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Old Cemetery
behind Methodist Church in Richmondville

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

This list is in the possession of the town historian of Richmondville. There are no attributes for who or when this survey was conducted. It differs somewhat from the survey of this same cemetery that was conducted in 1997. The names that are preceded by asterisks did not have visible stones in the 1997 survey. There are also some differences in names and dates on the stones that are still there. This cemetery is in very poor condition, most of the stones being heavily weathered marble. Roger Smith, October 9, 1998

Mary,  Wife of Nahum Davidson    D. 1869     46   years   11 months
Lottie,  Daughter of J.D. Shellen (Lewis)   D.  1867     4 months  1 day
Everitt T.     D.  1864    age  4 years
Alice     D.   1864    age 3 months
Richard Crandall  D.  1868    69 years 8 months
Merenda,  wife of Richard Crandall    D. 1865   age 62 years 1 month
Laura,  daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Rightmyer   D. 1872   age 10 years  7 months
*Geo.  Sternberg   D. 1853   age 26 years  15 days
*Wm. H., son of Peter and Sally M. Boughton   D. 1856   age 1 year 3 months  9 days
Derrick Livingston*****    D. 1848   age 61 years 3 months
Chas. Waldorf    D. 1850   age 60 years  9 months  17 days
*Jacob Waldorf
Daniel,  son of Philip and Polly Borst   D. 1849   age 19 years 4 months
*Eve Ann,  daughter of Philip and Polly Borst   D 1854 age 29 years 6 months 2 days
Mary,   wife of Theodore S. DeNoyelles    D. 1851   age 51
*Willis,  son of Thomas and Elizabeth Palmatier   D. 1864 age 17 years
Ellen,  wife of Peter Collins    D. 1852   age 17 years
Phebe,  wife of Oliver Bass   D. 1861   age 79 years
John H., son of Oliver and Phebe Bass   D   1840   age 18 years
Lansing D. Oothout,    D. 1850   age 20 years
Lany,  wife of John A. Oothout
Rosanne, wife of  P.D. Cole,   D. 1868    49    years
John Baldwin,   D. 1837    age 54 years
*Betsey Ann,  daughter of Peter and Cornelia  Becker   D. 1844    2 months
Riley H. Baldwin
Hannah J.,  wife of Ezra Baldwin   D. 1864
Nicholas,  son of John and Mary  Dennis   D. 1859  age 15 years
James H. Zeh   D. 1873  age 20 years
Christian Zeh   D. 1848   age 59 years
Polly,   wife of Christian Zeh   D. 1843   age 53 years
*Geo. H.,  son of Smith and Dolly Cornell   D. 1864
Lewis D.,  son of Ichabod and Candace Dibble   D. 1841
------ Cole,    D. 187_    age 36 years 4 months 16 days
Mary Baker   D. 1856   age 33
Jacob Baker    D. 1858   age 64 years
Ruth,  wife of Jacob Baker    D. 1856   age 57 years
Samuel R. Sherman,   D. 1852   age 71 years
Martha A., wife of J.H. Nellis    D. 1870
*Oscar,  son of John and Nancy Davenport    D. 1839   age 2 years
Elizabeth R.,  daughter of H.M. and Mary Jane Sheldon   D. 1861    6 months 6 days.

This cemetery was also surveyed in the 1930's by the Genealogical Committee of the Captain Christian Brown Chapter, DAR, Cobleskill, NY. Those records, transcribed by Doug Boyer, show the following:

The Genealogical Committee's original location description said "situate in the rear of the M.E. Church at Richmondville, N. Y."

John Badeau
d. 13 Mar. 1832 (aged 51 y 1 m 17 d)

Jacob Baker
d. 1858 (aged 60 y)

Ruth Baker (wife of Jacob)
d. 1856 (aged 57 y)

Mary Baker
d. 1856 (aged 33 y)

Daniel Borst (son of Philip and Polly Borst)
d. 1819 (aged 19 y)

Jules Carter
d. 1847 (aged 37 y)

Rosanna Cole (wife of P.D. Cole)
d. 1855 (aged 49 y)

Ellen Collins (wife of Peter Collins)
d. 1862 (aged 17 y)

Abraham Coons (a handwritten note from W. S. Coons on the Genealogical Committee report stated 'Coons, Abraham was buried in this cemetery in 1841, no stone erected; he was a Revolutionary soldier.')

Jules Dana (son of Ezekiel and Abigail Dana)
d. 1832 (aged 4 y)

Mary Davison (wife of Nahum Davison)
d. 1869 (aged 45 y)

Hannah Decker (wife of William L. Decker)
d. 1862 (aged 28 y)

Isaac Esmay (son of Josiah Esmay)
d. 1851 (aged 11 y)

Henry Harmon
d. 1835 (aged 44 y)

Lany Oathout (wife of John A Oathout)
d. 1851 (aged 42)

Peter H Oathout (son of John A and Lany Oathout)
d. 1843 (aged 15 y)

Lansing Oathout
d. 1850 (aged 20 y)

Willis Palmatier (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Palmatier)
d. 1864 (aged 21 y)

Samuel Sherman
d. 1852 (aged 51 y)

Christian Zeh
d. 1848 (aged 59 y)

James H Zeh
d. 1853 (aged 20 y)

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