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Dibble Family Plot
Town of Fulton, New York

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

There is a small family plot located off of Rossman Valley Road in the Town of Fulton. The existence of this site was made known to me by Donald Anderson of Stanfordville, NY, who owns the land. He graciously gave me permission to visit the cemetery and deserves the gratitude of all who will benefit from this information.

The cemetery is a bit overgrown with many of the headstones having fallen over. Mr. Anderson told me he plans to clean up the plot which should restore the dignity of the site. Below is a listing of the graves located in the Dibble Family Cemetery.

Christina, wife of James Dibble Died May 17, 1851 AE 43 yrs, 1 mo, 9 d

Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel & ******(illegible) Dibble

Margaret, wife of Patrick Dibble Died February 4, 1854 AE 79 y, 9 m, 27 d

Patrick Dibble Died August 29 or 23, 1865 AE 85 y, 5 m, 20 d

Walter, son of James R & C****(illegible) E. Dibble  Died February 22, 1851 or 1857    AE 21 ds

David, son of Isaac & Polly Clark Died August 14, 1833 AE 1 y, 3 m, 2 d

Polly, wife of Isaac Clark Died August 10, 1855 AE 51 ys, 6 m, 19 d
    *there is a small marker behind the headstone with the initials "P. C."

***there are about 5 - 10 small markers/headstones throughout the cemetery with no inscriptions

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