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Cemetery Listing - Gertrude A. Barber - 1932 compilation
GNIS System - Cemetery Listing plus "comments" section
Politicians - Politicians buried in Schoharie County Cemeteries
New York State Cemetery Bulletin (external link)

Cemeteries 'a stone's throw' outside the county border

Charleston Four Corners (Montgomery County)
 Records of early burial places on the farms in the town of Guilderland, N.Y. and surrounding towns (external link)
Scutt Cemetery, Town of Preston Hill, Albany Co. (external link to US GenWeb archives)


Blenheim Cemeteries - 1959 listing
Champlin Cemetery
Darling Hollow Cemetery
Hager Cemetery
Patchin Cemetery
Peaslee Cemetery


List of Broome Cemeteries
Borthwick Cemetery
Dutton Ridge Cemetery
Ellis Cemetery
Franklinton Cemetery
Hagadorn-Mace Cemetery
Keyserkill Cemetery
Leonard Mountain Cemetery
Livingstonville Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Presbyterian Cemetery - Livingstonville, NY
Scotts Patent - Hulbert Cemetery
Spencer Cemetery - Bates


Argusville Cemetery
Carlisle Cemetery
Dristle Cemetery
Grosvenor Corners Cemetery
Karker Cemetery
Lawyer Cemetery
Little York Church Cemetery
Rock District Cemetery


Bramanville Prospect Cemetery July 14, 2021
Barnerville Cemetery
Casper Cemetery
Cobleskill Rural Cemetery
Gale/Myers or Ryder Farm Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
St Vincent de Paul Cemetery


Listing of all the cemeteries of Conesville
Cammer Family Cemetery
- West Conesville
Patrie Cemetery - West Conesville Area, NY


Sloansville Cemetery


Armlin Hill Cemetery
Becker/Keyser Burial Plot - Breakabeen
Berg Burial Plot

Best Burial Plot
Bouck Burial Plot
Breakabeen Cemetery - Breakabeen
Chapman Burial Plot - Breakabeen
Chase Burial Plot - West Fulton
Clark Burial Plot - West Fulton
Cole Cemetery - Breakabeen
Coons Burial Plot - Breakabeen
Dibble Family Plot
Dibble Hollow Cemetery
Ellis Burial Plot - Fultonham
Fairland Cemetery - Fairland
Freemyer Burial Plot - Breakabeen
Fultonham Cemetery
George Zeh Cemetery - Breakabeen October 25, 2021
Greenbush Burial Plot - Patria
Hager Cemetery - Breakabeen
Hanes Burial Plot - Watsonville
Holiday Burial Plot - Fultonham
Jones Burial Plot
Kayser Burial Plot - Breakabeen
King Cermetery - Breakabeen
Lawyer Burial Plot - Fultonham
Lee Burial Plot - Bouck Falls
Loveland Burial Plot - West Fulton
Mattice Burial Plot - Breakabeen
Murphy Burial Plot - Watsonville
Nelson Burial Plot
Old Breakabeen Village Cemetery
Patria Cemetery
Rossman Hill Cemetery
Savage Cemetery - Fultonham
Springstead Burial Plot - West Fulton
Stewart Cemetery - Fultonham
Swart Cemetery - West Fulton

Travis Cemetery - Breakabeen
Tripp Cemetery - Rossman Hill

Van Auken Cemetery - Patria
Vromansland Burial Plot - West Middleburgh
Warner Burial Plot - Fultonham
Wayman Family Plot
West Butler Cemetery - West Butler
West Fulton Village Cemetery
White Cemetery - Breakabeen
Zeh Cemetery - Breakabeen


Gilboa Cemeteries - List of Cemetery Names with locations
Gilboa Cemeteries - removals & reinterments - Schoharie Reservoir
Chapel Church Cemetery
Brewster Cemetery
Gilboa Rural Cemetery
Mackey Cemetery - near Mackey Corners
Safford Cemetery
Selleck Cemetery
unnamed Cemetery
Welch Corners Cemetery


Beechwood Cemetery
Brady Cemetery
Bruce Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery
Foote Cemetery
Old School Baptist Church Cemetery


Barber Cemetery
Barkman Cemetery
Cook Cemetery, Huntersland
Deuel(?) Cemetery, Huntersland
Dutch Settlement Cemetery (Cotton Hill Cemetery)
Gridley-Stopplebeen Family Cemetery
Guernsey Cemetery
Hadsell Place Cemetery
Hertz Farm Cemetery
Huntersland Christian Cemetery
Huntersland School Cemetery
Middleburgh Cemetery
Middleburgh Cemetery (interactive listing)
Snyder Family Cemetery


Cemeteries of Brooker Hollow
Jacob Warner Lot
Old Cemetery behind Methodist Church
Private Cemetery on Farm Owned by Harlan Dibble
Richmondville Cemetery
Sylvester Warner Farm Cemetery
Warnerville Cemetery - Rts. 7 & I-88
West Richmondville Cemetery
Zeh Cemetery


 Central Bridge Cemetery
Old Stone Fort Cemetery
Rickard Hill Road Cemetery
St. Paul's or Schoharie Cemetery


Seward Valley Cemetery - Dorloo
Hynds Family Cemetery - Hyndsville, NY
Klock Family Cemetery
Zion Rural or Janesville Cemetery - Seward Center, NY


Leesville Cemetery - between Leesville and Sharon Springs, NY
Loucks Family Cemetery Plot
Roland Baxter Farm Cemetery (external link to US GenWeb archives)
Slate Hill Cemetery
Van Schaick Cemetery


Beard's Hollow Church Cemetery
Cemeteries of the Truax Road Valley - Charlotteville, NY
Charlotteville Town Cemetery - Charlotteville, NY
Lutheranville Cemetery
Mattice Cemetery on George Proper Farm - Eminence, NY
Moot Cemetery
Old Summit Cemetery
Sawyer Hollow (unnamed cemetery)
Snooks Cemetery
Summit Cemetery
Summit Cemetery (external link to US GenWeb archives)
Summit Area Cemeteries
Terpenning Cemetery
Truax Road Cemetery


Posson Family Cemetery
Zimmer Hill Cemetery

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