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Post Cemetery
Town of Summit, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 35' 40" N; longitude 74 39' 36" W
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Submitted by Franklyn Ingram

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

I have come across a couple of handwritten pages listing names purported to have been found in a cemetery in Schoharie. I have no idea where my aunt got the info. The cemetery is almost gone now, and I have searched it several times with no luck. In fact I used a steel rod to penetrate some spots looking for stones. No luck. Some of the stones may have been removed to the Maple Grove Cemetery in Worcester. Our Schoharie country searchers may want to look at the records of that cemetery. Rumor said that the WPA removed many stones from old cemeteries and placed them in the Maple Grove Cemetery. The back section of that Cemetery has several rows of old, old stones. These notes were made by my aunt sometime ago. She died this summer at the age of 91. Not sure when these were done or the accuracy of them. I share them with you for advice, as to what to do. The cemetery is located at the intersection of Truax road and the Lutheranville road at the border of Schoharie county. The cemetery is located adjacent to my grandfather Lincoln's old property. It is outside the town of Charlotteville up over the hill from Worcester. I have no idea if the cemetery has a name or not.

Franklyn Ingram

In regard to the description to the location of this cemetery submitted by Franklyn Ingram. In the description he wrote "The cemetery is located at the intersection of Truax road & the Lutheranville road at the border of Schoharie county." Well I need to inform you that Truax road & Lutheranville road never meet. there is a road that intersects with both of the aforesaid roads. It is called Roe road & there is a cemetery located at the intersection of Roe, Truax & Head roads. It is also locally known as the Roe road cemetery. And this cemetery has many more stones that what Ingram describes.                                                

                                                                                                           Sincerely, Werner 

Rev. Harvey Webster 1850-1905
wife Ellen

Lot 89-----James Sullivan b: 12/24/1838
           Catherine wife of Issac Hansen
           Ann Whife age 73 yrs,  died 10/4/1874
           .........died 1/21/1883

Lot 69 & 70----Slate stone by tree,  E.M.B. ( could be Bute)
               Small stone --- infant daughter of Benjamin and Magdalen Gage died 4/14/1849
               Larger stone--- Magdalen wife of Benjamin Gage
               Benjamin Gage July 22, 1862?

Lot 62------------ A Tompkins

Lot 60             M E T
                   Geo Fox, Sarah wife of George died 1858, 56 yeaars
                   Wm Jr,.
                   Syles Smith
                   Martha Smith 1843-1905
                   Lizzie Smith

---------    Warner

---------    Smith

Amos Belden 1821-1910

Sally F. Ball wife of Amos died 1890

Geo Beadle died 1844

M. Fancher

Titus Coss died 10/17/1846

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