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Scotts Patent - Hulbert Cemetery
Town of Broome, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 27' 23" N; longitude 74 16' 28" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Here is the other cemetery we did on Labor Day weekend, that I said I'd send. This may not be a complete listing, as some spots look like a grave may be there and no headstone. Thank you to Mrs. Betty Chichester for providing the name of the cemetery. The spellings have been kept as they were on the stones. We started reading on the west side of cemetery. Ann Hanford

Location: Potter Hollow Mtn. Rd. about 4 miles from Broome Center, Schoharie Co., NY. In field, on a hill surrounded by stone walls. Condition is mowed and clean. Closest home is of Mr. Artemsia.


(1) unknown .

(2) ?Heber-son of John & Clar? Norwood dates unreadable

NOTE* Looks like Herbert son of John & Clarrissa Norwood

(3)H. Cornelia dau. of John & Clar? Norwood d. 6/27 /1888 age 22 yrs. 8 mo.

(4)Clarrissa Hulbert wife of John Norwood d. 3/23/1866 age 64 yrs.

NOTE* this maybe the mother of above children

(5) John Norwood d. 1/25/866 age 62 yrs.

(6) Harriet dau. of Edward C. ?unreadable d.8/2/1864 age 3 yrs. 4 mo.

(7)Ursula S. Norwood d. 11/ 1862 age 42 yrs. dau. of Edward C. above

(8) Hattie ? d.3/18/1867 age 2 mo.

(9) Harry Gethen rest is unreadable

(10) Alva Hollenbeck d. 21 M. 1862 age 16 yrs. 2 mo. 9 da.

(11) Abby Jane Hollenbeck d.9/ 5 /1865 age 17 yrs. 4 mo. 5 da.

(12) Mary E. VanDyke wife of Hiram 1842-1911

(13) Amelia Hollenbeck dau. of Stephen b.7/20/1868-d.8/29/1868

Large empty space maybe graves not marked.

(14) Calvin B. Teter b.2/19/1829-d.3/22/1909

(15) Hannah M. Jackson wife of Calvin Teter b.11/28/1835-d.11/8/1900

(16)stone laying down

(17) Jabez Jackson d.11/2/1861 age 69 yrs. 1 mo. 27 da.

(18) Catherine Delameter wife of Jabez Jackson d.2/6/1872 age 72 yrs. 8 mo. 17da.

(19) foot stone with initials unreadable


(1) sunken with no marker

(2) Moses Hubbard d.10/27/1853 aged 3 yrs.

(3)Jacob Norwood d. May 1819 age 67 yrs.

(4)David Norwood d. 3/22/1866 age 67 yrs.

(5) Joseph Hallenbeck d.9/26/1839 age 2 yrs. 6mo. 22 da.

(6) Zil?ila wife of Alexander Thorington d. 11/9/1839 age 26 yrs. 11 mo.

(7) unknown

(8) unknown

(9)Abram Hallenbeck d.3/5/1854 age 62yrs. 3mo. 28 da.


(11)Abram Hallenbeck b.2/4/1823-d.9/30/1855

Adeling Bruce wife b.12/18/1826-d.9/22/1896

(12)Richard Hallenbeck d.5/14/1858 age 39 yrs. 11 mo.

(13)Francec F. Wilber d.3/6/1881 age 20yrs.3mo.16da.

(14 & 15) unknown

(16)Lucinda Palmer wife of Harris Hulbert d.6/4/1853 age34 yrs.10mo. 1da.



(1)Rigley C. Haines 1844-1897

Hannah R. Russell 1845-1904 wife of Rigley Haines

(2)Melvin Hollenbeck d.5/ 27 /18(?80? looks like) age 23yrs. 4mo. 24 da.

(3)?Hallenbeck 9/3/1858-3/25/1877

(4) ? Hallenback 2mo. 8da.

(5)Rueben R. Russell d.8/3/1868 26yrs. 9da.

(6)Clarrisaa A. Hollenback wife of R.R.Russell d.12/28/1866 17yrs. 4 mo. 2da.

(7)stone in ground unreadable

(8) stone in ground unreadable

large spot empty possible graves some of it sunken

(9) fieldstones

(10)Benjamin Porter d.9/14/1864 age20 yrs. 4mo. 24 da.

(11)Friend W. Porter d.10/31/1876 age 21 yrs. 5 mo. 20 da.

Mina Thorington wife 1817-1917

(13) field stone

ROW 4 

(1) unreadable

(2)Lousia Decker dau. of Johnathan and Sally Ann Decker d.6/12/1862 age 4yrs. 10mo.


(4)Edgar son of Wm. & Elizabeth Hollenbeck 8/12/1835-7/7 /1836

(5) Nancy Ann wife of James E. Greene d.1/3/1854 age 23 yrs.

(6)Hannah Homes wife of Wm. Gordon 12/22/1777-7/6/1855

(7)Isadora dau. of ? Greene d.12/3/1862 age 8ys. 12 mo. 29 da.

(8)Wm. Gordon 11/5/1772-7/5/1842

(9)Caroline G. wife of Wm. S. Woodvine d.7/14/1854 age 23 yrs. 11 mo. 3 da.


(11) fieldstone

(12)Henreitta wife of F. Decker d.3/28/1812 age 80 yrs. 10 mo. 18 da.

(13)Wesley Decker d. 3/21/1860 age 22 yrs. 3mo. 16 da.

Dorothy Shafer

(14)Patrick Decker d.3/12/1831 age 11yrs.

(15) unknown

(16)Lucinda J. Decker 3/2/1847-11/13/1860

(17)Kelliam W. Decker 4/14/1842- 7/26/1905

(18)Reuben Russell 3/12/1820- 12/2/1904

Julia Ann Hulbert 3/18/1814- 11/10/1885

(19) unreadable

(20)Persis Thorington wife of Ira Hollenbeck d. 12/22/1875 age 61 yrs. 5 mo.

(21)Maryam Trip wife of Nelson Hollenback 7/10/1827- 2/14/1901

(22) Lydia infant of Gideon & Louisa Young d. 1/2/1884 age 2 mo. 2 da.


(1 &2) fieldstones

(3)Elizabeth w/William Hallenbeck d.5/27/1876 age 64 yrs.

(4) William Hallenbeck d.9/17/1824 age 62 yrs.

(5 &6) footstones

(7) W.D.

(8) D.L.

(9) P.D.

(10 & 11) footstones

(12) large fieldstone

(13) small fieldstone

(14)Lucinda Haskins w/ Benj. Smith d.10/9/1887 age 63yrs. 1mo. 23da.

(15 &16) fieldstones


(1) fieldstone

(2) George B. s/ Titus & Phebe Haskin d.7/30/1875 age 12 yr. 4 mo. 18 da.

(3) Elizabeth Bull w/ Obadiah Haskins d.1/28/1874 age 71 yr. 1 mo. 11 da.

(4)Obadiah Haskins d7/3/1882 age78yrs. 1mo. 11da.

(5) unreadable

(6)Hiram Haskins d.8/1/1869 age 55 yrs 2mo. 15 da.

(7)Moses Haskin d.3/19/1858 age 41yrs.10mo.16da.

(8)Rebecca dau./Moses & Hannah Haskin d.6/6/1850 age 24yrs. 3mo. 1da.

(9) Hannah Haight w/ Moses Haskins d.9/20/1867 85yrs. 10mo.

(10)Moses Haskins d.8/20/1886 age 60 yrs.

(11) Wm. Haskins d.3/7/1860 age 59yrs. ?mo. 2da.

(12) Phebe dau./Moses &Hannah Haskins,w/John J.Ellin d.7/14/1835 age 25yrs 2mo.18da

(13) infant of ? unreadable d.5/2/1866 age 1 day

(14)Smith Haskins d.4/15/1822 age 7 yrs 7mo.

(15) Stephen Haskins d.5/10/1834 age 5yrs 5mo. sons of Obadiah &Elizabth Haskins


(17)Frank s/? d10/13/1867 age4yrs 11mo. 18da.

(18)Moses Young d.3/14/1861/ aged 38yrs. 4mo. 17da.


(1)Hannah Kline w/John Kinney b.5/5/1814-d.3/17/1903

(2)Silas Haskins d.9/28/1894 age 32yrs.

(3) Pheobe M. Ellis rest is unreadable

(4)John J. Ellis d.3/8/1875

(5) large stone broken pieces on ground a hand is pointing up in the air and rest is unreadable

(6) Hattie E. unreadable

(7)David Couchman 1837-1908

Lydia Haskins 1837-1907

(8) Philip Russell 1813-1905

Esther J. Cook wife 1823-1895

(9)Franklin N. s/Pheobe & ? Russell d.3/22/1865? age 1yr 3 da ?


(11)Phebe Russell w/ George Cook d.4/8/1853 age 30 yrs. 10 mo.

(12)Betsey M. Cook w/ Giles W. Hanes d.10/9/1864 age 20 yrs. 8mo. 9 da.

(13)Jonas Cook d.2/19/1845 age 24yrs.10mo.10da.

(14)Melvin B. s/Henry &Abigail R. Cook d.8/19/1867 age 11 yrs 11 mo. 23 da.

(15) fieldstone

(16) Orra Mace 3/1797-12/24/1844

Sarah Duncan wife 1803-8/31/1867

Orlando 1821-1887

Daniel 1822-1897

Charles Stewart 1825-1898

William Hix no dates

Polly Crum 1829-1865

Lewis 1833-1885

Orra J. 1834-1906

Eliza Ann 1835-1904

Sarah Ann 1836-

Henry Harrison 1840-1900

Pheobe Jane Matticec 1842-1917

Joseph 1843-1904

(17)Ida M. dau./George E. & Julia L. Cooke d.6/7/1880 age 2yrs.10 mo. 2da.

(18) Julia A. Cool 10/26/1836 -

George E. Cook 1/7/1816-9/9/1906


(1)J.Vinson Winters d.1/6/1825 or 45 age ?

? Hagadorn wife

NOTE* From my research on the Christopher Hagadorn family of which i descend.

This is Deborah L. Hagadorn b.9/18/1846 Town of Broome,Schoharie Co.,NY. daughter of Charles Hagadorn and Eliza A. Duncan ,married 12/15/1869 at the pastor's home.

(2)Josiah T. Cooke 2/5/1812 - 6/13/1891

(3)Jane Southard wife / Josiah T. Cooke

(4)Velmore M. s/Eugene & Clarrie E. Cook 1/3/1881 -11/15/1899

(5) Henry Cook d.10/21/1866 age 80 yrs 1mo.

(6)Rebecca Seanen w/Henry Cook d.6/16/1873 age 85 yrs 10 mo 7 da

(7) Robert s/ Henry & Julia Haskins d.1/17/1872 age 1yr 17 da.

(8)Anjanett dau/Henry & Julia Haskins d4/30/1857 age 2yrs 8 mo 17 da.

(9) Elmer s/ Henry & Julia Haskins

(10)Orla (?) S. s/ Jeorge & Mary Robinson d11/20/1848 age 9 yrs 6mo.

(11) Hiram


(13) Clarrissa L. Mace d.4/24/1849 age 24 yrs. 7 mo. 21 da.

(14) H.L. & M.A. Mace

(15)Vilona dau./Hiram & Margaret Mace d.8/30/1857 1 week

(16)Lany Williams w/ John Fenton 1/2/1799-7/11/1880

(17)Joseph Austin 9/2/1806-4/24/1887

(18) fieldstone


(1)Joseph E. Mace 12/17/1843-4/17/1904

Malinda Haskin wife b.4/17/1849-?

Flora Mace 9/11/1872-7/9/1890

(2)Flora Mace dau./Joseph & Malinda d.7/9/1890 age 12 yrs. 9mo. 2da.

(3)Emma dau./? Mace d. 2/18/1874 age 4mo.

(4)Ojeda Haskins d.3/4/1884 age 61 yrs 12 da.

(5)Racheal Haskins d.10/24/1886 age 78 yrs 7 mo. 14 da.

large gap possible graves but a very large tree and roots here.

(6) Pethuel S. Bruce 3/22/1800 -10/17/1884

Elizabeth Shaver 8/12/1797 - 4/10/1876

(7 & 8)fieldstones

(9)fieldstone w/ initials C.L.D.

(10)William L. Mace d.5/14/1883 age 56 yr. 7 mo. 1 da.

(11)Joseph Mace 12/10/1812 -9/18/1862

Henry S. Mace b.10/6/1815

Mary Mace 8/24/1817 -11/1/1869

Sally S. Mace b.2/8/1824

Hiram L. Mace b.9/3/1824

Hiram Mace 10/6/1791 -12/24/1872

Clarrisa Worden 9/30/1794 -8/20/1869

Clarrisa A. Mace 9/30/1824 -4/24/1849

William L. Mace b.10/13/1826

Julia A. Mace b.1/3/1832

Charles S. Mace b.5/17/1834

Lydia P. Mace b.12/25/1836

(12)Hiram L. Mace b. 1824 - no date

Margaret A. Austin wife 1826 -1897

(13) Cornelius I. Decker d.1/13/1877 age 67 yrs 8 mo. 25 da.

(14) David Whitbeck 1847 -1908

(15) Freeman Whitbeck 1808-1881

Margaret Decker wife 1807 -1896

(16) Henry S. Mace 1815 -1905

Ann Gates Porter 1825 -1901

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