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This is a list of cemeteries that I gleaned off the "Feature records of the Geographic Names Information System Query of the U.S. Geological Survey for Schoharie County, NY." The column stating USGS shows name of the Quadrangle Map on which the cemetery is pinpointed. It does not necessarily mean the name of town that the cemetery is located in. Anyone having any additions, corrections, or comments, please send them to Doug Boyer and they will be posted below.

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Cemetery Name USGS Map
Armlin Cemetery Middleburgh  
Ball Cemetery Sharon Springs  
Barton Hill Cemetery Gallupville  
Beekman Cemetery Richmondville  
Bellinger Cemetery Sharon Springs  
Bile Cemetery Cobleskill  
Blenheim Hill Cemetery Stamford  
Bradt Cemetery Cobleskill  
Bramanville Cemetery Cobleskill  
Burhans Cemetery Cobleskill  
Central Bridge Cemetery Schoharie  
Chambers Cemetery Cobleskill  
Champlin Cemetery Stamford  
Choate Cemetery Stamford  
Clapper Cemetery Gilboa  
Clock Cemetery Richmondville  
Cotton Hill Cemetery Middleburgh  
Cowley Cemetery Stamford  
Dorloo Cemetery South Valley  
Dugway Cemetery Charlotteville  
Ellis Cemetery Livingstonville  
Ellis Cemetery Breakabeen  
Ellison Cemetery Gilboa  
Evergreen Cemetery Stamford
Freese Cemetery Ashland  
Fulton Hill Cemetery Summit  
Guernsey Cemetery Middleburgh  
Hager Cemetery Gilboa  
Holy Cross Cemetery Stamford  
Houck Cemetery South Valley  
Keyser Cemetery Livingstonville  
Kilmer Cemetery Cobleskill  
Kniskern Cemetery Gilboa  
Lawyer Cemetery Cobleskill  
Leesville Cemetery Sprout Brook  
Mattice Cemetery Middleburgh  
Moore Cemetery Gilboa  
Old Stone Fort Cemetery Schoharie
Patrie Cemetery Gilboa  
Peoples Cemetery Richmondville  
Richtmyer Case Cemetery Gilboa  
Rossman Cemetery Summit  
Ruliffson Cemetery Stamford  
Rura Cemetery Gilboa  
Safford Cemetery Gilboa  
Saint Paul's Cemetery Schoharie  
Scott Cemetery Cobleskill  
Seward Cemetery Richmondville  
Shafer Cemetery Gilboa  
Shew Cemetery Stamford  
Shultas Cemetery Cobleskill  
Slate Hill Cemetery Sharon Springs  
Slingerland Cemetery Cobleskill  
Sloansville Valley Cemetery Schoharie
Snooks Cemetery Charlotteville  
Strobeck Cemetery Richmondville  
Taylor Cemetery Middleburgh  
Zimmer Cemetery Gallupville  

Queries, additions and/or corrections to above list:

Joslin Cemetery, Fulton 

There is supposed to be a cemetery on the farm that Lucius Joslin owned in Fulton. My great uncle looked for it in the 1970s and said there was an old guy that knew where it was but he never got back there before he died. I'm enclosing a copy of a letter that states that. Emory Joslin 01-05

Letter transcription:

Cambridge, N. Y.

March 12, 74  

Dear Mrs Wessler

     I guess in my last letter I did not answer the question in your last letter of why I think my ancestor Henry was the son of Daniel and a nephew of Mrs Larsons --- Thurston Frankly there isn't any real proof of this at all, and my belief is based in part on Martins letters, census reports, and reports from other senses, including many letters from a Mr Guy Swarts who was born in 1883 on a farm only about two miles from the farm of my grandfather Daniel and who lived his entire life on that farm he died in 1973. First Martins letters, it appears he like myself didn't start his research until some time after his fathers death in 1871 his father died 1856 and is in some ways vague & not complete. take names for instance back in those days many people changed their given names when they went out on their own without any problem - no SS no gov. checkup. example Martin says Daniels wife name was Polly and Polly & Betsy was his aunts get on the grave markers both pollys was recorded as Mary and Bets was recorded as Elizabeth. It is also possible while polly insisted her grandfathers name was Richard he could have easily have been Henry page 97 who changed his name for some reason to Richard and Polly never knew about it. I do not say this is so but it could have happened. To get back to my Henry, Martin says he had 7 boys & one girl but only names oneboy Alvin, could be he never knew the names of all the rest. Now according to census records 1850-1855-1880 my Henry had at least 6 boys known but no mention of Alvin, this is also claimed by Mrs Swart who also named another boy Luke. Mr Swart says there are two private cemeterys in this area one on Jobe Tripps farm where my grandparents, some of their children and some Tripps are buried, and one on the nearby farm of Luke Joslin where both Joslins & Harrises are buried. Mr Swart says Lacan Joslin a son of Levi - who was one of the few Joslins remaining when he was a very young man once told him his Aunt Matilda Joslin Harris was buried in the cemetery on Lukes place. If this is so it would mean my henry did have a girl named Matilda. Moreover while birth dates varies all census records says my g.f. Daniel was born in Alb. Co. 1814-1816 also my Henry was born in Albany Co  in 1799 here again complications sets in because in 1788 all of what is now Columbia and Renssellear Counties was still Albany Co also most all of what is now Schoharie and Green Cos also you will note that while Martin writes of where the rest of his uncles went he makes no mention at all of where Henry went; & where my Henry lived in Schoharie Co is only about 30 miles cross country from Bern where Martin lived. Orig Daniel bought the farm in Berne Alb Co in 1787 & my Henry wsas born in Alb Co about 1788. All of this is what makes me believe my g-gf Henry was possibly Martins Uncle Henry. if not what happened to him. I know I have not proven a thing but thought you might be interested.

                                                                                   Best Wishes Emory

PS - because of age some things I say just dont make any

To further complicate things Mr Swartz says my Joslins came to Schoharie Co. from Ulster Co. even so Henry could have went to Ulster Co after he got married there moved to Schoharie Co.

My Uncle John was in  Civil war Volenteered in 1861 when 18 the family says he was killed in action near Atlanta but Army records said he was injured near Atlanta was in Army Hospital until he was discharged in 1865 from Army Hosp. in Indiana. Uncle George & Silas located in Ulster Co - my day & Uncles Henry, Mack and Daniel located in that part of Delaware Co that was formerly a part of Ulster Co. Columbia, Rens. & part of Scvh Co. was formed from Alb Co in 1791 part of Green in 1806 Otsego from Montgomery in 1791 - Delaware from Ulster & Otsego 1796. All of these things make it very hard to trace our ancestors.

In a letter written by Dr Clark Joslin son of John Gains told him that his (g.f. John Gains) came from and was born in Providence R.I. to Dutchess Co. did he mean the city, town or county of Providence. If this is so it rules out Henry Page 97 as he was born in the town of East Greenwich Co of Kent in R.I. In so far as I know none of my grandfathers family ever came back to Albany Co but drifted south & west. Providence County in R. I. is a huge county & many Joslins lived there at one time or another.

     Guess I had better quit before I get you as badly confused as I am.


I believe the Alvin Joslin mentioned in your book page 26 was ---- Alan - died 1973

Jefferson Cemeteries

I was told there is a cemetery behind the "Heartbreak Hotel" in the town of Jefferson. Does anyone know the name of this cemetery or if it has ever been walked? Angeles Oakes 11-07

Shew Hollow Cemetery, Gilboa 

I was reading up on Schoharie county, mainly Gilboa. I lived in Gilboa for 30 years on the Shew Hollow Road. I live in Florida now and try to go back at least once a year there is a little cemetery at the end of Shew Hollow on route 30 I think it is on Stykers property. You would not even know it was there if you weren't looking for it. For two years I've been wanting to go see who was buried there, but never got to go see. I was wondering if you know who was buried there. It is an old Cemetery. Mary Callahan, daughter of Floyd Clark 12-04

Lehman Family Cemetery, Sharon 

This cemetery does not appear on your list. It is a small cemetery on a private farm north of the Sharon, I believe on Lehman Road. Using the 1866 Sharon Hill map posted at, I believe it is located on the SB Lehman farm, tract 39. It is located just north of the primary farmhouse, and when I visited it in 1986, was clearly visible from the road. (My mother grew up on this farm, and my grandfather, Ezra Lehman, sold it in the early 1940's.) Neal Hutchinson 02-04

Gates Hill Cemetery, Broome

There's a cemetery that's not listed for the Town of Broome. I've always known it as the "Gates Hill Cemetery." Location: approx. 7 miles South of Middleburgh to Franklinton to Gates Hill Road. At bottom of hill look for road on the left side. The cemetery is just up the hill and may be a great source of information. Town of Broome historian Betty Chichester should have information on this. I've attached a photo that I took yesterday of this. Names on gravestone that I can recall: Earls, Bellinger, Becker, Hagadorn and many others. Bruce Earls 09-03


Three more Cemeteries (Philip Berg Farm Cemetery in Breakabeen; Deitz Family Cemetery; Indian Burial Ground)

Within the past couple of years a team of researchers in Schoharie County have been trying to locate all the private cemeteries in Schoharie County. I can recall looking through the findings last summer (located in the Old Stone Fort), but I don't recall the name of the researchers. They have come up with an impressive list of cemeteries located within the county. Off hand, I can think of three not on your list, the Philip Berg Farm Cemetery in Breakabeen located under a large lone tree in a field on the right just prior to entering the town from Middleburgh, the Deitz Family Cemetery located nearly across the street from the Apple Barrel on Route 30, and there is supposedly an Indian Burial ground located about halfway between the Apple Barrel and the Carrot Barn on Route 30. We were always told as kids that the location I am referring to was either a slave or Indian burial ground, but there are no marked graves, just a large mound. I have no idea if people were actually buried there, I can only tell you that my family lived across the street from that location for 7 generations and this story was one of those that passed by word of mouth from one generation to the next.......Amy 06-01

Hones in Leesville
On my recent trip through New York State I stopped at Leesville Cemetery in search of my paternal grandparents, Howard V. Hone and Hattie Winne Hone and was successful. They are buried on the family plot along with Garret Hone, who I learned from information I got on this website, was a County Supervisor in the 1870's. Garret appears to be my great-grandfather. I also found Hone Road which is southwest of Leesville Cemetery about 2 miles. I used to hear my Father talk about spending some of his summers on a family farm in Cherry Valley. I assume that this farm was probably located on Hone Road which is probably named for one of my ancestors. Since my Father is not living, it is difficult for me to confirm these speculations. His Father, Howard V., died 2 months before he was born on May 25, 1903 so my Father probably didn't learn as much about his own family as he could have. 
I am attaching picture I took at Leesville Cemetery, in case they would be of any help, to you and this project. I will send additional pictures separately because some people have had problems receiving files that are too big.
If you are aware of any resources that would allow me to confirm some of my assumptions, I would be interested in knowing about them. If can be of any assistance to you on the GenWeb Project, please feel free to contact me.
This picture was taken at the "corner" of HONE ROAD and CENTER VALLEY ROAD. The emphasis is on the street sign!
Gordon J. Hone 10-00

Unnamed Cemetery on State Land Between Lutheranville and Richmondville
Hello Doug! I just kind of stumbled by this website and it's fantastic. I have one addition that may or may not be of interest to anyone but I thought I'd share it with you. Located in the "state land" behind my parents between Lutheranville (Summit) and Richmondville there is a family cemetery located atop the hill that has been there quite some time. The story I have heard is that this family owned this land before or around the time of the depression and lost the farm to the state which is still state property. The site cannot be seen from the road and it takes a little hiking to get to it. The name is vague to me. I will try to get there and see if I can't make out the name as the stones are quite weathered. I just thought this may be of some interest. 
Angela Sperbeck 10-00

Van Der Voort Cemetery
Doug, Great website - and fitting of a beautiful and historic region of New York State. In your studies - have you come across information on a Van Der Voort cemetary located in North Blenheim, not far from a "Patchin Hollow"? I have
records of my gggg grandfather, John, who home-steaded in that region with his wife - Elizabeth Cornell. The site is listed in the history of North Blenheim, and was intact as of 1962. At a recent visit to the Old Stone Fort, I was told that the stones had been removed - one for refurbishment and the other an act of vandalism. This followed a visit to the site where I was unable to locate any trace of the site. John was a veteran of the revolutionary war, and a friend and neighbor of Freegift Patchin. Mary was a descendent of the Rhode Island Quakers, and grand-daughter of a Colonel in the NY militia - William Humphrey. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Chris Vandervort 07-00

Charlotteville Cemetery
About 20 years ago I was able to view a copy of the original map of the Charlotteville Town Cemetery on Baptist Church Road just outside the town of Charlotteville. My cousin Ralph Johns was a trustee of the Cemetery for a number of years prior to his death. At the time the only record was being kept on a piece of oil cloth which was very old and in poor condition. I was able to make a velum copy of the Old Section of the Cemetery which contains over 204 graves. I have copied the names from that original, without dates and would be pleased to provide you with the information, names etc in whatever form you wish. My grandparents the Lincolns are buried in the Cemetery ,and lived in the area beginning in 1795. My mother was born on the farm outside the town. Recent burials are in the newer section of the Cemetery and I do not have that information, although some of the Lincoln family is buried in that section. Other family names or relatives of ours, include Hix, Stilwell, and Cleveland. Our family the Lincolns. Joseph and Levi were active in the Baptist church in Charlotteville from 1795 until the middle of the 1990's. They originally came from Renesselearville. Have had considerable difficulty tracking down their marriages, Joseph and Levi in Renesselearville area although I have visited both Charlotteville and Ren many times. I used to spend my summers in Charlotteville on the Johns farm in the middle 1940's. Let me know how I can help. appreciate your work and the work of others in preserving this information. Sincerely, Franklyn Ingram, 5322 Torchwood Loop West, Columbus, Ohio 04-99

Bramanville Cemetery
Directions - Rt 7 take Howe Caverns Exit. Take 1st right turn, crosses Cobleskill Creek. The 1st house on the left (the Old Fred Rickard Home) Take the road to the left between the house & the barn (looks like their driveway) take the road to the top of the hill ... here is the cemetary. There are a lot of Rickard, Patrick, Hager, Nethaway names here. H. Michael Rickard

Joyce: I found this site quite by accident, I am originally from Richmondville (left 33 years ago) and I regularly search on the town name...this morning your site was in the net! As far as cemeteries are concerned let me add some to your list which I am sure are NOT on most listings. All of the following will require a bit of local hunting by folks in the Richmondville area. (from childhood memory and trips home over the years)

1) Rossmans Fly road - Access - Route 7 intersection with Beards Hollow Road, take Beards Hollow to Cross Hill Road, continue on Cross Hill till it ends in a "T". Take a right towards Summit. After making this turn and several miles along the way to SUMMIT there is at least one and I seem to remember two cemetaries, some of the head stones are made of native stones.

2) Road behind the Putnam Farm house- again take Beards Hollow to the HOLLOW CHURCH. Just before the site of the church, a dirt track exits the left side of the road and makes a single wide track up the hill. Near the top of the grade and on the left in the trees is another cemetetry, probably family has been 40 years since last I was there.

3) Frasier family plot: there is one south and up the hill from the Helen Frasier residence. At the time of my youth I traversed around this site (in a grove of hickory trees)) as I hunted grey squirrel.

4) Lockwood Road )name?): The road which gives access to the Richmonville motel located near the intersection of Route 7 and Beards Hollow. This road in the 50s and 60s was a single dirt track that rambled over the hills coming out on ROUTE 10 near the OBELDOBEL farm. About 1/2 of the distance from Route 7 to Route 10 there was a family cemetery on the left side of the road. Very near to the road.

I know of a cemetery that is not named on your list, at least it is not named as I know it. As my family's historian, I spent the better part of last weekend walking through a number of local cemeteries. One that was referred to in a number of notes written by my ancestors is called the Dibble Hollow Cemetery. This is actually a beautiful site for a small, largely untended place of burial. Nestled in the trees and surrounded by a tidy fieldstone fence, it is located on the road between West Fulton and Summit (County Rte. 4, I believe; on the right as one travels towards Summit, it is about half way between the two towns). Is this perhaps the Fulton Hill Cemetery? Or is this one to add to your list? There are, I'm guessing, 50 or less graves located here, some names of which include Crapser, Reese, Dingman, and of course Dibble. Karl Lehenbauer - 11-98

As a child I was blessed with the desire to wander the woods and back roads and during these excursions with my brother and friends we often came upon these forgotten grave yards. I know there are other places along the sides of the LAPE ROAD as it winds its way to west Richmondville. I also vaguely remember that there was a cemetary near the old WINEGARD race track...remember going there with Dad and wondering in the nearby woods till it was too dark. Great fun then... Any way, I am am looking into my geneology as a long distance activiy, I live in TEXAS and seldom get back to NY. Thanks for the site. Best Regards, Kenneth Cates - 01-98

There are 2 cemeteries in the Town of Jefferson that are not on GNIS. The "Old Village Cemetery" located about 200 yards north of the village square in Jefferson, accessible by a footpath across the street from the village square, visible behind and left of the driving range on Rt 10. In June, 1997 it was reasonably well kept and mowed and a US flag flown. The "West Jefferson" cemetery about 1 or 2 miles west of Jefferson on the North Harpersfield Road (Rt 2A), high on a hill on the north side of the road. In June, 1997 it was quite well maintained. There is a manuscript in the Stamford Village Library, Stamford, Delaware County that lists the burials in these 2 cemeteries, along with some in Delaware County, I think called "Delaware County Cemeteries Tombstones; copied by Stella Gibbs Silvernail in 1940." Many of my Patchin, Judd and Gibbs ancestors are buried in these cemeteries. Hope this helps someone, Richard Sheumaker 01-98

Livingstonville Church and Cemetery - I have several ancestors who were supposedly members of this church and were buried here in the early 1800's. I have not been able to locate any records. Does anyone know if records exist anywhere? Thanks. George Conklin

Has anyone ever heard of Scott Patent Cemetery somewhere around Livingstonville? I'm assuming it's on Scott Patent Rd. I've got a couple of suspected ancestors buried there and I'd like to check it out. Thanks! Lisa Dougherty - 05-14

Does anyone know where I can get information on the Middleburgh Cemetery? I saw a book that stated Christina Dutcher Clark d. 1876 and was buried in the cemetery, but no one knows anything else. Mabel Sweetnam - 04-97

Have information that Daniel Sanford was buried in John CASPER's farm cemetery in East Cobleskill. He died 14 March 1878. Can anyone tell me the present day name of the cemetery? Jan Sanford - 02-97

Looking for information on the OLMSTEAD Cemetery in vicinity of Sharon Springs. I would like to find out the names of the Olmsteads' buried there. I am specifically looking for an Abijah Olmstead and his wife, Miriam. Thank you. Dawn Covert - 01-97

My favorite cemetery is on Doc Leonard Mountain. I called it the 'BEST' cemetery, because I used to go to Doc BEST in Middleburgh, and he was raised there. The BEST museum may have a record of the folks buried there. The only surnames I remember are BEST and McHENCH, but it's been a long time. I think they go back to the 18th century. James Elbecht - 10-96

Mackey Family Cemetery, Mackey Corners, over the hill from Gilboa - does not appear on list above. Check out the 21 stones catalogued in 1994 by Joyce and Tar Riedinger.

I located a cemetery this spring which can be found off Stone Store Mtn. the town of Broome. Take a right off Rt. 145 just outside of Livingstonville (if you are heading toward Middleburg) onto Stone Store Mtn. Rd. Cemetery is approx. 4 miles up the mountain on the left. It is on private property- the guy's name is Pete. He let us go back and have a look - in it was buried my gg grandparents, David and Mary (Decker) Jackson along with various other Jacksons and Hagadorns. Lisa Dougherty - 10-96

"Once upon a ... I traveled down the trails of time and ..."
In some papers from other researchers I found references to several cemeteries that are not on your list. It may be that the name they are called is different than the actual place or they may have long been lost. Sperbeck Farm Cemetary ?; Quaker Street or Duanesburg Cemetary; Lee Church Cemetary near Know; Old Summit Cemetery, Summit. Mac Rogers - 10-96

I have found several cemeteries in the Blenheim area.
Beach or Beech or Beechwood Cemetery in South Jefferson - This cemetery is all but gone. Last visit, Henry Maham's stone was leaning on a tree and I couldn't find his wife, Catherin Maham, stone at all. They were both found in the early 80's. This is the best I can do for location since I'm not from the area. From the Town of Blenheim, North Rd. to Blenheim Hill Road, at the intersection of Shew Hollow Road you go straight, large dairy farm on left as you go up hill, as road flattens out the cemetery is right before a modern house. There may be a house just before the cemetery also. There was a stone wall along the road but it has since been covered with brush. It is hard to locate, but it was there.

Welch or Welsh Cemetery - Near S.W. corner of Blenheim Hill Road and Shew Hollow Road.

Brewster Cemetery - Corner of Bailey Road off Rte. 23 in S. Gilboa.
I may not have the names right but these cemeteries are old and seem to have many of the early settlers buried in them. Teena (Mayham) Schroeder - 10-96

Where is this cemetery? - 11-96

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