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Dutch Settlement Cemetery
(Cotton Hill Cemetery)
Town of Middleburgh, New York

latitude 42 37' 11" N; longitude 74 15' 32" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Directions: State route 145 about 1 mile from village of Middleburgh (south). Left on Cotton Hill Rd. Approximately 4 miles on right.

Submitted by Steve & Anne LaMont
photos by Jeff Schadl, Richard A. Sherman, and Cathy Guilz Fisher (
note: Camera icon ( ) links to a picture of that person's gravestone.)

Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery

If anyone would like more information on these people, we may have it. I read the old Middleburgh News and copy any information about the people of Huntersland and have it in notebooks by family. Steve and I would be happy to help anyone out. Anne

Name Birth Death Age Spouse 1 Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Father Mother Notes
Alger, Chester   12-1-1864 21y5m12d             d/Annapolis, MD
Alger, Jared 10-2-1792 2-5-1867   Olmstead, Deborah            
Alger, Jesse H 4-22-1818 12-12-1889   Lawton, Mariah            
Babcock, Daniel 12-23-1827 9-29-1903   Williams, Elmina            
Babcock, Elmira   10-17-1851 1y2m23d         Babcock, Walter Zimmer, Elizabeth  
Babcock, Jekel (?)   3-25-1860 25y6m9d              
Babcock, John L 9-8-1845     Lawton, Mary M Willie         Spouse 2 - Barber, Alma
Babcock, Tryphena 7-11-1839 4-11-1807   Lamb, A.D.            
Babcock, Walter 8-20-1803 3-19-1881   Zimmer, Elizabeth Elmira          
Babcock, Willie   5-3-1872 4y6m28d         Babcock, John L Lawton, Mary M  
Barber, Alma 1-4-1855     Babcock, Joh F            
Barber, George 3-22-1838 9-28-1908   Weedman, Anna Orlin Manford Rozella      
Barber, Manford   3-1-1888 9d4m         Barber, George Weedman, Anna  
Barber, Orlin 11-7-1890 4-11-1909           Barber, George Weedman, Anna  
Barber, Rozella   4-3-1873 2y9m25d         Barber, George Weedman, Anna  
Barrett, Wilia   11-16-1892 5m         Barrett, William Barrettt, Mattie  
Bartholomew, Polly    9-12-1885 80y4m17d Posson, Peter W             
Batsholts, George    1796               First settlers in settlement;
Erected by their grandson John Jacob Hilsley 1867
Bellar, Mary W   4-1-1877 23y5m              
Bellar, Nancy Maria   8-15-1844 1y5m         Bellar, William Bellar, Sophia  
Bellar, Sophia   11-14-1871   Bellar, William Nancy Maria          
Bellar, William   4-4-1848 50y4m1d Bellar, Sophia Nancy Maria          
Bellar, Andrew   8-7-1853                
Bergh, Dora   9/14/1921 55y              
Boomhower, Emily 1828 1895   Lawton, Peter            
Boomhower, Sophia   11-14-1871   Boomtower, John            
Borst, Delina   10-16-1873 20y7m7d              
Borst, infant dau.   3-28-1872 8d         Borst, John Jr. Borst, Eliza  
Borst, infant son   6-30-1869 14d         Borst, John Jr. Borst, Eliza  
Borst, Nellie 1831 1915   Durfee, Wilbur Edwin          
Borst, Seymour   8-4-1877 15y11m24d         Borst, John Jr. Borst, Eliza  
Cannady, Catharine   11-8-1865 44y Plank, William       Cannady, David    
Cannady, David   12-12-1868 65y   Catharine          
Cass, Elma 1-7-1858 2-20-1858           Cass, Paul Cass, Maranda  
Cass, Elmina 6-13-1855 1-7-1860           Cass, Paul Cass, Maranda  
Cass, Maranda 12-13-1830 3-7-1908 78y Cass, Paul Elmina Elma        
Cass, Paul 11-2-1827 4-5-1911   Cass, Maranda Elmina Elma        
Cass, Wesley 1870 1902                
Chaddon, Hannah   2-28-1888 78y11m Shufelt, Philip Peter          
Clemon, Susanna 1819 1890   Dobbs, John            
Coddington, Anna  3-8-1832     Hilsley, John Jacob             
Daring, Catharine  3-10-1789 7-23-1858   Daring, Frederick             
Daring, Frederick  3-7-1784 2-7-1870   Daring, Catharine             
Daring, John 12-8-1814 1-16-1890   Daring, Senamaria Martha          
Daring, Martha   10-5-1853 3m         Daring, John Daring, Senamaria  
Daring, Senamaria 4-19-1827 11-21-1890   Daring, John Martha          
Decker, Jennie 1885 1936   Harris, Gilbert            
Dobbs, Henrietta 1846 ?   Lawton, Peleg            
Dobbs, John 1820 1895   Clemon, Susannah            
Durfee, Edwin 1853 1935   Wood, Elizabeth Floyd     Durfee, Wilbur Borst, Nellie  
Durfee, Floyd 1891 1891           Durfee, Edwin Wood, Elizabeth  
Durfee, George 1870     Rose, Maggie            
Durfee, Wilbur 1822 1905   Borst, Nellie Edwin          
Gallup, Sarah   8-18-1799 47y7m7d              
Goodington, Anna 3-8-1832     Hilsley, John Jacob            
Harp, Betsey   4-11-1882 72y Schell, Joannas            
Hauven, Cornelia E 2-16-1824     Weidman, Abraham J Lodema E John J Almira     child - Eri
Henness, May   10-28-1890 1y2m24d         Henness, William Henness, June  
Hilcous, Jacob A  4-10-1840 2/21/1903   Weidman, Lousa             
Hill, Deanna  1839 3/8/1866   Posson, Lewis Evaretta  Charles         
Hilsley, David   infant                
Hilsley, Hannah   3-9-1865 72y Hilsley, Jacob            
Hilsley, Henry   3-21-1837 17y              
Hilsley, Jacob   2-16-1865 73y Hilsley, Hannah            
Hilsley, John Jacob  8-1-1817 8-13-1889   Wright, Margaret  Levi         spouse 2 - Coddington, Anna 
Hilsley, Joseph H    4-22-1879 36y              
Hilsley, Levi   1-4-1866 18y9m17d         Hilsley, John J Wright, Margaret  
Hilsley, Pater   infant                
Hilsley, Rosannah     9y              
Hiltley, Catharine   9-12-1887 76y Hiltsley, George            
Hiltsley, George   3-4-1889 76y Hiltsley, Catharine            
Hoaltzel, Anna Marriah   1796   Hoaltzel, Johann           First settlers in settlement;
Erected by their grandson John Jacob Hilsley 1867
Hoaltzel, Johann    1796   Hoaltzel, Anna Marriah           First settlers in settlement;
Erected by their grandson John Jacob Hilsley 1867
Hulbut, Minton   ?                
Lamb, A. D. ? ?                
Lawton, Danforth 1856 1882                
Lawton, Huldah 1852 1864                
Lawton, John 12-15-1815 ?                
Lawton, Levi 1866 1908                
Lawton, Mariah 4-8-1822 4/30/1908   Alger, Jesse H (obituary)          
Lawton, Mary M 12-18-1840 12-13-1888   Babcock, John F Willie          
Lawton, Peleg 1847 ?   Dobbs. Henrietta            
Lawton, Peleg   12-28-1879 93y Shultis, Eva            
Lawton, Peter 1826 1909   Boomhower, Emily            
McKinley, Elizabeth   1842 78y Hilsley, Johannes            
Masholts, Jeremiah    11-3-1890 50y             Co. G, 177 Regt. N.Y.V.
Olmstead, Deborah 10-25-1797 5-17-1851   Alger, Jared            
Patrovits, Ruddy  1908 1910                
Picket, Catharine   8-6-1890 82y6m4d              
Plank, Agness   10-18-1865 15y10m24d              
Posson, Asenith 2-19-1814                  
Posson, Carrie  1873 1893           Posson, Lewis  Weidman, Elizabeth  
Posson, Charles  1865 2/6/1866 15m27d         Posson, Lewis  Hill, Deanna   
Posson, Charles   infant           Posson, Henry Posson, Rossanna  
Posson, Evaretta  1861 5/6/1863 1y9m22d         Posson, Lewis  Hill, Deanna   
Posson, Florence   9-7-1884 3y21d         Posson, Charles Posson, Margaret  
Posson, Henry 10-11-1812 2-24-1891   Posson, Rossannah Mary Charles        
Posson, Lewis W  1834 1821   Hill, Deanna  Evaretta  Charles  Carrie      Spouse 2 - Weidman, Elizabeth 
Posson, Maggie   2-4-1896 27y         Posson, Charles Posson, Margaret  
Posson, Martha   9-21-1896 18y         Posson, Charles Posson, Margaret  
Posson, Mary    7-30-1860 9y3m         Posson, Henry Posson, Rossanna  
Posson, Peter W    9-25-1884 85y11m24d Bartholomew, Polly             
Posson, Rossannah   3-7-1865 45y5m Posson, Henry Mary Charles        
Rasue, Catharine 3-16-1819 12-8-1887   Rasue, John            
Rasue, David 9-12-1840 3-18-1890                
Rasue, George   10-14-1873 22y7m7d              
Rasue, John 3-12-1818 9-12-1889   Rasue, Catharine            
Rose, Maggie 1875 1897   Durfee, George            
Sarin, Dora   9-26-1928 99y              
Schell, Joannas   6-29-1884 77y10m18d Harp, Betsey            
Shufelt, Peter   9-29-1862 21y4m8d         Shufelt, Philip Chaddon, Hannah  
Shufelt, Philip 7-6-1806   57y5m28d Chaddon, Hannah Peter          
Shultes, Eva   4-22-1877 86y Lawton, Peleg            
Simkins, Catharine   2-24-1858 65y10m28d Simkins, Nelson Catharine          
Simkins, Catharine   5-7-1844 19y3m16d         Simkins, Nelson Simkins, Catharine  
Simkins, Nelson   6-7-1878 87y7m19d Simkins, Nelson Catharine son        
Simkins, son   5-27-1866 25d         Simkins, Nelson    
Simpkins, Jane   10-15-1872 37y9m4d Borst, John            
Stalker, William E   2-26-1885 33y5m6d Stalker, Susie            
Stevens, Eugene A   12-24-1888 54y              
Tompkins, James H 1865 1925                 
Tousan, Jacob   10-25-1868 68y8m21d Picket, Catharine            
Warner, Catharine   2-7-1867 76y Hawver, John            
Weedman, Anna 1-1-1851     Barber, George Orlin Manford Rozella      
Weidman, Abraham J 8-3-1819 5-24-1894   Hauven, Cornelia E Lodema E John J Almira     child - Eri
Weidman, Amanda  2-22-1836 12/25/1904   Weidman, Paul  Dora           
Weidman, Augusta 9-11-1864 9-16-1879           Weidman, Jacob Weidman, Ann  
Weidman, David                   b/d? 5-26-1856
Weidman, Dora  10-8-1866 3-17-1892   Fox, Herrick       Weidman, Paul  Weidman, Amanda  
Weidman, Elizabeth  1842 1925   Posson, Lewis  Carrie           
Weidman, Eunice   4/25/1908 47y Decker, Byron            
Weidman, Leusion                   b/d? 10-3-1861
Weidman, Lousa  10-11-1847 7-18-1881   Hilcous, Jacob A             
Weidman, Mary Ann                   b/d? 7-19-1833
Weidman, Paul  8-16-1835     Weidman, Amanda  Dora           
Whitcomb, Submit    11-28-1848 46y10m2d Boomhower, John            
Williams, Elmina 7-5-1835 7-24-1886   Babcock, Daniel            
Wood, Elizabeth 1853 1895   Durfee, Edwin Floyd          
Wright, Abraham L   10-20-1876 5m21d              
Wright, Caroline   4-28-1865 30y5m4d Wright, Rich J            
Wright, Dr. Samuel J   1-10-1847 37y3m21d              
Wright, James   10-15-1857 70y              
Wright, Margaret  8-5-1813 9-25-1870   Hilsley, John Jacob  Levi          
Young, Alice 1904 1919           Young, Theodore M Young, Mattie  
Young, Raymond 1900 1901           Young, Theodore M Young, Mattie  
Zimmer, Elizabeth 12-28-1808     Babcock, Walter Elmira          

Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery Dutch Settlement Cemetery


June 2009, Richard Sherman

I have several photos of the Resue (Rasue) section of the Dutch Settlement Cemetery if you want to post them.
Also according to everything I have been told my brother Everett Sherman was buried in there.
He died hours after birth and his grave was between the two pine trees on the end of the area. Fieldstone marker.
My mother pointed out the location but she was not at the burial as she was extremely ill when he was born.
I never heard her say she ever went to the grave.
My Grandmother Laura (Resue) Treadlemire shared the same information with me.

March 2014 - Roney burials

I received the attached items from my aunt's children. She passed this Dec. (2013) and they found these papers among her other items. - Cathy Fisher

Names listed: Charles E Roney, Catherine (Daring) Roney, Eve E Roney, Peter A Roney, Mary A Roney, Lambert S Roney, James H Roney, William C Roney,
                         Catherine M Roney, Charity M Roney, Bernard G Roney, Nancy (Weidman) Roney, Michael Roney

Burial Note

hand-written sketch of burial locations

typed sketch of burial locations

April 2015 - Tompkins burials

I have attached pictures I took last summer of headstones I located in Dutch Settlement/Cotton Hill Cemetery. - Cathy Fisher

James H Tompkins, 1865 - 1925 

Margaret "Madge" Tompkins, Nov. 17, 1921 - June 19, 1993 
Edgar F Tompkins, Apr 25, 1920 - Dec. 13, 1998 

Roney R Tompkins. 1868 - 1940 

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