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Presbyterian Cemetery
Livingstonville, New York

latitude 42 29' 18" N; longitude 74 16' 6" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Located in Livingstonville, Broome Township behind the old Presbyterian Church. The cemetery is also referred to as the Lutheran Cemetery.

Recorded and submitted by Ann Hanford

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Asa Starkweather 11/16/1782 - 8/18/1862
Mary Robinson, wife of Asa 2/13/1784 - 4/18/1862
Sarah P. Starkweather d. 11/3/1806
James L.R. Starkweather d. 12/1/1807
James Robinson d. 9/22/1820 age 71y-3mo-3d
Sarah Robinson wife of James d. 7/23/1827 age 79y-1m-6d
Henrietta R. Starkweather b. 11/3/1815 - 4/30/1886
Jacob son of Jacob & Catherine Livingston d. May 1817 age 15 days
Catherine Augusta, daughter of Abraham DePayster & wife of Jacob Livingston d. 10/31/1817 age 29 yrs.
These above are inclosed by a stone wall on the left side of cemetary.

Asa W. Tinklepaugh d. 7/24/1840
William Tinklepaugh 6/24/1796 - 1/5/1871
Mararet Clapper, wife of William Tinklepaugh d. 2/9/1845 age 44 yrs.
John H. Tinklepaugh d. 4/25/1833 age 1 month
Timothy Kelsey d. 1/24/1862 age 88 yrs.
Sally wife of Timothy Kelsey d. 3/10/1818 age 43 yrs.  (see note 2)
Mary Ann wife of ? Sitzer d. Jan. or June 16/1857 age 61y-11 m
Betsey Sitzer d. 1/20/1857 age 18y-8m-20d
Vincent Sitzer d. 11/4/1819 age 31y-2m-12d
George, son of ?Sitzer d. 9/27/1841 age 21y-10m-24d
Phebe, wife of Fred Sitzer d. 7/22/1862 age 75 yrs.
George, son of Fred Sitzer d. 9/3/1847 age 7y-5m-16d
Frederick Sitzer d. 10/16/1871 age 89y-10m-2d
unmarked field stone
Mesire, daughter of Levi H. & Desire Parslow d. 7/13/1846 age 6y-4m-21d
8 unmarked field stones
Mary A. d. 7/11/1816.age 2y-21d
Deligive d. 9/13
daughters of Henry J. & Mahinn Steinson
infant son of Jasper d. 3/4/1815 age 2m-3d
Mary C., daughter of L.M. & Jane Mattice d. 4/23/1843 age 2y-14d
Jane E., daughter of L.M. Mattice d. 7/30/1842 age 2m-7d
Homer, son of L.M. Mattice d. 1/30/1816 age 13 days
Maria Rowe d. 8/16/1854 age 17y-3m-19d
Mary L.Couchman, daughter of Hiram & Lucinda Couchman d. 8/8/1833 age 13yrs.
Frankie d. 11/17/1880 age 47y-6m-10d
Little May d. 9/17/1880 age 1 month
children of L. & D. Traver
Eliza J. Scutt, wife of Ezra J. Mattice d. 6/17/1869 age 21y-1m-13d
2 unmarked field stones
George A. d. 2/26/1884
Artie E. d. 2/21/1884
sons of George Mattice
Martin P. Cooper d. 11/18/1838 age 23y-3m-13d
Lucius Dutton d. 1/31/1854 age 28y-1m-15d
Gaius Dutton d.1/10/1856 age 21yrs.
Francis, daughter of David & Martha Williams d. 7/29/1853 age 1y-3m-1d
Martha C., wife of David W. Williams d. 1/21/1854 age 21y-3m
David W. Williams d. 3/4/1862 age 34y-5m-7d
2 unmarked field stones
Maria, wife of John Teator d. 12/10/1853 age 61y-7m-13d
Caroline S., daughter of Mackey & Nancy Teator d. 5/12/1847 age 17 yrs.
Elias S., son of Mackey & Nancy Teator d. 3/18/1817 age 22 yrs.
Mackey Teator d. 2/24/1882 age 78 yrs.
Ella R., daughter of John & Susan Whitting d. 9/9/1853 age 4y-3m-21d
Eliza A., daughter of Horace & Sally Crockett & wife of Harry Youmans d. 2/22/1842 age 26y-3m-2d
Hendrick Scutt d.11/11/1828 age 84y-5m-10d
Rebecca, wife of Hendrick Scutt d. 5/25/1831 age 77y-6m-5d
Nancy, daughter Abram & Ruth Scutt & wife of William Fiero d. 11/24/1843 age 33y-6m-8d
Hannah, wife of Elias Scutt d. 11/13/1829 age 58 yrs.
Elias Scutt d. 5/10/1861 age 84 yrs.
Abram Scutt d. 12/8/1862 age 75y-3m-22d
Ruth, daughter of Andrew &Catherine Green & wife of Abram Scutt d.1/4/1845 age 53y-5m-3d
James E., son of Joseph H. & Rosina Utter d. 8/22/1844 age 9m-19d
3 unmarked fieldstones
Jacob Rivenburg d. 12/3/1873 age 75y-1m-3d
Polly Traver, wife of Jacob Rivenburg d. 4/8/1883 age 77y-6m-9d
Catherine, wife of Rev. John Winans d. 5/13/1848 age 82 yrs.
Rev. John Winans, Rev. Soldier 1780-1781 plaque placed by Lawasentha Chapter D.A.R. d. 1/19/1841 age 76y-4m-20
1 unmarked fieldstone
Polly, wife of John Hess d. 3/27/1839 age 45yrs.
Jane A., daughter of John & Polly Hess d. 2/2/1866 age 47y-11m
Peter Hess, son of John & Polly Hess d. 12/11/1851 age 27/y-7m
John Hess, d. 4/11/1870 age 82y-22m
H.Elizabeth, wife of H.S. Borthwick d. 5/26/1876 age 30y-2m-13d
Sarah Jane, wife Hiram S. Borthwick d. 7/28/1867 age 28y-3m-25d
Hiram S. Borthwick, 8/23/1837 - 5/14/1907
William Riphenburgh d. 2/29/1807
Elsey Tinklepaugh, wife of William Riphenburgh d. 3/2/1838
James A., son of Hiram & Antionette Couchman d. 10/13/1851 age 10m-14d
F.Pierce, son of Hiram & Antionette Couchman d. 4/10/1853 age 1y-5m
Antionette Burnett, wife of Hiram Couchman d. 10/8/1872 age 47 yrs.
2 unmarked field stones
Ellen, wife of Joshua Aley d. 9/5/1859 age 44y-3m-20d
Charlotte, daughter of Christopher & Elizabeth Heyadorn d. 1/26/1848 age 2y-8m-21d
Asa, son of Chris Heyadorn d. 3/26/18(30?) age 2y-1m-20d
Cynthia Stinson, wife of James Burnet d. 2/2/1839 age 28 yrs.
James Burnet, d. 7/13/1867 age 72y-25d
7 unmarked field stones
Leah Bresee, wife of Joseph Turner d. 5/24/1854 age 29y-9m-28d
Peter, son of Cornelius N. & Hannah Brazee d. 7/11/1853 age 26y-11m-29d
Jemina, wife of Josiah T. Cook d. 10/6/1839 age 22y-6m
Olive, wife of Semer Scutt & daughter of Richard & Lydia Richmond d. 6/12/1836 age 20yrs.
Lydia C., daughter of Semer & Racheal Scutt d. 2/26/1854 age 8y-8m-26d
Racheal Richmond, wife of Seymour Scutt d. 3/28/1863 age 52y-3m-21d
Seymour Scutt 10/3/1809 - 6/21/1893
Lydia R., daughter of Hiram S. & Sarah J. Borthwick d. 3/2/1864 age 5m-18d
Joseph H. Richmond d. 3/22/1892 age 60y-6m-4d
Ruebene Green d. 3/29/1885 age 66yrs.
Clarissa P., wife of Ruebene Green no dates
Alonza Turner, wife of John Moore d. 3/20/1890 age 86y-6m-20d
John Moore d. 4/26/1872 age 76y-23d
1 field stone unmarked

This part of the cemetery is behind the 1st one and has a stone wall in front of it.

Elias Henry, son of Elias & Minni Win? d. 10/12/1853 (was hard to read)
David Williams Jr. , a son of one of the capture's of Major Andre. We miss him. d. 8/11/1862 age 65y-6m-11d
Lany Hess, wife of David Williams Jr. d. 1/12/1887 age 86y-7m-4d
Lena C., daughter of Edward & Augusta Lounsbury d. 5/12/1888
Julia Ann, daughter of David and Delia Wightman d. 4/21/1852 age 29 days
Elias A. Wightman 1822-1902
Olana Rivenburg 1825-1919 wife of Elias
Hannah Hess d. 2/18/1877 age 83y-8m-14d
Henry Riphenburg d. 4/25/1870 age 70y-1m-2d
L. Vander, son of Charles & Carolina M. Brezee d. 6/9/1853 age 7y-2m-15d
Viola Brezee, wife of Jerome Edwards d. 12/6/1881 age 33y-2m-28d
Charles Brezee d. 9/25/1890 age 72y-5m-26d
Caroline M., wife of Charles Brezze d. 3/9/1892 72y-4m-25d
Wm. H. Dodge d. 9/1/1835 age 8m-17d
Harriet Dodge d. 8/11/1812 age 6y-1m-22d
children of Dr. W.T. & Laura Dody Dodge
Alida, wife of Cornelius D. Snyder d. 12/25/1879 age 50yrs.  
Anna Snyder, wife of Addison Hollenbeck 6/15/1825-6/1/1897   
Hannah, wife of Cornelius N. Bresee d. 7/6/1864 age 71y-3m-2d
Cornelius N. Bresee d. 6/14/1854 age 66y-5m-14d
P.B. no dates
Betsey M., daughter of Cornelius & Hannah Brezee d. 5/4/1853 age 21y-10m-4d
Hary, son of Cornelius Brezee d. 8/23/1838 age 5y-1m-1d
Ira, son of Corn. Brezee d. 3/8/1835 age 6y-6m-10d
Catherine, daughter of John C. & Sally Brezee d. 12/19/1810(1840?) age 1y-5m-16d  (see note 1)
infant daughter of John C. & Sally Brezee d. 6/9/1838 age 11days
Ben J. Franklin no dates
John H., son of Rev. John & Mary Moase 11/16/1844 - 10/5/1846
John C. Brezee d. 10/2/1864 age 42y-8m-1d
6 graves unmarked & sunken in
Eunice Shutts, wife of John W. Tickner d. 3/25/1831 age 33 yrs.
Eliza Ann, daughter d. 9/16/1831 age 4y-8m
Polly, wife of Johnathan Mosxe d. 8/17/1828 age 39yrs
Noah Frisbie d. 4/3/1840 age 87y-2m-10d
Maris Frisbie, wife of Dickson Birchard d. 1/4/1829 age 35y-9m-18d
Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Hagadorn d. 4/22/1861 age 38y-10m-8d


Note 1 (January 2007)

     I believe that Cornelius N. Bresee was the patriarch of the Bresees (by several spellings) who are buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Livingstonville, Schoharie, NY. He and wife Hannah Middag moved their family to Middleburgh, Schoharie, NY before 1830, and later they moved to Broome, Schoharie, NY. I believe all Bresees in the cemetery to be family or descendants of Cornelius N Bresee and Hannah, and have confirmed most of the connections through baptism, census records, and other sources.
     Unless, that is, the burial record for "Catherine, daughter of John C. & Sally Brezee d. 12/19/1810 age 1y-5m-16d" is correct. That would infer that there were other earlier Bresees in the area, and I have not found any in that cemetery or nearby who would fit.
     Cornelius N Bresee and wife Hannah had a son named John C Bresee. John C Bresee was born 01 Mar 1815 in West Copake, Columbia, NY and baptized there. John C Bresee had a wife named Sally.
     I have accepted that "infant daughter of John C. & Sally Brezee d. 6/9/1838 age 11days" is in fact a daughter of John C Bresee, son of Cornelius N Bresee. This daughter would not have appeared in the 1840 census.
     In the 1840 census for Broome, Schoharie, NY, the counts indicate that John C Bresee had a daughter in the household who was born between 1835 and 1840. This daughter does not show up in the 1850 and 1860 census for John C Bresee, and there are no children in the household in those years.

Bruce Davis

Note 2 (March 2009)

I am writing regarding the entry ... related to “Sally”, wife of Timothy Kelsey. My research indicates that the wife of Timothy who died in 1818 was named Sarah. Is the first name of the descendent present on the gravestone? Also, the month/date of death are also in question.

Jim O'Brien

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