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Huntersland School Cemetery
Town of Middleburgh, New York

latitude 42° 34' 12" N; longitude 74° 15' 7" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Located 4 miles up Huntersland Road from Middleburgh Diner (St. Rte. 145) just past firehouse and  about 2 miles before the Albany Co. line

Submitted by Steve & Anne LaMont
Photos submitted by Tonya Frickey and Doug Boyer  (note: Camera icon ( ) links to a picture of that person's gravestone.)

If anyone would like more information on these people, we may have it. I read the old Middleburgh News and copy any information about the people of Huntersland and have it in notebooks by family. Steve and I would be happy to help anyone out. Anne


Huntersland School Cemetery Huntersland School
Huntersland School Huntersland School
Huntersland School Cemetery Huntersland School Cemetery

note: Camera icon ( ) links to a page with a picture of that person's gravestone.

Name Birth Death Age Spouse 1 Child 1 Father Mother Spouse 2
Albro, Amanda   8-25-1853 52y1m7d Albro, William B William B      
Albro, Barbary   11-19-1868 72y Sweet, Schuyler        
Albro, William B   10-4-1862 2y6m15d          
Becker Christina  8-15-1805 2-7-1893   Snyder, Adam        
Becker, Sophia   12-10-1829   Heason, George        
Coggshall, George   12-10-1867 88y5m8d Coggshall, Sarah Samual      
Coggshall, Phebe   8-3-1872 66y2m3d Gale, Roger        
Coggshall, Samuel    9-14-1849 32y9m28d     Coggshall, George Coggshall, Sarah  
Coggshall, Sarah   9-22-1849 67y5m18d Coggshall, George Samual      
Conklin, Absalom 1-23-1823 6-17-1886   Conklin, Anna Maria Alice     Hiltsley, Ann
Conklin, Alice   11-29-1875 16y5m10d       Conklin, Absalom  
Conklin, Anna Maria   7-21-1854 27y11m6d Conklin, Absalom        
Cornell, Abraham (see note 1)   11-13-1850 63y4m9d Jones, Lydia        
Dennison, Eliza Almy   5-18-1848 30y11m Dennison, Daniel        
Durfee, Judson   7-12-1859 28y4m9d          
Frisbee, Desdemona    6-9-1849 34y7m9d Frisbee, Reuben        
Gale, Roger   10-13-1889 83y Coggshall, Phebe        
Heason, George 11-12-1824 6-1897   Becker, Sophia        
Hiltsley, Ann 8-17-1828     Conklin, Absalom        
Jones, Delany (see note 1)   1-26-1866 59y10m          
Jones, Lydia (see note 1)   7-17-1862 71y4m10d Cornell, Abraham        
Jones, Nathaniel (see note 1)   2-17-1848 85y Jones, Phebe Lydia      
Jones, Phebe   (see note 1)   11-20-1855 87y9m2d Jones, Nathaniel Lydia      
Jones, Thadeus (see note 1)   2-13-1867 71y24d Jones, Delany        
MaComber, Esther   10-18-1849 69y4m MaComber, Rescom        
MaComber, Rescom   5-9-1861 85y1m11d MaComber, Esther        
Merchant, Thankful   12-23-1879 84y8m19d Shufelt, Jeremiah        
O'Bryan, John   4-18-1852 54y4m4d          
Rasue, Mary 4-16-1807 5-12-1897   Worrick, Samuel        
Shaw, Maria    7-9-1879 66y Shaw, William        
Shufelt, Jenett   9-1-1859 14d     Shufelt, John C Shufelt, Caroline  
Shufelt, Jeremiah   10-22-1868 71y11m23d Merchant, Thankful        
Shufelt, Malie   8-22-1859 2y1m2d     Shufelt, William H Shufelt, Sarah  
Shufelt, Willi R   2-8-1870 1y11m11d     Shufelt, William H Shufelt, Sarah  
Snyder, Adam  2-21-1805 10-14-1882   Becker, Christina        
Swarthout, Catherine   10-1-1851 10w     Swartwout, Charles Swartwout, Nancy  
Swarthout, Elizabeth    8-21-1855 30y Swartwout, Charles        
Swarthout, Nancy   3-18-1832 37y5m?d Swartout, Charles Catherine      
Sweet, Adeliza   4-3-1848 2y2m23d     Sweet, William Sweet, Catherine  
Sweet, Schuyler   1-2-1874 58y2m13d Albro, Barbary        
Sweet, William    1-18-1866 74y10d Sweet, Catherine Adeliza      
West, Abram    1-15-1885 41y4m5d          
West, Ann  1840 1924            
Worrick, Samuel 7-14-1804 8-4-1877   Rasue, Mary        


Note 1

I happened upon your post for the Huntersland School Cemetery very fortuitously, accidentally and nearly fell off my chair – as my family has been looking for the whereabouts of Nathaniel Jones for no less than five generations, beginning about 100 years ago!

Do you have any other information about them as you hint on your post?

Phebe Waring and Nathaniel Jones were born in Frederickstown (Carmel after 1795), Dutchess Co. (Putnam Co. after 1812), New York.

Daughter Lydia is a complete newcomer – but wonderfully establishes an earlier likely marriage date for the parents, given the stated dates on your post – assuming those are from the stone. That her husband is Abraham Cornell is intriguing and makes perfect sense.

Delany Cornell married Nathaniel/Phebe’s son Thaddeus.

Nathaniel and Phebe’s great grandson is Herschel Vespasian Jones (prominent Minneapolis publisher and art benefactor), born in Jefferson, Schoharie Co., New York

Phebe/Nathaniel Jones are my 4th gr-grandparents, H. V. Jones is my great grandfather.

If of use or interest, I obviously have a lot of information both for ancestors and descendants of Nathaniel and Phebe (Phoebe).

Philip Koether, September 13, 2009

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