the power of the Government - were negligent of duty and awoke not to a sense of it until the tide of fanaticism had swept nearly over and undermined the temple of American liberty.

The Southern heart burst with vengeance against the walls of Sumter, in which was one of Schoharie's gallant sons, Captain George Snyder. The booming of cannon was answered from the plow, workshop and counting-room, of the East, North and West, under the folds of the "stars and stripes." Father met son, and son met brother, in deadly strife, and from every part, the moaning of mothers, widows and orphans rent the air, while the roaring of musketry and the shieks and groans of the dying arose from many hard fought battle-fields. Avarice, ever awake to selfish ends, took advantage of the tumult, and plied her energies to unholy speculation, while justice seemed to be paralyzed and her mandates of reason unheeded. From fanatical recesses came the howlings of Pharisaical braggadocios against the loyalty of Schoharie County. Epithets and anathemas were sent afloat to swell the volume of fraternal rage, while her sons, true to the spirits of their fathers at Plattsburgh, Oswego and Niagara, and their grandsires at Saratoga, Monmouth, and the wilds of Tryon and Albany counties, were gallantly struggling, not to avenge, but subdue the maddening spirit upon Southern soil, and guard Freedom's standard upon the citadel of the Nation, that it might bear the glorious banner of our country, for after generations to bless and protect.

We are unable to give a correct list of all that volunteered from the County, as many early did so, in distant regiments, and were credited to those counties and States in which they enlisted.

As near as we are enabled to ascertain, Hiram A. Blodgett, of Cherry Valley, afterwards Captain in the 76th regiment of N. Y. S. Volunteers, was the first that enlisted recruits in the County. The ball being put in motion, meetings were called throughout the County, and several, with enlisting papers, procured many, of whom we cannot obtain a perfect list.

Peter E. Borst, of Cobleskill, was the first to enlist in the County, and afterwards joined the 3rd Cavalry, as will be seen.

S. Hoosick Mix, of Schoharie, organized the 3d New York Cavalry, in which the following enlisted from the County: -

Lieutenant-Colonel, Hoosick Mix, promoted to Colonel, killed; Captain C. C. Kromer, Captain Briar L. Wilber; Lieutenant Peter E. Borst, wounded; Lieutenant Alphonso Babcock, Lieutenant Charles Pansler; Corporal C. E. Foot, wounded, Nathaniel Rickard, killed, Henry Spilter, Ira Zeh, Henry Roberts, John M. Freeman, Rensselaer Kinney, Daniel Herron, Warren Giles. The regiment was mustered into service, August 12, 1861.

The 76th N. Y. S. V. was organized at Cherry Valley and was mustered into service.

The following were from Schoharie County and the list may be imperfect by not being able to procure the names of those who joined after the regiment was mustered into service: -

Company I.

Cook John E.,        Captain.
Blodgett H. A.,      First Lieutenant, promoted Captain.
Clark Peter S.,      Second Sergeant, promoted Captain.
Liddle Wm. J.,       Third Sergeant.
Warner Lyman,        Fourth Sergeant.
Rifenburgh Lewis,    Fifth Sergeant.
Pitts Weller,        Corporal.
Propper D. M.,         do
Slater John M.,        do
Smith Hezekiah,        do
Smith Silas,           do
Clark Coons,         Wagoner.
Smith Nelson B.,     Musician.
Billings Charles H., Private.
Brown Wm. H.,          do
Murphey Chas.,         do
Rorick John,           do
Schermehorn Francis,   do
Ottman Abram,          do
Alger Chas.,           do
Barton Darius B.,      do
Becker E. H.,          do
Bice Henry,            do
Bice John J.,          do
Boom W. H. H.,         do
Borst J. L.,           do
Borst Martin,          do
Bouck Chris,           do
Brazee Abram,          do
Cater John D.,         do
Champnoy H.,           do
Clark E. A.,           do
Coons James E.,        do
Coons J. W.,           do
Dimond John,           do
Duel David H.,         do
Dutcher T.,            do
Eckerson John,         do
Edwards M.,            do
Efner E. J.,           do
Eller R.,              do
Geurnsey C. H.,        do
Hammond J. H.,         do
Hayward Aaron,         do
Herron Daniel,         do
Hillsley J. J.,        do
Ives Hiram R.,         do
Lawyer Nelson,         do
Lawyer Wm. H.,         do
Lockwood Jeremiah,     do
Lynes David,           do
Mann George D.,        do
Mann Thomas J.,        do
Manning Adam,          do
Manschaeffer Jacob,    do
Mattice Joseph H.,     do
Moon Lewis,            do
Nelson Holmes K.,      do
Olover Gideon,         do
Parslow Jacob,         do
Parslow Wm. H.,        do
Pierce Ralph,          do
Redmond Thomas,        do
Ruland Amos,           do
Shufelt Orison,        do
Stever Abram,          do
Sullivan John,         do
Teater Henry,          do
Thompkins Moses,       do
Traver Calvin,         do
Tygert G. W.,          do
VanPatten George,      do
Vosburgh A.,           do
Waggoner H.,           do
Warner Ira,            do
Warner John,           do
Weidman Paul,          do
Wright Charles H.,     do
Wright Fletcher,       do
Yanson Joseph,         do
Ives Hiram R.,         do
Brazee Samuel,         do 

134TH REGT. N. Y. S. V.

The regiment was raised from Schoharie and Schenectady counties, and rendezvoused upon the fair-grounds at Schoharie C. H., in the months of September and October, 1862. In the fore part of November, it was taken to Washington, where Col. Geo. Danforth as a State officer was relieved of command by U. S. Colonel, D. S. A. Grede, who led them to Fairfax, where they were brigaded November 22d, in the Second Brigade (Second Division) 11th Army Corps, under the command of General Van Steinweir.

Charles R. Costar was appointed Colonel of the regiment while at Fairfax, which command he held during service, and which closed with the war.

The regiment participated in the actions at Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, Missionary Ridge, Knoxville, Atlanta, Resaca, Dallas, Pine Knob, Lost Mountain, Peachtree Creek, Savannah and Goldsborough. They were unfortunate in a few of the engagements, especially at Petersburgh, where many of the brave lads fell in the thickest of the fight. Typhoid fever carried many of them away, a list of which may be consulted in the latter part of this number. The following are the names of the members credited to Schoharie County as they appear in the "Muster-in-roll" with promotions as far as we are able to learn, also officers, from both counties: -

James M. Walkins,     Captain, Company A.
Henry Y. Bradt,       First Lieutenant.
Henry I. Palmer,      Second Lieutenant.
Benjamin B. Bice,     First Sergeant.
Garrett Horsefall,    Second Sergeant.
Joseph Shaw,          Third Sergeant.
E. VanDanDyck,        Fourth Sergeant.
Andrew A. Kelly,      Fifth Sergeant.
Joseph McGraw,        First Corporal.
James Scott,          Second Corporal.
William H. Cain,      Third Corporal.
Peter S. Palmer,      Fourth Corporal.
John Brothers,        Fifth Corporal.
Frank Robinson,       Sixth Corporal.
James A. Tullock,     Seventh Corporal.
William H. Dean,      Eighth Corporal.
Henry King,           Bugler.
H. C. McDonald,       Musician.
Alsdorf Morgan,       Private.
Armstrong James,        do
Auer Frederick,         do
Arnold P. J.,           do
Brewer Richard,         do
Barber James W.,        do
Bond Walter D.,         do
Becker John B.,         do
Babcock William,        do
Bebee Calvin H.,        do
Bradt John,             do
Baringer Jacob,         do
Cain Isaac,             do
Chapman Lionel,         do
Chapman George,         do
Chapman George H.,      do
Clute Nicholas,         do
Clute C. H.,            do
Dunbar F. H.,           do
Diefenahl Garard,       do
Dillon Horatio P.,      do
Ernest L. P.,           do
Erhart Fred L.,         do
Gage Wesson,            do
Gage Alonzo,            do
Gage Hiram C.,          do
Green Aaron,            do
Hedding Oliver,         do
Hubner William,         do
Hays Dennis,            do
Hindly Thomas,          do
Hienaman C. H.,         do
Kittle James E.,        do
Kittle Solomon,         do
Kimball Carlton,        do
Landers John V.,        do
McGraw Isaac,           do
McMurrin W. J.,         do
Marcelus Nicholas,      do
Marcelus Thomas,        do
Moore William H.,       do
Montanney J. W.,        do
McCann James,           do
Markel Hurbert A.,      do
Nicholas George,        do
Neverman Henry,         do
Nichols Nelson,         do
Ostrander George,       do
Osborn George C.,       do
Osing Andrew,           do
Polch Henry,            do
Peasly George A.,       do
Palmer George W.,       do
Rickerman Antoine,      do
Rummius Charles,        do
Rosekrans Charles,      do
Spangler Joseph,        do
Swits John C.,          do
Stevens George E.,      do
Smith Fred,             do
Simpson Thomas,         do
Schauber H. V.,         do
Scheck Andrew,          do
Tallock John K.,        do
Tiffany George,         do
Tolls John A.,          do
Tolls Cicero,           do
Towndly Caleb W.,       do
VanPatten Silas,        do
Veir George H.,         do
VanAernam Park,         do
VanBencotten Jerome,    do
VanVoast Andrew,        do
Ward James,             do
Wessel Harman,          do
Wilbur Silas G.,        do
West John,              do
Wohnlich Christian,     do
Tubler Rudolph,         do
Young Daniel D.,        do

Company B.

David H. Hamlin,      Captain.
Solomon G. Hamlin,    First Lieutenant. 
Solomon C. Wilson.    Second Lieutenant. 

Company C.

John Materhaghan,     Captain.
Jas. Glenn,           First Lieutenant.
Perry E. McMaster,    First Lieutenant, promoted Captain Company K, Brev. Col.
N. M. VanAntwert,     Sergeant.
Peter Haley,            do
James Burke,            do
Alonzo McKee            do
Wm. H. Wilson,          do
Otis Guffin,          Corporal, promoted to Captain, Brev. Col.
Geo. H. Warner,       Corporal.
Walter Stocker,         do
Orin Warner,            do
Jno. D. Gardner,        do
Peter W. Keyser,        do
Levi Moore,             do
S. D. Lyons,            do
John Taggart,         Drummer.
George Kniskern,      Fifer.
Allen Chas. B.,       Private.
Borst Cornelius,        do
Borst Hiram,            do
Borst Davis S.,         do
Brown Stephen M.,       do
Brown Harvey,           do
Becker David S.,        do
Borst William,          do
Bradt Joseph,           do
Bailey Stillman,        do
Bradt Clark,            do
Cook Daniel S.,         do
Cassidy Martin,         do
Cady Alonzo,            do
Cornell Schuyler        do
Cornell Wm. H.,         do
Clark Peter D.,         do
Clark Abram D.,         do
Cartwright G. W.,       do
Clute John,             do
Clute Henry,            do
Clute Charles,          do
Coonradt Abram D.,      do
Coonradt Peter,         do
Dykman Jas. M.,         do
Dings Truman,           do
Devoe Wm. A.,           do
Duell George,           do
Dey Benjamin,           do
Esmy Jedediah,          do
Gunther Charles,        do
Gardner Riley S.,       do  
Gorden Henry W.,      promoted Corporal.
Groot Adam,           Private.
Guffin Cyrus,           do
Gage Hiram M.,          do
Gardnier Wm. I.,        do
Holmes John H.,         do
Haley Martin,           do
Hayner Austin,          do
Hyney Daniel,           do
Hyney John L.,          do
Hyney Charles,          do
Keyser Jacob H.,        do
Kuhn Conrad,            do
McMillen Wm. H.,        do
Mickel Weston G.,     regt. Color Bearer.
Mutter Joseph,          do
Morris George H.,       do
Marsh John Y.,          do
Manchester John A.,     do
Nelson Sylvanus H.,     do
Nelson Wm. H.,          do
Polmyteer Jacob,        do
Pindar Jacob,           do
Rose Wm.,               do
Ryfenbark Ebenezer,     do
Rowly Elias S.,         do
Rasue Leonard,          do
Rowe Jas. B.,           do
Snyder J. M.,           do
Spawn Wm.,              do
Stillwell W. T.,        do
Stillwell S. J.,        do
Stillwell D. H.,        do
Smeaton Albert,         do
Sagendorf John          do
Swarthout Jas. H.,      do
Taggart James,          do
Tyrrell Sam'l.,         do
Talmage Oliver,         do
Towero Wm.,             do
Underhill Washington I. do
Van Guilder Geo. W.,    do
Van Dyck,               do
Van Slyke Cornelius R., do
Van Dyck Edward,        do
Van DeGrift John S.,    do
Witbeck Pelet,          do
Woodsworth Lansing,     do
Warner Isaac,           do
Warner David A.,        do
Weaver Charles H.,      do
Weaver Benj. F.,        do
Wood Abram R.,          do
Wood Lewis M.,          do
White David C.,         do
Wolford Minor,          do
Welton Wm. H.,          do
Shafer Edward,          do
Bellinger Conrad,       do

Company D.

A. H. Southwell,      Captain.
S. L. Mitchell,       First Lieutenant.
C. W. Hinman,         Second Lieutenant.
Alonzo Parslow,       First Sergeant.
Geo. W. Bishop,       Second Sergeant.
A. J. Dickinson,      Third Sergeant.
C. B. Barnhart,       Fourth Sergeant.
Abrm., C. Conklin,    First Corporal.
Peter H. Zeh,         Second Corporal.
Stephen Hillsinger,   Third Corporal.
Harvey J. Tiffany,    Fourth Corporal.
W. H. Brane,          Fifth Corporal.
Levi O. Fox,          Sixth Corporal.
James Best,           Seventh Corporal.
Addison Cornwell,     Eighth Corporal.
Isaac Van Kleek,      Musician.
Hamilton B. Bouck,    Musician.
Orin M. Duncan,       Teamster.
Alvernon Wm. B.,      Private.
Allen Charles,          do
Allen David C.,         do
Arrmlin Wm.,            do
Borst Merrit J.,        do
Brown John,             do
Bergen Michael,         do
Bachus William,         do
Blodgett J. H.,         do
Bevens William,         do
Brownell Jonathan,      do
Babcock John,           do
Burnett Wesley A.,      do
Burnett Isaac,          do
Brooks John H.,         do
Coons M. W.,            do
Cosgrove Chas.,         do
Chichester Albert,      do
Cleveland John C.,      do
Cartwright Wm.,         do
Curtis Abram,           do
Clark Mortimer,         do
Coons, Jacob,           do
Cartwright Alonzo,      do
Cain Reuben,            do
Dibble Jesse,           do
Doney Benjamin,         do
Doney David,            do
Deman Henry,            do
Decker Chas L.,         do
Donovan Clinton I.,     do
Gifford Johnson,        do
Hallenbeck H.,          do
Ham Robert,             do
Hagerdorn Christopher,  do
Haskin Henry,           do
Hittsley John,          do
Keyser Ephriam H.,      do
Kelsey William P.,      do
Kelsey Albert M.,       do
Keyser Jonas,           do
Meeker Henry W.,        do
Mattice Henry M.,       do
Perry Solomon,          do
Plough Ephraim,         do
Parslow Adam,           do
Parslow Anthony,        do
Palmer William H.,      do
Reynolds Edgar,         do
Reinhart Jacob,         do
Smith Chas. C.,         do
Scram John,             do
Sitzor Seth,            do
Shafer Deverue,         do
Stafford Reuben H.,     do
Sweet Sylvanus,         do
Scram George H.,        do
Shafelt Peter,          do
Styner Jacob,           do
Schell Jacob, Jun.,     do
Teater Daniel,          do
Teater Heleam,          do
Thurston Thomas,        do
Traver Charles,         do
Traver Erastus,         do
Treman Oscar I.,        do
Whitnig John H.,        do
Wereley Reuben,         do
Winewright George H.,   do
Weidman Septemas,       do
Watson John I.,         do
Wheeler George,         do
Warner Wm. H.,          do
Wood Chas. N.,          do
Whilsing George,        do
Weidman George D.,      do
Livingston Sylvester,   do
Weidman James,        Private, promoted Corporal.

Company E.

John B. Vroman,       Captain.
S. H. Newcomb,        First Lieutenant.
Peter Deoy,           Second Lieutenant.
Joel Warner,          First Sergeant.
Wm. W. Jackson,       Second Sergeant.
C. G. Tyler,          Third Sergeant.
G. R. Payne,          Fourth Sergeant, promoted Lieutenant.
Jerome Simpson,       Fifth Sergeant.
Jas. M. Dart,         First Corporal.
Jas. Driscol,         Second Corporal.
Oscar Spickerman,     Third Corporal.
I. F. Mabee,          Fourth Corporal.
J. C. Starkins,       Fifth Corporal.
Stephen E. Beller,    Sixth Corporal.
Robert Veley,         Seventh Corporal.
T. S. Vroman,         Eighth Corporal.
O. B. Curtis,         Drummer.
Armstrong Alfred,     Private.
Brown Albert,           do
Becker William A.,      do
Birchard Joseph,        do
Burnett Oswald,         do
Barry Jeremiah,         do
Berchard L. D.,         do
Baker J. W.,            do
Cammer John H.,         do
Crapser Jesse A.,       do
Craighton Henry,        do
Craighton D. W.,        do
Champlin Stanton,       do
Craw George,            do
Champlin George W.,     do
Driggs C. A.,           do
Dingman Reuben,         do
Dudley Addison,         do
Dany Philip,            do
Elleason Charles,       do
Eggenor W. W.,          do
Ellet Peleg,            do
Eglerston J. D.,        do
Eglerston Miles,        do
Farrington A. L.,       do
Finch William H.,       do
Gavett Leander,         do
Hughs J. S.,            do
Hay James D.,           do
Happy J. W.,            do
Hubbard Michael,        do
Hallock N.,             do
Harm A.,                do
Inghram E.,             do
Jackson D.,             do
Jackson Jeremiah,       do
Judd George,            do
Jump William,           do
Lockwood Alexander,     do
Layman Charles A.,      do
Monroe A.,              do
McIntyre A.,            do
Martin Charles,         do
Mattice H. C.,          do
Murphy James,           do
Nichols Isaac P.,       do
Porter R. S.,           do
Reed William L.,        do
Reed Ellis,             do
Reed David,             do
Reed William,           do
Robinson F.,            do
Roe J. P.,              do
Rull Leiman,            do
Smith William R.,       do
Sloat S.,               do
Stoker C. M.,           do
Sprague Alonzo,         do
Sommers S. B.,          do
Shelmandine L.,         do
Sagendorf A.,           do
Sager Jacob,            do
Sharff Henry,           do
Shilmandine John,       do
Shelmandine E. B.,      do
Simpson John,           do
Thomas Elias,           do
Thorne William,         do
Thomas John,            do
Vanlan Dewit,           do
Vanloan O. D.,          do
Vroman J. W.,           do
Vroman A. L.,           do
Wilber P. C.,           do
Wilber Hiram,           do
Widman J. D.,           do
Weed J. M.,             do
Winters Frank,          do
Witbeck G. H.,          do
Wederman John,          do
Winne Lafayette,        do
Warner Alvah,           do
Yanson Peter,           do
Yoemans H. A.,          do

Company F.

G. D. Kennedy,        Captain.
G. A. Turnbull,       First Lieutenant.
Clinton C. Brown,     Second Lieutenant.
William H. Rowe,      First Sergeant.
J. W. Kennedy,        Second Sergeant.

Company G.

Henry C. Cook,        Captain (resigned).
Henry Parsons,        First Lieutenant.
Wilber F. Ramsey,     Second Lieutenant.
C. W. Taylor,         First Sergeant, promoted Captain, Brevet Major.
John Secombe,         Second Sergeant.
James H. Foland,      Third Sergeant.
George W. Guernsey,   Fourth Sergeant.
Martin Jones,         Fifth Sergeant.
Thompson Underhill,   First Corporal.
William W. Herron,    Second Corporal.
G. L. Brewster,       Third Corporal.
Charles Mayer,        Fourth Corporal.
Jarvis Swift,         Fifth Corporal.
James Brownler,       Sixth Corporal.
G. W. Douglas,        Seventh Corporal.
Robert Vaughn,        Eighth Corporal.
Brown Sovereign,      Private.
Bice Asher D.,          do
Beaver George R.,       do
Brandenstine Jacob,     do
Batchelor L.,           do
Boughton Lendon E.,     do
Boughton J. B.,         do
Bullis Charles,         do
Bell John,              do
Clute J. P.,            do
Campbell Peter,         do
Campbell Duncan,        do
Campbell James,         do
Cleveland H. M.,        do
Cleveland Alexander,    do
Drum P. H.,             do
Donovan John,           do
Driggs Alonzo,          do
Dingman J. A.,          do
Earls William W.,       do
Fuller Rodman S.,       do
Guffin James,           do
Gillbourne D.,          do
Hummel R. S.,           do
Haner David,            do
Jerrolman Jacob,        do
King Stephen,           do
King Peter,             do
Kater A. D.,            do
King J. H.,             do
King Lawrence,          do
Loucks Ira,             do
Lake M. S.,             do
Lehman D. W.,           do
Maddock E.,             do
Moak N. D.,             do
Mann George D.,         do
Morris G. H.,           do
Near S. D.,             do
O'Gorman William,       do
Ouderkirk H.,           do
Perry N. S.,            do
Pitcher Conrad,         do
Parmlee John,           do
Palmatier Daniel,       do
Palmatier Willis,       do
Palmatier David,        do
Paris Charles,          do
Parson Alx.,            do
Pitcher A. A.,          do
Paris Levi,             do
Roney Barney,           do
Richtmyer, H.,          do
Slater William,         do
Schermerhorn Alx.,      do
Sperbeck Orlando,       do
Scripture N. R.,        do
Staright Alonzo,        do
Smith Andrew,           do
Stanton Lorin T.,       do
Van Kleeck Hugo,        do
Wightman C. B.,         do
Walters A. L.,          do
Winne James,            do
Wilday Albert,          do
Watson D. A.,           do
Young Nelson S.,        do
Zeh Martin G.,          do
Zeh David,              do
Brown S.,               do
Michael Geo.,           do
Brown John,             do
Rhinehart Jacob,        do
Sager Jacob,            do
Sagendorf Andrew,       do
King Wm. H.,            do   

Company H.

Austin A. Yates,      Captain.
Gerardus Carley,      First Lieutenant.
Marcus A. Herrick,    Second Lieutenant.
A. W. Barry,          First Sergeant.
W. H. Mickel,         Second Sergeant.
Wm. E. Rockwell,      Third Sergeant.
A. W. Degolyer,       Fourth Sergeant.
R. S. Smith,          Fifth Sergeant.
Wm. Johnson,          First Corporal.
E. W. Bowen,          Second Corporal.
T. G. Liddle,         Third Corporal.
Robt. Seaman,         Fourth Corporal.
H. G. Teller,         Fifth Sergeant.
E. J. Mockrie,        Sixth Sergeant.
C. W. Austin,         Seventh Sergeant.
Jas. Waddell,         Eighth Sergeant.
Ackley E. S.,         Private.
Acker Adam,             do
Abells J. W.,           do
Brown E. P.,            do
Brown I. R.,            do
Barrows Daniel,         do
Barrows C. D.,          do
Burbank H. H.,          do
Bradt George,           do
Bradt Olvon,            do
Bradt A. D.,            do
Bradt Aaron,            do
Bennet Geo.,            do
Barkhuff Jas. H.,       do
Brigner Andrew,         do
Beckler John,           do
Brumagin Peter,         do
Burke James H.,         do
Corl Robert,            do
Countermine Chas.,      do
Countermine Wm.,        do
Campbell Lewis,         do
Chamberlin J. P.,       do
Chilson Lorin,          do
Cotton Wm.,             do
Cotton Daniel,          do
Connell John,           do
Davis C. O.,            do
Douglas J. E.,          do
Dougall R. C.,          do
Earles W. W.,           do
Fields S. S.,           do
Fredericks D.,          do
Fredericks E.,          do
Filkins Benj. C.,       do
Hughs David,            do
Jones John C.,          do
Kenneday Jas.,          do
Kohn Lewis,             do
Kughts Michall,         do
Kagner T.,              do
Lester Alanson,         do
Lester John,            do
Lester M.,              do
Levey W. T.,            do
Murphy Jerry,           do
Miller James,           do
Mesech H. G.,           do
Mackey Wm.,             do
Myers Henry,            do
Oudekirk P.,            do
Preston Henry,          do
Padley Wm. N.,          do
Palmer H.,              do
Rockwell Henry,         do
Rockwell Jay,           do
Reagles Geo. M.,        do
Russell Jerry,          do
Stebbins John,          do
Sherman Borton,         do
Sharpe Abram,           do
Squires Geo.,           do
Starks Peter,           do
Smith Wm.,              do
Somes H. M.,            do
Tymeson Peter,          do
Truax Peter,            do
Trip Henry,             do
Vanhuysen John,         do
Valkman John,           do
VanWormer J. H.,        do
VanAntwert Peter,       do
Walters Chas.,          do
Wood Chas.,             do
Wasson A. J.,           do
Wilsey A. J.,           do

Company I.

Frank Fletcher,       Captain and Chaplain.
Albert G. Washburne,  First Lieutenant.
Wm. F. Baldwin,       Second Lieutenant.
Charles Ahreets,      First Sergeant.
Wm. E. Teller,        Second Sergeant.
C. T. Hunter,         Third Sergeant.
Wesley Little,        Fourth Sergeant.
W. O. Beach,          Fifth Sergeant.
Jarvis Moore,         First Corporal.
Wm. Countermine,      Second Corporal.
John Cornell,         Third Corporal.
N. Nichols,           Fourth Corporal.
C. VanAernam,         Fifth Corporal.
Thomas Mann,          Sixth Corporal.
E. Dennison,          Seventh Corporal.
E. Patterson,         Eighth Corporal.
Bevins M. M.,         Private.
Bellenger H.,           do
Burnett G. G.,          do
Brand A. L.,            do
Burger Peter,           do
Brotherton J.,          do
Barry James,            do
Bakeman Charles,        do
Barrows Daniel          do
Coons Jacob             do
Cator Janus,            do
Curtis Lorenzo,         do
Clow Wm.,               do
Cator J. H. D.,         do
Contoyne Joseph,        do
Connelly Patrick,       do
Driggs Emery,           do
Duel J. F.,             do
Duncan Ora,             do
Earl Wilbur N.,         do
Follensbee George,      do
Friend Peter,           do
Fitzpatrick Ed.,        do
Goodfellow H.,          do
Goodspeed Wm.,          do
Houghtailing E.,        do
Houghtailing S.,        do
Houghtailing A.,        do
Houghtailing P.,        do
Hassong Leopold,        do
Ham John J.,            do
Husner John,            do
Hitsley Jacob,          do
Jones LeGrande,         do
Joslin John,            do
Jenner Charles,         do
Jennings James,         do
Kniskern George,        do
Livingston H.,          do
Layman Wallace,         do
Larribee Thomas,        do
Myer Henry,             do
Mace Jefferson,         do
Merenees Wm.,           do
Merenees Jacob,         do
Plue Peter,             do
Pratt George,           do
Quinn Thomas,           do
Rider Reuben,           do
Rooker Ira,             do
Slater Ira,             do
Spoor Marcellus,        do
Scrum Jacob,            do
Salsbury Amasa,         do
Spoor John E.,          do
Stock, Christian,       do
Smith George W.,        do
Tallerday Wm. H.,       do
Turner John G.,         do
TenEyck Hiram,          do
Taggart J. A.,          do
Vrooman Wm.,            do
Wayman David,           do
Weightman Wm.,          do
Young Grosvenor,        do
Wiltsey Wm.,            do
Shafer Levi,            do
Germond George,         do
West Zadok,             do
Palmateer Jacob,        do
Stillwell S. G.,        do
Stillwell, D. H.,       do
Tyrell Samuel,          do
Borst Wm.,              do

Company K.

Perry E. McMaster,      Captain, promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel.
Henry Frederick,        First Lieutenant.
J. Wm. Burkhart,        Second Lieutenant.
Chas. Gartland,         First Sergeant.
Frederick Neuber,       Second Sergeant.
Bek Wm.,                Private.
Bellenger Jacob,           do
Blum Christ.,              do
Blesser Frank,             do
Breithaupt Jacob,          do
Burk Simon,                do
Burk James,                do
Bermbeck Conrad,           do
Benz Christian,            do
Clement John,              do
Eisenmenger Fred,          do
Devoe Hiram,               do
Geiser Jacob,              do
Gernsmer Ferdinand,        do
Haflinger John,            do
Horn Valentine,            do
Herrman Phil.,             do
Holmes Edwin,              do
Klutz Charles,             do
Kunst Frederick,           do
Keller John,               do
Lasumea T.,                do
Link Peter,                do
Marion John,               do
Murphy John,               do
Rode John,                 do
Rheinisch John,            do
Schellkopf John,           do
Schuster Anton,            do
Schmidt Joseph,            do
Schmidt Thomas,            do
Uglitz Charles,            do
Wagner John,               do
Wilbeck Abram,             do
Watchtell Philip,          do
Wurster Philip,            do
Van Able John,             do
Myer Henry,                do
Fitzgerald Wm.,            do
Ball C. L. S.,             do
Tyall Anthony,             do
Feathers Samuel,           do
Bunge Chas.,               do
Van DeBogart Geo.,         do
Truan Theodore,            do
White John C.,             do
Schneider Fred,            do
Hedden Olover,             do
O'Ring Andrew,             do
Backer Wm.,                do
Travis Stephen,            do
Williams Geo. H.,          do
Weaver Samuel,             do
Cater Wm.,                 do
Undyk John,                do
Palmateer G. H.,           do
Tidger George,             do
Schwarzman Adam,           do
Cornelius Adam,            do
Boiler John G.,            do
Stooker Charles,           do
Stopper John,              do
Groope David,              do
Scharff Henry,             do
Winters Frank,             do
Barry Jeremiah,            do
Johnson Peter,             do
Happy J. W.,               do
Beaver Peter,              do
Judd George,               do
Van DeBogart I.,           do
Martin Wm.,                do
Ashton George,             do
Zessut Jacob, or Joseph,   do
Bellinger Conrad,          do
Welton Wm. H.,             do
Wolford Minor,             do
Zunest William,            do
Smith Wm. R.,              do
Balders Chas.,             do


We regret exceedingly our inability to obtain a correct list of the brave boys that enlisted in the 44th, from the County. The regiment rendezvoused at Cooperstown and was mustered in the U. S. service at Washington in 1862.

Robt. W. Gardner,       Corporal.
Norman Ottman,          Private.
Martin Stewart,            do
John F. Chase,             do
David Claus,               do
Wm. Eckerson, Jun.,        do
Emery A. Shaver,           do
Rufus Esmay,               do
Theodore Garnsey,          do
Aaron H. Esmay             do


The following names and regiments to which they belonged we have been fortunate in finding, and being scattered throughout the State we will place them as follows:-

Archer John H., Private, 61st Regiment, Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Bice Henry, Private, 91st Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Brown Charles, Private, 91st Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Becker Vinton, Corporal, 3d Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Budg Daniel, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Bowie James, Private, 102d Regiment Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Bevins John, Private, 7th Regiment Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Bevins Dennis, Private, 7th Regiment Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Duel George H., Private, 93d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Duel Levi, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Ensign Frederick, Private, 4th Heavy Artillery, U.S. Regulars.
Fox Samuel W., Sergeant, 175th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Funk Simeon, Private, 34th Art'y, N.Y.S.V.
Grovenor Perry, Private, unknown.
Gorden William H., Private, 25th, promoted to Captain, 61st N.Y.S.V.
Hanson Nicholas, Lieutenant, 3d Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Hyney John H., Corporal, 90th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Huested William, Private, 142d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Hillsinger John H., Private, 5th Infantry, Iowa.
Hurst Robert, Private, 61st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Hemstreet Charles, Corporal, Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
King Peter, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Lane Stanton, Private, 102d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Little Loren L., Private, 61st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Mead Ephraim, private, 90th Infantry
Mattice Spenser, Private, 81st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Moyer Sylvanus, Private, 115th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Marble George, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Marshall Thomas, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Ostrander John, Private, 87th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Pitcher Jerry D., Private, 1st Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Pichet Peter, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Relyea John, Private, 91st Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Salsbury George, Private, 91st Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Shaver George A., Private, 91st Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Stanton John H., Private, 43d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Shaver William, Corporal, 177th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
VanWormer Isaac, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
VanWormer J. H., Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
VanWagoner James, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Witbeck Martin, Lieutenant, 51st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
White Stephen P., Private, 57th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Tillapaugh Washington, Private, in a Western Regiment.
Herrick John, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Benjamin W. Gilbourne, Private, -- Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Perry Grovenor, Private, -- Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Barney Higgins, Private, U.S. Infantry.
R. G. Havens, Surgeon, 139th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.
J. M. Esmy, Private, 101st Regiment, N.Y.S.V.
P. E. Moore, Private, 4th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Charles Bothwick, Private, 53d Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
M. H. Woolford, Private, 17th Battery, N.Y.S.V.
William Hogan, Private, 93d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Peter Towers, Private, 8th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
John R. Meek, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
George W. Clement, Private, 78th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
George W. Boorne, Private, 121st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Walter A. Dingman, Private, 23d Battery, N.Y.S.V.
Oswal Burnet, Private, 12th Battery, N.Y.S.V.
Cyrus W. Ryder, Private, 133d Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
M. Rockerfeller, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Frank Phaniff, Private, 50th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
William kennedy, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
P. S. Taber, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Harrison Propper, Private, 120th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Benjamin Rennolds, Private, 144th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
John P. Lambert, Private, 80th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Edwin Bruce, Private, 80th Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
George W. Evens, Private, 1st M. F. Eng., N.Y.S.V.
Joseph S. Perry, Private, 2d Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Wesley Spore, Private, 91st Infantry, N.Y.S.V.
Stephen S. King, Private, 7th Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
Judson Sprong, Private, 152d N. Y. Artillery, N.Y.S.V.
John Thrall, Private, Ellsworth Revengers.
Philip H. Michaels, Private, 3d Heavy Artillery, N.Y.S.V.


Berg Henry,     Private,   20th   Regt.   U.S.C.T.
Becker John,       do       do     do       do
Burhans George,    do       do     do       do
Cain David,        do       do     do       do
Charlton Jacob,    do       do     do       do
Dewit Henry T.     do       do     do       do
Enders Samuel,     do       do     do       do
Hoyt Richard,      do      26th    do       do
Hoyt Samuel,       do      20th    do       do
Jackson Arch.,     do      11th    do     R.I.C.T.
Kilmer James H.,   do      11th    do     H.A.N.Y.V.
Keyser Abraham,    do      26th    do     U.S. Col'd T.
Keyser Zachariah   do       do     do       do
Larkin Thomas,     do      20th    do       do
Larkin Adam,       do      11th    do     R.I.H.A.
Lewis John,        do       do     do       do
Lawyer Peter,      do      20th    do     U.S. Col'd T.
Lauts Jerry,       do       do     do       do
Mitchell William,  do      31st    do     U.S.C.T.
Murphy Charles,    do      20th    do       do
Murphy Samuel,     do       do     do       do
Ray John,          do      11th    do     R.I.H.A.
Smoke William,     do      31st    do     U.S.C.V.
Schermerhorn John, do       do     do       do
Sternberg Henry,   do      26th    do       do
Smoke Josiah,      do       do     do       do
Sternbergh Lorenzo,do       do     do       do
Teaboat George,    do      20th    do       do
Teaboat William,   do      11th    do     R.I.H.Art.
Teaboat Jacob,     do       do     do       do
Tompson William,   do      26th    do     U.S.C.Vol.
Tompson Lysander,  do       do     do       do
teabout Harry,     do       do     do       do
Teabout Richard H.,do      31st    do       do
Vroman Harrison,   do      11th    do     R.I.H.A.
Vroman Daniel,     do      26th    do     U.S.C.V.
Sees Thomas,       do     enlisted in white regiment in 1861, killed


Since we have chronicled the names of those who went forth to battle for their country as far as we have been able to glean from promiscuous lists, let us turn to those who laid their lives upon our country's altar as a sacrifice to her greatness, independence and liberty, and a seal to their loyalty.

Through the kindness of Mr. H. H. Johnson, a literary gentleman of Hyndsville, we are able to furnish a list of the soldiers from Schoharie County, who died in service during the Rebellion, with their birthplace, date of enlisment and death, being extracts from articles written by Mr. Johnson, and published in the Cobleskill Herald, entitled "Hero Martyrs of Schoharie County."

George W. Snyder. [See Cobleskill]

Simon Hoosick Mix. [See Schoharie]

David Haner, private, Company G, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in the town of Sharon, March 16, 1843; enlisted in August, 1862. Participated in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburgh. Not found after the latter battle and supposed to have been taken prisoner and died in a rebel prison.

John F. Duel, private, Company I, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in the town of Schoharie about the year 1811; enlisted September 4, 1862. Died at Fairfax Court House, Va., December 3, 1862.

William H. Cornell, private, Company -, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in Lisle, Broome county, March 5, 1840; enlisted August 14, 1862. Fought in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburgh, and was killed by a railroad collision July 15, 1864.

Jesse Albert Crasper, private of Company E, 134th Regiment N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Summit, in 1843; enlisted in 1862; was taken prisoner at gettysburgh, and confined in "Libby Prison," at Richmond, Va., where he died.

Wm. T. Stillwell, private, Company C, 134th Regiment N. Y. S. Vols.; was born at Prattsville, Greene county, from whence he removed, at an early age, to Summit, Schoharie County; enlisted, September 23, 1862; died with spotted fever, December 23, 1862, at Fredericksburg, Va.

David H. Stilwell, private, Company C, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Summit, March 14, 1844; enlisted September 23, 1862; fought at gettysburgh and other battles, and died at Murfreesborough, Tenn., April 4, 1864.

Jacob Mereness, private, Company I, 134th Regiment N. Y. S. Vold.; was born in the town of Sharon, january 24, 1834; enlisted in August, 1862, and died near Fredericksburgh, Va., of chronic diarrhea, December 22, 1862.

Cornelius R. VanSlyke, private, Company C, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols. Born in the town of Seward, June 4, 1840; enlisted in September, 1862, and was killed at the battle of Gettysburgh.

Corporal Henry W. Gordon, Company C, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Caelisle, June 22, 1837; enlisted August 11, 1862; died of inflamation of the lungs, in the summer of 1863.

Wm. H. Clute, private, Company C, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vold.; was born at Spraker's Basin, Montgomery county, August 28, 1837, from whence he removed to Schoharie County; enlisted August 11, 1862, and died June 14, 1863, from the effects of a kick received from a mule, at Germantown.

Lieutenant George R. Payne, of Company E, 134th Regiment; was born in the town of Fulton, in the year 1840; enlisted in August, 1862. He fought at the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburgh. was captured in the latter, by the Rebels, but was re-taken by the federal troops, and was killed by a bullet at the battle of Rocky Face.

Corporal James Weidman, of Company D, 134th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Jefferson; enlisted in the summer of 1862; fought at Chancellorsville, Missionary Ridge, Rocky Face, Resaca, Lost Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, and Atlanta. At the last mentioned place, he was mortally wounded, and died the next day.

James Guffin, private, Company G, 134th Regiment; was born in the town of Carlisle, February 22, 1832; enlisted in September, 1862; fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, and was killed by a cannon ball at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864.

Levi Duel, private, Company , 7th N. Y. Heavy Artillery; born in the town of Schoharie, in 1841; enlisted August 4, 1862; was captured during the battle in front of Petersburgh, and died in Andersonville prison, August 15, 1864.

Corporal George H. Duel, 93d Regiment N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Wright, March 3, 1841, enlisted in the autumn of 1861; fought in several battles, and died from consumption, in October, 1864, brought on by exhaustion in the battle of the Wilderness.

Spencer Mattice, was a private in Company D, 81st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Wright, July 3, 1848; enlisted March 31, 1864, and died of typhoid fever at Hampton Hospital, August 2, 1864.

John Jost Hillsby, private, Company I, 76th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Cobleskill, in the year 1821; enlisted in the autumn of 1861, and died of fever near Fredericksburgh, August 9, 1862.

John Ostrander, private, 87th regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in the town of Jefferson, December 18, 1842; enlisted October 17, 1861; ought in the following battles: Williamsburgh, James River, Hanover Court House, Fair Oaks, and the seven days battle before Richmond, when he was wounded and his regiment all killed or taken prisoners, except four, of which number John was one. After recovering from his wounds, he fought at the battles of Cedar Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburgh, Gettysburgh, and the battle of the Wilderness, where he was killed by a bullet.

John H. Stanton, private, 43d Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Fulton; enlisted in February, 1862. Fought at the battle of Williamsburgh and died of fever, June 25, 1862.

Norman Ottman, private, 44th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Sharon, April 1, 1825; enlisted September 18, 1862. He fought at the battles of Fredericksburgh and Chancellorsville. In the latter conflict he was killed by a piece of shell.

Martin Sewart, a private in the 44th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Fulton, March 12, 1839; enlisted August 22, 1861. He died at the hospital of Fort Wood, in New York Harbor, of fever, June 8, 1862.

John F. Chase, private, Company D, 44th Regiment; born in Bennington, Vt., whence at an early age he removed to the town of Fulton, Schoarie County; enlisted in the month of September, 1861. Fought at Yorktown; died of typhoid fever, in a hospital in New York City, May 15, 1862.

Corporal Charles W. Hemstreet, was born in the town of Carlisle, July 8, 1840; enlisted December 6, 1861. Was taken prisoner at Manassas Junction, but was afterwards exchanged and died in 1863 from typhoid fever, contracted during his imprisonment.

David Claus, private, 44th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in the town of Scriba, Oswego county, N. Y., in the year 1840. In the earlypart of the year 1862 he removed to the town of Seward, Schoharie County; enlisted September 10, 1862. He fought in all the battles in which the 44th was engaged until his death; he was mortally wounded at the battle of the Wilderness, May 8, 1864, and died at Fredericksburgh two days after.

William Eckerson, Jr., private, Company I, 44th regiment, N. Y. S. Vos.; was born in the town of Canajoharie, Montgomery county, N. Y., june 28, 1834; enlisted October 9, 1861, and passed through all the battles in which that regiment was engaged. was wounded in the leg at the second battle of Bull Run and taken prisoner, but released again. re-enlisted as a veteran december 28, 1863, and was killed while on picket at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864.

Stanton Lane, private in the 102d Regiment, Van Buren's Light Infantry; born in the town of Canajoharie, Montgomery county, N. Y., from whence he removed to Sharon, and enlisted in October, 1861. Fought in the battles of Cedar Mountain, Chatall's, White Sulphur Springs and Antietam; was killed by a shell at the latter place.

Sylvanus Moyer, private, Company D, 115th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Sharon and Chesterfield Court House, and was struck in the head and killed at the latter place.

Corporal John H. Hyney, of e 90th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Carlisle, in October, 1838; enlisted November 10, 1861. He fought in the battles of Savage Station and Fair Oaks, where he was wounded in he thigh by the bursting of a shell. He was afterwards engaged in the battles at Swift Creek, Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor and Petersburgh; was mortally wounded at the last named battle, and died August 15, 1864.

Robert N. Hurst, private, Company F, 61st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in the town of New Scotland, Albany county, September 12, 1842, and removed to Carlisle, Schoharie County; enlisted September 12, 1861. He fought in the battle of Fair Oaks and before Richmond, and was run over at the latter place by a piece of artillery and killed.

Erastus Picket, private, Company E, 175th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; born in Schoharie about the year 1820; enlisted in the summer of 1864. Fought at the battle of Cedar Creek, and died of fever at Winchester, Va., November 20, 1864.

Sergeant Samuel W. Fox, of Company E, 175th Regiment, was born in the town of Richmondville, May 21, 1831, and enlisted August 21, 1864. He participated in the battle of Cedar Creek and died at Winchester, Va., of typhoid fever, November 22, 1854.

Henry Bice, a private of the 91st Regiment, N. Y. Heavy Artillery, was born at Rensselaerville, Albany county, from whence he removed to Schoharie County, and enlisted in September, 1864. He fought at the battle of Hatcher's Run, where he was wounded and afterwards died in the hospital at Washington, May 1, 1865.

Lieutenant Martin Wetbeck, of Company I, 51st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born December 4, 1841, and enlisted from Schoharie October 7, 1861; about the 1st of January, 1864, was promoted to First Lieutenant. Fought at Newbern, Roanoke, Second Bull Run, Chantilly, South Mountain, Fredericksburgh and Petersburgh; was taken prisoner and died at Danville prison, January 30, 1865.

Anthony Marshall, private, was born in 1810, and enlisted January 1, 1862; he died by disease at Armory Square Hospital, September 6, 1862.

Loren L. Little, priate, of Company F, 61st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols., was born in Charleston, Montgomery county, January 31, 1840, and removed to Sloansville, Schoharie County, and enlisted September 25, 1861; was offered a commission but declined and was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks.

John A. Archer, was a private in the 61st Regiment, N. Y. Vols., and born in Albany county, November 30, 1836; he removed to Sloansville, Schoharie County, and enlisted. Fought at the battles of Fair Oaks, Savage Station, Edsell's Hill, Antietam, Charlestown, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburgh, Gettysburgh, Hanover Cort House, Bull Run, Decar Mountain and Pine Plains, and many more, making tirty-one battles in all; was taken prisoner at Pine Plains, and died in a Rebel prison, August 25, 1864.

George A. Shafer, private, Company G, 91st Regiment, was born in the town of Wright, May 6, 1836, and enlisted November 11, 1861; he died by disease in Virginia, May 1, 1862.

John Relyea, a private of Company D, 91st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in Carlisle, March 28, 1841, and enlisted in October, 1861; he died of typhoid fever at Key West, May 16, 1862.

Corporal Robert W. Gardner, of Company E, 44th Regiment, was born in the town of Seward, June 1st, 1831; he enlisted September 18, 1862, and fought at Fredericksburgh, 1s and 2d battles, Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, Rappahannock Station, and the battle of the Wilderness. On the third day of the last named battle he was taken prisoner and died in Libby prison, in July, 1864.

Emery A. Shafer, was a private in the 44th, and born in the town of Seward, April 11, 1832; enlisted September 15, 1861 and died of jaundice at Philadelphia, in March, 1862.

Ephraim Mead, a private in the 90th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Jefferson, October 5, 1842, and enisted September , 1864; he fought and was wounded at Cedar Creek and died in a Philadelphia hospital, May 5, 1865.

Simeon Funk, of the 34th Regiment, N. Y. Artillery, was born in the town of Wright, March 26, 1822; was drafted in the summer of 1869; fought in the battles before Petersburgh, and died of dropsy at Harewood hospital, Washington, January 7, 1865.

Stephen P. White, private of Company B, 57th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in the town of Carlisle, August 16, 1840, and enlisted October 3, 1861. He died f disease at Camp California, Va., January 14, 1862.

Rufus Esmay, of the 44th Regiment, was a private of Company K, and was born in Seward, February 12, 1841. He fought through McClellan's peninsular campaign up to the siege of Yorktown. Here he was taken sick with typhoid fever and died May 1, 1862.

Corporal Theodore Guernsey, of Company G, 44th Regiment; was born in Cobleskill, October 12, 1833, and enlisted in September, 1861. Was killed by a bullet in the head at the battle of Hanover Court House, May 27, 1862.

Jeremiah D. Pitcher, a private of Battery C, N. Y. Artillery; was born in the town of Sharon in the year 1820, and enlisted September 16, 1864. He died of typhoid fever at Point Lookout, Md., February 22, 1865.

William Huested, was a private in the 142d Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols., and born in town of Carlisle, March 4, 1846. He enlisted August 20, 1864, and was wounded October 27, 1864, at the fight on the Darbytown road, and died from the effects of the wound, November 15, 1864.

John H. Hillsinger was born in the town of Carlisle, and enlisted as a private of Company B, of the 5th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, and died of disease in hospital, at St. Louis, October 18, 1862.

James Bowie, private of 102d Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols.; was born in Scotland in 1842. In 1858 he came to Sharon to reside, and enlisted in the autumn of 1861. Fought in several battles and was killed by a shot from a rebel sharpshooter, just after the battle of Antietam.

Jacob Van Wagonen, was born in Columbia county, from whence he removed to Barnerville, N. Y., and enlisted January 4, 1864, as a private in the 7th N. Y. H. Artillery. Fought at the battles of the Wilderness and Cold Harbor. Was wounded at the latter place, and died from the effects of the wound, July 7, 1874.

George Salsbury, private, Company D, 91st Regiment, N. Y. Vols.; was born in the town of Wright in the year 1820 and enlisted in the autumn of 1861. He fought in several battles, and at the expiration of his term of enlistment re-enlisted as a veteran, and died of disease at Albany hospital, August 15, 1864.

Charles Brown was a private in the 91st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols., was born in the town of Jefferson and enlisted in the fall of 1861. He died of disease at Key West, Florida, in 1864.

Harvey Brown, a brother, was a private of Company C, 134th Regiment, and born in the town of Jefferson; enlisted in September, 1862, and was killed at the battle of Gettysburgh.

Sovereign Brown, brother of the two preceeding, was a private in Copany G, of the 134th Regiment, and was born in the town of Jefferson. He enlisted in September, 1862, and died at Alexandria from the effects of a gunshot wound, in the summer of 1863.

Corporal William Shaver, of Company C, 177th Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols., was born in the town of Fulton, February 4, 1841, and enlisted October 14, 1862. He died in Louisiana of yellow feverApril 7, 1863.

Corporal Uriah Hallenbeck, of the 177th Regiment, was born in Albany County in 1835, and removed to Fulton, Schoharie County, where he enlisted in November, 1862, and died in Cairo of cholera morbus.

Corporal Vinton Becker was born in the town of Sharon, February 9, 1844, and enlisted in the 69thregiment, at Cherry Valley, in October, 1861, but was transferred to the 3d N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Battery M, and died of fever, April 29, 1862.

John H. VanWormer, private, 7th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, was born at Carlisle in 1841, and was wounded at Petersburgh on the 27th of October, 1864, and died from the effects in the hospital.

Thomas Sees was a (colored) private in a white regiment organized in 1861. He was killed at the battle of South Mountain, Md.

Corporal G. Washington Tillapaugh was born in the town of Carlisle on the 3d of June, 1841, and enlisted in the 151st Regiment, N. Y. S. Vols., at Lockport in August, 1862. He was wounded in battle, and after the amputation of a limb, gangrene set i and he died the 21st of June, 1864.

Wm. H. McMillen was born in the town of New Scotland, Albany county, and removed to Carlisle, from whence he enlisted in Company C, 134th Regiment, September 8, 1862, and died near Fairfax with the fever. He went out with the regiment and participated in all engagemts up to his death.

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