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Cemetery located on Sylvester Warner Farm
Richmondville, New York

Submitted by Roger Smith

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Present owner:  Arthur T. Warner Estate.  Located less than one half mile north of Warnerville Village.  About 500 ft. south of ‘Jacob Warner Lot’ 

Condition:  Abandoned.  Numerous bodies removed.  Numerous graves.  No Markers.  Numerous graves with field stones as markers.  No names.  No Data. 

Copied by Mrs. George Linster,  Cobleskill, NY
Capt. Christian Brown Chapter
Cobleskill,  NY 


Lisander,  son of Josephus & Lucy Ann Warner

D. Jun. 22, 1852

ae 8y 6m 25d


Elizabeth,  wife William Hilyar.

D. Mar. 12, 1865

ae 72y 1m 8d


Rosanna,  wife of Tunis Cole

D.  Dec. 23, 1858

ae 52y

Note: The stone on the above grave is rather misleading. The top is broken off so that it reads as the grave of Tunis Cole. But looking at it closely we saw that the top had been broken off. So searching around, found the rest of the stone on the other side of a little knoll. Then the reading was complete with exception of months and days and years. That part was worn away.

Here are photos of and from the Sylvester Warner Cemetery in Richmondville. This cemetery is now located on land owned by the State University College at Cobleskill. If anyone is interested in visiting this site, please be warned that it is heavily infested with poison ivy. The specific stone that I was trying to locate was not visible, but because of the poison ivy, I didn't attempt to dig through the grass to find it.

It appears that none of the burials listed in the DAR survey of the late 1930's have stones currently viewable and all of the stones that are currently there were not listed in the survey.

The college is primarily an agricultural and technical school. The college's herd is pastured next to the cemetery, hence the photo of "The Girls". The photo showing the evergreens up on the hillside is where the house and barns of the Warner farm once stood. They were dismantled after the College purchased the property. Roger Smith

     David Warner

  Nancy, Wife of Edwin P. Peck

  Edwin P. Peck, July 7, 1826 - (Jan 22, 1902)?

  Sylvester Warner and his wife



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