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Information submitted by Josephine Fuller, Blenheim,NY; electronic text by Joyce Riedinger

Cemetery Names,
Town of Gilboa, Schoharie Co., NY

  1. Welch's Corner
    near Blenheim and Shew Rds.
  2. Shew
    Decker Road
  3. Rulisson
    Cape Horn Road
  4. Choate
    Kemper Mt. Road
  5. Frazee-Clark
    Souer Road
  6. Beggs
    Meeghan Road
  7. Catholic
    South Gilboa Road
  8. Rt. 23 or Brewster
    Rt. 23 near Bailey Road
  9. Soule
    Cook Road
  10. Schermerhorn
    near Rt. 30 and 342
  11. Mattice
    Guinea Road, Rt. 53
  12. Safford
    Campbell Road near Rt. 53
  13. Clapper
    Allen Hill Road near Harrington Road
  14. Broome Center
    Sarbacher Rd (Rt. 61) near Chapel Rd.
  15. Leonard
    Leonard Mountain Road
  16. Stewart
    Leonard Mountain Road
  17. Mackey
    Rt. 53 near Ely Road
  18. Case
    Creek Road near Ely Road
  19. Hubbard Hill
    Hubbard Road
  20. Ryder
    Flat Creek Road
  21. Flat Creek
    Flat Creek Road near Parsonage Hill Rd.
  22. Bailey
    Kingsley Road
  23. Gilboa
    Wyckoff Road
  24. Selleck
    Flat Creek Road
  25. South Gilboa
    So. Gilboa Rd. near Cape Horn Rd.
  26. Fowler
    So. Gilboa Rd. near Parliman Rd.
  27. Holly
    Rt. 53 near Mackey
  28. Stanton Harper Farm
    So. Gilboa Road near Cook Road

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