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Bruce Cemetery
Town of Jefferson, Schoharie County, NY

Submitted by Dorothy Hicock

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

I am sending some information on a Bruce Cemetery in the town of Jefferson, but I don't have the exact location. Dorothy Hicock
Transcribed by Mildred Bailey, Nov. 1966.
Cemetery is about 20 feet by 50 feet on a gravel knoll with partial stone fence.

Bruce, Benjamin d. July 26, 1854 at 81 yr, 24 da. with an epitaph unreadable in 1966
Bruce, Freeman J. d. June 10, 1853 (or 1855) at 11 yr., son of Justus & Sally
Bruce, Justus G d. Apr. 28, 1884 at 80 yr, 5 mo, 10 da.
Bruce, Sally d. Apr. 22, 1844 at 35 yr, 3 mo, 5 da., wife of Justus G. 
Bruce, Sarah d. Nov. 11, 1853 at 78 yr, 7 mo, 7 da., wife of Benjamin {Gibbs-added by DH}
Bruce, Sarah M d. Aug. 18, 1863 at 15 yr, 11 mo, 14 da.
----------, Sarah, daughter, rest unreadable
Close, Orrison E, d. July 15, 1846 at 1 yr, 6 mo, 14 da., son of Eli & Emeline, "sleep on sweet one"
marble slab with letters S, B in each top corner
ten fieldstones in two rows of five each.

from letter to Helen Bruce, Nov. 1966
Dorothy Hicock

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