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Catalogued and submitted by Elsie SaarMr. William McGovern,  Cobleskill Rural Cemetery
With additional submissions by James Jimenez

Cobleskill Rural Cemetery
Cobleskill, New York

latitude 42 41' 9" N; longitude 74 29' 20" W
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Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Mr. William McGovern, Secretary/Treasurer of Cobleskill Rural
Cemetery, giving a demonstration on how to dowse for graves. Photo by Elsie Saar

Driving Directions:  From I-88 take Rt. 7 into Cobleskill. At the light on Main Street, make a right. Go through a second stoplight and continue on up the hill. You are on North Grand Street. At the top of the hill is a right hand turn (Quarry Street). Take that street and continue around a couple of bends in the road, up a hill and immediately take a left into the cemetery. Alice Puffer

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BORST      Lieut. Peter E.                 1837               1914 
           Carmilla L. Lansing, his wife   1848               1924 
           Lansing W.                      1871               1877 
           Guy E.                          1875               1877 
DEARSTINE  George B.                       1853               1943 
           Huldah E. Myers, his wife       1864               1937 
           Helen, their daughter           1895               1896 
GORDON     Julius C.                       1879               1959 
           Jennie Letts, his wife          1879               1956 
           Chester A.                      1916               1987 
           Marian C.                       1921               1923 
HUTTON     William                         1888               1976 
           Caroline A.                     1889               1909 
           Franklin S.                     1871               1921 
LETTS      Catherine (no marker found)     d. Dec. 30, 1923   Ae 83 yrs.
           Chester                         1837               1918 
           Melissa A. Adams, his wife      1848               1937 
           Angie (Angelique)               1884               1952 
           Charles A.                      1883               1918 
           Marion L. O'Connell, his wife   1883               1922 
           Fayette A.                      1886               1954 
           Jessie Shafer, his wife         1886               1979 
           Charlotte Letts Nothdurft       1912                    
           Harry A.                        1877               1947 
           Grace Headly, his wife          1880               1963 
           Harry L.                        1911               1917 
           Lorenzo D.                      1843               1922 
           Mary K. Borst, his wife         1848               1924 
           Edna B.                         1875               1876 
           Melvin                          1845               1892 
           Amanda M.                       1842 
           Raymond Swart Letts             1882               1897 
           Sanford (no marker found)       d. Sept. 10, 1941  78 yrs. 11 mos. 15 d
           J.VanAlstyne (no marker found)  d. Nov. 4, 1902    Ae 35 yrs. 2 mos. 9
           Mildred, daugh. (no marker fd.) Jan 2, 1900        Ae 8 yrs.
           William M. (Martin)             1881               1956 
           DeEtte Lawyer, his wife         1879               1951 
MYERS      Peter W.                        May 5, 1839        Mar. 18. 1907 
           Lucy Rossman, his wife          Mar. 14, 1844      Aug. 10, 1919 
SMITH      Charles Henry                   1864               1951 
           Evelena Goodrich                1871               1958 
           Clarence H., son of Charles & Lena Mar. 25, 1896   Dec. 27, 1899 
           Guy H.                          1879               1926 
           Genella Dearstine, his wife     1882               1947 
           Jesse Harold                    Dec. 19, 1891      Dec. 2, 1984 
           Jesse W.                        Oct. 4, 1799       Apr. 6, 1896 
           Olive Pettit, his wife          Aug. 15, 1804      Oct. 31, 1868 
           Jessie W.                       1877               1946 
           Harriet B. Lamont, wife of Jessie 1882             1923 
           Thomas S.                       Dec 12, 1852       Mar. 31, 1922 
           S. Jennie Venner, his wife      June 26, 1856      Jan. 28, 1914 
           Earl C., son                    Nov. 30, 1891      Mar. 21. 1893 
           Marion, daughter                Oct. 24, 1894      Mar. 5, 1899 
           Florence                        1899               1943 
           Roland V.                       Oct. 9, 1886       Jul. 22, 1952 
SWART      Martin                          1804               1884 
           Nancy                           1800               1872 
           Maria M.                        1825               1885 
           Catharine A.                    1829               1892 
           Cornelia                        1837               1891 
           Martin, Jr.                     1847               1865 
           Peter                           1834               1889 
           Elizabeth                       1829               1916 


Christian S. Bouck, Died March 11 1910, 89 years-2 mo.-3 days interred department "k" lot #756 on the southern half. Christian is my gr-gr grandfather lived in Cobleskill and was a wagon maker. James Jimenez

I met with William McGovern of The Cobleskill Rural last May because the Bouck plots had no stones on them and he was very helpful in Finding Christian Bouck's grave and now his wife's and daughter's and her husband, so here they are. Catherine King Bouck sec. K lot 755 David Drummon sec. K lot 754 and his wife Kate Bouck Drummon. The only grave with a stone is Kate's. I found Mr McGovern a man of a lot of concern for the job he does on the cemetery. James Jimenez

Certificate of interment for my great grandmother, Lillian Loraine Rifenburgh-Morey.
Certificate of interment for Jason Walter Morey.                                                                            G. Todd Schulz

Nicholas Warner and Maria Shaeffer Warner

Hello - I am writing to let you know that I found the gravestone of one Schoharie County's noted historic figures from the revolutionary war period - Nicholas Warner (10/13/1746 to 7/27/1838). Nicholas is the son of George Warner, Sr., (10/13/1746 - 7/27/1838) who is also noted in Schoharie County history and whose gravestone and cemetery in Warnerville was restored in 2010 by the Boy Scouts troop 56 of NY.

Nicholas Warner is commemorated with the battle of Cobleskill on the state history marker on Highway 7 in Warnerville of which I've attached a picture. His involvement is documented in the "Schoharie County NY Revolutionary War Soldiers" and "History of Schoharie County".

Nicholas Warner is my 5th great grandfather. We visited Schoharie county on November 6-7, 2013 to research our Warner ancestry. Attached is a short story of our visit including finding Nicholas Warner's gravestone.

                                                                                                                                                          Tony Branfort

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