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The Hynds Family Cemetery
Hyndsville, New York

Submitted by Sandra Mount

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

This is the cemetery we found on Clove Rd. across the street from the Hynds homestead. It is in very bad shape and can not be seen from the road. Most of the smaller headstones are not visible until someone gets in there and clears the brush and weeds away. Sandra Mount
Peter [Hynds]                                       d. July 29, 1901       72y 7m 25d
Mary A. wife of Peter,        b. July 8, 1825       d. July 3, l9l6        age 91
  children of Mary and Peter
    Ten Eyke                                        d. Dec. 26, l876       24 yr 2l days old 
    Peter                                           d. Sept 26, l868       4 mo. 29d
    Col. Ellsworth                                  d. Nov. 28, 1876       14y 6m 10d
    Eveleanah                                       d. Dec. 8, l876        14y
    Mary Jane                                       d. Nov. 29, l876       age lly 10m 12d
    Heny A.                                         d. July 23, l869       47y 3m 29d
    Anneliza Shaver
       wife of Henry Hynds    b. Oct 5 l823         d. Nov. 27, l899       76 yrs
Peter                                               d. Mar. 8, l863        71 yr 1m 5d
  Margareta, wife of Peter                          d. Jan 30, 1859        59 y 10 m 15d
Albert                        b. Nov. 12, 1830
  Margaret E., wife of Albert                       d. July 22, l872       41y 8m 4d
Christiana, wife of David                           d. Feb 29 1860         36y 15d
William                                             d. Nov 5 1839          54y 9m
Nancy M., daughter of J and Julia Hynds
**** Col. Ellsworth and Eveleanah were twins and their sister Mary Jane all died
     within two wks of each other of typhoid fever. ***** 
This information was obtained from the Schoharie County Historical Society.

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