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Dutton Ridge Cemetery
Town of Broome, Schoharie County, NY

latitude 42 30' 59" N; longitude 74 15' 19" W
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As I understand it, this cemetery is located on a side road off of Kelsey Hill Rd in Broome, Schoharie County. I do not know the exact name of the road it is on. Russ Tallman

0.2 mile up steep hill, on Kelsey Rd. Betty Chichester

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Dutton, Charles B., 1843-1932 

Dutton, Elias W., 1830-1911  
     Borthwick, Sarah Ann, his wife, 1829-1913  

Dutton, Henry R., Aug. 3, 1859 - Apr. 1, 1884  

Dutton, Julius, Born March 1, 1792, Died July 27, 1870  
Dutton, Rena, Born Aug. 25, 1802, Died Apr. 3, 1880  

Dutton, Marcus S., Dec. 30, 1832 - Oct. 7, 1883  
     Riphenburgh, Hannah, his wife, Mar. 10, 1833 - June 5, 1926  

Dutton, Rena Amelia, Dau. of Asa S. and Amelia Dutton, Born Aug. 1, 1880, Died Mar. 12, 1881  

Dutton, William A., 1855-1913  
     Rivenburgh, Ella, his wife, 1872 - 19  

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