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Guernsey Cemetery
Town of Middleburgh, Schoharie County

latitude 42 39' 49" N; longitude 74 23' 24" W
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Submitted by Roger Smith

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Driving Directions:
From Exit 22 on I88. Take NYS Route 145 south toward Middleburgh. After crossing over the town line into the town of Middleburgh, take the first right onto Keyser Road. Keyser Road is a Dead End. Take Keyser Road to the intersection with Oak Meadow Road. The Guernsey Cemetery is at this intersection. Roger Smith

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John Guernsey, Died Sept 11, 1883, A. 76 yrs 1 mo & 23 d's
Eve, wife of John Garnsey, Died June 28, 1853, aged 41 years 2 m's 16 d's
Miles, son of John & Eve Gurnsey, Died April 15, 1845, aged 1 year 3 m's
Infant son of John & Eve Garnsey, born & died 1846
Infant son of John & Eve Garnsey, born & died 1847
Infant son of John & Eve Garnsey, born & died 1848
Juliet Nethaway, 2nd wife of John Guernsey, 1825-1895
Elisha, son of John & Juliet Garnsey, Died Jan. 15, 1857, aged 4 m's 28 d's
Elmer, son of John & Juliett Gernsey, Died Aug 9, 1868, Aged 4 years 4 m's 2 d's
Elisha Gernsey, Died Sept. 21, 1870, Aged 49 years 2 m's
Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha & Lydia Garnsey, Died Oct 5, 1836, aged 2 m's 28 d's
James J. Guernsey, 1818-1907
     Adaline Schermerhorn, his wife, 1824-1904
Alvin, son of James & Adelina Gurnsey, Died Feb. 7, 1848, aged 19 days
Ezra Guernsey, 1833-1907
     Louis Smith, his wife, 1834-1903
     Their Children
     John L.  infant
     George D.
Infant daughter of Ezra & Louisa Garnsey, born & died Jan. 13, 1858
Elisha Garnsey, Died May 26, 1845, aged 69 years 2 m's & 6 d's
Nyruh Garnsey, Died Aug. 17, 1834, Aged 26 Years 2 M's 2 D's
Levi Guernsey, July 19, 1837, Mar 12, 1905
Victoria O. Webb, wife of Levi Guernsey, Aug 5, 1849, Sept. 11, 1902
Lovina Mallek d. Aug 6, 1886, Ae 68 yrs 
DeMarious, wife of Henry Mellean, died Feb 28, 1823, Aged 84 years 10 mos
Alva, son of Sanford & Laura Patrick, died Aug 30, 1856, aged 10 days





















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