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Warnerville Cemetery, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 39' 30" N; longitude 74 30' 27" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

This survey was taken on September 19th & 20th 1998 by Roger Smith and Vernon Hall. The cemetery sits on a knoll that is currently treed with lots of undergrowth, although the burial area itself is mown. The cemetery is cared for with 2 mowed paths giving access. Most of the monuments are readable. The Vaughn monument is notable. It seems to be a burial spot for two persons but it is large enough for 16. Sandstone rather than marble. Needs some restoring. Some stones have been repaired with cement either at the juncture or reset into the ground. [...] indicates assumed surname. Roger P. Smith

Directions to the cemetery - The Warnerville Cemetery is located across from the Post Office on Route 7. It is located between the cutoff and the I-88 interchange. It is located behind 2 houses, one of which is a boarding facility for animals called Pampered Pets, up on the bank. You cannot drive into the cemetery. You will have to walk. You will need to park in the post office parking. Joan Radliff directions as told to Nancy McNicol - posted 03-01

Warner, James A. d. Jan 31, 1883  aged 51Y 9M 28D
               Adaline, his wife   1841-1921
               Hearn, Franklin D.  1864-1932
               Kittie, his wife,  1863-1954
               Stanley  1886-1947
               Marcus, b. Mar 29, 1791 d. Apr. 13, 1879
               Caty, his wife, b. Dec. 13, 1798, d. 1887
Smith, Mahalah, wife of Samuel, M.D.  died at Brooklyn NY
            Feb. 9 1855 ag 25Y 9M 2D  plus epitaphs
Warner, Abram Jr. D. May 31, 1849 Ag 30Y 7M 6D
Warner, Hannah E., wife of [above] and P.M. Shafer d. Sep 27 1864 ag.  (?)Y
[Shafer], Lydia, wife of P.M. Shafer d. Sept. 22, 1857 ag. 37Y 3M 21D
[Shafer], David, son of P.M. Shafer, d. Aug. 6, 1856 ag. 3Y 9M 9D
[Crans], Maria, wife of Henry Crans, d. Jun. 19, 1870 ag 47Y 5M 6D
              Henry   May 15, 1822 - Oct. 6 1903       plus footstones
              associated footstone, possible child?, marked HENRY
Chase George W.  Dec. 4, 1848 - Nov. 27, 1899
            Elda, his wife, Jan 11, 1849 - July 11, 1896
Shaver, Lewis   b. 1835
              Eloisa  C., his wife, B. 1842  
Weber, Jacob D. , son of Henry and Maria Weber, d. Sept. 27, 1864 ag 2Y 1M 22D
Weber, Charlie M. son of Henry and Maria Weber, d. Feb 27 1872, ag 16 Y 1M 16D
Weber, Alvapo, son of Henry and Maria Weber, d. Apr. 8 1872 Ag 2Y 7M
Waldorf, Maria, wife of Henry Weber, d. Oct. 29, 1895  ag. 68Y
Weber, J.E.H., d. Feb 24, 1875   ag 51Y 6M 9D
Mackey, Florence A. dau of John and May Mackey d. Jan 17, 1891 ag 7M 20D
Ostrander, Jacob H. d. Jan 23 1880 ag 49Y11M 22D
                   Austin, d. Oct. 23, 1861, ag 4Y 15D
                   Squier, d. Apr. 14, 1872, ag 2Y 3M 9D
                   Children of JH and CM Ostrander
Ostrander, Catharine, wife of C. Ostrander b. May 4 1805 d. Feb 3, 1877
Ostrander,  Christian [has been repaired with concrete]
Radliff, Peter Warren, son of Hiram and Nancy Radliff  ag 20Y 11M 9D
[repaired with concrete]
Radliff, Nancy, wife of Hiram Radliff d. June 7 1870, ag 42Y 14D
Head , Foland M,  1888 - 1984
            Cora A. 1879 - 1962
            Ford J. Aug. 7, 1889 - Feb 20, 1919
            Philip O. Foland d. Oct 13, 1882 ag 52Y 7M 28D
            Sarah E, wife of P.O. Foland and Peter Dauley d. Oct. 4, 1902 ag. 69Y 2M 9D
            Montraville  June 17, 1855  Jan d 29 1920
            Alice Foland, his wife, Aug. 26, 1859  May 16, 1906
            Hiram Borst 1822 - 1912
            Eliza J. Hutton, his wife, 1822 - 1886 
Borst, Abrahan P. 1804  - 1887
           Betsey, his wife, July 6, 1811  -  May 16, 1873
Auchenpaugh,  Frederick,   d.  Jun. 22, 1889   ag.  70Y  9M
                          Aploney Ann Ostrander   d. Oct. 23, 1890    ag. 65Y  4M  15D
                          Oliver E.  Auchenpaugh
                          Augusta  Shafer, his wife,   May 7, 1909    ag. 46Y  10M  24D
                          Frank,  son of [Oliver E. and Augusta]  d. Oct.12, 1887  ag 3Y 8M 21D
[Mattice],  Mahale,  wife of Geo. P. Mattice,   d.  Mar. 26, 1889    ag. 35Y16D
[Mattice],  Lucy,   wife of G.P.  Mattice,  d. Dec. 3, 1891  ag. 44Y
[Mattice],   Delia,   daughter of G. P. Mattice,   d. Sep. 18,  1881,   ag 4Y 11M 16D
Walker,   Wm. W.    b. Jan. 19, 1866
                Ella,   his wife,  b. May 24, 1862
                George  Walker,   b.  Jun. 21, 1854    d.  Nov. 10, 1926
                Mary E.,   his wife   b.  Jun. 29, 1860   d.  Jan.  15,  1892
                Calvin  Walker,  b.  Feb. 1, 1830
                Pheba  M.,  his wife,  b. Feb. 24, 1831    d. Dec. 17, 1895
Ryder,  Uriah,  1800-1861
             Mahetable,   his wife,   1811-1883
Ryder,  Tamson,  wife of Joseph S. Knox  b. Jun. 16, 1842   d. Nov. 14, 1905
Knox,    Joseph S.,   b. Dec. 20, 1825    d.  Mar. 12, 1906
Alexander, ?????,    Daughter of Mary Warner d. Jan. 18, 1837   ag. 13Y  6M  8D
Warner,   Abraham,  d. Feb. 6, 1838  ag. 33Y  10M  22D
?????,    A.W. ,  A.W.   (shaped like an open book)
Shafer,  Mariah,  wife of Abram Warner,  b. Sep. 5, 1803  d. Dec. 29, 1893
????? ,    A son of  Mariah Shafer,    d. Aug. 24, 1831    ag. 1Y 25D
                A son of  Mariah Shafer,   d. Dec. 15, 1825   ag. 3Y 4M 5D
?????,   Amenzo,   son of  ???????
[Townsend],   Lany Maria,  wife of Rufus S. Townsend,   d. Nov. 12, 1850 ag. 19Y 4M 1D
[Shafer],   Lydia Althea,   daughter of Sylvester & Maranda Shafer d.  May 31, 1851    ag. 1Y 3M 21D
[Shafer],     Thomas B.,  son of Sylvester & Maranda  Shafer d.  Sep. 9, 1852    ag.  3M
[Shafer],     Ruth M.,   wife of Sylvester Shafer,   b. Jun. 8, 1859  ag. 28Y 23D
                   Willard T.,  son of  Sylvester  & Ruth Shafer,  d. Mr. 19, 1838,  ag. 1Y  5M  11D
Fuller,   Arthur,   d.  Mar. 22, 1873,  ag 2Y  8M  12D
              Stephene,   d. Mar. 15, 1873   ag. 7Y  3M  5D
              Aidy C.,   d.  Mar. 15, 1873,   ag 4Y  2M  12D
              Inscribed at base of stone (Children of Stephen & Eliza Fuller)
Shafer,   Adam H.,  d. Sep. 29. 1857   ag. 68Y   17D
[Shafer],  Nancy,  wife of Adam H. Shafer,  d. Aug. 4, 1865,  ag. 72Y 5M 17D
[Shafer],  Lovina,  daughter of Adam H. & Nancy Shafer,  d. Nov. 3, 1843 ag. 14Y  7M  28D
Shafer,   David H.   1833-1911
               Oliver  Tator,  his wife,  1831
               Ezra H.  Shafer,  1852
               Fidelia  Davis,  1859
Rockenstyre,  Susan,  wife of Joseph Rockenstyre,  d. Jun. 29, 1889  ag. 86Y 2M  17D
                       Vivia Ina,  daughter of Frank e. & Ella Shafer,  d. Sep. 23, 1888   ag  3Y 2M 3D
                       John Sliter,  d. Jul.  26, 1886,   ag. 1Y  3M  23D
Chase,   E.R.    1886
Chase,  D.A.   1908
Ostrander,   Jacob,  d. Apr. 7, 1873,   ag. 18Y 7M 3D
[Allen],  Elday,  daughter of Chester & Almira Allen,  d. Mar. 29, 1875 ag.  7Y 1M 17D
[Allen],  Almira,  wife of Chester  Allen,  d.  Feb. 14, 1889,  ag 31Y  1M  27D
Vandenburgh,  Clara,   d. Dec. 7, 1873    ag. 24D
Vandenburgh,  Bethia,   d. ?  25, 188?,  in her 16th year
                          This stone is broken along the "Died"  section of stone.
[Stanton], Harriet, dau of Elijah & Diana , d. Feb 5, 1864  ag 2Y 1M 11D
[Crandell], Rebecca, dau of S & E Crandell d. April 10, 1873  ag 3Y 2m 20D
[Crandell[, George S. , son of Samuel & Ellen Crandell   d. July 9 1877   ag 4Y 11M 29D
[Crandell[, Ellen , wife of Samuel Crandell, d. July 9 1877   ag 37Y 10M 9D
[Mickle[,  Margaret, wife of John Mickle, Jr., d. Nov. 20, 1866 ag 74Y 5M
              John Mickle, Jr. D. Oct 8, 1883 [8?] ag  103 yrs.
                footstones for : John, Margaret, Katy Fox
[Groesbeck], Warren H., son of Jesse H and Charity Groesbeck d. July 30, 1850  ag 2Y 5M
[Groesbeck], Lott Stubin, son of Jess H and Charity  Groesbeck, d. Oct. 1, 1855 ag  1M 3D
Groesbeck,  George M.  d. Oct. 22, 1871 ag 21Y 6M 5D
George W.  [half broken stone]
[Treadwell], Hannah, dau of Elonzar and Annie Treadwell, d. June 6, 1857 ag 33Y 4M 7D
[Orr], Lovina, wife of Watson Orr, Esq. B. July 25, 1857  ag 69Y 6M 18D
[Shafer], Hannah, dau of Henry Shafer,  d. April 9, 1852,  ag 96Y 8M 18 D
Foland, Catharine, wife of Wm. Ward d. Jan 8, 1864  ag 42Y 1M 21D
[Foland], Margaret, wife of Henry Foland   d. Mar 14 1866,  ag 62Y 11M 24D
Foland, Henry, d. June 16, 1881,  ag 86Y 1M  28D
Foland, George   d. May 27, 1886  ag 48Y 7M 12D
Vaughn, James Vaughn b. Sept. 22nd 1797 d. June 2, 1872
               Permelia, wife of, b. May 8, 1805  d. April 10, 1872
Shafer, Barney  d. Sept. 9, 1869  ag  73Y5M 24D
[Shafer], Polly, wife of Barney d. Nov. 13, 1878  ag 86Y 27D
Wiltsie, Col David   d. Oct. 2(?) 1841, ag 66Y 3M 4D
Ryder,  Eleazer  d. March 11, 1851  ag 56Y 8M 17D
[Ryder], Polly, wife of Eleazer, d. Sept. 17,1852   ag  55Y 3M 5D
[Ryder], Tamson, dau of Polly & Eleazer, d. June 13, 1832  ag 19Y 6M 22D
Shaver,  Catharine, wife of Philip Foland, d. Mar 18, 1830 ag 77Y
Foland, Philip, d. Aug. 10, 1833   ag 79Y
[Schaeffer], James H. son of Barney and Polly Schaeffer  sic d. July 4, 1832 ag 2Y 4M 4D
Warner,  James H., M.D.   1818 - 1881
               Ann Maria Warner  1823 - 1836
               George G. Warner    1786 - 1860
               Mary F., his wife,  1795 - 1875
               Mary J. Warner, wife of Alexander Mann  1825-1894
[Warner],  Maria, dau of Henry and Caty Warner, d. Mar 23, 1820  ag  9M
[Warner],  Nancy, wife of George Warner, d. Mar 16 1827,  ag 63Y 3M 3D
Warner,  Captain George, b. Oct. 6, 1757 d. March 28, 1844
Warner, Henry   b. 1796   d. 1865
               Caty Shafer,  his wife, b. 1799  d. 1843
               Ann Skillman , his wife, 1800 - 1866
[Ferguson], Juliana, dau of Thomas and Sally Ferguson, d. April 16, 1836 ag 2Y 3M 13D
[Radliff], Nancy, wife of Philip Radliff   d. July 30, 1847   ag 40Y 8M 24D
Radliff,  Philip  d. June 20, 1838  ag  33Y 8M  20D
Radliff, Richard, d. July 25, 1839  ag 71Y 1M 15D
[Radliff], Elizabeth, wife of Richard d. Oct. 8, 1839  ag 7(?)1 Y  8D
[Radliff], Wellington P., son of  James and Fanny D. Radliff  d. Aug. 28, 1861 ag 2M 9D
[Radliff], Fanny, wife of James M. Radliff , dau of Peter and Lucy Simmons d. June 16, 1866 ag 30Y 18D
[Shafer], Elizabeth, wife of Peter T. Shafer  d. July 16, 1849  ag  49Y 7M 19D
Radliff, John  d. Aug. 7, 1876  ag 75Y 4M 26D
Simmons , Peter  d. Aug. 5, 1831  ag  76Y 1M
[Simmons], Lucy, wife of Peter  d. Dec. 5, 1876  ag 65Y 8M 10D
Shafer, David H.  d. Dec. 12, 1863   ag 38Y 2M 13D
N.R.  Nancy  Radliff
Shafer, Tedalt   d.  June 18, 1834  ag 77Y 6M 18D
[Warner],  Nancy, dau of John and Elizabeth Warner  d. Feb 22 183(?)
Concrete repair
Borst, Peter,  d. Mar 9, 1848  ag 70Y
[Bronk],  Betsey, wife of William H. Bronk,  d. June 22, 1845  ag 29Y 1M
[Radliff], Eliza, wife of William Radliff, d. Feb 16, 1845   ag 37Y6M 15 D
[Radliff],  John H. Son of Wm. And Elizabeth Radliff  d. July 11, 1844  ag 5Y 1M
Radliff,  Elizabeth, wife of Wm. J. Tingue  d. Dec. 9, 1861  ag 25Y 19D
Radliff, William d. Feb 28, 1872  ag 62Y 11M 1D
              Lany, wife of ,  d. Jan 7, 1905  ag  87Y 7M 22D
[Radliff], Sally C., wife of, Ezra Radliff  d. Aug. 12, 1870  ag 25Y 11M 20D

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