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List of Broome Cemeteries
Town of Broome, Schoharie County, NY

Listing created by Betty Chichester and submitted by Tonya Frickey

1. Bates/Spencer: Spencer, Russell, Davis--On Ray Bates Rd., .6 mile south of Bates Hollow Rd. in woods.

2. Bates Hollow Church: Wilsey, Hagadorn, Bates--On Bates Church Rd. opposite Bates Church.

3. Bates Hollow: Walker, Rider, Hay--On Bates Hollow Rd., 1 mile west of Bates Church Rd. corner.

4. Bates Hollow/Old Bates: Bates, Hay--On Bates Hollow Rd., .5 mile east of Bates Church Rd. Corner, back of Rod & Gun Club
     house, across creek, up hill, stay on left side of stonewall.

5. Scott Patent/Hulbert: Haskins, Cole, Hagadone--On Broome Center/Potter Hollow Road., .4 mile west of Knowles Road
     corner, up 200 yards.

6. Ellis: Hulbert, Kane, Haskins--On Broome Center/Potter Hollow Rd., .6 mile west of Teter Rd. corner.

7. Armlin: Armlin, Wood, Wilson--End of Heins Rd., off Bell Hill Rd.

8. Hagadorn: Hagadorn, Jackson, Cain--On Stone Store Road., .6 mile east of Proper Road corner, back of house.

9. Weed: Weed, Yanson, Wilbur--On Leonard Hill/Bates Hollow Rd., 1 mile east of Gilboa town line, in woods.

10. Spencer/Walker--Spencer, Walker--On Leonard Hill/Bates Hollow Rd., .3 mile east of Gilboa town line, in woods 100 yards.

11. Livingstonville Presbyterian: Robinson, Starkweather, Hess--Behind Church, middle of hamlet.

12. Livingstonville: Active, large--End of Mattice Rd.

13. Franklinton: Large--on Gates Hill Rd., .2 mile west of Rte 145

14. Pine Grove: Active, large on Pine Bush Rd., near Kelsey Rd. corner

15. Borthwick: Borthwick, Williams, Bushnell--On Bell Hill Rd., .2 mile west of Pine Bush Rd. corner, behind house.

16. Barrickman: Barrickman, Conklin, Chichester--At corner of East Hill & Campbell Roads south side in swamp.

17. Keyserkill: Active, large--On Keyserkill Rd. (Co. Rt. 17), .4 mile north of Stone Store Road (Rte 19) corner.

18. Hutchings: Hutchings--On Woods Rd. top of steep hill, back of house.

19. Huntersland Christian: Active, large--On Albany Co. line, Huntersland Rd. (Broome and Middleburgh town line)

20. Gates: On Coon Hill Rd., .2 mile north of Keyserkill Rd.

21. Dutton: Dutton--.2 mile up steep hill, on Kelsey Rd.

22. Smallin: Smallin, Conklin, Scutt--On state land, top of Woods Rd. Extension, on knoll across swamp.

23. Federal City: Field stones--On Federal City Road, .5 mile east of Mace Hill corner.

24. Sedlar: Sedlar, Kappel--On Hauverville Rd. (Rte. 19A), .8 mile west of Albany County line. Uphill, .3 mile near a spring,
      metal placques bolted to boulders.

25. Unknown: field stones--On Gates Hill Rd., opposite Gates Hill Church, about .2 mile behind Karsh's house.

26. Coon: Coon-Wainwright--On Lassen Rd., about .5 mile north of Gates Hill Rd. Corner.

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