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The Loucks Family Cemetery Plot
Sharon, New York

latitude 42° 45' 20" N; longitude 74° 32' 03" W
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We found the location after great difficulty on Saturday morning. Going east on US 20, you turn right at CR 145. The map says Sharon, NY but the locals say it is Sharon Hill. You have to go down a few hundred feet and there is a dark red house on the right next to a stream. The owner, a Mr. Fitz Gerald, has lived there over 20 years and was recently widowed. He is building an airplane in the unattached garage off to the side but he said the house is original. He said there was a grist mill and a lumber mill on site at one time and the house was for the workers. The family house, he said, was further up the road.

Going further up, you turn into a narrow drive that is somewhat hidden and has a small bridge. Once you get onto the property there is a wonderful large house with acres of field behind including corraled horses. At the far back of the property off the left (Southwest?) corner of the corral in an overgrown area is the family cemetery plot. The owner (first name William, but can't remember his last name) was nice enough to let us go back and take a look and we even started to clear some of the vines, weeds, and brush.

It would be a great volunteer project for some group there to clean it out, transcribe what is readable and mark it for future reference. I am attaching some photos but will wait to hear from you before sending anything more. I thought there might be a way to do a GPS location through Google Maps but I do not know how to do that. Here is a link to the area and you can zoom in. The large house and property is just south of Short Road on the west side of CR145. Let me know what you think.

Luren Dickinson (July 2013)

Louck Cemetery Loucks Cemetery Loucks Cemetery

Transcription Submitted by Roger Smith
Pictures contributed by Luren Dickinson

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer  

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On the former Peter Loucks Farm 

The inscriptions on the stones were copied by Mrs. Vera Spoor Smith
Lineage Research Chairman, Christian Brown Chapter, DAR 


In memory of Peter Loucks who departed this life

Jan. 29, 1831

in his 76th yr. Of his age


Mary, wife of Peter Loucks who departed this life

Feb. 1796

in her 43rd year of her age


Dinah Van Nest, wife of Peter Loucks who departed this life

Feb. 22, 1817,

age 63 years


Margaret Kerker, wife of Peter Loucks departed this life

Sept. 11, 1847

age 84 yr. 1 mo.  20 da.


Daniel,  son, “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord”

died Sept. 5, 1862

age 73 yrs. 2 mo. 27 da.


Judith,  wife of Daniel Loucks

died Dec. 10, 1877

age 87 yrs., 10 mo., 10 da.


James, son of Daniel and Judith Loucks

died Aug. 29, 1842

age 20 yr.


Mary Jane, dau. of Daniel and Judith Loucks

died Sept. 13, 1834

age 4 yrs.


Margaret, dau. of Daniel and Judith Loucks

died Apr. 19, 1843



Maria,  wife of Isaac Labagh (Mother of Judith Loucks)

died Feb. 1834

age 66 yrs

            See History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties by F.W. Beers 1878, Town of Palentine, Page 155 for an interesting article on Rev. Isaac Labagh. 

            A very old stone embedded in ground beside Maria (couldn’t read) may be her husband, Rev. Isaac Labagh who preached at Lawyersville Dutch Reformed Church, Stone Arabia Dutch Reformed and Canajoharie. 


J.T.,  son of H. and M. Slingerland

died Sept. 1, 1848

age 11 mo. 20 da.


Teneyck,  son of H. and M. Slingerland

died Sept. 28, 1816

age 2 yrs.



died May 13, 1803

age 30 yrs 9 mo. 16 da.



died May 13, 1808


 * (Transcriber’s note):  The year of death of one of these children is most likely incorrect.  However, the material is presented here as found in the original manuscript.

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