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I found in my family papers dated 1939 this cemetery which was located next to the Union Church. The land of the farm where this cemetery is situated was once owned by James Borthwick. This was done by some one else I'm sure, as I don't recognize the handwriting and I wish I could give this person the credit but I don't know who did it. I'm a descendant of Benjamin Brayman and Nancy Borthwick's daughter Helen Jane Brayman who married Smith H Potter. These are my 3rd & 2nd gr grandparents. I have typed it as it is written. Ann Hanford

On Bell Hill Rd., .2 mile west of Pine Bush Rd. corner, behind house. Betty Chichester

Avery Taylor                                    10/12/1845-12/3/1910
Dalinda Williams, wife /Avery Taylor
Aaron Williams                                  d. 8/17/1864              34y 10m 3d
Catherine Borthwick, wife/J. Bentley Borthwick  d. 12/27/1863             31y 9m 13d
Chloe Williams, wife/ J. Bentley Borthwick      d. 12/23/1871             35y 9m 9d
James Bentley Borthwick                         1829-1910
James Borthwick (came from Scotland 1773)       1738-1821
Margaret Byres, w/ James Borthwick              1740-1824 
    stone erected 1913 by their descendants
Benjamin Brayman                                d. 1/7/1890               82y 2m 25d
Nancy Borthwick, wife/Benjamin Brayman          d. 8-17-1906              89y 8m 12d
Minerva Brayman                                 1811-1910
Fanny Adelia Borthwick dau/Wm. D. & Maria Borthwick   d.11/24/1863        4y 4m 2d
James Borthwick                                 d. 2/19/1880              85y 7m 1d
Dalinda Dickinson, w/ James Brothwick           d. 10/10/1877             80y 2m 17d
Pamelia Borthwick                               1836-1909
Orpha Borthwick dau/ James & Dalinda Borthwick  d. 12/13/1878             45y 9m 11d
Nathaniel Borthwick                             3/1/1823-12/15/1904
Roxanna Crippen, w/ Nathaniel Borthwick         12/12/1820-11/20/1894
Mary Ellen dau/ Nathaniel & Roxanna Borthwick   d. 11/24/1862             11y 8m 11d
Uriah Russell                                   d. 3/30/1879              72y 5m 2d
Margaret w/ Uriah Russell                       d. 8/29/1861              59y 5m 26d
Nancy w/ George Borthwick                       d. 5/1/1849               76y 8m 15d
George Borthwick                                7/21/1851                 82y 1m 17d
Alexander Borthwick                             9/27/1883                 71y 4m 17d
Ann Maria w/ George Borthwick                   10/21/1896                87y 4m 12d
James M. son/Nelson & Lany Russell              7/29/1840                 1y 3m 18d
Absalom Taylor                                  3/28/1829                 40y 7m 6d
Sally w/ Aaron Williams                         11/2/1821                 44y 3m 23d
Hannah w/Aaron Williams                         1/5/1836                  51y 3m 18d
Aaron Williams                                  4/19/1862                 84y 9m 13d
Andrew                                          2/15/1836                 7m 3d
Samuel B.                                       10/3/1840                 1y 7m 3d
Harriet                                         12/20/1844                9d
John E.                                         6/27/1847                 4y 3m 17d
Mary                                            3/13/1848                 1y 5m 25d
children of Jacob & Chanilly Snyder
Hannah M. Delamater w/ David Leighton           1/29/1862                 45y
David Leighton                                  12/3/1849                 50y
Hannah Bushnell                                 3/1/1863                  58y 2m 14d
J. Elijah Bushnell                              12/31/1850                34y 9m 24d
Anne w/ Joshua Bushnell                         10/5/1852                 80y 7m 28d
Joshua Bushnell                                 7/18/1847                 77y 7m 1d
Mary Ann dau/Asa & Prudence Bushnell            10/11/1836                23y
Olive widow/Elisha West                         9/3/1836                  93y
Joshua J. Bushnell                              5/20/1868                 67y 9m 26d
Deborah Snyder                                  1/25/1870                 53y
John Billings                                   1/17/1853                 41y 9m 9d
Seth Jones                                      1/16/1834                 31y 5m 2d
Joseph (stone only)
Helen dau/ Robert & June M. Townsend            6/6/1857                  2y
Mary w/ Isaac Riphenburg                        5/31/1850                 17y 8m 20d
Polly w/ Minton Palmer                          10/21/1863                56y 6m 21d
Minton Palmer                                   1/14/1851                 43y 6m 1d
Waity w/ Leuis Chichester                       3/26/1864                 24y 5m 22d
Amaziah son/Leuis& Waity Chichester             9/20/1867                 3y 6m 5d
Vilona A. dau/ John & Samantha Boomhower        9/5/1865                  3y 11m 25d
Elijah C. Bates                                 9/26/1864                 19y 5m
Harry Bates                                     10/12/1863                45y 7m 27d
Adaline Crippen w/ Harry Bates                  8/10/1858                 33y 2m 11d
Emily day/ Elijah & Abigail Crippen             7/18/1833                 12y
Abigail Weston w/ Elijah Crippen                2/8/1868                  73y 6m 25d
Elijah Crippen                                  6/2/1875                  79y 2m 5d


We are the current owners of the Borthwick homestead, and noticed a couple of small questionable things on your list. There are 5 persons by the name of Crippen, for whom, in parentheses, someone is guessing their name might actually be “Grippen.” Actually, Crippen is correct, so I’d take out that speculation.
One Milton Palmer is actually Minton Palmer; ditto his wife, Polly (w/o Minton, not Milton). Other than that, your list seems pretty accurate.
Kevin & Ruby Krajick - March 24, 2004

This might assist with the 1939 writing mystery...and it might not!!! My father's uncle, William Sidney Borthwick, published a Borthwick Genealogy book in the year 1936 having waited for my father's birth on 4/15/36 for inclusion. It is my understanding that he did extensive research for the book and took the genealogy back to the Lord Borthwick's in Scotland in the 1600 or 1700s.

The reason I think this might help with the writing mystery is the simple fact that William Sidney Borthwick and my father's father, George William Borthwick were located in Cornwallville, NY (Greene County) which is not really that far from your neck of the woods. Supposedly WSB worked for quite some time on the book and interviewed and met with a great number of people during that period. It would seem reasonable that he would have spent time at the Borthwick Cemetery and likely with some of your relatives (who likely are some of mine in some way!!!) to develop the lists and information to include in the genealogy book.

Jeannette (Borthwick) Lippitt - April 29, 2004

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