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I had to go out to the Worcester Cemetery today to pick up the flower pots off of my grandparents grave (my mom's parents). I had a few moments and was lucky enough to finally locate the Fuller burial. I've added that information to the Brooker Hollow Cemetery list and included the new entire list. There is supposedly another cemetery located in the hollow according to the current owners of the property and a older gentleman that I go to church with. I've lived here all my life and had never heard about this site though. I'm hoping to get up there before the snow comes. We went up last fall after having heard about it but couldn't locate anything. Roger P. Smith, October 9, 1998

Additional contributions by DeForest Brooker

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As of September 13, 1998. All of these sites are on private property.


On north side of road, behind the barn. Approximately 1.5 miles west of the Village of Richmondville.

1. Nicholas Dennis, Died 10, Aug. 1874, aged 84 years, 5 months, 22 days

Hannah, Wife of Nicholas D., aged 76 years, 10 months, 5 days

Agnes, Wife of John Moot, Died 4, Jan 1863, aged 96 years 1 month 4 days.


On south side of road across from the old school house. Approximately 2 miles west of Village of Richmondville

Anna, wife of Peter Brooker, Died 9, Jun. 1824, Aged 41 years
     Inscription:  Anna wife of
                                Peter Brooker
                                who died June 9th
                                1824 aged 41 years

John Crane, Died 23, ____ 1818, Aged 36 years, Made of Sandstone

Maude M. Daughter of J.H. & Addie Babcock, Died 10, Apr. 1873, Aged 2 years, 9 months

4 Loren Jr., Son of J.H. & Addie Babcock, Died 11, Jan. 1872, Aged 7 months, 28 days

Clarence E., Son of ________ Brooker, Died 19, ____ 1865
     Inscription:  Clarence E
                                son of
                                Edmund E & Fidela
                               April 19, 1865
                               aged 1 year 3 months 2 days

Inscriptions 3 through 5 are on a single stele.

Nathan Hall (?), Died 12, Nov 1835, Aged 66 years

Elizabeth, Wife of Jacob Terpenning, Died 13, Aug. 1832, Aged 65 years

Jacob Terpenning, Died 15, Mar. 1813, Aged 55 years. In Revolution

Iron fence was erected around the Terpenning graves in the 1960s by the DAR

Mary Ann, Wife of William Johnson, Died 15, Feb. 1852, Aged 30 years 2 months, 8 days

Footstone - H. J.

From Notes of Van Buren Lamb:

Terpenning, Jacob D. 15 Mar. 1813 ae 55

His Wife Elizabeth Wey, Possibly Wayman D. 13 Aug. 1832 ae 65

Johnson, John D. 17 Oct. 1840 ae 70

His Wife, Mary Terpening B. 1770 D. 26 Jan. 1851 ae 61

Johnson, William C. His Wife Mary Ann D. 15 Feb. 1852 ae 3_

Hill, Mathias D. 12 Nov. 1835 ae 66

Last Name Illegible, Henry D. 7 Feb. 1853 ae 20

Son of Liza and John D.

Footstones: M.A.J. and H.J.

Many Fieldstones


Approximately 3 miles west of the Village of Richmondville. On the north side of the road behind the house across from the intersection with Smith Hill Road. This farm was the Fuller farm. The cemetery was emptied and re-internment was made at Worcester Cemetery. This information per Katherine Borst, a Fuller descendant. The original stones were placed in the barn foundation when it was re-laid in the 1920s. The barn burned in 1997, a probable victim of arson. The charred remainders of the barn along with its stone foundation were buried on site.

Samuel Fuller, Died Jul. 13, 1826 aged 62 years 21 days

Sarah, wife of Samuel Fuller, Died Sep. 24, 1858 aged 83 years 9 months 21 days

Leroy Fuller, Born Sep 16, 1812, Died Mar. 30, 1893

Angenett Dennis, wife of Leroy Fuller, Born Jul. 26, 1812, Died May 13, 1882

Levi Fuller, 1841 - 1914

Catherine, wife of Levi Fuller, 1840 - 1908

Children of Leroy and Angenett Fuller:

Dolly Born Jun. 7, 1834 Died Jun. 9, 1834

Elias Born Jul. 18, 1835 Died Jul. 20, 1835

Annah M. Born Dec. 15, 1839 Died Feb. 3, 1840

The following are now buried in association with the above stone that is now located in the Worcester Cemetery. They were never buried in the Brooker Hollow site.

Mina L. Prentice, 1866 - 1932

Jesse A. Prentice, 1857 - 1915

Lena F. Empie, 1891 - 1968

5. Sanford T. Empie, 1885 - 1977



Near the intersection of Brooker Hollow Road and Franzen Road
Photos from this cemetery

A. W. & S. M. Wilber, Died 9, Apr. 1825

(G) Caretta, Wife of John Ostrom

Roxa, Wife of Moses Butler, Died 24, July 1843, Aged 32 years, 3 months, 27 days

Moses Butler, Died 13, Mar. 1845, Aged 3(4 ?) years, 8 months, 3 days

Sylvester S. Brooker, Died 19, Nov. 1854, Aged 64 years, 4 months, 29 days

Footstone - EW

Peter M. Brooker, Died 5, Nov. 1852

Peter Brooker, Died 14, Mar. 1843, Aged 67 years, 11 months, 23 days.

Notes from the files of Van Buren Lamb:

Brooker, Peter M. D. 5/11/1852

Brooker, Peter D. 14 Mar. 1843 ae 67 / 14 / 25 (The note lists months as 14)

Butler, Moses D. 24 July 1843 (This is actually the death of his first wife Roxanna Smith)

Ostrom Garetta D. 31 Oct. 1841 ae 43 / 6 / 13

Wife of John Ostrom

Robinson, Edgar D. 1 Aug. 1855 ae 6 M

Son of Aaron H. and Cornelia O. Robinson

Robinson, Willie Dates Gone

Butler, Curtis R. D. 6 Nov. 1861 ae 3 Y

Son of Samuel and Cynthia Butler


On the south side of Brooker Hollow Road approximately 2 miles west of the Village of Richmondville. It is situated along a stone wall. All of the stones are down and in very bad condition.

Josephine F.

Died Dec. 12, 1853 (or 8)

Daughter of David R. and Abigail Joslyn

In Memory of William, Son of Edward and Nancy Kinnicut, who died Nov. 1801 on the coast of Africa. Age 17 years. (This stone was found under the concrete floor of a barn that was being dismantled on the Kinnicut farm.)

Josephine Kinnicut

died Feb. 3, 1887 age 56 years 10 months and 24 days

"At Rest"

In Memory of

Polly M. F. Kinnicut

dau. of Edward and Susan Kinnicut

died Aug. 30, 1828

age 3 years 1 month 11 days

(Has unreadable epitaph)

There are at least three more stones that are unreadable. Per the Last Will and Testament of Celia Kinnicut Smith Fuller, daughter of Edward Kinnicut and Susan Fuller, the cost of the removal and re-interment of her family from this cemetery into her plot at the Richmondville Rural Cemetery was to be paid for out of her estate. If this was done, no markers were ever erected for these people at the Richmondville Rural Cemetery.


The cemetery is located behind the house on Smith Hill Rd. About 3 miles west of the Village of Richmondville. Smith Hill Rd. is a dead end.

Sarah Van Patten

Died Jan. 14, 1864

Aged 37 Years 11 Months 14 Days

(Has unreadable epitaph)

Sarah Van Patten

Died Oct. 14, 1882

Aged 74 Years

Jacob Van Patten

Son of James & Sally Van Patten

Died May 18, 1862

Aged 21 Years 7 Months 22 Days

(Unreadable epitaph)

James Van Patten

(This stone is presently knocked over with the engraving on the underside. It is buried partially under dirt and overgrowth of lilacs. There is an associated footstone with the initials of JVP)


Daughter of Nicholas and Lina Van Patten

Died Mar. 4, 1862

Aged 2 Months 12 Days


Located on the east side of Gott Road. Approximately to 1 mile off from Brooker Hollow Road.

Deborah Chamberlain

Died May 11, 1860

Age 73

Footstone with C.H.S.

Edna Jane

Wife of Edward Gahan

Died Nov. 19, 1862

Aged 34 Years 11 Months 8 Days

John & Edward

Twin Sons of Edna Jane & Edward Gahan

Died Aug. 28, 1863

9 Months Each

Footstone with J.G. & E.G.


Wife of W.S. Ellis

Died May 7, 1854

Aged 29 Years 9 Months 6 Days

Samuel B. Babcock

Died Feb. 7, 1860

Aged 38 Years 10 Months

William Smith

Died Nov. 11, 1865

Aged 88 Years 4 Months 16 Days

Footstone with M.A.S.


Daughter of William Jr. & Almira Smith

Died May 8, 1864

Aged 13 Years 7 Months 8 Days

James H. Smith

Died Jun. 29, 1874

Aged 19 Years 3 Months 23 Days

Footstone with M.A.T.

Several marble pieces with the only discernible inscription of "died". In close association with the

footstone with M.A.T.

A section of white marble that is about 6 inches wide and 16 inches long. On the left side is inscribed:




The right side of the stone has been sheared away.

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