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Dibble Hollow Cemetery

latitude 42 34' 24" N; longitude 74 32' 3" W
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Catalogued and submitted by Karl Lehenbauer

Click here for another cataloging, with photos, of the Dibble Hollow Cemetery by John and Ann Palmer

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Located half-way between West Fulton and Summit on the north side of the County Route 20. This is a quaint little cemetery in surprisingly good shape for what appears to be a largely untended place of rest. Nearly half of the stones are catalogued here.

Recent submissions by others are included as notes within the listing.

Crapser,Henry d. 11-5-1845 aged 45 years
	Hester ______, his wife	d. 9-25-1891 aged 102 years
	daughter Caroline b. 12-7-1829 d. 12-25-1891
Crapser, John G. d. 3-2-1840 aged 22 years. 12 days
Crapser, Delia E. (In memory of Delia E., wife of Benjn. Crapser)
         d. 2-6-1843 aged 25 years 11 months 16 days
Dearstine (single headstone with inscriptions on it; also 4 small markers
inscribed "Maggie", "Father", "Mother", Elva"
        David O. b. 1821 d. 1893
        Lydia L., his wife b. 1827 d. 1893
        Elva E. b. 1868 d. 1882
        Maggie b. 1863 d. 1883
Dearstine, David, At Rest, b. 7-21-1850 d. 1-6-1891
Dibble, Bartholomew F. d. 1-10-1877 aged 76 years *single monolith with all names inscribed on it
        Catherine, wife of BF Dibble d. (illegible)
        Lovicia, daughter of BF & C Dibble d. 5-26-1846 aged 8 years 9 months 13 days
Dibble, Moses d. 9-7-1869 aged 76 years 8 months 17 days
        Betsey E., wife of Moses Dibble, d. 6-16-1874 aged 79 years 6 months
        Lucretia, wife of Moses Dibble d. 3-6-1841 aged 48 years

Dibble, Charles	d. 5-17-1888 aged 68 years, 8 months
	Catherine Herson, his wife b. 4-29-1820	d. 11-14-1896

Dibble, Silas b. 2-17-1857 d. 11-14-1892

Dibble, George b. 1808 d. 1875
	Jane Haywood, his wife b. 1816 d. 1905
	daughter Susan Almira d. 9-12-1842 aged 4 years, 28 days
	son Thomas H. d. 9-27-1842 aged 1 year, 3 months
	son Norman S. d. 8-28-1850 aged 4 months, 5 days
	daughter Amanda	d. 8-7-1857 aged 1 year, 4 months

Dibble, Jabez E. d. 9-27-1866 aged 27 years, 2 months, 12 days, son of Jubez & Mary Dibble
	Mary ______, his wife

Dibble, Armenia	d. 7-27-1847 aged 33 years, 2 months, 1 day, wife of Ambrose Dibble
	daughter Jane d. 1-8-1843 aged 9 months, 15 days

Dibble, Harrison d. 12-8-1863 aged 17 years

Dibble, Hannah d. 9-18-1845 aged 67 years, 8 months, 14 days, wife of Jonathan Dibble

Dingman, George A. d. 6-5-1848 aged 19 years, 4 months, 25 days
Gorse, David b. 9-5-1815 d. 11-13-1873 *single headstone with all inscriptions on it
       Susan, his wife, b. 1-5-1820 d. 7-25-1865
Gray, Patrick d. 7-6-1874 aged 65 years 7 months 11 days *single monolith with all names inscribed on it
      Esther, wife of Patrick, d. 8-11-1898 aged 82 years
Ham, Jeremiah b. 7-16-1815 d. 6-13-1884
     Sarah, wife of Jeremiah, b. 1-1-1820
Ham, Luann b. 1876 d. 1900
Ham, Phillip W. b. 8-14-1845 d. 1-20-1894 *2 markers inscribed "Mother", "Father"
     Luana, his wife, b. 2-19-1845 d. 2-21-1925
Handy, Jeremiah d. 2-20-1896 aged 9 years "Gone but not forgotten"
Handy, Richard, Co. E, NY Vol. Inft., d. 7-27-1900 aged 65 years 6 months 11 days "Gone but not forgotten"
Lott, Isaac b. 10-16-1862 *single monolith with all names inscribed on it
      Martha Tripp, his wife, b. 5-25-1865
      Mosie b. 2-15-1886 d. 1-9-1896
      Georgie b. 4-17-1890 d. 2-6-1896
      Frankie b. 2-24-1892 d. 2-14-1896
Martin, Harold J. b. 1918 d. 1969
        Leila H. b. 1888 d. 1971
        Thomas E. b. 1886 d. 1972
Mickel, Henry J. b. 6-15-1829 *single headstone with all inscriptions on it; also 2 markers inscribed "Manda", "Henry"
        Manda, wife of Henry, d. 1-29-1885 aged 49 years 2 months 23 days
           Ostrum, Garrit - Garrit Ostrum's tombstone is in Dibble Hollow Cmty near 
           Summit, NY. A photo was taken June 21, 1996. Inscription shows "Garrit Ostrum 
           died June 30, 1854, in his 51st year". Ken Ostrum - December 9, 2002
Palmer - Ploss *large headstone with "Palmer" on front, "Ploss" on back
  small marker in front: Henry Palmer b. 4-18-1825 d. 2-2-1901
  small marker behind: Flora H. Ploss b. 4-9-1863 d. 1-11-1903
Palmer, John B. b. 3-2-1844 *single headstone with all inscriptions on it
        Julia A., his wife, b. 3-28-1840 d. 8-24-1890
        Anna M., daughter of JB & JA Palmer d. 12-11-1883 aged 11 years 8 months 22 days
           Catherine Crapser Palmer - Visit to Gravestone at Dibble Hollow Cemetery 
           shows Catherine as wife of Byrum Palmer, age 42 yr 8 m 15 d at time of death.
           Ken Ostrum - December 9, 2002
Payne, Gitty d. 11-5-1885 aged 83 years

Reese, John b. 4-21-1828 d. 8-10-1893 *small obelisk with all three on it
       Catherine Sperbeck Dingman, his wife b. 7-22-1837
       son Abram b. 5-8-1867 d. 10-16-1871
Salsbury, Charles b. 7-22-1862 *single monolith with all names inscribed on it
          Juliett, his wife, b. 8-15-1834
          Jesse Inghram b. 9-27-1877 d. 8-29-1901
Mercy, wife of Charles Spaulding, d. 9-16-1874 aged 44 years 5 months 16 days
Spaulding, Samuel b. 4-4-1804 d. 5-12-1883 *headstone broken off of base
           Hannah, wife of Samuel Spaulding d. 12-28-1865 aged 55 years 2 months 6 days
Wilday, Ira b. 7-7-1824
        Harriet, his wife, b. 5-15-1825
        Amanda, daughter of Ira & Harriet Wilday, d. 7-6-1859 aged 13 years 1 month 28 days
        Infant, son of I & *****(illegible) d. 9-8-1872

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