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Murphy Burial Plot
Watsonville, Town of Fulton, Schoharie County, NY

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I am a frequent viewer of your website and noticed you are collecting cemetery info. As Cemetery Coordinator for the Town of Fulton I have many cemetery lists. Ernest Nelson, Fultonham, NY

Upper Fort Site Located on Route 30 in Watsonville out in field.

In memory of

Banks, Margaret

Who died at Cohoes, Albany County

Died April 7, 1839

Aged 28 years, 9 months, 12 days


In memory of

Banks, Polly, consort of William Banks

Died November 16, 1828

Aged 44 years, 9 months, 2 days


Bouck, Lieutenant Johannes

15 N.Y. Military

Revolutionary War


Field stone


Nofember 4

Magreta Feck


Folick, Frank, son of John and Hellen Folick

Died April 6, 1867

Aged 1 year, 10 days

Death thou hast robbed us of a jewel


Vrooman, Lieutenant Ephraim

15 N.Y. Military

Revolutionary War


Vrooman, Samual I.

15 N.Y. Military

Revolutionary War


Vrooman, Captian Teunis

15 N.Y. Military

Revolutionary War


Watson, Polly Orr

Died October 2, 1847

Aged 68 years


In memory of

Watson, Charles

 Died February 23, 1813

Aged 35 years, 11 months, 3 days

Now lov’d bow valu’d once (Avails him not)

Here are photos of the cemetery  in Watsonville where Timothy Murphy was originally buried. He was later removed to the Middleburgh Cemetery. "Polly, consort of William Banks" was Timothy Murphy's daughter.

The cliffs in the distance are what is known as Vrooman's Nose.  That property is owned by a non-profit organization and there are maintained trails to the top.  It is open to the public and affords an impressive view of the Schoharie Valley.  The cemetery is located in the fields of the Barber family who run a dairy farm and also raise vegetables for sale to the public in the hamlet of Watsonville. Roger Smith



  Capt. Teunis Vrooman, 15 N. Y. Mil. Rev. War

Lieut. Ephraim Vrooman, 15 N. Y. Mil. Rev. War

  Lieut. Johannes Bauck, 15 N. Y. Mil. Rev. war

  Sam'l Vrooman, 15 N. Y. Mil. Rev. War

In memory of Charles Watson who died Feb 23rd 1813 aged 35 years 11 months & 3 days

  Polly Orr Watson, Died Oct. 2, 1847, aged 68 yrs

Cornelia wife of John Best died Apr. 7, 1853 aged 38 yrs 4 m's 13 d's

In memory of Polly, Consort of William Banks, who died Nov 16 1828 aged 44 years 9 months and 2 days

In memory of Margaret Banks who died at Cohoes, Albany County, Died April 7, 1839 Aged 28 years 9 months and 12 days

1772, Nofember 4, Magreta Feck

  Frank, son of John and Hellen Folick

Vroman's Nose Vrooman's Nose

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