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Pine Grove Cemetery
Town of Broome, New York

latitude 42 31' 52" N; longitude 74 15' 35" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Directions: State Rt 145 approximately 2 miles south of Middleburgh village. Left on East Hill/Gridley Rd. Right on East Hill Rd. Right on Anderson Rd. left on Kelsey Hill Rd. Left on Pine Bush Rd. Cemetery on the right.

Submitted by Steve & Anne LaMont
Additional contributions by Walt Mehrer

If anyone would like more information on these people, we may have it. I read the old Middleburgh News and copy any information about the people of Huntersland and have it in notebooks by family. Steve and I would be happy to help anyone out. Anne

Name Birth Death Age Spouse Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Father Mother Notes
Armlin, Lodema 1860 1823   Chichester, Wesley            
Babcock, John H   4-12-1907 76y             Co. D 134 NY Vol
Babcock, Phylena 5-10-1825 7-3-1891   Canady, Paul            
Barkman, Celestia 1861 1918   Hoose, Abram M            
Barlow, Helen 7-27-1829 11-9-1905   Hallenbeck, John            
Becker, Carrie 1-12-1874 9-29-1913   Becker, Orlin G       Borthwick, Arthur G Hummel, Libbie  
Becker, Orlin G 1870 1919   Borthwick, Carrie D            
Bell, Cornelia   6-5-1881 72y2m14d Bell, Henry William          
Bell, Henry   4-22-1881 74y8d Bell, Cornelia William          
Bell, William H   3-15-1861 22y11m23d         Bell, Henry Bell, Cornelia  
Benjamin, Edwin 1822 1907   Turner, Bertha            
Benjamin, Jacob L. 1823 1898   Church, Maryett John L          
Benjamin, John L 1862 1867           Benjamin, Jacob L Church, Maryett  
Benjamin, McKendre   1888 30y4m              
Benjamin, Theodore C 1850 1919   Chapman, Ellen M            
Berkner, Elise M 1898     Berkner, Paul K            
Berkner, Heinz 1-13-1920 12-21-1993   Winans, Norma            
Berkner, Paul K 1894 1963   Berkner, Elise M            
Billings, Burton L   6-28-1891 24y7m10d              
Billings, Peter L 1834 1913   Brayman, Amilia A            
Borthwick, Arthur G 1-7-1846 6-27-1888   Hummel, Libbie Carrie D          
Borthwick, Cornelia L 1848 1924   Day, Daniel Ezero Ralph B          
Borthwick, Dalinda   2-6-1930               see note 1
Borthwick, George J   6-22-1902 67y1m Hagadorn, Polly           see note 1
Borthwick, Margaret M   2-18-1868                
Borthwick, Nancy Jane 6-27-1840     Scutt, Richard R           see note 1
Borthwick, Robert   6-5-1884 85y1m3d Bushnell, Anna S            
Brand, Eva 1856 1925                
Brayman MD, Edgar E 1856 1909                
Brayman, Amelia A 1835 1921   Billings, Peter L            
Brayman, Ernestine 1881 1964   Brayman, Fred Esther A          
Brayman, Esther A 1911 1938           Brayman, Fred Brayman, Ernestine  
Brayman, Fred 1880 1965   Brayman, Ernestine Esther A          
Brayman, William Henry 1841 1893   Cole, Alzinia            
Bushnell, Anna S   1880 77y6m Borthwick, Robert            
Chapman, Ellen M 1855 1934   Benjamin, Theodore C            
Chapman, Harry 1819 1899   Williams, Nancy            
Chichester, Nellie 1885 1960   Wilber, Hobert J            
Chichester, Sophronah 1832 1902   Taylor, John            
Chichester, Wesley 1849 1919   Armlin, Lodema            
Church, Maryett 1826 1906   Benjamin, Jacob L John L          
Cole, Alzinia 1839 1913   Brayman, William Henry          
Couchman, Eliza Ann 2-5-1828 5-12-1918   Rivenburgh, Norman Ervin baby        
Couchman, Hobert 1873             Couchman, Phillip Ellis, Clarisa  
Couchman, Ida A 1858 1916   Dutton, Robert J            
Couchman, Phillip 1830 1900   Ellis, Clarisa Hobert          
Coventry, Emma 1863 1927   Hollenbeck, Menzo L            
Day, Daniel Ezera 1845 1918   Borthwick, Cornelia L Ralph B          
Day, Ralph B 1876 1937           Day, Daniel Ezera Borthwick, Cornelia L  
Dutton, Robert S 1858 1925   Couchman, Ida A            
Ellis, Clarisa 1835 1814   Couchman, Phillip Hobert          
Estes, Charles 1852 1912   Estes, Nellie S LeRoy R         see note 1
Estes, LeRoy R 1903 1966           Estes, Charles Estes, Nellie S see note 1
Estes, Nellie S 1876 1953   Estes, Charles LeRoy R         see note 1
Farquher, Mary M 1850 1914   Taylor, Renselaer            
Frankel, Eva 1885 1972                
Frankel, Hans 1912 1991                
Frankel, John 1880 1971                
Frankel, Lillie 1885 1972                
Frankel, Phillip 1895 1970                
Goodrich, Agnes B 1869 1961   Goodrich, William Clifford          
Goodrich, Clifford 1899 1900           Goodrich, William Goodrich, Agnes B.  
Goodrich, William 1865 1950   Goodrich, Agnes B Clifford          
Hagadorn, Polly   12-21-1873 58y6m22d Borthwick, George J.           see note 1
Hollenbeck, Menzo L 1859 1945   Coventry, Emma            
Hummel, Libbie 10-29-1842     Borthwick, Arthur G. Carrie D.          
Kelsey, Ansel W 10-27-1810 11-22-1893   Post, Rebecca S.            
Kelsey, infant 8-21-1879 8-21-1879           Kelsey, Elmer Kelsey, Luch  
Leonard, Cornelia J. 1838 1903   Taylor, Harry O            
Lloyd, Randolph K 1942 1942 5w         Lloyd, M. Lloyd, V.  
Lord, Ann 7-20-1817 12-1-1897   Palmer, David William James George      
Lorenzo, Bernice Kay 1937 1937 9w         Lorenzo, Bernard Lorenzo, Belle  
Palmer, David 2-17-1814 5-31-1890   Lord, Ann William James George      
Palmer, George 3-31-1850 5-11-1874           Palmer, David Lord, Ann  
Palmer, James 9-28-1847 12-28-1881           Palmer, David Lord, Ann  
Palmer, William 6-10-1843 12-5-1869           Palmer, David Lord, Ann  
Parslow, Almira 1835 1909   Rivenburgh, Peter            
Porter, James M 1840 1917   Wainwright, Matilda           NY Hvy Art., Pvt. F&D 7th Reg
Posson, Ida 1863 1904   Turner, Augustus Victor Guy Maud May        
Post, Rebecca S 10-16-1817 1-30-1896   Kensey, Ansel            
Rivenburgh, Edwin B 4-23-1879 5-4-1884           Rivenburg, Orsen Sitzer, Libbie  
Rivenburg, infant 5-7-1881 5-12-1881 5d         Rivenburg, Orsen Sitzer, Libbie  
Rivenburg, Orsen 4-18-1850 11-4-1924   Sitzer, Libbie Erwin B. Gerda May infant      
Rivenburgh, baby 3-2-1858 3-30-1858           Rivenburgh, Norman Couchman, Eliza Ann  
Rivenburgh, Elva 1866 1944                
Rivenburgh, Elva   12-5-1866                
Rivenburgh, Ervin B 7-23-1859 12-25-1864 5y5m2d         Rivenburgh, Norman Couchman, Eliza Ann  
Rivenburgh, Gerda May 8-25-1877 9-4-1880           Rivenburg, Orsen Sitzer, Libbie  
Rivenburgh, Norman 3-18-1824 5-13-1919   Couchman, Eliza Ann Ervin baby        
Rivenburgh, Peter 1835 1916   Parslow, Almira            
Roe, Wetsel 1835 1917   Turner, Almira            
Sadlow, Elsa I 1904 1951                
Sanford, Adaline L 1852     Snyder, Abram H            
Scutt, Mary 1878     Cain, Charles            
Scutt, Richard R 5-26-1836 12-8-1910   Borthwick, Nancy Jane           see note 1
Sitzer, Libbie 5-2-1854 12-23-1903 (obituary) Rivenburg, Orsen Erwin B. Gerda May infant      
Snyder, Abram H 1832 1912   Sanford, Adaline L            
Tayler, Chauncy 12-13-1856 7-22-1892                
Taylor, Harry O 1817 1858   Leonard, Cornelia J            
Taylor, Henry O   4-30-1858 41y2m16d              
Taylor, John 1829 1909   Chichester, Sophronah            
Taylor, Renselaer 1851 1937   Farquher, Mary M            
Taylor, Robert E 1857 1931   Wood, Celestine            
Thorington, Frances 1851 1936   Wilber, Abram            
Turner, Agnes   12-10-18??           Turner, Austin Turner, Evelyn  
Turner, Agustus 1848 1933   Posson, Ida Victor Guy Maud May        
Turner, Almira 1838 1915   Roe, Wetsel            
Turner, Bertha 1826 1904   Benjamin, Edwin            
Turner, Calenda   1-7-1879 75y Turner, James            
Turner, George   5-1887 27y28d              
Turner, James 10-17-1795 1-7-1863   Turner, Calenda            
Turner, Maud May 1903 1916           Turner, Agustus Posson, Ida  
Turner, Victor Guy 1899 1912           Turner, Agustus Posson, Ida  
Turner, Youngs   4-27-1866 36y4m2d              
Van Tassel, Flora   9-22-1891 30y Van Tassel, Lorenzo            
Van Tassel, Frank 1901 1905           Van Tassel, Lorenzo Wolford, Hattie  
Van Tassel, Lorenzo 1864 1956   Van Tassel, Flora Frank         spouse 2: Wolford, Hattie
Wainwright, Matilda 1851     Porter, James M            
Way, Dora M 1881 1950   Way, John            
Way, John 1866 1946   Way, Dora M            
Wightman, Elias   12-28-1866 73y10m27d              
Wightman, John   10-26-1841 21y10m20d              
Wightman, Tryphin   5-15-1829 1y21d              
Wilber, Abram 1848 1921   Thorington, Frances            
Wilber, Clara A 1852 1942   Scutt, Jacob H            
Wilber, Hobert J 1885 1961   Chichester, Nellie            
Williams, Nancy 1821 1896   Chapman, Harry            
Winans, Norma 1-8-1924     Berkner, Heinz            
Wolford, Hattie 1865 1945   Van Tassel, Lorenzo Frank          
Wood, Celestine 1859 1943   Taylor, Robert E            
Zeretzke, Cecilie 1911     Zeretzke, Erwin            
Zeretzke, Erwin 1903 1973   Zeretzke, Cecilie         Zeretzke, Josefa  
Zeretzke, Josefa 1878         Erwin        


Note 1
Submitted by Walt Mehrer (July 3, 2008)

My name is Walt Mehrer, a 10th generation Borthwick, I visited the Borthwick and Pinegrove cemeteries in June, and noticed from your listings in the pinegrove cemetery I have some information taken from the Borthwick family book of 1936. That might be of interest to other researchers now or in the future. Starting with George J Borthwick, His father and mother were James Borthwick 1794-1880 and Dalinda Dickinson 1797-1877, wife Polly Hagadorn 1815-1873, children in birth order; Hiram Sylvenns Borthwick, Lorenzo Madison Borthwick, Nancy Jane (Borthwick) Scutt, Dalinda Borthwick, Cornelia L. (Borthwick) Day, Hannah Matilda (Borthwick) Hisert, Orpha R. (borthwick) Whitcomb, Amelia (Borthwick) Scutt. Next; Nancy Jane (Borthwick) Scutt 6/22/1840-10/14/1921, Father and Mother were; George J Borthwick and Polly Hagadorn, Husband Richard Scutt, Children in birth order; George Stanley Scutt, Leola (Scutt) Richmond, Nellie Olive (Scutt) Estes, Leonard borthwick Scutt, Last but not least Nellie Olive (Scutt) Estes; Mother and Father was Nancy Jane and Richard Scutt. Husband was Charles Estes, and an unmarried son Leroy Estes.

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