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Ellis Cemetery
Town of Broome, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 27' 26" N; longitude 74 17' 48" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Have since found the name of the cemetery which was given to me by the Town of Broome Historian Betty Chichester. Thank You Betty !! There maybe other stones that were hidden in the tall underbrush, so I would say that it's not a complete listing. I have left the spellings of the names the way they were on the stones.  Ann Hanford

Location: road sign says Potter Hollow Mt. Rd. about 3 miles from Broome Center (may also be known as Scotts Patent Rd. from Albany Co. side)
Condition: Iron fence surrounds it, over grown, many footstones or field stones with no markings.

On Broome Center/Potter Hollow Rd., .6 mile west of Teter Rd. corner. Betty Chichester

The Ellis Cemetery has also been known as the Federal City Cemetery. Joan Hess Muller  

Row 1
1.George H. Hulbert d.4/17/1881  age 41y.8m.2d.
2.Susan V. Cook w. Alfred Hulbert d. 2/25/1892  age 82y.8m.10d.
3.Afred Hulbert d.11/19/1887  age 81y. 3m.
4.Phileomon W. Hulbert 9/7/1849-3/5/1899
5.George A. Hulbert  8/28/1881-8/7/1905

Row 2
fieldstones and footstones

Row 3
1.Joshus S. Hulbert 1839-1913
   Clarissa M. Haskin  1827-1899
2.Racheal  rest is unreadable  age 51y.11m.
3.L.W.Bartholomew d.3/13/1893 age 60y. 11m.13d.
4.Susan E.  rest unreadable
5.Eliza w/Louis S. Hulbert d.7/20/1852 age 31y. 10m.
6.Chancey Hulbert d.10/2/1840 age 60y. 1m. 17d.
7.Betsey w/ Chauncey d.7/9/1851  67y. 10m. 9d.
8. Eliza w/Lyman Hulbert  3/3/1845 age 33y. 17d.
9.Mary E. dau./Lyman & Henritta Hulbert d.9/16/1854 age 2y. 6m. 10d.
10.Asberry G. s/Lyman Hulbert d.9/3/1854 age4y.27d.

Row 4
1.Ellis Stone
    George A. 1810-1883
    Betsey Ritchmyre  1814-1903
    Helen   1839-1875
    Jane  1840-
    Harriet  1841-
    Julia  1843-1897
    Lewis  1845-1902
    John  1847-1877
    Phebe  1849-1862
    Wm.  1851-
    Andrew  1853-
    Clarissie  1855-1862
2.Helen M. Ellis w/Wm. Spencer d.8/12 or13/1874 age36y.10m. 28d.
3.Robert Stewart d9/6/1824  age 68y.
4.Dorcas Stewart w/ Robert d9/9/1843  age30y. 6m. 2d.
5.Francis A. Hulbert 1861-1890   age29y.
   Arrena Barthlomew 1867-1892
   Sadie  1887-1890
   Elvie  1889-1890

Row 5
1 footstone-Helen
5.Edwin  s/Lyman & Eliza Hulbert  d.4/30/1839  age2y. 11d.
6.Bassett Nickerson  d.3/15/1838  age 73y.
   Jermima wife  d.5/10/1845  age 78y. 9m.

Row 6
1.Blaisdell Nickerson  d.6/25/1872  age 81y. 5m. 17d.
2. Dolly Fox w/Blasdell Nickerson  d.9/9/1875  age78y. 18d.
3.Hannah w/George Cool  d.10/2/1842  age63y. 1m. 3d.
4.George Cook  d.5/1/1857  age 72y 9m. 16d.

Row 7
1.Wm. M. Cain 9/23/1814-5/21/1898
2.J.F.Cain  d.5/8/1887  age 63y.
3.Ambrose Cain  d.3/20/1873  age17y. 5m. 4d.
4.William Cain  d.6/15/1834 (?54?)  age81y. 5m. 15d.
5.Mary w/William Cain  d.3/24/1852  age 76y. 9m. 21d.
6.Andrew Cain  d,1856
7.Preston Cain  d.2/25/1863  age7y.
8.Eliza Cain  d,3/1/1853
9.Luther Cain d.7/12/1870  age61y. 10m. 20d.
10.Eusebia Haskins w/Luther Cain  d.6/9/1880  age68y. 11m. 12d.
11.Ellean Smith w/ George Cook  11/12/1816-3/5/1875

Row 8
1.Maria Cain  w/Henry B. Clapper  d.2/23/1876  age30y.30d.
2.Mary Barlow   w/unreadable

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