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Evergreen Cemetery
Town of Jefferson, Schoharie County, NY
latitude 42° 28' 47" N; longitude 74° 36' 33" W
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Submitted by Rebecca Garrlentini and Teena (Mayham) Schroeder
with further volunteer submissions in the Notes section

Recently I was having a difficult time obtaining information for the Evergreen Cemetery in Jefferson, Schoharie County, New York. I was able to obtain some information today and have gotten permission to post it where it is needed. Please find the following information and permission given to me by the Superintendent of the Evergreen Cemetery, Mr. Charles (Chuck) Jochem. I hope it will be useful to others as well.

Mr. Charles (Chuck) Jochem - He cares for the Cemetery and all the burial records of the cemetery from his home office, not too far from the cemetery itself. Please free feel to call or write to him at any time for Cemetery questions and he is more than willing to meet anyone at the cemetery and bring them to graves if they give him a call at the number listed below. Chuck has a burial Index card file in his home office to help provide Section, Lot & Grave numbers for those interested in such information. He was very helpful and kind to me.

Chuck Jochem
125 Potter Hill Road
Jefferson, New York
Phone is 607-652-7495

Evergreen Cemetery is located on Peck Road in Jefferson, Schoharie County, New York. It is a Privately owned cemetery, with a board of trustees and is regulated by the Sate of New York. A fairly small cemetery with 7 acres of land and is divided into 3 Sections for burials. It currently still is an active Cemetery, meaning that burial's still are taking place to date. There is no map of the cemetery and no website online. It is open from May to Nov. from dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Closed from Nov. through May, as they do not plow the cemetery in the winter months and no burial's take place until May.

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

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The following burials and pictures were submitted by Teena (Mayham) Schroeder

Name                          Birth date           Death date

Beard, Charles Edward               1839                 1912 
Mayham, Emma Amelia         Jun 04, 1848         Mar 05, 1916 
Beard, Wilder Stephen               1867         May 22, 1941 
	Charles E. Beard, 1839 – 1912, Emma A. Maham, His Wife, 1848 – 1916, Wilder S. Beard, 1867 - 1941

Beard, Mary Catherine               1872         Jul 07, 1896
Dyer, Ethel J.              Dec 15, 1886         Oct 20, 1911
Dyer, Justin                Jul 15, 1829              Unknown

Dyer, William Albert        Apr 11, 1861         Dec 27, 1943 
Foote, Harriet Adeline      Dec 12, 1860         Apr 29, 1941 
	Will A. Dyer, 1862 – 1943, H. Adeline Foote, His Wife, 1860 – 1941 – DYER
	(Note discrepancy in Will A. Dyer birth year)

Franklin, Eugene            Apr 26, 1857         Feb 01, 1930

Mayham, Charles             Feb 06, 1825         Nov 28, 1897 
Wood, Ellen                 Dec 26, 1827         Apr 01, 1909 
	Charles Mayham, Feb. 6, 1825, Nov. 28, 1897, Ellen Wood, His Wife, Dec. 26, 1827, Apr. 1, 1909

Mayham, Cora L.                     1864                 1935

Mayham, Lorenzo Dow         May 22, 1836         Sep 26, 1899 
Brewster, Emily M.          Dec 24, 1839         Apr 10, 1906 
	MAYHAM – Lorenzo Mayham, Born May 22, 1836, Died Sep 26 1899, Emily Mayham, Born Dec 24 1839, Died Apr 10 1906

Mayham, Milo Henry          Mar 26, 1861                 1958 
Mayham, Nellie              Aug 09, 1879             Sep 1964 
	Milo H. Mayham, 1861 – 1958, Nellie M. Bouck, 1879 – 1964
	(Note: Milo Henry Mayham was Nellie (Mayham) Bouck’s uncle.  She was the daughter of Ralph Mayham and Allie Morris)

Mayham, Myra Lillian        Oct 14, 1866                 1915

Mayham, Ralph               Apr 08, 1853         May 15, 1936 
Morris, Allie                   Aug 1856         Jan 12, 1915 
Mayham, Horace              May 16, 1892         May 16, 1892 
Mayham, Morris              May 16, 1892                 1937 
	Ralph Mayham, 1853 – 1936, Allie Morris, His Wife, 1856 – 1915, Horace, Their Son, 1892 – 1892,
        Morris M., Their Son, 1892 - 1937

Mickle, Ella                Jan 25, 1851         May 19, 1941

Northrop, Glover Perrin             1807         Oct 23, 1855 
Stewart, Rachel             Feb 12, 1812              Unknown 
     Incription: Unreadable

Patchin, Mariah Abt.        Dec 21, 1831         Jan 12, 1879
Reed, Paul Leonard          May 07, 1905         Nov 02, 1981
Reed, William Bruce         Jan 28, 1910         Apr 03, 1994
Reed, William Rienzi        Sep 06, 1869         Aug 01, 1944

Ruland, Obadiah             Jul 04, 1769         May 02, 1844   (see note 4)
Shelmandine, Mary           Jul 08, 1782         Apr 04, 1867   (see note 4)
     Incription: Unreadable

Shew, Emmet                 Dec 02, 1863         Sep 03, 1938
Shew, Ethel                         1876                 1954
Shew, James H.                      1838                 1906

Skidmore, Carl Beard        Apr 28, 1896         Nov 01, 1918   (see note 2)
	Carl Beard Skidmore, New York, Pvt 6 Regt U.S.M.C., 2nd Div, November 2, 1918

Souer, Jessie               Sep 19, 1899         Aug 18, 1995
Van Deusen, Eliza Catharine         1842         Dec 26, 1901


Note 1

These records are all from Evergreen Cemetery, Jefferson NY

Stewart:    William Aug 19 1842 65-11-19
               Penual Grant (his wife) Sept 3 1838 61-2-12
               Affiah dau Apr 26 1895 77-4-3

Decker:     Rachel Stewart w and 3rd w Charles Decker
               Feb 12 1813 June 25 1900

Marallyn Kenagy, October 2005

Note 2

1. His mother is the Mary Catherine Beard (Skidmore) who died after his birth on 7/7/96 and her father is Charles Edward Beard.

Frank H. Skidmore, Jr., January 2006

Note 3

Amos Gallup Plot:

     Amos Gallup, b Feb 26, 1818, d July 3, 1883  
     Lemira A. Fuller, wife of Amos Gallup, b. Sept 8, 1818, d Sept 13, 1851, aged 33 years & 5 days 
     Eliza Dingman, wife of Amos Gallup, b. May 11, 1823  

Amos Gallup and Eliza Dingman, his second wife, were my great grandparents. While Eliza's death was not carved onto the big marker, and a small marker was not laid for her, I have her death certificate which tells us that her remains were indeed sent to be buried in Evergreen Cem. Most probably in the blank spot beside the big marker. Eliza died 24 Oct 1902 in Binghamton.
The first wife of Amos was Lemira A. Fuller. Amos and Lemira began a different line of Gallups which is quite extensive down to the family of Glenn Gallup the 3rd who is living in California, and with whom I am in frequent contact.

I have Eliza traced back to the beginning of time but I have been at a blank wall with Lemira for over five years now. Walter Ruland, Jefferson Town Historian has not been able to help me either. If you ever come upon ANYTHING about Lemira A. Fuller I would be indebted to you for letting me know.

Lynn Gallup, January 2006


Note 4

I was very pleased to see the listing of Obadiah Ruland and Mary Shelmandine in this cemetery. I have her name as Maria Mary and their marriage in 1799.

Shirley Becker, April 2011


Note 5

Becker stone backs        Becker stone fronts 
Garret G. Sager, b. Jan 131806, d. Feb 12 1883
   note - He is the father of Rachel who married Conrad Becker
Rebecca Delmater, wife of Garret G. Sager, b. Oct 2 1807, d. Apr 26 1883   note - she is the mother of Rachel who married Conrad Becker
Sarah Sager, d. March 3 1862, aged 28 years 21 days   note - She is the sister to Rachel who married Conrad Becker
Conrad Becker, 1838 - 1910    note b. Sep 8 1838, married to Rachel Sager
Ina Becker, dau of Conrad and Rachel Becker, died Sept 8 1885, aged 2 yrs 4 mo 23 dys    note - b. Apr 16, 1883
Andrew J Becker, b. Apr 2, 1873, d. July 23, 1901, Melissa Higgins, his wife, b. Mar 2, 1878    note - She had 4 children with Andrew. Melissa died 26 Feb 1942 Hunter, Greene Co, NY.
                  After Andrew died she remarried Edward Augustus Curtis (b. Lanesville, Greene Co., NY and d. 1950 Hunter, Greene Co., NY), had 5 more children, lived and died in Hunter
Rachel Sager, b. Mar 31 1841, d. Oct 29 1891    note - she married Conrad Becker
Andrew J Becker Jr    note - small stone with raised letters "AJB". Son of Andrew and Melissa, must have died young.

Liz Lang, July 2011

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