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Hagadorn-Mace Cemetery
Livingstonville, Town of Broome, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 29' 7" N; longitude 74 19' 9" W
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Cataloged and submitted by Ann M. Hanford

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Some persons call this the Mace cemetery and other locals call it the Hagadorn Cemetery located on Stone Store Road, Livingstonville, Town of Broome, Schoharie Co., N.Y. The owner of the property takes good care of this cemetery. I don't believe any one has been buried there since this reading which I did years ago. I am direct descendant of Christopher and Lydia Hagadorn. Ann M. Hanford

On Stone Store Road., .6 mile east of Proper Road corner, back of house. Betty Chichester

Additional information and photographs submitted by Nancy Calchi. I'm sending you the pics I promised of Mace-Hagadorn/Mary Woods Cemetery. Also, I noticed some of your readers have this cemetery listed on Mace Hill Road, that is incorrect, it is located on Stone Store Road. Also it is not named Mace Cemetery. Nancy Calchi

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Daniel D. Duncan                                 d.3/5/1892                87 y.5m.3d.
Pheobe wife                                      d.12/29/1842              37y.7m.27d
Charles Duncan                                   d.11/22/1892              61y.1m.16d.
Adelene Duncan                                   d.1836
Maryette Duncan                                  d.2/25/1839               4m.8d.
Frankie Ellis                                    d.7/27/1805               6m.8d.
  son of George H. & Harriet Ellis
George W. Ellis                                  9/22/1829-8/19/1885
Harriet C. Drake wife                            12/27/1830-11/20/1894
Ervon(?) Ellis                                  d.1887                    31 y.
Homer Ellis-son of George W. Ellis               no dates
James Ellis                                      d.4/9/1856                78y.5m.14d.
Margery wife                                     d.11/29/1858              77y.1m.
Elizur M. Ellis                                  d.9/1854                  19y.8m.22d
  son of M.Ellis
Miss Kate Dibble                                 2/1/1842-10/12/1913
Alseph Wood                                      4/25/1812-9/16/1840
Abigail wife                                     d.12/28/1851              41y.1m.13d
Frank Halliday-son of M.T. &C.A. Halliday        no dates
Charles Duncan                                   d.7/14/1884               66y.3m.27d.
  soldier 1862 3yrs. service
Jane Buckbee wife                                no dates
Joseph C. Scoville                               1826-1920
Soloma S. Hoag wife                              1847-1927
Forest R. Scoville                               1877-1903
William Hagadorn                                 1826-1920
Mahala Krum wife                                 1831-1909
Arvilla dau.                                     1850-1906                 77y
Daniel S. Dibble hus.                            d.8/20/1906               56y.
Stephen Hagadorn                                 2/16/1815-7/30/1895
Hannah Baldwin wife                              11/25/1821
Grant son                                        d.9m.13d.
Ambrose son                                      d.2/18/1873               24y.18d.
William W. Spencer                               12/26/1833-12/31/1900
Loyeas A, Hagadorn wife                          3/20/1844-6/19/1901
Charles C. Hagadorn                              d.7/7/1889                73y.4m.
Eliza A. wife no dates
Edwin G. Hagadorn son                            12/11/1846-1/18/1898
Justus Hagadorn                                  d.5/30/1902
Betsey Decker wife                               d.11/20/1870              58y.11m.24d.
Orlando son                                      d.7/20/1858               15y.4m.13d.
Asa son                                          d. 4/23/1855              2y.8d.
Charles S. Mace                                 d.3/29/1898               72y.11m.29d.
Maryann Cain                                    d.3/29/1894               66y.13d.
David W. Jackson                                 1844-1925
  Corp. Co. E 134th Reg. N.Y.
Mary E. Decker wife                              1844
John Teter                                       d. 9/27/1866              60y.11d.
Eltie dau.                                       d.5/12/1865-7m.3d.
Lydia wife & mother of Eltie                     no dates
Orlando S. Mace                                  d. 2/28/1887              66y11m3d
Hannah Hagadorn wife                             d.4/11/1876               55y9m13d
Lydia Teter wife                                 d.3/28/1884               56y11m19d
Frances Hess                                     1860-1861
Jennie E. Hannah                                 4/11/1841-8/10/1875
  wife of John Clark
Joseph C. Thorington                            1910-1913
Hobart "                                        1861-1940
Mary E. "                                       1875-1944
F. Alton "                                      1913-1946
Hannah M. Hagadorn                               d.12/3/1833               35y11m16d
wife of Hobart Mace
John Weeden Huse                                d. 2/1/1871               24y8m27d
Abbie Jackson                                   12/3/1868-1/14/1886
  dau. of Ira & Lucy Jackson
Ira Jackson                                      1849-1876
Maria Hagadorn                                   6/24/1837-8/15/1861
  wife of John Haskin
Sarah Hagadorn                                   d.1867-27y
Eliza Cain                                       d.8/20/1846               27y1m2d
  Dau. of Ebenezer & Catherine Cain & wife of Stephen Hagadorn
Catherine Cain                                   d.10/12/1849              52y6m23d
Melinda Hagadorn                                 d.8/28/1866               38y
Louisa Hagadorn                                  d.1/24/1846               3y5m16d
Dau. of Stephen & Eliza Hagadorn
Maria Cain                                       d.6/4/1852                18y9d
  Dau. Of Ebenezer & Catherine Cain
Christopher Hagadorn                             d.4/24/1864               85y27d
Lydia Robinson wife                              d.11/13/1858              67y4m7d
Charles Hagadorn                                 d.11/8/1860               80y
Mary wife                                        d.7/20/1830               48y
John Hagadorn                                    d.3/31/1858               42y1m13d
Wesley VanAlstine                                d.11/9/1849               6m15d
  son of G.& M. VanAlstine
Sally                                            d.3/13/1848               58y
  wife of William Harris
Mary Eliza VanAlstyne                           d.7/19/1842               6y4m1d
Daniel D. Mace                                   d.11/25/1897              75y
Susan Hagadorn wife                              no dates
George W. Mace son                               d.3/21/1860               10y6m21d
Lucius                                           d.5/4/1848                5y3d
Infant Haskin                                    d.5/18/1889
  Dau. of J.H. & Francis Haskin
Edwin C.(G.?) Hagadorn                           12/11/1846-1/18/1898      52y
Captain William Hagadorn                        11/6/1806-10/22/1885
Charity Tinklepaugh wife                         d.5/10/1880-82y
Hagadone Family 

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