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Cook Cemetery
Town of Middleburgh, New York

latitude 42 34' 08" N; longitude 74 14' 24" W
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Cook Cemetery, Huntersland

Directions: Huntersland and Bassler Rd.

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Submitted by Steve & Anne LaMont
Photos contributed by Russ Tallman

If anyone would like more information on these people, we may have it. I read the old Middleburgh News and copy any information about the people of Huntersland and have it in notebooks by family. Steve and I would be happy to help anyone out. Anne

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Name Death Age Spouse Child 1 Child 2 Father Mother Notes          
Bassler, Eliza Ann 8-25-1922 90y22d Cook, Peleg Jr.                    
Bassler, Henry 11-9-1841 45y Saddlemire, Mary                    
Buzon, Rudy P 1993             b. 1949          
Cook, Andelia 6-16-1846 2y2m       Cook, A Cook, C.A.            
Cook, Harvey 4-10-1842 1m7d       Cook, A Cook, C.A.            
Cook, Isaac Newton 8-3-1834 16y1m6d                      
Cook, Mary 7-18-1860 78y4m2d Cook, Peleg                    
Cook, Peleg 11-8-1855 83y Cook, Mary                    
Cook, Peleg Jr. 12-4-1878 50y3y19d Bassler, Eliza Ann                    
Denison, Eliza 9-28-1834 6y14d       Denison, Thomas C Shultus, Charity            
Denison, Elmira 9-1-1834 1y3m10d       Denison, Thomas C Shultus, Charity            
Denison, Thomas C 10-26-1848 46y6d Denison, Charity Elmira Eliza                
Dennison, James C 3-27-1841 11m27d       Dennison, D Dennison, A            
Dennison, Jesse  9-2-1863 26y2m           177 Regt. N.Y.V.; Union Army Civil War Prison Camp; d/Rochester, NY
Dennison, Leonard A 4-27-1846 8y10m12d       Dennison, Isaac Dennison, Mary            
Dennison, Polly 4-22-1868 80y1m27d Dennison, Thomas                    
Dennison, Thomas 12-3-1838 59y6m28d Dennison, Polly                    
Gifford, Hix 3-5-1848 72y5m3d Jacobs, Welthy                    
Gifford, Melissa 5-14-1882 74y4m                      
Jacobs, Welthy 6-21-1855 75y10m16d Gifford, Hix                    
Saddlemire, Mary 7-30-1886 90y Bassler, Henry                    
Shultus, Charity 11-23-1848 45y24d Denison, Thomas C Elmira Eliza                

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