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Brady Cemetery
Brady Road, Town of Jefferson, Schoharie County, NY

Submitted by Joan Naegele and Bonnie Jones

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Bernard Horan b. 8/1866 d. 1938
His wife
Agnes Finigan b. 1871 d.1949
Francis Horan b.1902 d.1975
Barney Fingan b. 6/1/1830 d. 9/7/1895
Mary E. (Conerty) b. 3/28/1833 d.1/28/1903
Rosie F d.4/11/1867 2yrs 2m 11 days
Maggie L d.1/20/1880 24yrs 7 m
Katie L d.3/12/1886 20yr
Bernie son James & Mary Finigan
Owen Smith 1797 - 1881 
Julia Brady 1835-1912
Michael Finigan b.1821 d.10/1/1905
His wife
Bridget O'Brien b 1826
Charles T. Finigan b.3/1/1868 d. 4/24/1936
His wife
Lenore Shannon b. 1/3/1865 d.7/14/1904
Charles T. Buddy Finigan 1924-1982
Patrick Lee b. 12/14/1838d.1/26/1905
His wives
Margaret Finigan b.7/15/1836 d/11/27/1879
Mary McNamee b.8/14/1834 d.12/20/1895
Side of stone 
Ann Lee mother
Catherine Lee sister
Back side of stone
Henry b.4/20/1863 d. 2/29/1873
Maggie A b.12/4/1865 d/9/15/1871
Children of Patrick and Margaret
James Brady 1868-1929 
Peter J. Brady 1827-1910
Bridget Ryan Brady 1825 -1913
Alicia Brady O'Brien 1854-1873
John Delaney 1837-1908 
Mary Moore 1837-1903
George Delaney d 2/4/1883 20 yrs
William Delaney b. 2/10/1859 d. 10/11/1908 
James Delaney 1828-1900
His wife
Mariet Shew 1833- 
Infant son of James & unreadable
Sylvester 1875-1935 
Aaron J.Baldwin 1857-1907
His wife 
Mary Delaney 1861- 
Mary O'Hanlon 1928- 1928
Fannie F wife of J. H. Hunt d 1/28/1894 47 yrs
Ann wife of W.M. Simpson d. 1/27/1890 56 yrs
Charles Moore 3/28/1872 66 yrs
Headstone but
No name legible died 1/18/1886 78 yr 
John Hory 1832-1871 
His wife
Jane Giblin 1841-1896
Son William 1859 -1898
Patrick Henry 1871 - 1872
Father Patrick 1798 -1881
Frank J b. 5/18/1878
Catherine F. b. 8/5/1868 d.12/26/1953
Anna E b.3/11/1870 d.10/16/1951
Ann McNamee wife of R E Kunze MD b 5/10/1831 d. 5/21/1888
Alice    5/10/1831   11/27/1903 
Front of stone
Patrick 3/17/1836
His wife
Ann McGuire 8/15/1842
John McNamee 6/22/ 1791

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