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Listing of
Schoharie County, NY Cemetery Records
copied and compiled
Gertrude A. Barber

Volume I                                          Pages

Argusville Cemetery adjoining the
  Lutheran Church, Argusville, NY                   1-7

Old Summit Cemetery, Summit, NY                    8-17

New Summit Cemetery, Summit, NY                   18-22

Lawyersville Cemetery, adjoining
  Lawyersville Reformed Dutch Church,
  Lawyersville, NY                                23-36

Gallupville Cemetery, Gallupville, NY             37-65

Snook Cemetery on John T. Snook's farm
  on the road from Summit to
  Charlotteville, NY                              66-67

Gilboa Rural Cemetery, Gilboa, NY                 68-89

Old Cemetery, No. Blenheim, NY                    90-96

Kniskern Family Cemetery owned by
  William Kniskern, No. Blenheim, NY              97-98

Hager Family Cemetery
  No. Blenheim, NY                                   99

Old Deserted Cemetery located on
  Feeck Farm next to the Union Church,
  Fultonham, NY                                     100

Volume II

Old Stone Fort Cemetery, Schoharie, NY             1-33

Schoharie Cemetery                                34-76

Riverview Cemetery, No. Blenheim, NY              77-86

Breakabeen Cemetery, Breakabeen, NY              87-102

Volume III

Cobleskill Rural Cemetery                          1-68

Little York Cemetery in the back of the
  Lutheran Church, Carlisle, NY                      69

Argusville Cemetery                                  69

Carlisle Cemetery                                 70-89

Franklinton Cemetery                             90-100

Volume IV

Middleburgh Cemetery                               1-52

Evergreen Cemetery, Jefferson, NY                 55-80

Old Cemetery, Jefferson, NY                       81-85

Grosvernor Corner's Cemetery                      86-95

Deserted Cemetery Plot on William A.
  Wayman's Farm, one mile east of
  Richmond Village                                   96

Cemetery in Back of Schoolhouse,
  Warnersville, NY                                   97

Private Burying Ground, "Bellinger Family"
  Sharon Springs, NY                              97-98

Lutheranville Cemetery Adjoining Old
  Lutheran Church                                 98-99

Volume V

Esperance Cemetery                                 1-44

Richmondville Rural Cemetery                      45-79

Prospect Cemetery, Bramanville                    80-97

West Richmondville Cemetery                      98-102

Volume VI

Sloansville Village Cemetery                       1-22

Slate Hill Cemetery, Sharon, NY                   23-57

Seward Cemetery                                   58-73

Charlotteville Cemetery                           74-93

Central Bridge Cemetery                           94-99

Volume VII

Dorloo Cemetery                                    1-11

Klock Family, Seward                              12-15

People's Cemetery, Seward                         16-23

Leesville Cemetery between Sharon Springs
  and Leesville, NY                               24-54

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