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Terpenning Cemetery
Summit, New York

Catalogued and submitted by Roger Smith

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Located off Caskey Rd., Summit, NY on the Caskey farm. It is now located in the Lutheranville State Forest that was planted during the 1930-40's. There is a logging and fire road that leads to it. It is to the left at the top of the climb up Caskey Mt. The cemetery is surrounded by an iron fence. There are only three burials.

There is no Caskeyfarm. There was a Terpenning farm from 1821 to c1913. It was in that one family for nearly a century/ The cemetery is a Terpenning cemetery as you would expect. It was located at the top of Terpenning Mt on Terpenning property. I have done research on this, including talking with a descendant of the Cornelius T. buried there. Caskey owned the farm from about 1913 to 1923, that is all. He sold it to a Babcock family which had bought up much land in the area. Then in the 1930's the state of NY took it over. The land was reforested around the cemetery. Land records of Schoharie Co. show the turnovers. People in West Richmondville spoke of the places as Caskey. That name erroneously stuck. The Schoharie Co. Cemetery book uses the name Terpenning. Edna W. Smith

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1.    John E. 
       Son of Cornelius and Axsene Terpenning
       Died     Sept 23, 1865   
       Aged    16 years  5 months  8 days

2.    Cornelius Terpenning 
       Died      June 2, 1858
       Aged     52 years  4 months  12  days

3.     Axsene 
        Wife of Cornelius Terpenning
        Born     Jan  22, 1809
        Died     Jul   22, 1890

Pictures by Roger Smith in summer 2005. The iron fence is reported to have been forged at the Woods / Stevens foundry at Richmondville.



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